I am Batman or Spider-man, or Who ever.

      Today we had a birthday party for my son, he will turn 2 tomorrow.  He loves batman, so we got him a Hot Wheels car it is the 1966 Batmobile.  Now in our house we have a problem of if we have cool crap we play with it so maybe when he is my age it will be worth something out of the box becasue it's not now.
      I found out some neighbors have been writing an RPG, and one of these days I am going to go play test it for them.  I am kind of excited to do that, I one thing I do is play test games.  I am almost part of the Utah Board Games Designers Guild.
      I have finished class for this month so, I can do what ever until Monday.  Most of that time will be spent working on my book.  I have 20 days to finish 3 chapters, so I need to step it up a little.  I will also be working on Neverwinter even though it is not until next weekend.  Final Dream is on the list of things to be done, and on Friday until it is time to do my podcast I will be working on my card game Rise of the Monarch.  And who am I kinding I am sure I will waste a few hours playing God of War 2.
      Friday for my podcast The Swamp Cast, it will be Magic the Gathering, we have a few games to finish, and then we will help John make is character for Hell Freeport.  If we play at my house again it will be perfect becasue right now it is as hot as Hell if not hotter.  I also need to work on some NPC's because I don't think the two of them are going to make it.
      Saturday is the Crypts and Things game.  I am really excited for that game, I need to find a new mini for it.  I have one but it doesn't really fit who Motard the Back Breaker of the Bear Clan is.  but this week I will still be using the one I have, becasue mini's cost money and I don't have any of that right now.
      When I do have some money to buy some mini's there are some at my second  local game store the Dragons Keep in Provo, Utah.  There are some of the Reaper Mini that just came out in the Bones set.  Now the one at the game store is a Forst Giant or Titian.  I already now how I would paint it and for only 13 dollars I could have hours of fun.  There is another mini from this set that I would like to get becasue it would be good for one of my players who has a Griffen.  While that is it so Keep Gaming.
Posted on May 14, 2013 .