NPC's and a Lover for Awesomeman

      I have finished creating the NPC's that the group is going to fight in my TableTop Con game.  I just need to give one of them a weapon, she will be using a war fan, but that weapon is not in the program that I use doesn't have that weapon to choose.
      I have decided that I am going to put my other games on hold until I get done writing this game, that I will go back to working on when I am done with this post.  I also have some mini's to paint that I am going to use at TableTop Con both for my game and the games that I will be playing in.  I have the cleric that I am playing, then I have three giants that I might use if the players go in to the Caves of Wonder.  While until next time Keep Gaming.

Posted on December 21, 2013 .