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Episode 0 available now! Episode 1 releases 10/24!

Imagine it, you and your friends have just got settled in at the game table for your latest RPG session. Then, someone across the table brings out a brand new set of dice, maybe in a plastic container, or straight from their bag, perhaps with little fanfare, or with an announcement, “Check out my new dice!” As if you weren’t already, am I right? This is the show where we give in to the temptation of scoping out other gamers’ dice. Check out the show here!

Gamers love dice; at least, we here at Passionerdly do! Sure, sometimes it’s a love-hate relationship, when you roll that natural 1 at the most inopportune time, but even that is just really an excuse to pick up a new set. Enter: Dice Voyeurs, our new podcast reviewing dice and dice accessories. Every other week, beginning Tuesday, October 24 (tomorrow!), we will be sitting down with our friends for dinner (or snacks, or drinks…) and dice. An accompanying blog will be posted with photos and links to buy right here!

John's Go-To Set

In Episode 1, we look at John’s Go-To Set which he began to build after creating a drow assassin for a Pathfinder campaign. Cheesex’s Gemini™ Black-Purple really captured the essence of his character with the rich colors evoking a sense of the shadowy underground origins of the dark elf. Afterward, to bulk up his bag, he added some of Chessex’s Purple Opaque dice to compliment them. Look for the links below if you would like to add these dice to your collection!

Chessex is one of, if not the most popular dice brands available on the market today, being available in every store we have ever walked into and we consider them the average standard for our reviews. Their Gemini™ series offerings are always beautiful with their swirling mix of colors and are offered in several variations. As with most Chessex dice, they have a good weight in the hand for acrylics, roll well, and are easy to read as the colors of the numbers seem to be chosen with readability in mind. We have several options from Chessex in our personal collections which will surely make appearances on the show and this blog.

Do you have either of the dice we looked at in the show? What were your thoughts? What dice would you like to see us look at next?

As always, show me your dice, and I’ll show you mine,

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Black-Purple w/ Gold
Purple Opaque Dice

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