Why did it have to be Rats?

      Last night I worked on Escape from Cyclops Island.  I got two and a half rooms done, next week when I work on the game I will add the Dire Rats to the room I am working on then maybe I will get more rooms done.
      Tonight it is time to work on The Final Dream, the Dungeons and Dragons 1E game that I am working on.  I have one big room to do the room of the two rangers of the castle.  This is one of the rooms that is going to have magic items, all the items in this room are from the female ranger.
      I am hoping to make it far enough in my detailing that I can get to the room with all the trap floor titles in it, and then some monsters too.  I am not sure what types of monsters it comes to me when I get to the room. 
      I think that is it for this subject, so we will move on to this weekend.  I am going to be running the adventure that I wrote for TableTop Con.  Some guys from work are going to be joining the group and then the normal group of gamers.  I am really excited about doing this, one of the guys at work is really worried that his guy is going to have to meet that man that has the deck of many things.  I have told him that it is ok because the man that has the deck can do way more bad things to people then the deck can.  Until next time Keep Gaming.
Posted on February 7, 2014 .