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Originally from Wakarusa, IN, Ian now lives in Kalamazoo, MI. He is an avid gamer, (You kind of have to be to be a co-host on the We Know Games podcast....) historical aircraft enthusiast, terrible golfer,  Chicago sports fan, and motor sport enthusiast. He makes his living waiting tables at Brewster's, a restaurant in Kalamazoo. He has great aspirations to be a world-class bartender (you know, the guys who can make a drink with one had, while flipping glasses and bottles with the other....) Currently, his pet project is saving enough money to get a computer that can actually run his entire Steam Library, as it's getting old how sometimes Minecraft wont even run right. He also has some big ideas planned for the crew at WKG, pending Brandon's approval. In addition to co-hosting We Know Games, Ian also writes the companion blog for Indie Game, the Podcast.


Contact info....


Facebook:  facebook.com/mcbean17


Email: i.moorhead017@gmail.com


Twitter: @Stormyskies17


Xbox Live Gamertag: Stormyskies17


(yes, 17 is his lucky number.....)