The Tragedy of Johnny and Lisa: A Shakespearean Parody of The Room

What do you get when you cross a cult classic with the language of Shakespeare? You get The Tragedy of Johnny and Lisa, a new verse play and a parody of the film The Room. This original work by Kevin Johnson is currently making the rounds at various festivals and events in the form of a staged reading, and was mounted most recently by Geekspeare Theatre Company as a Saturday night closer at Otherworld Theatre’s sweeping Genre-Thon 2019.

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Taste of Man-Fleshis a hilarious take on the beloved first book from The Lord of the Rings.  It’s not a comedic send up (ala Scary Movie), but a true parody that hits the right beats for fans of the series peppered with laugh out loud jokes.  Taste of Man-Fleshis from the team that brought you I Have the High Ground: A Revenge of the Sith Parody, which was also exceptional.  If you are a fan of The Lord of the Rings, this is a show you must see!   You’ll get all the feels, all the iconic lines, all the thrilling adventure, and laugh your way through the whole show.  

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The One - Review

Like any good musical parody, “The One: The Matrix Parody Musical” is a delightful and irreverent romp through a sci-fi classic. Laura Marsh’s original script follows the events of the first film in The Matrix trilogy, chronicling the choices, training, and adventures of Neo, also known as The One. The story is cleverly told in such a way that it takes neither itself nor the source material too seriously, poking fun at The Matrix, nerd culture in general, and musical theatre itself.  

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Shelter – Review

Walking into Shelter felt like walking into a vault from the game Fallout.  There are no windows, green glowing fluorescent bulbs, empty tin cans strewn about, a console with equipment on it, and a robot leaned against the wall.  The room is very quiet and even though there are other audience members there you start to feel isolated.  The play begins when Izzy, in her dark blue jumpsuit, enters and starts talking to the shelter’s AI, MOM.  We learn from this interaction about the situation and why Izzy is here in this shelter. 

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Conspiracy - Review

Conspiracyis a comedy sketch show by the comedy duo Coyne and Spears. Before the show begins, the actors set the tone improvising with each other while engaging with the audience. They are agents of a corporation that is obviously involved in conspiratorial shenanigans. The set is stark with white lights, giving the audience the sense of being in an interrogation room. The cast is dressed in black and white suits with thin ties and dark sunglasses, reminiscent of Men in Black. I loved the…

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Super Richard World III – Review

Going into Super Richard World III, I avoided spoilers other than the obvious – its Richard III mashed up with the characters and worlds of Nintendo.  I had an idea of what I was getting into based on the name, “Stupid Shakespeare Company” and the marketing for the show declaring it to be a stupid show. Surprisingly, they were wrong.  It was shockingly smart and well executed

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All Childish Things - Review

Let’s put it all on the table.  I’m a huge nerd.  I love Star Wars and Star Trek.  I love Marvel and DC.  I love Sci-Fi, noir, fantasy, comic books, movies, video games, and really anything that has a passionate fandom (other than sports and beer, sorry America.)   When I read the synopsis of “All Childish Things”, I knew I was going to at least dig it since the writer, Joseph Zettelmaier, was playing in my sandbox.  What I didn’t know is I was in for an exceptional show that tweaked my geek and ignited the child within me.  

Posted on February 6, 2019 and filed under theater.
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The Winter Wolf - Review

I entered Otherworld Theatre on a Saturday evening to attend a show called “The Winter Wolf,” which I had followed the news of over the previous weeks. Upon doing so, I was met by a man and woman who welcomed me into the theatre with offerings of cookies and cocoa, and the sort of greeting you would expect from family members whom you had just traveled a long distance to visit.

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Highstreet and Mook Presents: "Dresden Follies or Unstuck at Christmas Time"

Last Saturday night, I had the unexpected privilege of seeing Highstreet and Mook at Otherworld Theatre.  My plan was to see this show next week but somehow I became unstuck in time and ended up seeing the Dresden Follies a week early.  My experience with this show was wrought with misconceptions on my part.  Let me explain…

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“A Klingon Christmas Carol”

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens is a holiday classic. There is no doubt whatever about that. As a result, there have been countless interpretations and variations on the theme. In fact, for many, seeing a stage production or at least watching one of the film versions of the story every year is a holiday tradition… For the past three years, E.D.G.E. of Orion has staged A Klingon Christmas Carol (written by Christopher Kidder-Mostrom & Sasha Warren, translated by Chris Lipscombe) here in Chicago. It is a wonderful interpretation of the story…

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