Inner Dorkdom Josh Shaw is the co-host of The Inner Dorkdom Podcast, along with his friend for nearly 30 years, Nic Weymouth. He is also a writer for the Inner Dorkdom website (, where he writes reviews and opinion pieces pertaining to all things dorky… Or at least whatever’s interesting to him at the time. So videogames and movies are usually the subject of such writings. For approximately 15 years, Josh was the lead singer/guitarist and primary songwriter for the local Alabama hard rock band, Phoenixx Down (of which Nic was a part of during its beginnings). Like most bands from Alabama, this never panned out and Josh decided that his best course of action was to go back to school and obtain a job that was much more stable than both band-life and the horrible, dead-end warehouse job he was working at the time. Now, Josh finds himself in the magical, mystical, and rather stressful world of college and works as an IT assistant (a job which he thoroughly enjoys).