This week in gaming #3

      While it is already Tuesday so that means that there is one more day of working on the book.
      Wednesday:  This week in Neverwinter I got the story for Spring time.Now it is time to get some monsters to attack the city.  The Broken Arrow orc's.
      Thursday: A day to work on Escape from Cyclops Island. I am hoping that this week I will finish working on the inside of the cave.  Then I can do a small adventure on the way to the docks where they will fight the cyclops. 
      Friday is the Final Dream I.  It is time to put all the goods in the rooms of Level two. 
      The Castle and Crusades is a go, it is happening on the second Saturday of every month, so Next week I will work on that. So until Next time Keep Gaming.
Posted on February 18, 2014 .