Anonther week in Gaming

         While this week has had it’s up’s and down’s.  I found out that Table Top Con is a no go for the coming year.  I was not surprised by this, when the new people took over getting it ready they did not seem to in to it. The only sad thing is that I was getting a costume made for the con, now I will have to wait until Comic Con.
            Plans are still moving forward for the family con I am going to do with my kids.  My kids love playing Boarderlands with me so I am going to create a RPG for the game.  I am just going to use a d6 system.  It should be a ton of fun for them.  I think I am still going to a B1 Castles and Crusades game.
            I need to get to work on that, and more work on the Neverwinter game, this week I will be working on the Many Arrow clan of Orc’s.  The reason they are attacking the city is because it is getting hotter, and I need something to happen before the Green Dragon attacks.  It is only going to be for a few rounds, just enough to get them hooked and for the king to hear about them.
            The play by post game is going good.  They are at the house of Andru the wizard right now learning about the artifacts he wants them to find.  And of a Air Ship that is powered by the spirit of a Copper Dragon.
            As I get to the second draft of this game, will be changing the Vault area of the House of Knowledge, I did not put in as many traps as I wanted to, and the priest needs to be a little crazier.
            I am getting things set up to have another blog on my website.  This blog is going to be about what most people know as Blood Bowl.  I am going to do it for D&D.  I hope to grow it, but right now I have five teams. 
            While now that I have all of that out of the way, let us look at what albums I have listened to this week. So starting at 470.
            470: LL Cool J; “Radio”.  It’s rap but that was not my problem with this cd, the problem was that I felt like my ears were bleeding it was really bad.
            469: The Fugees; “The Score”.  This was also some bad rap.
            468: The Paul Butterfield Blues Band; “The Paul Butterfield Blues Band”  I love me some blues.  This I would play again and play in my shop.
            467: Bruce Springsteen “Tunnel of Love”.  Who does not love the Boss, I would play this over and over again.
            466: Coldplay; “A Rush of Blood to the Head”. I would keep this album on hand for the shop or for when I am doing some writing.  And there you have it so until next time Keep Gaming.
Posted on November 23, 2014 .