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Dracula Podcast  It all started for Frank when a relative gave the Stella family a radio/cassette recorder for Christmas when Frank was four years old. His dad told him not to touch it, but how could he resist? Ever since then, Frank has been producing audio of some kind. Whether it was making “shows” with his friends on tape, or learning how to edit “music” in his basement with his “band,” Frank’s passion has always been to have fun with audio recording and editing. He has a four-year degree in Mass Communication, and works full-time in radio broadcasting. Frank also plays bass and piano. He loves to discuss many topics; from theology to cooking, and of course, television shows. Some of his favorites are Lost, Falling Skies, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, The Chicago Code, 24, Breaking Bad, The Twilight Zone, Family Guy, The Office, The Three Stooges, Parks and Recreation, and The X Factor. Follow Frank or reach out to him on Twitter