Some Game Stuff and My Game.


     To start this week, I wanted to share something I think is cool.  I found it by listening to the RFI Podcast.  It is a book about adding to the doors you use in your game, it is called; Brick by Brick: Doors, by Moebius Adventures.  It can be bought on Drive through RPG for 2.00.
      I don't know if I am going to buy it, I like having a hard copy, but I am going to use some of the ideas in it.  I am going to use some of the door types in the Tower of An'Rok in my Neverwinter game.
      I don't really larp, but I was really excited when Evermore Park announced they were coming to Pleasant Grove, while now after them saying many things and nothing happening, I have decided that it is not going to happen and if it does they are not going to be in Utah County.  I am not happy but will find somewhere else to spend my money at like the North Texas RPG Con.
      I have done very little writing this week, it has been one of those weeks that you just want to stay in bed all week.  This week is going to be better. I am going to spend most of Friday night working on the Neverwinter game, at the game store so I might be able to focus. 
      This week I also need to work on getting Escape from Cyclops Island second draft done.  That will not take long; I just need to do it.  I have to stay focused on these two projects and get them done.
            Well I am working on when my kids, and I can have our family con.  I need to give one of my friends time so he can bring his little boy.  It is going to so much fun, and all that good stuff.  We would like to get each of the kids there own dice so I might do it after we can get them dice and I have a mini for the Marvel super Hero game we are going to play.
            So it is that time to look at my music list.  There are only two today.
            421: Various Artists, (The Best of Girl Groups V. I and II.)  This would be a good one to hang on too.
            420: Buddy Holly and the Crickets, (The Chirping Crickets).  This one was good.
So until next Time Keep Gaming.
Posted on January 11, 2015 .