Family Games

      It has been a few days, I have been doing things for my wife, and we went out of town for a weekend away.  But now I am back and it is going to be a good night to be back.  It is all going to be about the kids.
      Lets start with the Dungeons and Dragons.  So today while working on my book, my daughter came to me with the Frost  Titan and the Aspect of Moradin mini's.  Her plan was to fight with me, in the first battle I was the Aspect and she was the Frost Titan.  I think I won that fight, the second fight I was the Frost Titan I am not sure who won that one.  Then she started fighting with her.  I am kind of pride of her, even though her mom is going to hate me for live.
      On Saturday I bought Sorry for the kids this past weekend, I am thinking we will play it tomorrow.  We would have played sooner, but we have been playing other games.  The first was Topple.
The Idea is to not knock it over, while adding the pieces to it.  Last night Sophie and I were able to get every pieces on with out it falling.  She is having a ton of fun with this game.
The second game is one that she is not able to understand yet, but she still loves playing with it.  It is Loaded Questions.
I love this game, it is about move across the board and asking questions.  Like if there was one thing you could do what would it be?
The answer I gave was, learn how to play Flames of Wars.  A Would War II mini war game.
So until next time Keep Gaming
Posted on May 27, 2013 .