This Week in Gaming #2

      While it is that time again to look at what we have coming down the Pipeline.  I think that over all last week was a good week so lets look at the coming week.
      Monday, Tuesday: of course these are the days that I work on my book.  I will also work on my gaming book during my last break at work.  There is a podcast I listen to, and one of the gust on the  show said that if we spent 15 min every day working on something we would do more in a year then most people will in there life, so that is my goal to spend 15 min every day on my book.  I am thinking that I will spend 15 every day working on the other book too.
      Wednesday:  I will be working on Neverwinter.  Last week I worked on Awesomeman and the Green Dragon because I thought we would be playing that game, but we did not.  Now that every thing is ready for that game when we do it I can get back to the Neverwinter game.  This week I will be creating the NPC's, I also need to work on some of the encounters.  Because the players are in the season of Spring I think I am going to have the Broken Arrow Orc's attack the city more.
      Thursday:  I have this day off so maybe I will be able to get a lot done on Escape from Cyclops Island.  I have to take care of some thing to get stuff in order.  If I am able to get all of that done in a timely manner then I will spend extra time working on Escape from Cyclops Island.  I will be working on putting in some Dire Rats in to one room and then I have to come up with stuff for the other rooms in the cave of the Cyclops.
      Friday:  I don't think I will be doing anything this Friday for it is the Day of Love.  If I did get to work on something it would be the Final Dream.  I found out the other day when I went to work on it, I have to redo the second level again.  The map was gone and could not find it.  I will still have the room with the trap floors in it and the room of the rangers, other then these two rooms ever thing will be different.  So until next time Keep Gaming.
Posted on February 9, 2014 .