An Epic Day Something For the Whole Family to Enjoy

      While it is Sunday so we will do the While whats coming up in the next week, but because I did not blog yesterday I share with you about the Castles and Crusades game.  There was also a Crypts and Things Game but you can read about that at the Northern Clan blog.
      It was the first night of The Castles and Crusades game that we are doing once a month.  One of the players was not able to make it so right now there is a monk and a ranger both humans.  There is also two NPC's one is a bard and the other is an assassin, they are also human.
      That is one of my rules right now, that the world has never been explored so the players can only be human, after the adventure they are on now Gnome will be a choose.
      So I am building this world based on Wonderland, and the Queen of Hearts has sent the hero's on a quest to help two Gnome brothers free there kin from two Troll brothers.  This was an adventure that was used at last years Free RPG Day. 
      It would take three days to get to the Cave where the troll brothers live, there would be a very sick looking tree on top on the hill.  One the first day or night the group was attacked by wolfs, the ranger died so they had to go back to the village of Cardington and find a cleric that would raise the ranger and would join the party.  They did both and set back out, on day two they were attacked by more wolfs but no one died this time.
     Finally the group made it to the cave.  The cave was covered by a very large bolder, and while trying to come up with a plan, the monk decided he was going to taunt the trolls and announce that they were here.  The trolls came out had and easy case of the monk and then throw him at the other member because the trolls could not get to them due to there being a large fire.  After healing the monk and making a new plan they waited for the trolls to come out for there nightly hunt, then they attacked. 
      Even with the lose of the bard the group did much better this time killing one of the trolls, and knocking down the other.  The problem was they forgot the unless the use fire the other troll would not stay dead and when they went back to get something the second troll attacked.  They killed it but not be for the troll killed the cleric and the monk.  In the end the only two standing were the ranger and the assassin.
      Thus ends the first story of Wonderland and it's soon to be hero's we hope.  Now lets get in to whats coming next week.  Tonight, Monday and Tuesday are of course nights that I work on writing my book.  Wednesday I will be working on the Neverwinter game.  I have to make the NPC's for that, and we might be getting a new player.  Thursday I will be working on Escape from Cyclops Island, and on Friday the Final Dream my 1st edition Dungeons and Dragons Game. So until next time Keep Gaming.
Posted on February 3, 2014 .