300 to 1

            While to start I was hoping to get some work done on the Neverwinter game, but my pen bag is in my car and that is somewhere between here and Las Vegas.  So now work on that until Tuesday. 
            There is something I find funny, in one game I am playing I am able to get off one hit and then the enemy does enough damage to kill me.  And in the other game I roll max hit points every time
So now let’s get in to it.  Let’s start with the 4e game that I was playing in, we are not playing right now because the DM is reworking the game after we broke it when a new player joined.  We are still going to play he is just moving forward a little.
The Neverwinter game is going ok, we have add two new players, and now we should have people that are not going to drop out, and can start moving on.
The meat of this blog is coming from the D&D 5e game.  I am really having fun with this game, and I love the group I am playing with.  While we were waiting for everyone to show up the DM was working with a new playing working on making a rouge, but I got an idea that might help the other lady in the group.  I am thinking if we start liking each other I might start seeing if she would become a oath breaker, with the classes she already has it would be like becoming a death knight.
In the game it was the festival of dust, a party to mark the end of the war.  There were some contest one for archery one for weapon fighting and one for bare hand fighting.  Varlos was the only one that wanted to partake in the events so Guin paid for him to get in to the contest and then went to the booky and set 7 g.p on Varlos and then on some random fighters.
The game was mostly about the contest, the others were able to do stuff, Guin tried to blackmail someone but it did not go while at all, but that was ok because Varlos won one of his contest and Guin won 2100 g.p.

She is now the owner of a nice chest a Wagon and two new horses.  I did not finish the adventure because the kids need to go home and that is how it went this week.  So until next time Keep Gaming. 
Posted on March 29, 2015 .