Day 9 Favorite PC you want to play

                I have a problem with the idea that I or someone else would want to play my character, or I play theirs.  The coolness of a character comes from the way we play that character.  So if you started playing Guin the assassin it would not be the same as when I play her.
                I give you Awsomeman.  Even though most of the time we called him not so.  When Awsomeman was created in the Free Port adventure, and lasted a really long time enjoying the final battle of The Red Hand of Doom, and maybe finally dying at the hands of a ghost paladin in the Free Port in Hell adventure.
                I even wrote a mini adventure for a con, so we could see Awsomeman in action again, and maybe someday we will see him again.  
                A second story I like to think about form time to time, is a story from 1st edition of Motard the fighter.  When motard started is was a normal fighter, but by reading some things he should not have, his INT, and WiS were lowered to 3.  There is something kind of cool about a fight that was bad ass and just walks up to a Red Dragons and starts petting it, like it was a dog.
                Until tomorrow Keep Gaming.

Posted on July 10, 2015 .