B1 and more

            I was going to work on the B1 adventure that I am going to run for my kids, then I remembered that I have some bloging to do, so here I am.
            Because of working on school papers I have not been working on any of my writing.  School will be over soon and then I can really get in to it.  I am going to try and meet with someone to get some art work done for Escape from Cyclops Island.
            I also need to get on writing my Neverwinter game, I going to try and get some friends over to help test play that, because the play-by-post game is going so slow. 
            This week was the Crypts and Things game, but I will be writing about the on the Northern Clan blog when I am done with this one.
            This one is short so until next time Keep Gaming.
Posted on March 15, 2015 .