This week in gaming #21 part one

            While it has been two weeks, so this blog is going to have two parts, so I can get through my music list.  In two weeks there are two chances to play D&D 5e starter set, and I am now 0/2 at playing that game.  Next week I will be playing for sure.
            So what have I been doing for two weeks?  That is easy the first week due to school the only thing I did was work on the music list, because that can be done while I work on school papers.  I also did my play by post games.
            The 4e game that I am playing in is going good, we just killed a young blizzard dragon, and know we are getting on a space ship.  The game is based around Mass Effect.  So far it is cool.
            The Neverwinter game I will, talk more about in the Neverwinter blog.  It is going good though.  I am adding on more players, so the only NPC I will have is the Dwarven Cleric that is leading the team.
            It looks like the family con, Long Con is going to happen during my Christmas break, I that way I won’t have to take time off of work.  So I need to look at getting a hotel room on Friday when I get paid.
            While I think that is it for the gaming section this week, so let us look at the music list of the top 500 greatest albums ever.
            456: Marvin Gaye, (Here My Dear).  This would be an ok album to listen to again, or to play at the store.
            455: Los Lobos, (How Will The Wolf Survive?)  This was all in Spanish so I would not listen to it again and not in the store.
            454: Alice Cooper, (Love It To Death).  Another good album all the way around.
            453: EPMD, (Strictly Business).  This album was also ok and I would use it in my store as back ground Nosie.
              452: John Prine, (John Prine).  This cd would be ok for older people that might, come in to the store but I would not listen to it again.
            451: Amy Winehouse, (Back To Black).  I would not listen to this again, just because it is not my thing but I might play it in the store.
            450: Jackson Browne, ( For Everyman).  I can’t remember what I heard on this cd, there might have been an F bomb.
            449: Big Star, (Third/Sister Lovers).  There is going to be another album on the list form this band, and I really liked that one but not this one so much.
            While that is it for part one, so until next time Keep Gaming.
Posted on December 14, 2014 .