Back to the Basic

      Between school and work and whatever else, I really want to get back to posting everyday, that is what this blog is about.  I have a paper I need to get done to night and then I still have to get my youtube video up.  I am working on painting my new mini for the game coming up on Saturday, so I can get that on the video as while.
      Something this week I should be getting two D&D adventures in the mail, Dungeonland  and the Magic Mirror.  I am going to be using this in my play by post game.  I am basing the game off the Grim Fairy Tales comic books, so two adventures about Wonderland will be great.  I have a blog for that as while called
      I am still looking to find someone to do the art work fro Escape from Cyclops Island, one of my co-workers has given me a number for someone to do that for me, I just need to get the money I need to pay him.  I don't want to promise something and then not be able to pay.
      I also need to get more work done on Neverwinter and my 1st edition game, I am hoping that this week end we will get back to playing and doing the podcast.  so until next time Keep Gaming.
Posted on July 15, 2014 .