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Jesse Jackson (not the guy who ran for President in 1984) has been a lifelong fan of comics and all things geek.  One of his earliest memories is going to work with his Grandmother who managed a Post Exchange located in Fort Polk Louisiana.  She would allow him to pick out all the comics he wanted to read and would tear the cover off of them so she could get credit for them.   The good news is he got many comics; the bad news is that he never got to have comics with a cover. 

Jesse lives in Dallas Texas with his lovely bride Linda.  They are proof that a mixed marriage can work.  She runs Triathlons, Marathons and is often out riding her mountain bike.  Jesse is at home watching way too much TV and reading way too many comic books.  

After seeing Bruce Springsteen perform live for the first time in 2002, he has become a major Bruce Bud and has seen The Boss perform 10 live ten times.  A major accomplishment for Jesse was seeing 3 Springsteen shows in 30 days in 2014.

Jesse loves attending conventions and has been a panelist at Comicpalooza, Whocon and Dragon Con.  His favorite Doctor is David Tennant and he has a soft spot in his heart for Martha.