Some where between 13 and 20

      As I sit here watching the weekender by Beast of War, I think to myself I need to get a blog up.  So here it comes.
      Let's start with the coming of Escape from Cyclops Island.  My goal was to have it out at the end of this month while it is only 6 days away form the end of the month.  I have been trying to get an artist and not having any luck with that.  I am hoping that tonight I can work with my wife, so tomorrow I can scan everything in to the computer and sent out.  If not then I might not meet my goal. 
      Because of the American Holiday tomorrow if I don't go to play Magic the Gathering, I will be up late tonight working on the Neverwinter game.  I need to add all the detail to the House of Knowledge, that is going to take some time but it is better to start now so the next time we play I will be ready.  We have taken some time of because I want to test play Escape from Cyclops Island.
      We were going to do a test play last night but John got sick and then every thing fell apart.  I don't know if we are going to get an other test play done.  I think it is good to go, From the last test play I think I need to fix the hit points of the wolfs or the number of them.  I have just decided that I might try to get a test play in on Monday.
    So I have more to tell you but I am going to play D&D so until next time Keep Gaming.
Posted on May 25, 2014 .