There is sickness in the air

      While Between being sick, and taking care of the family.  I am a few days behind with the blog.  So lets get it on. 
      Friday was Magic the Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons.  Magic was good, we finished a tournament that We are doing on my podcast.  You can hear that on Itunes under The Swamp Cast, or you can go to  My Vampire deck won that tournament, I will have an article about it on the website latter to night or tomorrow. 
      The Dungeons and Dragons game was good, we also did a podcast for that.  We started Hell in Freeport.  Due to character creation we did not play to long.  The next time we play we should be able to make it to Hell.  Casey is playing Awsomeman, which is why we started playing this game, and the other person is playing a human fighter.  I have given them an NPC mage, and I am sure I will give them one more before the night is done.
      This weekend has been good to me, when I was not sick.  I recieved three books this weekend.  The first was from my friend.  the plan was that I was going to get a copy of 1st edition Castles and Crusades Castle Keepers book.  While when I went to the Crypts and Things game I got a surprise what was waiting for was a reprint of the 1st edition AD&D Dungeons Master's Guide.
A nice surprise, that I will use for along time, my first DMG was my dad's and I still look at it all the time.  I use it for the Final Dream Project and need it for the Tomb of Horrors game I am going to run soon.
     The next thing that I got on saturday was one of the books I was waiting for, to write Escape from Cyclops Island.  The 3.5 version of the Monster Manual.
I kind of would have liked to have this on Friday night when I had to use a demon to kill the boys.  But now I have it, so write my adventure and next time we play Hell in Freeport.
      And the book I got on Monday, I might not use for awhile but it is good to have.  The Way of the Ratling.
       That is one good looking book.  I will use this again someday for my Dungeons and Dragons version of L5R.  I played 2sd edition once and did not really like it,  but I love to use it to play Dungeons and Dragons.  I once played a Ratling when I was in a Freeport game that my friend did for us.  While now that we have gone for circle, by  going from Freeport to Freeport, until tomorrow Keep Gaming.
Posted on May 21, 2013 .