This week in gaming # I quite Counting

      While the only gaming this week as been my two play by post games.  The one i am playing is is going good we are still fighting some goblins.  I like the idea that being a War Priest I can get a free attack.  There is a second cleric in the group and he is healing everyone, so I will stay focused on killing the goblins.
      The Second game I am DMing.  It is going good, we are in our first combat, and it seems to be working out.  We are playing my Neverwinter game.  Last night I was able to get some good writing done, and will write about the in the Neverwinter blog.  I should be getting one more player that could be really good.
      This coming weekend I should be starting a 5E game, I am looking forward to that, it has been some times scene I have played at a table.  I am thinking about creating a paladin for the game and then I will come up with my own oath just to see how that goes.
      This weekend was Aethercon, I was not able to play in that because I had to finish a paper.  I am really sad about that, the games I was in looked like a lot of fun, I was going to play my 5e Assassin, and Tim Kask was on one of the panels.
      I have to start getting my adventure ready for Tabletop Con.  I am going to run B1 in search of the unknow as a Castle and Crusades game.  I hope that the Con is going to happen, I have not heard anything lately.  I might use B1 for the con I am going to do with my kids.
      So last week I forgot to write about the music list that I am listening to as I work on my game stuff, so today it is extra long.  Here we go
      491 Albert King "Born Under A Bad Sign"  This is a good Album, and I would listen to it at a gaming table or while I was eating some good food.
      490 ZZ Top "Tres Hombres"  I have to admit I love me some ZZ Top so this is a yes all the way.
      489 Kiss "Destroyer" Again growing up listening to Kiss, I would play this over and over again.
      488 Husker Du "New Day Rising".  This is the great thing about trying new things.  I have never heard of the group and this album was really good, I would playing it in my shop.
      487 Cyndi Lauper "She's so Unusual".  Girls just want to have fun, I don't know if I would listen to this album again while working on my writing, but I would play it in my store.
      486 Earth, Wind and Fire "That's the way of the World".  I would not play this Cd again or play it any of my shops, there are a few f bombs in this album.
      485 Pearl Jam "Vitalogy".  Music for Rhino's is music for everyone.  This is a Cd that I would play more.
      484 Mott the Hoople "All the Young Dudes".  This was good.
      483 Gang of Four "Entertainment".  This is not something I would play in my shop or listen to at home it really just not my thing.
      482 Steve Earle "Guitar Town".  I would play this sometimes in the shop for the older people that would bring in their grand kinds.
      481 D'Angelo "Voodoo".  This album is also about the rap so it is out in my book.
      480 Rackwon "Only Built 4 Cuban Linx" also about the rap.
      479 Funkadelic "Maggot Brain".  This was some good stuff, I would play it in the shop.
      478 Loretta Lynn, "All Time Greatest Hits"  More old time country music.
      477 Merle Haggard "Down Every Road" Even More old time country music.
      476 The Notorious B.I.G "Life After Death". More rap.
      475 Elvis Costello and the Attractions "Armed Forces".  I think everyone likes a little Elvis Costello, so I will play it more.
      474 Manu Chao "Proxiam Estacion Seperanza".  I could not understand anything on this album, but the beat was good.
      473 The Smiths " The Smiths".  This was a good cd.
      472 George Michael "Faith"  There were only two songs on this CD, that I would play again, so I am going to say no on this one.
      471 Richard & Linda Thompson "I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight".  this is an other CD, that I would play for the older people that come in.
      While there you go, a little longer than normal, so until Next time Keep Gaming.
Posted on November 16, 2014 .