Today there is a ton going on.  On the way home I had to stop at the game store, to get some cards for my land deck.  I think I have a 1st draft ready, so I will play that until my other cards come in.  It jsut be a ton of fun.
      While at the game store, I was given some Skaven so I can start playing  Warhammer fantasy.  There are still many things I have to get like the Screaming Bell.  I am looking at what paint colors to do, I am thinking there will be purple, the picture on the box therr teeth are white, and I am thinking they should be yellow, and there weapons are bloody, but I am thinking I am going to paint green and black on the weapons for ooze and stuff.
      And last one of my friends just gave me some D&D 1st edition stuff.  So now I am looking at what I can do with that, I am steal working on The Final Dream, but I will not be doing that with out I have now, I can not tell you what I have, but listen to the podcast and you will hear about it.  The Swampcast on Itunes or on the website
Posted on April 29, 2013 .