A Buzy Week

      While Tabletop Con is coming so I need to get the adventure of Awesomeman and the Green Dragon done. but I still need to do my other projects done so I am about to do a blog for Neveragain.  That is what I will be doing tonight working on the Neverwinter game. 
      Then on Wednesday and Thursday I will be working on Awesomeman and the Green Dragon.  The encounter I have to do first is a group of ninja's, and then the hero's will come to the village of uptown where an army of goblins is about to attack.
      Friday is the day that work on The Final Dream, the AD&D game.  I have to finish the room of Jack and Jill.  There are a few monsters that I need to put in to the floor as while.  There you have it so until next time Keep Gaming.
Posted on December 17, 2013 .