Day 11 favorite adventure you ran

                So my favorite adventure I ran was but in to the gaming world I was using at the time.  I was building my game around the world of the oriental Adventure.  I used all the monsters for the OA, and most of the settings.  I even used some of the minor clans like the turtles.  I allowed all the class and races, it was great when one of the players wanted to play a New Zombie. 
                It was great when one of the players could not figure out that the woman who was trying to take him to bed was a spider demon, and then when she started attacking he just stood there. 
                There was one time the players were invited to play go with some very powerful people and the monkey race based character did better than the humans.  The whole game was fun.
                But now let’s get in to the main adventure, because I have always wanted to run or play Against the Giants, I throw it right in to the OA game.  I was one of the best things I had done.  We only made it to the part where the Red Dragon was due to one of the players moving.
                I have always wanted to see a Dwarven monk climb the walls of the Hill Giant hold and kill the two sleeping Giants but this time someone got the idea to knock on the door.  They were still able to clear the level without the hold without any problems.  They did leave a lot of treasure behind.

Posted on July 12, 2015 .