Monsters and Hero's

      I am working on Awesomeman and the Green Dragon right now and thought I would write the new post as I go.  I have finished the River Hydra, I gave it immune to fire and lightning deals double damage.  Part of me wants the group to take the river so they can fight this 12 headed monster.  The other part of me wants them to travel the trade road.
      On the Trade Road they will meet Akiko the female Samuri.  Here is about her.  I used the roll 3d6 in order and this is what I got as a base
STR-4; I know that is very low for a fighter type, but this is just the base and it might be fun.
      Now lets get her to the right level and see what happens.
      So after getting her to level 12 she now has a STR of 7, now we will have to get her some magic items and let her go to town.  It is ok that she is weak, the plan is that she is Awesomemans lover not fighter friend or killer. 
      She fights with War Fans, that on the fight attack you can get a +4 bonus if your bluff is higher then the targets Sense Motive, While the highest I can get with my skill points is 7.5 so lets hope that this works.  I think the art work on the fans are going to be East dragons fighting West Dragons.
      While now it is time to get feats and things so lets look at that, she gets six of them so before I get them I am thinking Leadership, she has Ninja's that work with her.  She is going to need ride for she is a Battle Maiden, and most likely Ride by attack.  I will look at her feats after I buy her gear so I can all right it down on the paper I am using or just wait until I can get a sheet so Until next time Keep Gaming
Posted on November 29, 2013 .