Assassians and Spiders

      Yesterday was a good day for gaming.  I spent about 10 hours at the game store.  I was about to create my guy for the game we played last night.  James Smith an Assassin, I was kind of hoping to play him as evil put I had to make him TN.
      There is everything about him.   He ia Human.
      Normal Items
Padded Armor
Coif, Leather
2 Daggers
      James Smith was born the son of a bread maker.  When he was young he joined the Green Dragon thief's guild.  When he was 15 he killetd the Baroness of Black Lake Castle while trying to steal the Eye of No one, a gem that is valued at about 125,000 g.p.  At that point he decided there could be more mone it being a hitman and then steal some goods from his victums.
      Now he is 20, and when he is not hiding form the other two assassins guilds he is trying to get others to join his guild the Golden Eye.and searching for the Sword of the Green Dragon so he can take his place as the leader of the Green Dragon guild.
      The game it's self was a great game, we were seeking a Kobold bandit that was forcing the village to pay there taxes to him, and the lord of the land wanted his taxes so for 250 g.p we are going to find the bandit and kill him.  The Gnome ranger was not a very good tracker.  Then when we were all sleeping something came towards us so the Dwarven Knight woke everyone up so we could all fight it.  The next day we found the cave of the ogre that we killed and found some a good suite of armor that was magical but I gave it to the cleric because I could not use it and still do my thing.
      When we got the the place we were looking for our DM pulled out his new Dungeon Titles I think they are from Dwarven Forge.  While it did not take us long to find some goblins to kill, after the battle we found a demon statue and a gold bowl with blood in it.  We washed the blood out and then tried to go on, but every time we tried to leave the room the bowl would start ringing until I cut myself and put three drops of blood in the bowl.
      In the second room we found was a well, and when I went in to look there came out of the well a spider.  it bite me and the second time I was not able to make my save.  The cleric healed the damage I took and the ranger tried to get rid of the poison but was not able to.  The last battle we got in to was four goblins and a dog, the ranger tried to clam the dog and make it his mount.  It was a good thing we had the cleric because in this fight the barbarian and I went down.  So until next Keep Gaming.
Posted on December 31, 2013 .