Get Up On It

                It has been a few weeks that I have not written and am going to leave out last week’s Crypts and Things game because I was not there.  But now that I am mostly done with school I will have way more time to work on the gaming stuff that I want to.
                After I am done with this blog, I will make a YouTube video or two.  I am going to try and get what is in the Tardis that should be fun.  I also have a few comic books to get up.
                The 5e game that I am playing in is going great.  I almost died twice in the last meeting.  The first was by some wolves, after meeting with the bad guys about trying to steal something that they really want.  The second was my own fault, I went out by myself and got robbed.  There is a goblin army that is ready to attack the city we are in, and I am thinking that someone is going to have to inspire the Dwarfs to fight the goblins. 
                I am also going to have to kill the guy that robbed me, or at least but a hit out on him, I am think that I will pay 15 gold for someone to bring him to me and then I will kill him.
                 The other game I am playing in is going good, we are in the middle of a fight with a dragon, and when we kill the dragon we have to dig out an artifact out of the ice, and then we can try and find the scout that is traveling through time and space.
                I will be getting back to work on the Neverwinter game, and might be starting a face to face game, I would like to get some play testing done faster than what I am getting from the play by post game.
                I will be starting on the Wonderland setting soon, I have a few things that I have been working on for the setting and now I just need to get it done.  It will be fun when I am done with it.  I might start with an adventure for 5e if I get the MM and the DMG.  But I also have C&C and other games that I could work with.
                I can start working on my 1e game as while so I will have some updates for that soon, so until next time Keep Gaming.
Posted on April 19, 2015 .