Day 24 & 25 Favorite spell and magic item.

                With a two day post I could be on par with what day it is.  So let’s get it done.  Today we are going to talk about spells and weapons.  Just like the Dragons I am going to break this in to Cleric spell and Magic-user spell. 
                So I think there are two spells that I like at a cleric the first might not be by chose.  Cure spells, they are a staple of the class and some of them can be fun, like when you convince the bard to cast it on the undead enemy.  Now the one I get to choose is either Spiritual weapon, or shield of faith.
                I don’t play the Magic-user that much, so I am not sure I have a favorite spell.  It might be Fireball.  There might be a sticks to snakes that the druid would use, that is cool.
I would have to say that my Favorite Magic item would be weapons and armor, they are common so you could get whatever you want.  I also like things like the robe of useful items. And color pigments that let you draw whatever you want.  There you have it, so until next time Keep Gaming.

Posted on July 25, 2015 .