Poison Dice?

We’re returning to the dice purveyors we highlighted in our first episode: Chessex. As we have said before, from our experience, Chessex is the most prevalent gaming accessory brand we have seen. We have tons; you likely have tons; and generally, the weight and balance of each of our sets are going to be very comparable. In Dice Voyeurs, we aren’t just looking at weight and balance – in fact, we are almost NEVER paying attention to those things unless one or the other stands out. Our focus is on how eye-catching they are, especially across a table. John’s Poison Dice are exactly that. Check out the episode here!

Poison dice? Well, kind of. These Gemini™ variants would look right at home next to the scales of an old school D&D acid dragon; vibrant green tinged with gold and coppery orange. John added these to his collection piece-meal over a few years, and he likes to use them more often now, as the pips and numerals are very readable against the vibrant base colors.

As Sam opines in this episode, the color combinations are not pleasing to his eye, but the iridescence and reflective properties of the colors are very nice. These sets show the Chessex Gemini™ properties much better than the Black-Purple that we looked at before, as those two colors blend so deeply, the purple was almost just a highlight on some of the dice. The Green variants, however, use colors that contrast starkly, creating a sharp line between the colors at times, and yet, they still manage to complement each other in a way that evokes a sense of toxicity, making them a perfect set for a poison-based assassin-style character.

What do you think? Do they make you think of acid, or something more innocuous, like lemon-lime soda or sherbet?

 As always, show me your dice, and I’ll show you mine,

John and Roxy, Passionerdly.com

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Copper-Green w/ White
Gold-Green w/White
Green-Red w/White

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