This Week in Gaming #6

      While it is time to start a new week.  I last part of chapter one of my book so I am going to start that one over again, but first I am going to write my gaming book.  So I am going to be sticking to the same plan as the other book.
      I played Candy Land with the kids the other day, I was winning until I got the Ice Cream and had to go back.  My little girl won.  I don't know if I like have in a spinner, when I was a kid the board was three times bigger and you had to draw a card to move.  Alot of games have been changed to go faster. Clue has clock cards that no matter who draws them when there are three or five clock's the game is over.  Risk has had turn limits for a while now, but Plant's and Zombies is only a two player game and that makes scene but when we played when did not one time turn in for more troops.
      I stated playing a RPG South Park the Stick of Truth.  That is a fun game I am playing a black Jew with a Pink Fro.  Some time I will buy it but for now I will just play it when I am at Casey's house.
      So let's get back in to the week of gaming.  Thursday I will be doing more work on the Artifacts for Neverwinter, they will be playing on Saturday, so I should get more stuff done.
      Friday is The Final Dream, I told you the other day that when I worked on it last I wanted to get five rooms done. While I only got one room done, and started working on the second.  I have decided that every time I work on a room, there is a 10% chance that there will be a monster in the room.
      Saturday Will be a very busy day.  In the morning Motard will strike again, and that night we will be doing a Magic Podcast and the Neverwinter podcast.  That will be what I try to make of my week, so until next time Keep Gaming.
Posted on March 16, 2014 .