This week in gaming # 2o

While it is a new week, I have only done 15 min of writing on the Neverwinter game, but I need to get on it.  The group is on their way to the House of Knowledge and I have to have something ready for them when they are done with the house.  I will spend some time working on the game tonight.
            I was hoping to start play D&D 5e today, but one of my friends had to take care of his kids because his wife got called in to work.  While next week we should have enough people to play at the Lehi Dragon’s Keep.  It will be will pre-gen’s I am going to be playing the Dwarf Cleric. 
            I have started playing a new play by post game.  It is 4e, so we will see how that goes, this will be only the second time I have been a player.  This is the first game that was not part of a con, so it should be good.  I am playing an assassin.  She has two suits of armor that she will use at different times, for no other reason than she likes looking good. 
            She also as a Ki focus, I have never used one of those so it will be a learning experience. The Ki Focus is called the Ghost Strike Ki Focus, it can be found in the Players Hand Book III.  It allows me to help things even when they are in ghost form.
            While I think that is all the game stuff I have this week so let’s get in to the music I listen to while working on game stuff.  This week has been a good week, I don’t think there are any CD’s that I would not listen to again or in the store.
            465: The Magnetic Fields (69 Love Songs)
            464: Def Leppard, (Hysteria)
            463: Echo and the Bunnmen, (Heaven up Here)
            462: R.E.M, (Document)
            461: Public Image Ltd, (Metal Box)
            460: Hole, (Live through This)
             459: The Drifters, (Golden Hits)
            458: Elton John, ( Tumbleweed Connection)
            457: My Morning Jacket, (Z)
            While there you have it, so until next time Keep Gaming.
Posted on November 29, 2014 .