Risk and Zombies.

      On Sunday I got a text from my Cousin asking if I wanted to play a game of Risk that he got for Christmas.  It was Plants vs. Zombies Risk.  If you have not seen this game yet the board is set up like a brain.  It is a lot of fun.
      So lets get in to it a little bit, the game is play with missions you have to complete three to win the game the one's we played were take the city dump, control all the red, control all of one of the other colors, get six station wagoons, get six territories in the fog.  The cities dump was what change the game for me.  It was one of the territories that the gnomes were at and my Cousin spent two turns and about 20 plants to try and take it but he could not so I did, and when I did he had no army to stop me.
      The cards are pretty cool to in this game each card has a power that you can use, like add plus one to a dice roll. and they have a number of coins on them and you buy armies equal to the number of coins, for 10 coins you get 30 guys.
      I really had fun playing this game and won, but then my Cousin said what there's more.  On the back side of the board was an other game called plants vs. zombies.  Where the zombies have to get to the house to get the brains, that game was a lot of fun too.  So until next time Keep Gaming and Merry Christmas.

Posted on December 24, 2013 .