Next Time Comes 100

      On Wednesday I worked on B1 In Search of The Unknown, for my Castles and Crusades game.  Today I will be working on The Final Dream game. 
      I have to finish drawing the second level, and then I can start detailing the rooms.  I am hoping that I can start doing that tonight.   I am still not sure what kind of monsters that I am going to be putting into the rooms.
      I have decided that until my book is done, I am only going to work on the Neverwinter game, the Castles and Crusades game and the Final Dream.  The will give me two days to work on the Podcast games and my first edition game, and then the rest of the week I can work on getting the book done and then shipped out.  While this one is short today but until next time Keep Gaming.
Posted on March 7, 2014 .