Oh What A Day

      The day was to start by running a game of Murder in Buldar's Gate, but out of the two people that signed up only one of them showed up.  If you live in Utah I will be running this game once a month.  For the month of December I will be running the game on the 14th at the Dragons Keep in Orem.
      So the night time brought good gaming.  it started with a round of EDH Magic the Gathering.  I still only have the Scarecrow deck and that is all right.  I was playing against a mono black and a mono white deck, the black deck went out have because he mad the other player mad.  The otwhite deck gave me a run for my money and would have one if he could have given his flyer +1/+1 one turn sooner.  The white player that it was great that he had 100 life until he was reminded that I had a Door to Nothingness.
      We also played some Neverwinter, I have decided that we are now doing a podcast for that game.  The group got in to one fight with three goblins.  While there are many other things to do like editing two podcast and a second draft of the book so until next time Keep Gaming.
Posted on November 10, 2013 .