I am really excited, there are many RPG thing coming down the pipe line.  Lets start with the project I can only tell you about have of it.  I will be running a 1st edition D&D game, starting with the B set.  I don't remember the other books in the set, but the second on is The Keep on the Borderlands, and the Caves of Choas.  I am thinking about adding agaist the giants in to my game, but I am not sure about this yet.
      Now lets get in to the game that will most likely start next week.  I am going to set you up for this one.  One day while working on something, and I got a messeage on facebook from my cousin that said "Hey I want to do something with Awsomeman."  Now Awsomeman is his 12th level samuri, that he played starting in Freeport, and then The Red Hand of Doom. So in answer to this request I give you Hell in Freeport.
I am really excited about running this game, for two reasons.  The first is that we are going to be getting a new player on the podcast, and second is that we are going back to Freeport.  I feel that Freeport is the second greatest Premade city adventure I have played.
Posted on April 30, 2013 .