D&D + Magic=One Good Night

      I have finished the layout of my Gaming Paper map for TableTop Con This next weekend.  I have decided that I am going to put the art work for the buildings in when the get to each place.  I still need to finish painting the Mini's that I will need.  I will do that when I am done with this, I am hoping that I can get the rest of that today.
      After I finished my map, my uncle had made it back to his place, so we busted out the Magic the Gathering.  We played three games the first two were EDH games. 
      Game 1: His Black deck vs. My Scarecrow deck.
I really thought he was going to win this game, I was not able to get any creatures out, and when I did he would use a creature kill card.  I also played the Reaper King wrong it only cost 10 if you don't have one of every land type, so I wanted longer to play it then I needed to.  In the end I played my Reaper King and the Door to Nothingness and he stopped attacking me so I was able to kill him.
      Game 2: His Red Deck vs. My Red Deck.
He was quite excited about playing his deck because his Commander only cost one red plus one.  Mine cost two read plus four.  The problem for him was that 6 out the 7 cards in my opening had were land cards.  after that is was all over I had my commander and a Manticore and took his one guy and killed him in about three turns.
       Game 3: His White deck v.s My Red/White Theros deck
I know that he played this deck so I could build my army and then we would play something like Wrath of God and kill them all.  He was not able to get any creatures and at the start the only creature I had was given the Gift of Immortality so there was not a lot he could do. 
      There you go one good weekend of gaming and gaming stuff, so until next time Keep Gaming
Posted on January 12, 2014 .