Quote of the Week - Week of June 26

A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the Spoiler TV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

Devious Maids -
1. Shannon: “I needed some things, proper attire for me to mourn the loss of my sister.” Rosie (holds up a zebra-print bikini): “Like this?” Shannon: “Zebra was Peri’s favorite.” (Lindsey Salazar)
2. Spence: “I’m the Megan Fox of this prison.” (Lindsey Salazar)
3. Marisol: “Evelyn, this isn’t the Four Seasons.” Evelyn: “That’s apparent from the low thread count of your sheets.” (Lindsey Salazar)
4. Evelyn: “At the club, they have a little man named Jean-Claude who makes the most amazing bespoke omelets.” Marisol: “I don’t have a little omelet man.” (Lindsey Salazar)
5. Evelyn: “You said you wanted me to be happy, and changing all your furniture made me so happy.” (Lindsey Salazar)
6. Evelyn: “Sometimes the only way to motivate the wealthy is to embarrass them.” (Lindsey Salazar)

Game of Thrones -
1. Lyanna Mormont: "Your son was butchered at the Red Wedding, Lord Manderly. But you refuse the call. You swore allegiance to House Stark, Lord Glover. But in their hour of greatest need, you refuse the call. And you, Lord Kerwin, your father was skinned alive by Ramsay Bolton, still, you refuse the call. But House Mormont remembers. The North remembers. We know no king but the King in the North whose name is Stark. I don’t care if he’s a bastard. Ned Stark’s blood runs through his veins. He’s my king, from this day until his last day!" (Marko Pekic and Nirat Anop)
2. Tyrion: “I’ve been a cynic for as long as I can remember. Everyone’s always asking me to believe in things: family, gods, kings, myself. It was often tempting until I saw where belief got people. I said no thank you to belief. Yet here I am. I believe in you.” (Nirat Anop)
3. Lyanna Stark: “You have to protect him. Promise me, Ned. Promise me.” (Nirat Anop)
4. Olenna: “What is your name, Barbaro?” Obara: “Obara” Olenna: “Obara, you look like an angry little boy, don’t presume to know what I need.” (Nirat Anop)
5. Jon Snow: “We need to trust each other. We can’t fight a war amongst ourselves, we have so many enemies now.” (Nirat Anop)
6. Jon Snow: “I’m not a Stark.” Sansa: “You are to me.” (Nirat Anop)
7. Arya: “The last thing you’re ever going to see is a Stark smiling down on you before you die.” (NIrat Anop)
8. Qyburn: “Sometimes before we can usher in the new, the old has to be put to rest.” (Nirat Anop)
9. Jon Snow: “The war is not over. And I promise you, friend, the true enemy won’t wait out the storm. He brings the storm.” (Nirat Anop)
10. Daenerys: “Tyrion Lannister, I name you hand of the Queen.” (Nirat Anop)

1. Jay: “What would Hilary say?” (Lindsey Salazar)
2. Madison: “I brought you Raisin Bran without the raisins and Lucky Charms without the charms.” (Lindsey Salazar)
3. Quinn: “I’m sorry, did you, like, kill Cynthia or something.” (Lindsey Salazar)
4. Madison: “Quinn’s always gonna remember me as the girl who went down on her fiancé and told her that her dad was dead.” Rachel: “Quinn’s dad died?” Madison: “Yeah. And I think she was just starting to like me.” Rachel: “She wasn’t, Madison.” (Lindsey Salazar)
5. Jay: “Oh my god, ew, is that a real baby?” (Lindsey Salazar)
6. Quinn: “I need tears. I need weeping, I need snot running down your beautiful faces. You’ll glow. Like cherubs.” (Lindsey Salazar)

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Last Week in TV - Childhood/Teen TV Edition - Reviews and Episode Awards

Welcome back to this very special edition of Last Week in TV. Today we focus on the TV we loved when we were kids and teens. I was really excited to see how well my classic TV shows held up to today's standards. Surprisingly, many of them did. They had some stereotypical characters and the pacing was slower all around, even in action shows, but the problems we faced as kids/teens still apply today and we're still a world in need of a few good superheroes, be they powered or just great friends to help us through. So check out what we thought of the following shows and hit up the comments to wax poetic about your own favorite childhood gems.

While this is a special edition of Last Week in TV, it's also the last one of the season. We'll be back in late August to highlight our most anticipated pilots and create wish lists for our favorite shows. I hope you'll join us then. I will also put out an all-call for people interested in becoming part of our Last Week in TV team then. If you've always wanted to write for SpoilerTV but either don't have the experience or are not sure you could commit to reviewing a show weekly, this is a great place to get your feet wet. If you'd like more details about guest reviewing, e-mail me at dahne@spoilertv.com and I'll send you some information. A HUGE thank you to all our guest reviewers this year. I appreciate all of you and how much you gave to the column. I was a little nervous about having guest reviewers, but you answered the call and made this experience so much better. Thanks, thanks, thanks to you all.

Until next season, thanks to everyone who has read, nominated, commented, and participated in Last Week in TV this season. I appreciate your becoming a part of our community and I hope to see you back in the fall. Until then, happy TV viewing.

Shameless Plug - Although Last Week in TV is taking a hiatus, SpoilerTV is not. After the episode competition ends, it will be time for the Character Cup. It's a little different from the other competitions because the focus is on discussion even if you don't have anyone to vote for. Every day we have a TV Talk Topic and the discussions are often fun, broad, and deep. If you love talking TV, check it out and feel free to add any topics you'd like to discuss in the comments. Also, don't forget to look for the nominations to open about 1 week after the episode competition ends. Nominations go very quickly for the Character Cup.

Weekly Review

12 Monkeys - 2.10 - Fatherland
BY BlueStar

Well, there’s certainly a lot of hurt feelings going around in this episode. To begin with, Cassie makes it clear to Deacon that she doesn’t return his feelings and she and Ramse argue with Cole and Jones over which mission to take: 1961 Berlin to find information on Titan or 1957 to stop the final paradox. With the red storm only days away from hitting the compound, Jones agrees with Cole that they must stop the final paradox. Cassie and Ramse refuse to go along with this plan and convince Dr. Adler to set the time travel date to 1961. Once there, they drug Cole and leave him behind in his hotel room while they head off to Berlin. Cole finds Agent Gale and together they go after them, arriving just in time to save them after they get caught by Mossad agents who were after the same man they were. That man, Kirschner, was a Nazi during World War 2 doing experiments and was urged on by the Witness to do so. He found a way to create stronger people, people created to be immune to the virus instead of just born that way naturally so he created the path to the Messengers. They decide to take him to his operations on the other side of Berlin to get rid of his experimental notes and then kill him so there will be no Messengers. Unfortunately, Agent Gale dies helping them get through the wall currently being built between east and west Berlin. When they get to Kirschner’s lab, they discover his experiment is a little girl who is very strong. Before they can take her away, the Messenger Vivian grabs her and Cassie splinters. Instead of helping Cole get the girl back, Ramse rips off the Titan information Kirschner had on his wall before they splinter too. Back in 2044, Jones and Cole are both furious at Cassie and Ramse. Now it is too late to prevent the messengers and the final paradox. There isn’t any time left to find Titan. The red storm is upon them. Cole has Ramse and Cassie put in a prison cell like Jones did with Dr. Adler for their betrayal. Outside, Deacon drinks straight from a bottle, watching the red storm approach.

Grade: B

Best Reason To Watch – Agent Gale has some really good scenes, and we find out Olivia’s origin.
Best Scene – The Berlin Wall run was intense.
Best Decision – Locking Cassie and Ramse up. They need a time out. But hey, at least they’re getting along, right?
Most Frustrating – Cassie and Ramse, who are too obsessed with seeking revenge to consider that maybe, just maybe, their mission is more likely to fail.
Most Heroic – Agent Gale
Most Intriguing Reveal – Olivia was the girl in the box and was raised with the Pallid Man.
One Down – Olivia officially has given up on the Witness and in turn the mission. Yay! Small win.

Best Quotes:
1. Agent Gale: “I got a granddaughter. Two years old. You know what I see when I look at her? I see a little girl who is already dead. Her world dies, and there’s not a GD thing I can do about it. But you can, Cole. Sometimes you just have to go it alone.”
2. Ramse: “You still get what you want, Cole. We put a bullet in Kirschner, we destroy all his research, we all win here.” Cole: “Yeah, why don’t I go back and tell Gale how lucky we are.”
3. Cassie: “Stay here.” Ramse: “What are you doing?” Cassie: “Buying you time to grab Kirschner.” Ramse: “No wonder they get along.”
4. Agent Gale: “You know, Cole, I’ve known you a long time now.” Cole: “What do you mean? We met once in ’44, right?” Agent Gale: “Right…my point is, I’m afraid your loyalty is gonna bite you in the a** one of these days. Sometimes you got to go it alone.”
5. Olivia: “I longed for the day I would see you again, when the forest was red. You told me The Witness would always be there for me. You lied. What other lies did you tell? My place in the great cycle ends today. At least with him. Goodbye, mother.”

Nostalgic Show Reviews

The A-Team (1.01-1.04)
By Dahne

Out of all the shows I've watched for this edition, The A-Team is the most like I remember it. It's full of quips and grouchy teamwork and loads of action. Something gets blown up almost every episode and more gunshots are fired than your typical summer blockbuster. In other words, it's all good. I did forget about Face Man being replaced after the pilot and I forgot about Amy altogether. Maybe because she has no role except occasional dead weight in the story, especially here in the beginning. I do like Murdock a whole lot better now than I did as a kid and that surprises me since he's the most over-the-top character of them all. I also liked Hannibal less because he seems more good guy mustache twirler here than I remembered. Still this show is a lot of fun and totally relevant to today's TV. I'd expect the TV reboot any minute now. (Note - IMDb and Netflix number these differently, depending on whether they count the two-part pilot as one or two episodes. For this purpose, I watched the pilot and the next two episodes.)

Grade: B
Potential for Today's TV - High. With the exception of getting around facial recognition and other modern law enforcement techniques, The A-Team could be a big hit today in a Burn Notice kind of way.

Best Episode - pilot
Best Thing I Loved as a Kid but Didn’t as an Adult - some of Hannibal's grandstanding
Best Reason to Watch - lots of action
Best Character Interaction - BA and Murdock
Best Trade Phrase - Hannibal: "I love it when a plan comes together."
Biggest Switcharoo - Face Man
Biggest Laugh - A-Team trying to get arrested so they put a car through the sheriff's office
Most Iconic - the van
Most Practical - BA
Most in Need of Training - I have no objection to Amy on the journey, but she has to stop being dead weight. Either handle it or stay home.

Alice (6 Fan Picked Episodes from 1976 – 1980)
BY Emma

I was a little older when I started watching Alice so I got more of the humor but the main thing I remember from the show are the catchphrases. “Kiss my grits!” and “When pigs fly” were common staples on the playground in my area. I will never forget when I got mad at my dad about cleaning my room and told him to “kiss my grits” while I stomped off. I’m fairly certain I would’ve been grounded for sassing him if it wasn’t for him trying so hard not to laugh. In revisiting the show, I realized that I still missed 90% of the humor. I laughed so hard in the re-watch that I’d like to go back and re-watch the entire series, maybe even the movie it’s based on too. Many of the problems the characters faced are still relevant today, which helps this show stand the test of time.

Test of Time Grade: A-

Best Thing I Loved as a Kid but didn’t as an Adult – the opening credits song
Reason to Watch as an Adult – hilarious and many of the situations are still relevant
Most Improved Character since Childhood – Alice, I can now fully appreciate her dedication to raising a child but still holding on to her dreams
Least Improved Character since Childhood – Vera, I used to find her endearing but now I wanted to Gibbs' smack her
Biggest Facepalm – son telling his mother she should show more cleavage on her date
Biggest Laugh – everything that comes out of Flo’s mouth, her snark is priceless
Most Relevant Problem – LGBTQ stereotyping, single motherhood, following your dreams
Best Catchphrases – “Kiss my grits” (Flo) / “When pigs fly” (Flo) / “Stow it” (Mel)

The Addams Family (1964) – (1.01-1.03)
BY Emma

I loved the Addams Family reruns as a kid. I didn’t think there was anything strange about them…well, maybe Uncle Fester and Cousin Itt. What I remember the most was how much Gomez loved Morticia and Morticia’s plants. I remember asking my mom if any of the plants in the garden would eat me and my mom telling me that plants like Cleopatra couldn’t live in Minnesota because it was too cold. (My parents used the cold as a ward against anything scary more than lights.) Revisiting the show as an adult was fun even if it’s a bit dated and the abnormal as normal theme gets a bit tired.

Test of Time Grade: B

Best Thing I Loved as a Kid but Didn’t as an Adult – the abnormal as normal theme gets old fast
Best Reason to Watch as an Adult – Morticia and Gomez have a great relationship
Most Improved Character as Childhood – Thing, I get the hand gestures now
Least Improved Character Childhood – Cleopatra, that plant is still creepy
Biggest Change – the children are so polite, don’t see that on TV anymore
Biggest Laugh – Uncle Fester and his propensity to blow things up
Best Character Interactions – Morticia and Gomez
Most Relevant Problem – Pugsley doing things he normally wouldn’t just so he’d fit in better
Best Music – the theme song is infectious, it’s impossible not to snap your fingers along with it

Boy Meets World (4.01/4.02/4.07/4.13/5.03/5.13/5.17/5.21)
BY Jessica VanWinkle

Boy Meets World was my absolute favorite show as a kid and after rewatching a few episodes, I’m happy to say that I still love it. I wish there were more shows with families like the Matthews and normal teenagers. Cory and Topanga were the first TV couple that I shipped, and I loved them just as much this time around. However, I think my favorite thing about Boy Meets World now is the amazing friendship between Cory and Shawn. I remembered that Shawn always had crazy ideas, wasn’t that great in school, and the Matthews were basically family to him. This was all true, but as much as Shawn needed Cory, Cory needed Shawn too. They helped each other with their problems. In “Hair Today, Goon Tomorrow” Cory was worried because he thought Topanga would dump him for someone more attractive. Shawn not only convinced Cory otherwise, but he had a conversation with Topanga about it. Cory and Shawn were the ultimate bromance. Another relationship I liked when I was younger was Eric and Cory. Cory loved and respected his big brother, but when I watched these episodes it was clear that Eric looked up to Cory as well. The only thing that disappointed me was Shawn and Jack’s relationship. I only watched a few episodes of season five, but the Hunter brothers weren’t as close as I thought they were. It is possible that I just watched the wrong episodes and I know they had a rocky start, but maybe I exaggerated their relationship as a kid. The other thing that slightly bothered me was the episode “And Then There Was Shawn”. It was cheesy and a bit over top, but I never like dream sequences. It did have a deeper meaning behind it so at least it wasn’t a pointless stand-alone sequence. Besides those little things, I loved watching Boy Meets World again. Now I’m itching for a full series rewatch.

Favorite Relationship - Shawn and Cory
Most Nostalgic - Cory and Topanga’s relationship
Favorite Quote - Mr. Feeney: “Ho Ho! Is that the stupid idea train coming around the bend?”
Biggest Disappointment - Shawn and Jack’s relationship
Funniest Moment - Shawn and Cory turn Mr. Feeney’s house into a B&B
Favorite Episode - B & B's B 'N' B (4.13)

Cheers (1.01-1.06)
BY Dahne

Nowadays Cheers is mostly known for its theme song or as a powerful example of a network biding its time to allow a show to grow. However, Cheers was the Friends of its time. Back when cable meant mostly music videos and the Weather Channel, Cheers was must-see TV, garnering ratings in the 20's and becoming the most watched show on TV after starting off as 74th out of 77 shows in its first season. It also received over 100 Emmy nominations and ran for 11 seasons. That makes it the perfect show to review here. In general, Cheers still fits as a workplace/made family comedy. It has its stereotypical characters but the show allows them to seem sympathetic in all their flaws, mostly by sharing the jokes among all the characters and creating softer moments so the audience can get to know them better. It has the requisite will they-won't they relationship already built in with Sam and Diane. These two check off all the shipping boxes: co-workers, dislike masquerading their real feelings, chemistry, helping each other when they really need it, inspiring the other to be a better person, witty banter, etc. Mostly though, it creates a family of lovable misfits that depend on each other to get through the days. It truly is a place where "everybody knows your name" and everybody has a sense of belonging. Therein lies its success.

Grade: B+
Potential for Today's TV - In many ways, Cheers is already on TV. Any comedy where the workplace becomes a substitute home and co-workers become family has its roots in Cheers. The show itself would still work but some of the stereotypes would need to be tinkered with and they would need a more diverse cast.

Best Episode - 1.04 or 1.05
Best Thing I Loved as a Kid but Didn’t as an Adult - Carla was a little harder to take here
Best Reason to Watch as an Adult - humor
Best Theme Song Ever- Where Everybody Knows Your Name
Best Guest Star - Fred Dryer, Allyce Beasley, and Julia Duffy
Biggest Laugh - Norm when asked how his day's going each episode
Most in Need of Therapy - Carla
Most as I Remembered / Character I Liked Better as an Adult - Diane
Most Nostalgic - Coach

Dawson’s Creek (2.01/3.23/6.15)
BY Beth Whitley

Dawson’s Creek was one of those shows that I remember being ‘appointment television’ when I was in high school and you had to watch it live because DVR and streaming weren’t a thing back then (crazy I know!). I was always team Pacey when I was younger and I couldn’t tell you why; I just was. Now as an adult, I know exactly why. Pacey loved Joey for her no matter what, while I believe Dawson loved the idea of the epic nature of their romance. It was his storyline and she, his muse. The show is relevant today because of the struggles those characters faced and I also believe they were ahead of their time in many ways.

Best Character - Pacey, the clown who became the most endearing character
Worst Character - Dawson, who treated his friends/family like the supporting cast in the running movie of his imagination.
Best Character Interaction - Jack and Jen, friendship goals!
Best Gif Before Gifs were Real - Dawson’s ugly cry face on the dock after Joey booked it to be with Pacey.
Most Nostalgic - No cell phones so they were relying on landlines!
Best Quote - Pacey: "Ask me to stay" – the SOS Pacey wrote to Joey on the wall he leased for her.
Biggest Face Palm - Joey and Pacey being ‘trapped’ in a Kmart where there were several doors and windows they could have used to get out. (I still loved the ‘filler episode' though)
Best Advice I’d Give a Character that I probably Wouldn’t Have as a Teenager - Joey, you definitely should have gone to Paris. That is a once in a lifetime experience, and if a boy loves you, he will most certainly be there when you get back!

Doctor Who – Season 13, Serial 6, The Seeds of Doom (1976)
BY Emma

I was born when the 4th Doctor had the TARDIS and most of the repeats I watched on PBS were of his and Sarah’s exploits. In fact, my earliest TV memory is of the Doctor and Sarah. I was mesmerized by how smart the Doctor was and maybe a little jealous that he could go anywhere in space and time. I don’t have many memories of his specific exploits and I certainly wasn’t old enough to appreciate his humor but the Doctor was my first hero besides my dad. In revisiting Classic Who, it was difficult to not compare it to the new versions but besides better special effects, the Doctor himself hasn’t changed much; smart, resourceful, honorable, snarky and possibly a little crazy.

Test of Time Grade: A

Reason to Watch as an Adult – see what the Doctor was like at the young age of 749
Most Missed Character – K-9 / the TARDIS, neither were in the serial I picked to revisit
Biggest Change – I get the jokes now so it’s much more humorous
Best Holdover from Childhood – the effects used were pretty low-key to begin with so they held over well
Biggest Laugh / Facepalm – Sarah describes the plants eating people as “undignified”
Most Relevant Problem – saving endangered species is important
Best Character Interactions – the Doctor and Sarah. Besides Rose & the 10th Doctor, these two are my favorite Doctor/Companion combo.

Facts of Life (1.01- 1.06)
By Dahne

The Facts of Life is one of the few shows that was pretty much like I remembered it. Well, minus Jo. I totally forgot that she came in the second season, which was a little disconcerting since she was my favorite character and turned the whole dynamic around. However, without Jo, Blair ended up being a completely different character. She was still vain but she was also very concerned about her schoolwork and cared about things more in general than I remembered. Mrs. Garrett was the same wise but kooky substitute mother, although I forgot that her voice can grate as much as Fran Drescher's. The problem of the week was largely the same as tween shows today, including parent pressure, body image, and cheating in school. For the most part, with a change of clothes and slang, these girls could be characters today.

Grade: B
Potential for Today's TV - There is very little disrespect and a whole lot less slapstick, but otherwise I could see this show debuting on any tween channel with a fashion makeover.

Best Episode - 1.02 and then 1.04
Best Thing I Loved as a Kid but Didn’t as an Adult - Mrs. Garrett's voice
Best Reason to Watch as an Adult - to remind you that the good old days actually had pretty much the same problems as today
Best Reference - Colonel Sanders
Best Character Interaction - Mrs. Garrett and all the girls
Biggest Reaction - the girls are shocked when the principal says "hell"
Most Missed - Jo
Most Improved from My Memory - this early Blair is less snob and more humanized
Most as I Remembered / Most Fun - Tootie
Most Relevant Problem - body image
Most Smarmy - Jason
Most Annoying - the original theme song (the second version is much better)
Best Quote - Blair: "Hey, exams come and go. Worry lines stay with you forever."

Felicity (1.01/2.21/4.22)
BY Beth Whitley

Revisiting Felicity was really interesting. First, I realized that this show was unique in that it started with these characters past the angst of high school and navigating the world for the first time on their own as adults. When I first watched the pilot all those years ago, I know I must have thought that Felicity ended up in New York solely because of Ben, but it wasn’t that. She wanted to take a chance for the first time in her life, and it turned out quite well. Finally, I looked it up and this show mostly filmed in New York, which would be rare today because shows hardly ever film where they are set.

Best Character - Well Felicity of course! She had ups and downs but rooting for her was never hard.
Worst Character - Noel, I struggled with giving him this but he was just childish when life didn’t go his way.
Best Episode - 2x21 ‘The Aretha Theory’. I still want to try a Bonzai Demon and Ben calling a film canister ‘a time machine’ to right the wrong of ditching Felicity earlier in the season because he was scared, hit all the feels.
Best Quote - Javier: "Benjamin, you can’t give up on diamonds!"
Best Piece of Advice I Would Give All The Characters - You guys can branch out and greet each other with something other than ‘hey’.
Something I Had Forgotten for Good Reason - The series finale involved time travel and spells, which turned out to be only in Felicity’s fever dream.

Friday the 13th, aka Friday's Curse (1.01-1.04)
By Dahne

Back in my high school years, everyone's favorite horror TV show was Tales from the Crypt. Now don't get me wrong. That series had moments of true brilliance but mostly it was hit or miss and there were a lot of misses. For me, by far the best horror series was Friday the 13th. Not only did it creep me out, but it had an actual storyline. In fact, it is what inspired me to watch Warehouse 13 with its similar plot. Friday the 13th is the story of 2 cousins who inherit an antique store full of cursed items. Before they realize what they've actually inherited, they sell almost everything so the series is basically about them trying to get it all back before the items kill everyone. The special effects are even lamer than I remember but the stories are still really creepy, as in not really one I can marathon. (I had to break this into 2 days.) I love the antiques they need to collect but I wish they had back story to them like on Warehouse 13. I also wish Micki weren't such a stereotypical horror story girl. She needs a big strong man to help her way too often for someone who constantly nags about not needing anyone.

Grade: C+ (downgrade for Micki)
Potential for Today's TV - Like most of these shows, I think Friday the 13th would do well in today's world with some significant tweaks. They would need a good special effects team and Micki would need to be retooled into a kick-butt female. This show could fill the actual horror story void in today's TV alongside AHS and it's still got a procedural element. Thus, I think it would actually do very well.

Best Episode - 1.04
Biggest Thing I Loved as a Kid but Didn't as an Adult / Biggest Whiner - Micki
Best Reason to Watch as an Adult - genuine scares
Best Mulan Impression - Micki
Best Advice I'd Give a Character - stock up on salt
Worst Horror Trope - the creepy, self-aware doll and the equally creepy kid who is controlled by it
Most in Need of a Giant, Flashing Warning Sign - when someone is conjuring death by tarantula, I NEVER need to see that
Most Horrifying - the effects (they are just sad)
Most Out There Reference - Monty Hall
Biggest Horror Scene - death by guillotine
Biggest Brat - Mary from the pilot

Full House (3.20/4.11/7.19)
By Saloni 

“Everywhere you look, everywhere you go, there’s a heart, (there’s a heart), a hand to hold on to. Everywhere you look, everywhere you go, there’s a face of somebody who needs you, everywhere you look.” The theme song to “Full House” describes the show perfectly. The comedy, which ran from 1987-1995, will always be a special one. The beauty of the show lies in its simplicity and even its sappiness. It gives off a little ‘too-good-to-be-true’ vibe, but honestly, we could all use that sometimes. It’s funny, it’s sweet, and it’ll make you smile — what more could you want? This is the same reason I enjoy current comedies like “The Middle,” “Fresh off the Boat,” and “Last Man Standing.” In the show, when Danny Tanner loses his wife in a car accident, he calls upon his brother-in-law Jesse and his childhood best friend Joey to help raise his three girls: DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle. Eventually, we are also introduced to Jesse's wife Rebecca, DJ's best friend Kimmy, and DJ's boyfriend Steve. Each 20-minute episode focuses on developing the characters, their relationships, and a moral. In the midst of all this, they infuse humor to maintain the balance. The cast takes a little while to get into the groove but once they do, the show really takes off. Would it still work in the current TV landscape the same way it did in its time? Maybe not as well, no. But personally, I know I would enjoy it just as much. I rewatched it earlier this year to be prepared for “Fuller House,” and I realized that the core issues of family/friendship problems and relationship dramas are still very relevant. I think even after all these years, if someone were to watch “Full House” for the first time, they would relate to the characters and the situations they are in.

Episode 4.11 - Secret Admirer

In one of the funniest episodes of the show, Danny invites his girlfriend Cindy and her mischievous son Rusty over for barbecue with the family. As a prank, Rusty pretends to be D.J’s crush and writes her a love letter. This spirals out of control when the letter doesn’t get delivered to her as planned and ends up getting passed to almost every character, each of whom try to figure out who their secret admirer could be.

MVP - Michelle Tanner.
Best Reaction to Receiving the Letter - Kimmy when she thinks Jesse is in love with her.
Worst Reaction to Receiving the Letter - Jesse believes either Danny or Joey wrote it to his fiancé Becky.
Worst character - Rusty, of course. He was just annoying, funny but annoying.
Best Character Interaction: Jesse and Michelle in the opener
Best Quotes -
1. Rusty: "You can help me deliver the letter, like a mailman." Michelle: "I’m very busy today." Rusty: "Tell you what little lady. I’ll give you this bright, shiny, new penny." Michelle: "Don’t be cheap. Give me a nickel!"
2. Michelle: "I got two nickels. What can I buy with it?" Jesse: "A dime!"

Episode 7.19 - Love on the Rocks

After D.J. spends the week away from her boyfriend, she realizes how different they are and that she isn’t dependent on him. She hikes up the mountain with her friends and conquers her fears. The episode is a little more serious and quite excellent because it shows her realizing she’s independent and needs to become her own person. It gives a glimpse into real teenage heartbreak. Also, after Joey pulls pranks on the whole family, they decide to band together to get back at him.

MVP - D.J Tanner, her character development is brilliant.
Best Moment - At the end of the episode, D.J is alone after her break-up on top of the mountain and she smiles and realizes she’s going to be okay on her own.
Best interaction - D.J and Becky when they discuss her relationship.
Best Scene - when the family pranks Joey
Best Quotes -
1. DJ (after they've climbed the mountain): "Well, what do you think?" Steve: "I think there should be an elevator here."
2. Steve: "We’ll lose out on something incredible, us." DJ: "We’ll never lose out on us. We’ll always be friends." Steve: "I hope so because you’re the best friend I’ve ever had."

Episode 3.20 - Honey, I Broke the House

In another insane hilarious episode, Stephanie drives Joey’s car into the kitchen by mistake. She is so scared of what will happen and that Danny will stop loving her, she runs away to Becky’s house. Meanwhile, Jesse and Becky get into a fight of their own.

MVP - Naturally, Stephanie. She’s hilarious even when she’s scared.
Best Reaction to Finding the Car in the Kitchen - Michelle
Worst Reaction to Finding the Car: Joey
Believable as a Kid, Not as an Adult - Parking the car in your backyard. Nope.
Funniest Scene - Jesse finds Steph hanging inside a jacket in Becky’s closet
Cutest Michelle Scene - Singing ‘Rain, Rain Go Away’ when she hears DJ and Kimmy singing.
Best Insult - Kimmy: "You know there’s a country where they eat children as meat." Stephanie: "Then you better not go there because you’re full of baloney! "
Best Quote - DJ: "Michelle, do you know how Joey’s car got in here?" Michelle: "Yes, I do." D.J: "How?" Michelle: "Through the window!"

Gidget (1.01-1:05)
by Dahne

Officially Gidget is before my time, but it played in reruns when I was a kid so I'm counting it. My basic takeaway from this show is that Gidget is kind of like Lizzie McGuire or Hannah Montana, if you take out animation breaks and pop star singing and replace it with random 60's dancing. There is a language barrier but many of the problems she faces are similar. She's got a pain in the butt sibling - so check every Disney show in the last 6 years. She has a close relationship with a parent but she sometimes can't communicate with him. Another Disney check if you include parent figures as well as blood relatives. She struggles with a breakup and has problems getting settled back in with her friends. She has a crush on someone who doesn't like her back, but in the end, she knows she's loved and a bright, sunny day is around the corner. Yep, it all sounds like the Big Ears Network to me. What she doesn't have is cool gadgets or tons of snark, which might make her refreshing to those whom Disney movies are aimed at. Just call it Teen Beach Movie: The TV Show.

Grade: B-
Potential for Today's TV - It would take some tweaking but Disney could revamp it.

Best Episode - 1.03
Best Thing I Loved as a Kid but Didn't as an Adult - Russell consistently chooses Gidget over Anne in one of the worst examples of parental favoritism ever on TV
Best Reason to Watch as an Adult - it's the kind of innocent fun where problems are solved in 25 minutes and you can take a brief break to laugh before worrying about your own
Best Character - LaRue, the wacky sidekick
Best Character Interaction - without a doubt, Gidget and her dad
Best Point - Gidget tells her dad that he should have called if he wasn't coming home until morning
Worst Way to End a Date - with a police escort
Biggest Shock - The pilot episode involved her family thinking Gidget had sex. What the heck! This is Gidget. She's supposed to be the Disney Channel of the 60's.
Biggest Laugh - LaRue's beach outfit
Most Overbearing - Anne and John
Smartest Cookie - Gidget, who realizes that Great Kahuna is playing a part to stop her infatuation
Best Quote:
1. Great Kahuna: "The trouble with a Girl Friday is pretty soon she hooks into Saturday and Sunday."
2. Anne: "What's it called when you use a hammer on your own sister?" John: "Justifiable homicide."

Gilligan’s Island (1964) – (1.01-1.03)
BY Emma

Off all the shows I’ve revisited for this article, Gilligan’s Island is the one I remember the most. Ginger was so glamorous, the Professor was so smart, and Gilligan was a bigger klutz than I was, which made him instantly likable to me. I watched repeats almost every day after school but in selecting the show for revisit, I realized I never saw the pilot. When I looked at my DVDs, the insert says that the pilot never aired but I also didn’t realize that all of the season 1 episodes were filmed and aired in black and white and colorized later for syndication. As a kid, I found the physical humor of Gilligan and the Skipper hilarious in a 3 Stooges kind of way but as an adult, it doesn’t hold up nearly as well as the 3 Stooges. Gilligan is more annoying than funny and while the Skipper is still bossy and short-tempered with Gilligan, I get why he is now. That being said, it’s still a cute, clean show that can be counted on for a good laugh or two.

Test of Time Grade: B

Best Thing I Loved as a Kid but Didn’t as an Adult – Gilligan & the Skipper’s arguments
Reason to Watch as an Adult – Nostalgia
Most Improved Character since Childhood – the Professor
Least Improved Character since Childhood – Gilligan
Biggest Change – opening credit song lyrics were “and the rest” instead of “the professor and Mary Ann”
Biggest Laugh – the Professor's trap / Skipper and Gilligan disguised as a bush and a tree

Greatest American Hero (1.01/1.02/1.03/1.07)
BY Prpleight

This show is about aliens, who charge Ralph Hinkley and Bill Maxwell with fighting crime using a super suit. Unfortunately, Ralph loses the instruction book before he gets home. I adored this show as a kid. (I still remember the theme song lyrics!) What I loved about the show when I was a kid was Ralph Hinkley’s inability to fly and Bill’s frustration at his inability to get the civilians to adopt his priorities or see him as the ultimate authority on all things crime solving. Re-watching for this article, I was surprised by how well the story held up and the fact that the show wasn’t fluff for kids. It was, in many ways, another of Stephen J. Cannell cop show. In the episodes I watched, the themes were deeper than I was old enough to grasp. Not only are the themes still relevant today, several of the crime stories are still being told today.

Drinking Game Word - “Scenario”
Most Needed Piece of Modern Technology - Cell phone
Most As I Remembered/Most Nostalgic - The little boy that teaches Ralph how to fly…er….get off the ground in his approximation of flying.
Best Character - Bill Maxwell
Biggest Surprise - How relevant and accessible this show still is despite the lack of cell phones.

Hogan’s Heroes (1965) – (1.01-1.03)
BY Emma

My memories of Hogan’s Heroes repeats are pretty much just generalities: Hogan always making Colonel Klink look like an idiot, the guard dogs being so nice, and Schultz’s catchphrase. I was far too young to understand why the men were there and what they were doing, which made revisiting the show a big draw. After watching the first three episodes (the first in black and white), all I could think of was these guys were the OG MacGyvers because they made everything out of nothing – a coffeepot wire-tap, the sink turned into a periscope-like spy lens, and one of the bunks turned into a secret passage complete with ladder. However, for all their shenanigans, the humor really didn’t translate well – mostly because this is not even remotely a close representation of how POWs are treated and no Colonel worth his salt would be so oblivious to what they were so obviously doing. The best part about revisiting was seeing a very young and handsome Richard Dawson!

Test of Time Grade: C-

Best Thing I Loved as a Kid but Didn’t as an Adult – the humor
Reason to Watch as an Adult – nostalgia
Biggest Laugh – stealing a tank
Best Character Interactions – Hogan and his men / Hogan and Klink
Best Catchphrase – Schultz: “I see nothing.”

MacGyver (1.01-1.04)
by Dahne

In case you haven't heard, there's a new MacGyver reboot heading to TV so it's a perfect time to revisit the classic. MacGyver is just as smart as I remember and he rivals Michael Westen from Burn Notice in creative uses for duct tape. After all, as Michael said, "Guns make you stupid…..Duct tape makes you smart." While I really liked the pilot and all its MacJiggering, I found quickly that this show is best to take in smaller slices. Marathoning tends to point out all the overlap - like the cute kid trope, all the voiceovers, the macking on the lady of the episode, and most bizarre, the idea that MacGyver is the sole main character. As in, it's him and the guest actors of the week each and every week. Sure keeps casting costs down. Other than that, this is basically where Scorpion gets its roots, minus the team. It's also a lot more plausible than Scorpion, which means it could never, ever in a million years happen as opposed to their zillion years. I would expect that the format will switch dramatically in the reboot so it will feel more like Scorpion than the original, but the character is solid and there's a reason why he's still remembered today.

Grade: B-
Potential for Today's TV - It is coming back as a reboot, so very high. Just give him a team this time.

Best Episode - pilot
Best Thing I Loved as a Kid but Didn’t as an Adult - the repetition
Best Reason to Watch as an Adult - the "science" is still a lot of fun and all the action
Best Extended Metaphor - riding a horse to dismantling a missile
Worst Cliché - bad guys can't shoot
Biggest Nostalgia - Russia as the big time 80's enemy
Biggest Idiot - Kate, the investigative photographer who wears sandals to secretly film one of the world's biggest criminals and who just stands wherever to take her pictures
Biggest Laugh - the flying horse visual / MacGyver complains about incessant telephone use…in 1985. I can't imagine what he'd think about smartphones and constant cell phone use today.
Most Fun - map slide
Dumbest Plan - Taking the map instead of taking a picture of the map. Plus he didn't steal the pictures attached to the map, which seem significant.
Most Unbelievable - there's a lot but the Budapest car chase beats chocolate sealing the toxic leak
Man's Best Friend - duct tape
Smartest Guy in the Room, Any Room - MacGyver
Instant Good Guy Alert - when they are smart and part of Big Brothers, you know they are the good guy
Instant Bad Guy Alert - the bad guy mustache (in most episodes)
Trademark Phrase - MacGyver: "I hate heights." / any version of "I've got an idea"
Why Every Hero Should Wear Flannel - makes a nifty temporary gas mask, pot holder, and heroic gesture
Best Quote - MacGyver: "We might be able to whip up a Band-aid."

The Munsters (1964) – (1.01-1.03)
BY Emma

What I remember most from watching The Munsters reruns during my childhood was wanting a car like Grandpa’s dragster and Lily and Herman’s acceptance of the people they thought of as abnormal. They were both so kind and gentle, it never occurred to me that they were portraying the same monsters featured in cinematic horror movies. In revisiting the show, I didn’t realize how similar in theme The Munsters was to The Addams Family and while The Munster held over a little better than The Addams Family (mainly because they didn’t depend on the abnormal as normal theme as heavily as The Addams Family did but they really focused on getting Marilyn married off) they share the same great message: what’s “normal” is a matter of perspective and differences should be celebrated, not feared.

Test of Time Grade: B, the recurring theme of getting Marilyn married off knocks it down a few pegs

Best Thing I Loved as a Kid but Didn’t as an Adult – Grandpa’s moving snacks were funny as a kid but now they give me the creepy crawlies
Reason to Watch as an Adult / Best Character Interaction – Lily and Herman love and respect each other
Most Improved Character since Childhood – Marilyn, more likable than I remember
Least Changed Character since Childhood – Lily, still as strong and commanding of respect as I remember / Grandpa, still up to no good in his lab
Biggest Change – the journalists actually left when the cops told them too
Best Episode – My Fair Munster, love potion runs amok
Biggest Laugh – Eddie being chased by a gaggle of girls because of the love potion
Best Music – theme song is still stuck in my head

Quantum Leap (1.01-1.04)
By Dahne

I really enjoyed rewatching Quantum Leap and will probably continue marathoning it after this, although it is really uneven. The pilot is the superior episode because it focuses on world building and allows Sam time to bond with the people in the life he's absconded. The only drawback is that Sam doesn't remember Al in the pilot. Since it's the single most important relationship on the show, it makes the pilot a bit rough in parts. The subsequent jumps of the week had less background and felt goofier (1.02) or preachy (1.03). Also, I didn't remember Sam's amnesia so I felt it took too long for him to be back on board with everything. The CGI is also lame but back then I thought it was really cool. This is one of the few shows that I wish they would remake because the sci-fi bones are still as viable today as they were back in 1989. Actually nowadays it would probably be soapier and definitely more cause of the week, so yeah, I'm okay with Hollywood keeping their mitts off.

Grade: B+ / C / B-
Potential for Today's TV - The bones of the story are still good storytelling today and it has that procedural element that networks like. However, in this version, it's about a scientist with a very firm belief in God who prays to him along with all the sci-fi stuff. Sadly, any remake would probably cut this character development out.

Best Episode - pilot
Best Thing I Loved as a Kid but Didn’t as an Adult - the CGI
Best Reason to Watch as an Adult - the sci-fi and the characters
Best Music - In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida by iron Butterfly, which always reminds me of ShifterDean from Supernatural / the Quantum Leap instrumental version of Eye of the Tiger (not the song but the spirit of it)
Best Historical Tie - Sam creates the Watergate Scandal
Best Character Interaction - Sam and Al
Worst Athletes Ever - whatever team Sam plays against, whose in-fielding would suck in Little League
Biggest Aww Moment - Sam's dead dad invites him to Thanksgiving
Biggest Laugh You'd Never Get Now - getting the pregnant lady drunk in order to stop her labor
Most Interesting One-Off Character - Dixie, the Marilynn Monroe stripper with more depth than expected
Best Quotes -
1. Sam: "Please God, I'd like to wake up now."
2. Al: "Your best shot is freezing the brain until all electrical activity has ceased." Sam: "That's called death." Al: "I never said it would be easy."

Remington Steele (1.01-1.04)
By Dahne

Remington Steele remains a charming procedural with one of my first TV heroes…Laura. Yep, not Remington. I was too young for his charms when this aired but watching a lady PI on the screen was awesome. She was the perfect continuation of my Nancy Drew phase. I loved the idea that Laura was actually the smartest and always got the bad guy while Steele tried to keep up. I did forget about how they showed a part of the episode before the title sequence, like current promos. It's a bit odd and I would NOT think people would want to be spoiled 30 seconds before the show began. Still overall, I think this series holds up very well. You'd have to find a reason why facial recognition and DNA samples wouldn't expose Steele's real identity and it would be a lot harder to make up a fake person these days, but this show practically screams current day. For one, it had the two leads of a crime show flirting with each other in a constant will they-won't they dynamic long before every single freaking procedural and most serials followed suit. In fact, I think that's the reason I loved it as a kid. It was the exception and not the cliché at that time. Give Hollywood's penchant for reboots these days, I expect to hear of this one making round 2 any day now.

Grade: B+
Potential for Today's TV - A lot being the kind of crime procedural romance that networks and viewers salivate over these days. I'm actually surprised it isn't debuting in fall with MacGyver.

Best Episode -1.03
Best Thing I Loved as a Kid but Didn’t as an Adult - Steele is kind of a jerk, especially to Bernice Foxe
Best Reason to Watch as an Adult - smart crimes without all the gimmicks of today
Best Way to Sum Up Your Exposition - title sequence
Best Character - Laura
Best Character Interaction - Laura and Steele
Best One Shot Character - Emery Arnok, the client dragged through a case and becomes an asset
Most Charming - Pierce Brosnan
Most Punny - the episode titles

Sabrina the Teenage Witch (1.01/1.02/1.05/1.17/1.18/2.01/2.12/2.15)
BY Jessica VanWinkle

I loved Sabrina the Teenage Witch when I was younger. I chose to watch some of the early episodes because I remembered I liked the first few seasons the best. Sabrina Spellman was a great main character. She’s funny and smart, but also struggles with balancing her studies and her personal life. I felt like she was relatable. I loved her relationship with her aunts and with her cat, Salem. Maybe it’s weird that I liked a talking cat, but whatever. I like cats. Sabrina’s aunts and Salem all cared about her well-being and tried to help her learn magic. They also helped with her problems at school and with her friends. When I was a kid, I loved Sabrina’s on-again-off-again relationship with boyfriend, Harvey, but I didn’t like it as much now. At the beginning of the series, Harvey is a dumb football player. I guess I forgot that or I didn’t notice it when I was younger. His character does change some as the series progresses, but it bothered me that he was so stereotypical. When I was younger I liked Sabrina’s friend Jenny, but I didn’t like her friend Valerie. I thought Valerie was really annoying. Her self-esteem was so low and she always needed reassurance from Sabrina that she wasn’t going to fail at life. Rewatching episodes did nothing to improve my opinion about Valerie. I also thought some of the episodes were over the top, but I guess that’s what happens when you have a show about witches. As a kid I loved some of the ridiculous stories, but this time I preferred the simpler episodes with Sabrina and her friends at school or Sabrina hanging out at home with her aunts and Salem. I did enjoy the Christmas episode in season two; it wasn’t cheesy as some holiday specials, and I just love holiday episodes. For the most part, I still enjoyed watching Sabrina but I think a child or teenager would enjoy it more than an adult.

Best Character Interaction - Sabrina and her aunts, Zelda and Hilda
Favorite Characters - Sabrina and Salem
Thing I Loved as a Kid but Didn’t as an Adult - Harvey
Most as I Remembered - Sabrina’s annoying friend Valerie
Problem I Can Relate To - Sabrina trying to be a good niece, friend, girlfriend, and keep her grades up all at the same time.
Favorite Episode - Sabrina Claus (2.12)

Scooby Doo (1969-1970) – Season 1
BY Emma

When I signed up for Scooby Doo for this article, I realized I probably shouldn’t have picked this show because I still watch it! I have many of the various show incarnations on DVD as well as many of the movies. I was born after the original Scooby Doo cartoons aired but it was always the original ones that were (and still are) my favorite. Sure it was easy to figure out who the “monster” was but seeing how the clues the gang found led them to that person was why I kept watching, well that and Scooby and Shaggy’s antics. While the current versions of the gang have been updated to reflect our times and the mysteries are a lot more difficult to figure out (sometimes the “monsters” are actually real now), there is nothing like the original. I dare you to watch it and not have the theme song stuck in your head for days.

Test of Time Grade: A

Best Thing I Loved as a Kid but Didn’t as an Adult – the animation
Reason to Watch as an Adult – good, clean fun
Most Improved Character from Childhood – Daphne, smarter than I remember and not as vain either
Least Improved Character from Childhood – Fred, his traps actually kind of sucked
Least Changed – Shaggy and Scooby
Best Episodes / Favorite “Monster” – The Tar Monster, something about the dripping tar is just creepy
Biggest Laugh – Shaggy and Scooby’s appetite
Most Relevant Message – people from all walks of life can be friends
Best Catchphrase – Shaggy: “Zoinks!” / Velma: “Jinkies!” / Scooby: “Ruh Roh Raggy”

Soap (1.01-1.05)
By Dahne

Wow! That was a huge eye opener. What a difference 4 decades make. When I was a kid my parents watched this when we were on vacation, so ALL the sexual innuendo went over my head. And I thought Three's Company had the most sexual references. This one has jokes on erectile dysfunction, Joy of Sex, multiple affairs, pornography, homosexuality, transgender, incest, possible sex with a priest, and more. I think the only things they didn't touch on were S& M and bestiality but then again I stopped after 5 episodes. There were also a lot of stereotypical characters and things that people found funny then, especially about being gay and racism, would probably be considered offensive today. It is interesting to see all these actors from other parts though. Still, this was by far the worst show I rewatched.

Grade: D-
Potential for Today's TV - none without MAJOR revamping of the characters

Best Episode - 1.03
Best Thing I Liked as a Kid but Didn’t as an Adult - basically the entire show but especially the "humor"
Best Reason to Watch as an Adult - all the actors you know from other places
Best Peacemaker - Mary
Best Character - Benson, whose level of sarcasm rivals any character's today
Best Character Interaction - Mary and Jessica
Best Reference - the Flying Wallendas
Best Twist - Bert's son is Corrine and Jessica's lover
Most Annoying - the iconic show introduction exposition / the music that beeps throughout / laugh track
Most Funny - everyone's reaction to Peter

About the Author - Dahne
One part teacher librarian - one part avid TV fan, Dahne is a contributing writer for SpoilerTV, where she recaps, reviews, and/or creates polls for Teen Wolf, The 100, Grimm, How to Get Away with Murder, The Librarians, and others. She also runs the annual Character Cup. She's addicted to Twitter, live tweets a multitude of shows each week, and co-hosts The 100 "Red-Shirted" and Teen Wolf "Welcome to Beacon Hills" podcasts for Southgate Media Group. Currently she writes a Last Week in TV column for her blog and SpoilerTV. ~ "I speak TV."
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Posted on June 28, 2016 .

Quiz: Guess the Show - I Love the 80's Edition

Come celebrate your knowledge of 80's TV with us! Since the 80's had so much to love and laugh at, I've divided it into 2 quizzes. One should be relatively easy if you know some 80's TV. It's designed for the process of elimination to help if you're unsure. The second one contains more obscure shows. It's still possible to do well, though, even if you've never heard of the show. Again the process of elimination will help. If you like these quizzes, let me know. I have enough material for another four. :-P For those of you for whom the 80's is way too early, I'll have one focusing on the 90's in a couple of weeks. Until then, enjoy this like totally tubular, rad fab, righteous trip back to the 80's.

Shameless Plug - Want more 80's nostalgia? Tomorrow's Last Week in TV article focuses on childhood / teen TV and how well it holds up in the 21st century. Check it out and join the discussion on all things nostalgia TV.

So now that you're warmed up, why not try a more challenging quiz. If you remember any of these shows, show your love in the comments or tell us about your favorite 80's shows.

About the Author - Dahne
One part teacher librarian - one part avid TV fan, Dahne is a contributing writer for SpoilerTV, where she recaps, reviews, and/or creates polls for Teen Wolf, The 100, Grimm, How to Get Away with Murder, The Librarians, and others. She also runs the annual Character Cup. She's addicted to Twitter, live tweets a multitude of shows each week, and co-hosts The 100 "Red-Shirted" and Teen Wolf "Welcome to Beacon Hills" podcasts for Southgate Media Group. Currently she writes a Last Week in TV column for her blog and SpoilerTV. ~ "I speak TV."
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Posted on June 27, 2016 .

Last Week in TV - Week of June 12 - MEGA End of Season Awards and Reviews

Welcome to our end of the season special edition of Last Week in TV where the guest reviewers and I look over TV as a whole and give out show awards for all we watched in the 2015-2016 season. (Disclaimer - I only let us pick 5 awards per show to get better variety) Since the column is sooo long this time, I put a link to the condensed poll below if you would like to vote on these awards yourself.  If enough people participate, I will include the results in the next column. Speaking of the next column, not only will it be the last one before we go on summer hiatus, but it is also a very special edition that will focus on shows we watched as kids or teens. I've already been shocked more than once in preparation for it. Let's just say that innuendo went right over my head as a kid. I hope you will join us for it; I think it will be a great trip through nostalgia. If you would like to participate in the reviews, e-mail me at dahne@spoilertv.com or tweet me @dahne1 for details. Thanks to everyone who has already sent in their reviews. Keep them coming! The more shows we cover, the more likely it is that something you watched will be included and the more fun it will be. As for this article, I watched zero new shows this week since I've been stuck in the 70's and 80's so everything here is from earlier. Thanks to the guest reviewers for keeping things fresh. Until our season finale next week, don't forget to fill out your own awards, leave a comment about ours, and happy TV viewing.

2015-2016 TV Awards

Best Returning Show:
BlueStar - 12 Monkeys / The Librarians
Emma - Jane the Virgin
Jessica - Grey's Anatomy / Chicago Fire
Laura - How to Get Away with Murder / Brooklyn 99
Dahne - The Blacklist / iZombie

Best New Show:
BlueStar - Into the Badlands / Limitless
Emma - Limitless
Jessica - Chicago Med / Limitless
Laura - Limitless / Lucifer
Dahne - Into the Badlands / Oh My Venus

Most Improved Returning Show:
BlueStar - The Originals
Emma - Scorpion
Jessica - iZombie / The Blacklist
Laura - Suits / It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Dahne - The Blacklist / Elementary

Returning Show that Got Worse:
BlueStar - Arrow / Nashville
Emma - Grimm
Jessica - The 100 / Black-ish
Laura - Daredevil / Looking
Dahne - way too many but the worst offenders were Grimm / The 100

Best Show to Binge Watch:
BlueStar - Supernatural / Person of Interest
Emma - iZombie
Jessica - House of Cards / How to Get Away with Murder
Laura - Brooklyn 99
Dahne - Killjoys / Dominion

Best Midseason Show:
BlueStar - 12 Monkeys
Emma - The Real O'Neals
Jessica - Lucifer
Laura - Lucifer / The Real O'Neals
Dahne - Into the Badlands / Wynonna Earp / Younger / The Carmichael Show

Worst Cancellation:
BlueStar - Person of Interest / Limitless
Emma - Limitless / Agent Carter
Jessica - Limitless
Laura - Galavant / Limitless
Swanpride - Agent Carter
Dahne - Rush Hour / Agent X

Best Episode:
Emma - 6,741 (Person of Interest) / Messengers (Outsiders)
Jessica - Salivation Army (iZombie) / Entropy (Criminal Minds)
Laura - Headquarters! (Limitless) / What Did We Do? (How to Get Away with Murder)
Dahne - Salivation Army (iZombie) / What Did We Do? (How to Get Away with Murder) / Hand of 5 Poisons (Into the Badlands) / The Son Rises (Code Black)

Best Character:
Emma - Sameen Shaw (Person of Interest) / Frank Castle (Daredevil)
Jessica - Liv Moore (iZombie) / Alex Karev (Grey's Anatomy)
Laura - Arnold (Please Like Me)
Dahne - Jessica Huang (Fresh Off the Boat) / Ross and Demelza (Poldark) / Margot (The Catch) / Wells (The Flash) / Sunny, Lydia, and the Widow (Into the Badlands)

Best New Character in a Returning Show:
Emma - Roan (The 100)
Jessica - Jimmy (Chicago Fire)
Laura - Eve Rothlo (How to Get Away with Murder)
Dahne - Morland Holmes (Elementary) / Anna Jarvis and Whitney Frost (Agent Carter) / Moriarty (The Librarians) / Drake and his mom (iZombie) / Roberta (Galavant)

Character Most in Need of Fixing:
Emma - Felicity (Arrow)
Jessica - Adam Ruzek (Chicago PD / Will Halstead (Chicago Med)
Laura - Dan (Lucifer)
Dahne - Rip Hunter (Legends of Tomorrow) / Raj (TBBT) / Houdini (Houdini & Doyle) / King Louis (The Musketeers)

Character that Most Needs to Go:
BlueStar - Layla (Nashville)
Jessica - Jasper (The 100)
Laura - Wuntch (Brooklyn 99)
Dahne - Jasper, Bellamy, Jaha and others (The 100) / Liam, the rest of Team Tween, and Grandpa Evil (Teen Wolf) / Ralph and Heywood (Scorpion) / Jay, Jesse, and Reverse Flash (The Flash) / Chuck, Metatron, Lucifer, and every freaking angel (Supernatural)

Character with the Most Growth:
BlueStar - Klaus (The Originals)
Emma - Lucifer Morningstar (Lucifer)
Jessica - Fitz (Agents of SHIELD)
Laura - Mike Ross (Suits)
Dahne - Walter and Happy (Scorpion) / Sheldon (TBBT) / King Richard (Galavant) / Kelsey (Younger) / Claire (Dominion)

Most Missed Character:
BlueStar - Derek Hale (Teen Wolf)
Emma - Leonard Snart (Legends of Tomorrow)
Jessica - Leslie Shay (Chicago Fire) / Cristina Yang (Grey's Anatomy)
Laura - Alex Blake (Criminal Minds)
Dahne - Lexa and Lincoln (The 100) / Moriarty (Elementary) / Bobby and Rufus (Supernatural)

Best Character Interaction:
Emma - Peggy and Jarvis (Agent Carter)
Jessica - Hawaii 5-O / Criminal Minds
Laura - Josh and Arnold (Please Like Me) / Connor and Oliver (How to Get Away with Murder)
Dahne - Carter and Lee (Rush Hour) / Bob and Mike (Crowded) / Dutch and John (Killjoys) / Madalena and Gareth (Galavant) / Snart and Rorry (Legends of Tomorrow)

Best Actor:
Emma - Jon Bernthal (Daredevil)
Jessica - James Spader (The Blacklist) / Justin Chambers (Grey's Anatomy)
Laura - Jake McDorman (Limitless)
Dahne - James Spader (The Blacklist) / Jeff Garlin (The Goldbergs) / Timothy Omundson (Galavant) / Tom Cavanagh (The Flash)

Best Actress:
Emma - Haley Atwell (Agent Carter)
Jessica - Viola Davis (How to Get Away with Murder) / Ellen Pompeo (Grey's Anatomy)
Laura - Rose McIver (iZombie)
Dahne - Viola Davis and Liza Weil (How to Get Away with Murder) / Marcia Gay Harden (Code Black) / Megan Mullally (You, Me, and the Apocalypse)

Best Writing:
Emma - Underground
Jessica - Chicago Fire / How to Get Away with Murder
Laura - Brooklyn 99
Dahne - Billions (pilot) / Galavant (lyricist)

Best Action:
BlueStar - Into the Badlands
Emma - Blindspot
Jessica - Hawaii 5-O / Arrow
Laura - Daredevil / Lucifer
Dahne - Into the Badlands / Rush Hour / Agent X / Dutch in Killjoys / The Musketeers

Best Music:
BlueStar - Nashville / Supernatural
Emma - The Goldbergs
Laura - Limitless / Suits
Swanpride - Outlander
Dahne - The Blacklist / The Goldbergs / Wicked City / Ash vs. Evil Dead

Best Technical Aspects:
BlueStar - 12 Monkeys / Into the Badlands
Emma - Underground / Outsiders
Jessica - iZombie (makeup and costumes)
Laura - Limitless (straw scene in 1.21 especially) / Daredevil (fight scene in 2.03)
Swanpride - Outlander (visual storytelling) / Sherlock (visual storytelling)
Dahne - The Shannara Chronicles (cinematography, costuming, make-up) / Ash vs. Evil Dead (directing and practical effects) / The Expanse pilot (special effects) / Angie Tribeca and Motive (guest casting) / The Musketeers (costuming and stunt coordination)

Biggest Surprise:
Emma - Code Black renewal
Jessica - CMT renews Nashville / Emily returns to Criminal Minds
Laura - The Real O'Neals
Dahne - return of Dean's amulet and a Baby-centered episode (Supernatural) / Eva Longaria is really funny (Telenovela) / Kim Manners headstone and Cigarette Smoking Man is still alive (The X-Files) / Whitney Frost and Rose are much more than they seem (Agent Carter) / Otto commits suicide (Second Chance)

Biggest Awww Moment:
BlueStar - Ty gives Amy the mini horse and Amy tells him she is pregnant (Heartland)
Emma - Kenny, his brother, and mom talk at Prom (The Real O'Neals)
Jessica - Gunnar kisses Scarlett on stage (Nashville) / Kensi and Deeks talk about proposals (NCIS: LA)
Laura - Brian interviews his new team (Limitless) / Josh and Arnold have sex for the first time (Please Like Me)
Dahne - Jarvis promises anything if Anna will only wake up (Agent Carter) / Rorish forgives the man who killed her family (Code Black) / Barry admits that he's scared that everyone will leave him behind (The Goldbergs) / D'Avin breaks down alone after being forced to almost kill John and Dutch (Killjoys) / Ezekiel begs the team to just believe him (The Librarians) / Maddie calls herself an alcoholic for the first time at the AA meeting (Recovery Road) / Korsak breaks down on the land mine (Rizzoli & Isles) / Sylvester brings Megan the stars one more time (Scorpion) / Sheriff wakes up and tells Stiles he's still there and Scott and Stiles repair their friendship (Teen Wolf) / Mulder holds Scully as she mourns her mom's death (The X-Files)

Most Heartbreaking:
BlueStar - Cami dies (The Originals) / [SPOILER] dies in the finale (Person of Interest)
Emma - Megan dies (Scorpion)
Jessica - Derek leaves the team (Criminal Minds)
Laura - Danny finds Alex's body (London Spy)
Swanpride - parting of Bobby and Hunter (Agents of SHIELD)
Dahne - Octavia breaks down over Lincoln's stuff and Monty kills his mom twice (The 100) / Reddington tries to cope with Liz's death (The Blacklist) / Doyle prays for his wife to wake from her coma and Doyle arrives for their date only to find that his wife has slipped back into her coma (Houdini & Doyle) / Annalise breaks down over her dad baby and Asher breaks down over his dad's death (How to Get Away with Murder) / Linus and his parents at the hospital (Stitchers) / Stiles sits alone in the waiting room unsure if his dad will make it (Teen Wolf)

Most Fun:
BlueStar - Ravi from iZombie (character) / Jane the Virgin (show)
Jessica - iZombie / Hawaii 5-O
Laura - Please Like Me
Dahne - Rush Hour (show) / Jessica Huang from Fresh Off the Boat (character) / slip and slide at graduation practice and Beverly's Risky Business imitation (The Goldbergs, moment) / Mike and Bob in the helicopter (Crowded, scenes) / Mulder line dancing (The X-Files, scene)

Biggest Wish:
BlueStar - Arrow focuses less on drama and more on action / Supernatural's mytharc and some character plots get better
Jessica - The 100's season 4 is better than season 3 / new shows this season are better than last season
Laura - How to Get Away with Murder focuses more on back story and less on gratuitous sex scenes & bring Eve back / Brooklyn 99 bring Kevin back so Holt and he can have their real wedding
Dahne - The 100 return to its former glory / better comedy offerings this season / Supernatural gets back to its glory now that Carver is out / Hunters and Houdini & Doyle gets a second season / Teen Wolf spends less time on Team Newbie

Miscellaneous Awards:

Best Cliffhanger:
Emma - Lucifer
Jessica - Criminal Minds
Laura - Brooklyn 99 (finale) / Lucifer (finale)
Dahne - How to Get Away with Murder (almost every episode) / Quantico (midseason)

Worst Cliffhanger:
Emma - Stitchers
Jessica - Nashville
Dahne - The Flash

Best Couple / Cutest Couple (canon only):
BlueStar - Amy and Ty (Heartland) / Sunny and Veil (Into the Badlands)
Emma - King Richard and Roberta (Galavant)
Jessica - Gunnar and Scarlett (Nashville) / Kensi and Deeks (NCIS: LA)
Swanpride - Fitz and Simmons (Agents of SHIELD)
Dahne - John Kim and Kang Joo-eun (Oh My Venus) / Sylvester and Megan (Scorpion) / Murray and Beverly (The Goldbergs) / Bob and Alice (Crowded) / Cynthia and Joe (The Carmichael Show)

Best Friends:
Blue Star - Scott and Stiles (Teen Wolf) / Cole and Ramse (12 Monkeys)
Dahne - Jessica and Honey (Fresh Off the Boat) / Carter and Jarvis (Agent Carter) / Cynthia and Vern (Recovery Road) / Carter and Lee & Carter and Gerald (Rush Hour) / Valerie and Alice (The Catch)

Best Mentor/Student Relationship:
Blue Star - Sunny and MK (Into the Badlands)
Dahne - Guthrie and Angus & Rorish and the residents (Code Black) / Wells and Cisco (The Flash) / Jackson and Regan (Hunters) / Cynthia and Maddie (Recovery Road) / Maggie and Camille (Stitchers)

Best New Streaming Show:
Emma - The Man in the High Castle
Swanpride - Jessica Jones

Best Returning Streaming Show:
BlueStar - Daredevil
Emma - Daredevil
Swanpride - Daredevil
Dahne - Angie Tribeca

Best Show You're Not Watching:
Emma - How to Get Away with Murder
Laura - Please Like Me
Dahne - Younger / The Carmichael Show / Code Black / Killjoys / iZombie

Best Storyline:
Dahne - Kan Joo-eun (Oh My Venus) / Shaw (Quantico) / Demelza (Poldark) / Regan (Hunters) / Eretria (The Shannara Chronicles) / Kirsten and Camille (Stitchers)

Best Team:
BlueStar - Team Machine (Person of Interest) / the librarians (The Librarians)
Swanpride - Agents of SHIELD
Dahne - Scorpion / The Librarians / Houdini, Doyle, and Adelaide (Houdini & Doyle) / Musketeers / the halfway house (Recovery Road)

Best Villain:
Emma - Agent Carter
Swanpride - Kilgrave (Jessica Jones)
Dahne - David Whele (Dominion) / Whitney Frost (Agent Carter) / Warleggans (Poldark) / Sands and Morra (Limitless) / every criminal in the 5-part Hindsight saga (Major Crimes)

Worst Villain:
Dahne - Savage (Legends of Tomorrow) / Blair (Stitchers) / Constance (Wynonna Earp) / Vaughn, Gilda, and Stacey Boss (iZombie) / Amara (Supernatural)

Character that Needs More Screen Time:
Dahne - Honey (Fresh Off the Boat) / Bonnie (How to Get Away with Murder) / Malia and Team Parent (Teen Wolf) / Jenkins (The Librarians)

The "This Actor Needs More Work" Award:
Laura Markus - Keegan Joyce (Please Like Me)
Dahne - Colin Salmon (Limitless) / Peri Gilpin (Scorpion) / Clancy Brown (Daredevil) / Greg Finley (iZombie / The Flash) / Bradley James (Damian) / Bruce Campbell (Ash vs. Evil Dead) / Wil Wheaton (TBBT) / June Squibb (TBBT) / Joanna Garcia (Grandfathered) / Susan Walters (Teen Wolf) / Steven Williams (SPN) / Jessica Tuck (True Blood) / Blair Brown (Limitless) / Orla Brady (Fringe) / Arjay Smith (Perception) / Beth Riesgraf (Leverage) / Lyndsy Fonesca (Grandfathered) / Eliza Coupe (Superstore) / Oded Fehr (Quantico) / Judd Hirsch (Forever) / Zachary Levi (Chuck) / Julian Richings (The Expanse) / Olga Fonda (Agent X) / Jane Kaczmarek (Playing House) / Tim DeKay (Second Chance) / Anthony Head (Dominion) / Sean Owen Roberts (The Flash) / Beniro Martinez (H2GAwM) / Angelique Cabral (Enlisted) / Amanda Tapping (Stargate) / Christopher Gorham (Heartbeat)

Nominated Episode

Dark Matter - 1.01/1.02 - Pilot

I like the story behind this show a lot but I do think I would have found the first two episodes more entertaining if I hadn't just marathoned Killjoys. In many ways they inhabit the same world. In both, a handful of evil, greedy corporations exploit the people and make them virtual slaves. In both, our band of heroes has to come to the rescue when the corporations go too far. The big difference is that the Killjoy crew would probably have a warrant out on the Dark Matter one. I do particularly like the theme of being able to start over and deciding who you want to be that permeates the two-part pilot in Dark Matter. If the computer is to be believed (and at this point that is a BIG if), 5 of the 6 people onboard were wanted for murder and a whole host of other crimes. Somehow their memories got purposely wiped and now they have a chance to start over. Their first mission is to save the people they were originally hired to kill. Also onboard is an android and a teenager, who looks to be Dark Matter version of River Song from Firefly, only a whole lot less bat guano nuts. She's also less irritating, at least for now. I am definitely intrigued enough to put this on my summer marathon list but it'll be awhile before I get to it.

Grade: B-
Ranking: 4
Audience - basically anyone who likes sci-fi shows in space should find something to like about this one

Best Reason to Watch - since the mystery of who they are seems solved for now, the mystery of why their memories were erased should become a season-long arc
Best Scene / Best Action - shoot out at the power plant
Best Choice - choosing Two as leader, since she's the smartest of them all
Best Reaction - Five when Three wants to rank them according to their Most Wanted status
Best Plan - Two gets the competition to make the killer corporation go away
Worst Plan - not picking up the soldiers' guns after they shoot them so they have more ammunition
Biggest Douche - Three
Most Suicidal Plan - a rover attacking a ship
Most Confusing / Most Irritating - Everyone uses a number for a name when they could just give themselves a name instead of taking on their murderer personas. Having to remember which number goes with which character is frustrating, although I'm sure it gets easier.
Most Impressive - Four's sword play
Most in Need of Therapy - Three
The "Welcome Back" Award - Roger Cross from Motive and Arrow / Rob Stewart from Killjoys and Nikita / Tori Higginson from Stargate

Best Quotes -
1. Six: "But the truth is we're nothing but a bunch of low-life mercenaries." Three: "No, we're better than that. We're also pirates and smugglers and thieves. It's a very diversified portfolio." One: "You think is funny." Three: "It's my defense mechanism - humor. That and apparently killing people."
2. Two: "No computer file is going to tell me who I am. Call me Two."
3. One: "This isn't right. Am I the only person who heard what they said? A shipment of arms. Obviously, we were meant to help these people." Three: "You don't know that." One: "And the fact that we've got a cargo hold full of weapons? That's a coincidence?" Three: "You're forgetting one important detail - the scary lizard people who are on the way to this planet to destroy everything! I'm guessing you don't wanna be there when they show up." One: "Okay, I admit that part sounded bad."
4. Android: "Are you afraid of them now?" Five: "Do you think I should be?" Android: "They show a history of violence, mental instability, extreme antisocial behavior, deceit…" Five: "What's important is who they are now." Android: "An admirable attitude. Also potentially a very foolish and dangerous one."
5. Two: "It also means you could spend the rest of your life doing good deeds and not even come close to making up for it. I know what you're trying to do and it's not going to work. You don't want to believe what those computer files say you are, fair enough. I don't much want to do so either but I'm not going to kill myself trying to make up for crimes I don't even remember committing. We stick to the plan." One: "And who made you team leader?" Two: "I did by stepping up, and so did all of you by not challenging me when I did, unless you've had a change of heart and think you can do a better job….didn't think so."
6. Six: "I supposed that's plenty. Hell of a lot more than what I wanted to know anyways." Four: "We all wanted to know. These are the memories we left behind - death, despair, chaos. So what? If they're no longer a part of us now, then what does it even matter."

Guest Reviews

12 Monkeys - 2.08 - Lullaby
BY BlueStar 

While not flawless, this episode was pretty amazing. I’ve seen a few Groundhog Day-style episodes done well before on other shows, and this one now can be included in that group. After the events of the last episode, a guilty Jones sends Cassie to 2020 to kill her right after her daughter Hannah dies at Spearhead to prevent her from creating time travel. Cassie does as ordered, but time resets and she finds herself in the same field she arrived in. Cole is now there too, having followed her back in time to stop her from killing Jones. Cassie insists she already killed her, but soon they realize that was today’s yesterday, and it hasn’t actually happened yet and so the many days of today began. On one day Cole shoots Jones to save Cassie from dying of a gunshot wound. On another day, Cassie saves Hannah (who was misdiagnosed, and actually has bacterial meningitis, not the Kalavirus, which she is indeed immune to), but the time resets, undoing this. Eventually, Cole tells Cassie they’re going to wait the day out and do nothing, but at the end of the day there still is a reset. Finally, Jennifer, who is a prisoner at Spearhead at the time, tells Cole time likes time travelers and doesn’t want time travel stopped. In order to get out of the time loop, he must do something but nothing. The cryptic message seems daunting to figure out, but Cole does and puts his plan into action. Afterward, Cole and Cassie are brought back to 2044 and they reveal to Jones that they saved her daughter Hannah, and Jennifer took her in and raised her in her daughters' group the last 24 years. They did this so Jones would still create time travel, but yet would also get back her daughter someday. They changed something, but they didn’t change the outcome. The episode ends with Cole and Cassie arguing over whether they could be together, and Cassie finding Ramse in her room with a gun. He wants to kill her to avenge Sam and then kill himself. She stops him by telling him she got into the Witness’ head when he got in hers, and she knows where he is. She convinces Ramse to team up with her to kill him.

Grade: A

Best Reason To Watch – This was an exciting and entertaining time loop episode, but if that’s not your thing, Cole, Cassie, Jennifer, and Jones all had some really great scenes together.
Best Scene – The montage of Cole and Cassie saving Hannah/revealing to Jones she is still alive (the editing and music and everything about it was so good)
Best Narration – Jones quotes Shakespeare as we catch up on what’s happened in 2044 since the last episode
Doomsday Moment – Ramse views the red storm from a cliff
Most Haunting – Jones singing Brahms's Lullaby over her flat-lined daughter
Most Intense – Ramse pointing a gun at Cassie’s face and his speech to her
Most Interesting Reveal – The Witness is in a place named Titan. Now where’s that?
Worst Ticking Time Bomb – Each time the day resets, Cole and Cassie become sicker and sicker. The time loop has a similar affect on them as time travel had on Cole in season one.

Best Quotes:
1. Cole (to Jones): “Now you can say that the time loop was just a glitch in the machine, and you can believe that, but the only thing that stopped the loop was this. For you to create time travel, you had to lose Hannah…or at least believe that you did.” Cassie: “But Jones, we changed the timeline. They told you Hannah died in their care, that her body was incinerated with the others. It wasn’t.”
2. Cassie: “What do you think Jennifer really meant?” Cole: “She said…time knows Jones invented time travel and needs her to do it.” Cassie: “Did she also tell you that time has a long, white beard and a list of commandments – ‘thou shall not splinter and kill the creator of time travel’?”
3. Cole: “Cassie.” Cassie: “You and I both know we’re gonna lose so much before this is over.” Cole: “I’d rather have that moment and lose it than die never having had it at all.” Cassie: “You say that now, but it’s the losing that haunts us.”
4. Cole: “How do we break this loop?” Jennifer: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Maybe time won’t let you kill Jones. Maybe time likes time travel.”
5. Jennifer: “So welcome to 2020. That number usually represents perfect vision, but it looks like you two aren’t seeing too clearly.”

12 Monkeys - 2.09 - Hyena
BY BlueStar

This episode was not as exciting as the last two, but it was still interesting. It begins with Jennifer calling the Pallid Man and freeing some psychiatric patients to join her to hunt the 12 Monkeys down. She calls them the Hyenas. Cole joins her in 2016 to find the Pallid Man so he can force him to tell him who the last primary is but Jennifer’s team rebels against her for letting Cole in and because they want to kill the Pallid Man and let the world know about the virus. Cole and Jennifer capture the Pallid Man and are able to get a date and location of the next paradox from him, but the 12 Monkeys bomb the hospital where Oliver Peters (the virus’ creator) was going to reveal the truth. He and Jennifer’s hyenas die in the bombing along with hundreds of others. The Pallid Man’s bodyguard helps him escape from Cole and Jennifer, and Cole comforts Jennifer after her loss. He disappears to the future, but moments later he shows back up at Jennifer’s door. He is an older Cole, with scratches on his face. While all this is happening, in the future Jones bonds with Hannah, as Cassie and Ramse set out on their own to find a man named the Keeper. He collects data and trades the truth. In order to get information on Titan, Cassie and Ramse must tell the truth to the Keeper. He zaps them when they lie about why they hate each other. Eventually, they get through his lie detector test and he gives them a CIA document about Titan. It gives a date and location in Germany. Finally, in the past, the Pallid Man discusses creating the Titan project with Jones’ husband.

Grade: B

Best Reason To Watch – Jennifer shines in this episode
Best Scene – Jennifer calling the Pallid Man and releasing the hyenas
Can’t You Two Share? – Cassie and Ramse hate each other because they both think the other is Cole’s favorite. Grow up, kids.
Most Vague – Still future Jennifer. What are you keeping secret?
Oh, Poor Thing – Not! - Olivia is losing faith in The Witness and for saying he lies, the Pallid Man nearly suffocates her.
Renaming Ceremony Award – With the Pallid Man still alive, and now Olivia, I think their team should have a more fitting name like the 12 Cockroaches. (~Bwaaaahh! Dahne)
Strangest Effect Of Time Breaking Down Yet Award – A camp of people caught in a red storm de-aged and aged quickly back and forth. What???

Best Quotes:
1. Jennifer (to Pallid Man): “I want you to take this moment and think back to the day we met. To the person I was then. Crazy, wild-eyed Jennifer Goines. Well, the good old days are over. I’m not a victim anymore. I’ve got credit cards and the Second Amendment on my side. I’m free like a virus in a preschool and paying it forward to all the other crazies. I’ve got the keys to the zoo and now I’m springing the cuckoo’s nest. There’s a new pack in town. Predators with a purpose and a thirst for vengeance, because there’s one thing I’ve learned. It’s that nothing frees you to be crazy like learning that you’re not.”
2. Jennifer: “Cole, is this who I became in the future? A woman who’s failed everyone?” Cole: “No.” Jennifer: “Then tell me what happens. How does this end?” Cole: “There are many endings.” Jennifer: “Which is the right one?” Cole: “[The right one] is the one that you’ll choose.”
3. Jennifer: “Peggy, I asked you to please be careful with the grenades. We got a discount for a reason.”

ER (1.12 – 1.15)
BY Jessica VanWinkle

Overall I enjoyed these four episodes, and my favorite storyline was Dr. Lewis’s. Susan struggles to stand up to cardiologist Dr. Jack Kayson. He is a bully and criticizes her ability to perform medicine, even writing her up. Dr. Greene, who is usually on Susan’s side, agrees that she has problems with asserting herself, and he has to review and co-sign all of her charts. She is angry at Dr. Greene for not supporting her, and I don’t blame her. Sometimes it’s hard for women to be taken seriously in the workplace so I can definitely relate to her. In an ironic twist, Dr. Kayson has a heart attack in “Long Day’s Journey” and she has to fight to save his life and stand up to another doctor to get him to do the treatment Kayson wants. Another character that experiences growth in these episodes is Dr. Ross. Doug is a very good pediatrician, and I love watching him treat and interact with his patients. He deals with very serious situations such as telling a homeless 15-year-old that he has AIDS and treating a boy with a brain injury. He helps the patients and their parents and listens to them. He doesn’t judge them. Doug seemed like a huge flirt and somewhat of a jerk in the earlier episodes so it’s nice to see his good side. Carter continues to try to impress Benton but now has competition. Ming-Na joins the cast as med student Deb Chen, and I cannot get over how young she is here! In “Luck of the Draw” Carter makes Deb do all of the exams, but she accidentally shocks him with the chest paddles and he hits his head on a gurney and falls to the ground. While he’s unconscious, Deb and nurse Haleh do a full work up on him to pay him back. My favorite scene in these episodes is when the entire staff goes next door to Doc Magoo's and has burgers (except Benton because he only eats healthy food). They laugh and tell stories about their day and laugh at Carter because they all heard about his exam. I love all of the ER getting along and having fun. Another scene I enjoyed was in “Feb. 5, 95” when cardiology steals the ER’s new crash carts. Carol is livid and makes Carter, Doug, and a few others go and steal the carts back. Doug ends up flirting with the lady at the front desk while the others run to the elevator with the carts. ER has so many serious moments so it’s nice to have a few laughs and lighter moments.

Grade: B+

Best Scene - the staff all hang out at Doc Magoo's and discuss their day
Favorite Character - Susan Lewis
Best Character Growth - Doug Ross
Welcome Back Award - Ming-Na (love her ~Dahne)
Most Ironic - Susan ends up treating the doctor that hates her

Best Quotes -
1. Mark to Carol: “What are the odds that you’d set a date for the wedding, win ten dollars, and catch HIV all in the same day?”
2. Doctor: “Jack, you look great. We’re going to blow your arteries out.”

Good Witch – Season 1 (10 Episodes)
BY Emma

Usually, I avoid Hallmark shows because they are entirely too sappy for my liking. Fortunately, my prior ignorance about the show means I went in with no preconceived notions. I was trying to fill the void left by The Witches of East End and the title has “witch” in it, so I thought I’d give it a shot. Turns out, this show is very different than The Witches of East End except in the most important way – the characters are likable and you can’t help but want to know what happens to them and their small town. It’s not mind-blowing TV that tackles tough social issues, but it is a heartwarming, clean, family orientated show about a small town and the close-knit people who live there. Despite the title, there is very little mention of witchcraft. Cassie Nightingale and her family’s gifts seem to be limited to precognition and while their gifts are mentioned, they never label themselves as witches or what they do as witchcraft. Cassie is a Naturopath which makes her good with herbs but there is no indication that her teas or tinctures come with spells attached to them. Admittedly, Cassie is a Super Special Snowflake that can literally do no wrong but her humility and genuine desire to help people makes it endearing, not annoying (for the most part). Her daughter Grace has the normal teenage angst but she has a good head on her shoulders. The new neighbors, Dr. Sam Radford and his son Nick, move to their small town from New York and experience the pains of downsizing, slowing down and finding your place in a town where people have known each other since childhood. There are many recurring characters and sometimes it is hard to remember who everyone is and how they relate to each other but the season had a cohesive feel to it and each of the characters, regular or recurring, added to the story. If you are looking for a good, relaxing show to watch before bed, give Good Witch a try.

Grade: B
Where to Watch – S1 streaming on Netflix, S2 finale airs June 19th

Best Reason to Watch – clean, heartwarming, family show / fan of the movies
Best Episode – 1.13 “True Colors”
Best Subplot – land development/renovation and how it affects the small town dynamic
Worst Subplot – Grace’s rebellion
Best Character – Sam
Best Character Development – Abigail
Best Character Interactions – Sam and Cassie / Cassie and Grace
Most Mischievous – Abigail

Outlander - 2.07 - Faith
BY Swanpride

It might sound odd, but I really looked forward to this episode. Yes, that is right, I wanted to see Claire going through the pain of a miscarriage, simply because this is something which is so rarely depicted on TV. I was really satisfied with this part, though I feel that overall the show pulled their punches. Yep, an episode which showed a child getting raped was pulling its punches. The thing is that the book managed to be even more disturbing without even having the scene with the rape in it (there Fergus tells Claire what happened, but only in the most basic terms). Why? Well, because in the book Fergus initially agreed to it because he had done it before when a customer showed interest in it. I am not sure how I feel about the show omitting the reality of child prostitution, but being comfortable with showing more of the actual act than I would have. In any case, even though I might not be on board with everything the show does (especially by trying to turn St. Germaine into a big villain without much success and adding a scene in which Louis tests Claire and Raymond just for even more cheap drama), I have to compliment the use of the cameras yet again. This show is not just full of beautiful costumes and sets, it is also perfectly staged. It tells more over the visuals than some high budget movies do in the dialogue. It's an art which seemed to be lost for so long, it is a joy to see it.

Grade: A-

Best Reason to Watch - Visual storytelling at its best.
Best Scene - Claire holding her dead child, though I do think that it would have worked even better at the beginning of the episode, making the audience believe just for a minute the child survived before the hard reality hits.
Best Character - Claire carries the whole episode
Best Visual - The shot from the bed on Claire and Louis is so explicit, I would have understood what was going on without the announcement beforehand.
Most Unnecessary - Actually showing the "payment".
Best Costume - The green dress Claire wears is perfect to show her allegiance to Jamie when she deals with the king.
Most WTF - The whole scene with the witch test. It's tense, but a needless detour which makes no sense whatsoever.
Best Music - While I don't like the test, the score is very effective in making it as dramatic as possible.

Best Quote:
1. Claire: "My sins are all I have left."
2. St. Germaine: "I salute you, Master Raymond, you evil b***. And you, witch, who sucks the c*** of the Devil. I'll see you in hell."
3. Jamie: "The weight of what has happened to you is too much for anyone of us to bear alone. The only way we can live with it is to carry it together."

Outlander - 2.08- The Fox's Lair
BY Swanpride

If this show had something like a mid-season finale, it would have been the last episode. We are now fresh in the second part of the arc, back in Scotland. Honestly, after all the heartbreak in the last episode, I wouldn't have minded if the show had taken its time before throwing Claire and Jamie out of their comfort zone again. The scenes relating to planting potatoes are actually quite funny and would have been a great breather, which would make the drama which follows even more effective but that is just a nit-pick in the great scheme of things. Unlike what was going on in France, the politicking in the Scottish Highland is actually quite interesting, though, yet again, the show insists on complicating things which didn't need to be in the first place. When it follows the book, every second is worth watching, especially when Jamie stands up to his grandfather but I don't get why the show keeps insisting on diminishing Jamie's intelligence by letting Claire rescue him all the time.

Grade: B

Best Reason to Watch - Clan politics beats courtly intrigue hands down
Best Scene - Jamie taking care of Jenny's baby
Best Character - Lord Lovit is quite a b***, but nevertheless a fascinating character.
Best Costume - Jamie in his highland outfit is quite a welcome sight to see again.
Most Useless - Forcing Loaghaire into the plot
Best Addition - Colum, who originally didn't turn up in this part of the story but actually works out quite well.
Most Blessed with Sucks - Maisi, whose abilities are more a curse than anything else

Best Quote:
1. Jenny: "If you never come back, brother, I won't forgive you for a long time."
2. Jamie: "Go ahead, try to ravage my wife and after she is done with you, have another maid to sweep up your remains."

Outlander - 2.09- Je Suis Pres
BY Swanpride 

I really loved this episode! Finally Jamie was allowed to be the smart leader he is supposed to be. I also love the cuts to Claire's experiences in WWII. It was kind of depressing to see how war seems to be a constant presence in the world and how the basics of it never truly change, and it makes sense for her character suffering more under bad memories than the book ever allowed her to (yes, I actually compliment the show for doing something better than the book for once), though I don't think they necessarily needed to connect it with a maybe love interest for her. I also liked Dougal's constant scheming and Jamie asserting his authority over him. I was only slightly confused that they forgot to reveal to William Grey that Claire is Jamie's wife, but I guess at this point it doesn't matter in the great scheme of things and it does actually make more sense if Jamie doesn't reveal his "tricks" to an enemy without need. All in all, I went out of the episode more satisfied than I have ever been since this season started.

Grade: A

Best Reason to Watch - This time around we get a really realistic portrayal of war.
Best Scene - Claire telling off Dougal
Best Character - Dougal
Best Visual - Jamie's army on the march. I am quite impressed with the number of extras.
Most "I Wish I Could Unsee This" - The beginning of Trench foot
Best Costume - Dougal going for the "shirtless wild Scot" look.
Best Music - Loved the use of what I assume are Scottish Folk Songs, especially the one in the end. It sounded a little bit military, but also kind of longing, a very compelling and fitting mixture.

Best Quote:
1. American Soldier: "My Mom was Irish. She said that (Shaw) is the greatest writer of all time. Pops says he is a communist."
2. Dougal: "Then he is a better man than I." Claire: "Truer words have never been spoken."
3. Jamie: "I might prefer if they fight and LIVE for their king."

Outlander - 2.10- Prestonpans
BY Swanpride 

War strategies! I adore war strategies! On the front as well as the whole logistic surrounding it, like preparing for the wounded. The tense waiting before the battle really got to me and the battle itself was wonderfully staged by not going for mass scenes, but showing isolated stories of men within it, especially Fergus' point of view was used very effectively. Somehow the whole situation after it, with Charles talking about the English soldiers as his "subjects," makes it even sadder and senseless, especially knowing that he originally wanted the English wounded to be cared for before his own troops. Topple this with the truly sad departing of some beloved characters and the end result is one of the best episodes I have seen this year.

Grade: A+

Best Reason to Watch - I think this is the first time I saw a battle on TV which didn't look heroic at all.
Best Scene - Can I go for everything involving the battle?
Best Visual - The slow-mo of Fergus on the battle field
Most Tense - Dougal "testing" the danger of the marsh
Best Character - Angus provides some nice comic relief between all those dramatic speeches, which makes his sudden and unexpected death even more shocking.
Best Costume - Dougal gets full mileage out of his outfit, especially the cap.
Biggest Prick - Charles, who wants to be king of the Scots but has no respect for them.
Most Fickle - Also Charles, who changes his mind at more or less every opportunity
Best Music - The score is used very effective by adding drums to make it sound more "military"

Best Quote:
1. Dougal: "And now I have to change my breeches because the hero of the hour just sh** his pants."
2. Claire: "So, apparently your Doctor McPherson left the town a few days ago, but fortunately he left his medical bag behind. The instruments in it will prove useful, more useful than the doctor himself probably would have."

New Shows

Feed the Beast - 1.01 / 1.02 - Pilot / Father of the Year

The best thing about this show is that it isn't boring. Generally AMC shows bore me to tears getting started but this one moves fairly quickly. It also has some characters you can really root for. Sadly Dion is not one of them for me, so he may end up being a deal breaker. You don't go into business with someone who is that manipulative, one who lies to your face all the time. I do like Tommy and TJ though and the flashbacks were a nice touch.

Grade: B / B-
Ranking: 3+
Audience - those who like complicated characters, mob movies, or cooking shows

Best Reason to Watch - food porn / faster pacing than usual for AMC
Best Scene - Tommy and Dion argue about opening the restaurant
Best Back Story - Dion and Tommy's days at the restaurant together before Dion burned it down
Best Character Interaction - Tommy and Dion
Best Character - Stavros
Worst Character - Detective Giordano / Aidan Moran
Worst Moniker - the Tooth Fairy
Worst Plan / Biggest Idiots - giving the contract to someone he just met instead of taking it to a real lawyer
Biggest Awww - Tommy brings flowers to his dead wife / Tommy at the grief group
Biggest Cutie - TJ, whose back story makes me want to hug him even more
Biggest Laugh - Aidan puts ice in his wine
Least Helpful - pretending like you know what you're talking about if you don't, especially with contracts
Most Manipulative - Dion, who is a straight up liar and junkie
Most Ingenuity - Dion when preparing a meal in a non-stocked kitchen
Most Clichéd - the dirty cop who is almost as bad as the gangster (at this point, the story turned blah)
Most in Need of Growing the Heck Up - Dion
The Welcome Back" Award - David Schwimmer from Friends / Ella Rae Peck from Deception and Welcome to the Family / Michael Gladis from Extant / John Doman from Gotham and Rizzoli & Isles / Christine Adams from Terra Nova

Best Quotes -
1. Dion: "How are you and the bottle getting along these days?" Tommy: "Really well actually." Dion: "Yeah?" Tommy: "Yeah. No, we're in love. How about you and the blow?" Dion: "We broke up."
2. Dion: "He lost his mom. He doesn't need to lose his dad too."
3. Dion: "Look, how do you live like this, huh? I had better digs back in prison." Tommy: "I'm sure they'd make room for you again."
4. Tommy: "It's important to me that…that when he looks at me he doesn't see Zombie Dad. You know, he sees…he sees his father."
5. Dion: "Is TJ alright? He seems a little…" Tommy: "Quiet?" Dion: "Dented." Tommy: "Dented I'll take. It's broken I'm worried about. He hasn't spoken since she died."
6. Guard: "With all due respect, I wish you'd gotten life." Dion: "Maybe you'll lose a few pounds, huh?"

Last Week

Angie Tribeca - 2.01 / 2.02 - Fleas Don't Kill Me / Miso Dead

Angie Tribeca is a silly little show that is at its best when it is skewering the entire cop procedural genre. It has a bunch of physical gags and very little of it makes sense, which is exactly the point. Don't watch this one if you're expecting a traditional comedy. Of the two episodes, the first one is definitely superior. It stays true to form by taking the flash forward that is so popular these days head on. It also takes a pointed look at how many times characters escape death in TV now. The gist is that Angie is in an explosion from the bomb they supposedly defused in the season 1 finale. She wakes up from a coma months later only to find that she has had a baby and her partner-lover has moved on to the coroner. There's also some great stuff about the clichéd storyline of the good cop who comes back after an injury with a pain pill addiction. If you like police procedurals but sometimes they just make you roll your eyes, this may be the comedy for you. Plus Jon Hamm has the most bizarre cameo in this yet. Recurring guest James Franco pops in for a dream sequence too. The second one veered off a bit too much for me and seems to be an indictment on eco-terrorists and the privileged few. It also focused too much on the love triangle. Since it spent less time breaking down the genre, I didn't find it as funny. This show will never be weekly TV for me, but if you're in the mood for silly satire, it's a fun one to marathon.

Grade: B / C

Best Reason to Watch - breaking down of the police procedural genre
Best Scene - Geils telling Scholls that he's 100% settling for her
Best Reference to Last Season - Angie: "I've had 236 partners and I've fallen in love with every single one of them." Bwah!
Best Continuation - all the stellar guest stars
Best Cameo - Jon Hamm
Best Summation - Geils: "Hey if you're going to lose your mind every time you fall into a coma and I abandon you for another woman who then raises your baby thinking it's my Canadian love child, it's gonna be a long second season."
Biggest Turn Off - slurping the soup
Biggest Ewww - cannibalism
Worst Cliché - love triangle
Weirdest Flash Forward - the baby
The "Welcome Back" Award - James Franco from Freaks and Geeks and the Spiderman movies / Jon Hamm from Mad Men / Vicki Lewis from Newsradio / Busy Philipps from Cougartown / Tzi Ma from 24

Best Quotes -
1. Mrs. Quigley (divorce lawyer): "We were devastated to hear about John's death." Mr. Quigley: "I could swear he had 3 or 4 more divorces in him."
2. Atkins: "What are these?" Angie: "Newspapers, sir. That's how people got their information up until 2008."
3. Jane: "Just because we're divorced doesn't mean I'm happy that he's dead. We were high school sweethearts ever since college."
4. Atkins: "It's an election year and the mayor insists I crack down on murder. Anything for a couple of votes."
5. Geils: "Monica, how many times do I have to tell you? I'm in love with Tribeca but I'm dating you and nothing in the foreseeable future's gonna change that. I am head over heels, 100% settling for you."
6. Atkins: "Well since I'm now a year away from retirement, the department requires I start building a boat with a whimsical name…"

Houdini & Doyle - 1.06 - The Monsters of Nethermoor

When it comes to the story, I liked this episode a lot. The people hiding in the mines for decades made for a great twist and a new ending to an old alien story. What I didn't like was how over-the-top preachy it was. I felt like I was watching an after school special part of the time. Doyle and Houdini switching their designated roles was a nice change though. It was good to see the scientist come out in Doyle, while I didn't want to smack Houdini every 10 minutes. He does need to learn about privacy though. Another plus was the movement on Adelaide's story. Putting her at risk increases the intensity and having the only other person involved in the mystery so far turn up dead makes the stakes higher immediately instead of having to wait down the road. Still my favorite part of this episode was the sheer panic on Houdini's face when he realizes that Doyle is missing. The bromance between these two and their partnership with Adelaide makes or breaks the show. It's good to see him concerned about Doyle for a change because we finally start to see how much Doyle means to him.

Grade: B-

Best Reason to Watch - Houdini and Doyle switch places on the believer-cynic spectrum
Best Scene - Houdini and Doyle convince the people to stop hiding in the mines
Best Back Story - Doyle's alcoholic father / Houdini's first experience with prejudice
Best Action - bar fight with Houdini out of control and the douche deserving it
Best Aww Moment - Houdini's concern over Doyle when he's left in the middle of the road unconscious
Best Twist - it's not aliens but the ancestors of persecuted immigrants
Best Invention - the flashlight
Biggest What the Heck? - Doyle getting a maid in trouble is somehow supposed to make Doyle understand bigotry. Say What? That doesn't make the slightest sense.
Biggest Douche - Jim
Biggest PSA - racism, classism, sexism, xenophobia, and prejudice sucked in early 20th century England too
Most Common Sense - asking someone if you want to know something instead of snooping through their things

Best Quotes -
1. Houdini: "Is everybody here like Jim or do you have any humans?"
2. Houdini: "You think they drugged you?" Doyle: "Either that or I donated my clothes to the Salvation Army in the middle of the night." Houdini: "Oh good, your sarcasm's back."
3. Houdini: "It's important, isn't it, that I'm just as wrong as you?" Doyle: "No, that you're just as honest as me." Houdini: "Well how about this? I actually enjoyed being the believer, accepting everything unquestionably. It was like a vacation." Doyle: "And I enjoyed playing the cynic, gainsaying everything and stooping to ad hominem arguments. It was refreshingly unimaginative."
4. Houdini: "Finding nothing doesn't mean there's nothing to be found." Doyle: "Apparently some sheep were stolen. Think the Martians abducted them too? Do they communicate telepathically or do they speak Martian-ese?"
5. Doyle: "Not that I want to throw you off your game, but we're in a bit of a pickle here. Can you work any faster?" Houdini: "My escapes are the result of extensive preparation. What kind of aliens use rope anyhow?" Doyle: "The same kind that uses oil lamps." Houdini: "What did they make their spacecraft out of? Bamboo and twine?"
6. Doyle to Houdini: "Clearly only a brainless bigot can get a rise out of you."

Motive - 3.10 - Purgatory

This is the first time in a long time that the killer wasn't an innocent victim turned killer so I felt more for the killer than the victims. It's a great switch. This time, all parties were terrible people and we got 2 psychos for the price of one. While it didn't make it hard to guess the motive, it was kind of refreshing to not have a sob story behind it. Plus the killer wasn't exactly hiding her plan and she sure didn't waste any time wallowing in regret. Here a body. There a body. It kind of reminded me of last week when the sister shot the guy in the groin and was all matter of fact about it. Still the best part of the episode is that Angie and Vega seem to be getting along better. They weren't fighting before but the sense of estrangement permeated every scene they had, especially when Vega purposely kept separating himself from her. The end scene with the toast is the first time this season that it feels like they are a solid team again.

Grade: B

Best Reason to Watch - Angie and Vega are getting back on the same page
Best Scene - Angie pep talks Vega
Best Played - Maria tendering her resignation to throw Neville off and get a promotion
Best File - the liquor peace offering
Biggest Patsy - Robert Montgomery
Biggest Hmm - I really don't think that torturing someone means they won't lie to you. In fact, I think torturing someone means they tell you what they think you want to hear.
Most Insane - it's a tossup between Ashley and Charles
Most Shoddy Work - Ashley, who doesn't even burn the whole picture so it can be titled Plot Device
Strangest Filler - I'm not sure why this case was interspersed with the Montgomery case. It seemed odd every time they cut away to it. I would have waited until a case where Angie was doing something on them instead.
The "Welcome Back" Award - Kathleen Munroe from Supernatural and Resurrection / Victor Garner from Alias and Legends of Tomorrow / Carrie Anne Fleming, Supernatural's Karen Singer and also on iZombie
Side note - All of the named guest characters (plus 2 of the main characters) in this episode except two also guested on Supernatural at some point. Time to get Victor Garber on SPN.

Best Quotes -
1. Angie: "Listen. If we followed up every single person we met at a crime scene, we'd never finish an investigation." Vega: "We could have caught her by now. Jason could still be alive." Angie: "I don't…I don't accept that. You don't get to do this. You don't get to start second guessing yourself. We've known each other a long time and I did what you asked. I've given you space. You don't want to talk to me, that's fine. That's your choice, but I think you should talk to someone. I do because this doubting yourself and second-guessing, that's not you. So if you want to deal with it, then let's deal with it. Otherwise, I need you on the case. Okay?"
2. Angie: "What about the lawyer? Anything?" Vega: "Oh Charles Castella - open book. You know…very honest, very forthcoming." Angie: "So you don't believe him." Vega: "He's a lawyer."
3. Ashley: "I love how you think this is a democracy."
4. Vega: "Charles is gonna pull through." Ashley: "I'm sorry to hear that."
5. Osgood: "Why can't I fix it? I know I can fix it." Angie: "I know you can too but you need to put the knife down."
6. Angie: "Cheers." Vega: "To…" Angie: "Just cheers."

The Outcast - 1.02 - (I Remember) When She Loved Me
~That was the longest 6-hour episode of my life. (45 minutes in real time). The last 5 minutes were good and added to the mystery, but getting to those 5 minutes took an eternity. This show is way too slow for me so it is straight up dropped. Not even going to marathoned status. I might be in a coma if I tried to marathon this . Interesting to see Data playing Satan though.

Grade: D

Best Reason to Watch - the flashback end
Best Scene - the end
Best Back Story - Kyle vs. his possessed mom
Best Visual - the bike growing in the tree
Best Music - Barges, an old campfire song
Worst Wingman - Florence, who does not take the hint that Anderson doesn't want to have dinner with the parishioner flirting with him
Biggest Hmmm - Is it considered kidnapping if you take your momma out of a nursing home?
Biggest Douche - Kyle to the nurse on call and then to Norville
The "Welcome Back" Award - Brent Spiner from Star Trek: Next Generation and Warehouse 13 / Melinda McGraw from State of Affairs / Grace Zabrinskie from Twin Peaks

Best Quotes -
1. Megan: "Spanish blueberries, applesauce. Just take it slow. You can't go cold turkey off a Captain Crunch diet."
2. Anderson: "Getting all eaten up inside, running on the past, will eat away at whatever future you have in store. You want to reclaim your family, you've got to let your mother go."
3. Megan: "Jeans instead of PJ bottoms. Big changes happening around here."
4. Anderson: "The pain and heartache that Jesus relieves, he relieves by suffering himself." Kyle: "Is this a sermon?" Anderson: "Nope, it's just the way it is."
5. Giles: "I thought you were gonna leave that. Turn the other cheek." Anderson: "Honestly, I don't mind folks having a bit of fun at my expense. It goes with the territory but things have changed. Maybe it's time to start sweating the small stuff."

Wynonna Earp - 1.11 - Landslide

I'm not sure what it is but something seemed very off in this episode between the Earp sisters to me. From the moment Waverly just blurted out that Willa sent Joe to hell right through the end, it felt instantly combative. I can see doubts creeping in and issues too, but later. Shouldn’t they be so excited about having their sister back that the joy would outweigh everything else? I guess I feel like these issues should have come to a head maybe 2 episodes down the road or even more likely, in season 2. The whole gamut of emotion felt extremely rushed and highly unnatural even for a supernatural show. Other than that, I am liking Willa as a character even if she transformed too quickly too. What exactly is her connection to Bobo and why does he want her to live? Is she crucial to allowing him to roam free? Is he part of her missing time? I am highly intrigued by Juan as well. Is his group going to be a help or a hindrance or just a whole new kind of evil? So many questions. So few episode left this season.

Grade: C+

Best Reason to Watch - either action or family drama depending on your tastes
Best Scene - Doc and Juan Carlos
Best Action - attack on the homestead
Best New Addition - Juan and Willa (when it's not emoangsty)
Biggest Shock - Dolls the psychotherapist
Biggest Huh? - Why did Bobo save Willa? / Who is Juan Carlos and his group?
Most Enigmatic - Juan Carlos
Most Blunt - Waverly, who just blurts out hell and demons to a very confused Willa
Most Awkward - Willa and Waverly
Most Likely to Get Everyone Killed - Willa and her new, shoot everything attitude
Weirdest Dance Break - Dolls and the vampire twin
The "It's Your Own Fault" Award - Waverly, when they tell you to run and hide, do us all a favor and just do it. You don't get shot that way. At least get some training before you decide to go all commando because you're insecure about your place in the family.

Best Quotes -
1. Willa: "Excuse me. I don't want to be rude but I don't know any of you or what's happening." Wynonna: "Here, have a drink." Willa: "I don't drink." Wynonna: "You will because according to the fresh out of the oven DNA test, you are officially an Earp. Welcome home, Willa."
2. Dolls: "What? You don't believe me?" Wynonna: "Only the part about you having a buddy."
3. Doc: "I really need to stop drinking less or much, much more."
4. Willa: "Are there any angels?" Wynonna: "Sure - snow, Charlie's and Los." Willa: "How can you think this is funny?" Wynonna: "How can you not? This curse, our burden, if you don't laugh, you'll go crazy. I've been crazy. I didn't care for it." Willa: "You hate having to do this." Wynonna: "What would it make me if I didn't?"
5. Willa: "Demons? Like Beelzebub and Lucifer?" Wynonna: "Hell no." Willa: "Hell yes, apparently."
6. Juan: "Nothing hollows out a man quicker than completing a mission 'cause after that you still gotta live."
7. Juan: "You're a strange fella, aren't you?" Doc: "Been told I have character." Juan: Carrying a flask of Tabasco on your hip is character. Drawing a pistol on a good Samaritan, that's just being a d**."
8. Wynonna: "If she really is our long lost sister, then…" Dolls: "Technically she's the heir or an heir. Then there'd be both of you - two of you." Wynonna: "I was just going to say if she really is Willa, then we stopped looking for her a long time ago and we're really horrible people…."

Marathon Shows

Battlestar Galactica (1.01-1.03)

Okay, if the rest of this series is as awesome as these three episodes are, then I am fully onboard. First off, it was a brilliant idea to have most of the people on other ships instead of Galactica. This allows for the same urgency without having to drown in thousands of extras. The cast is impossibly large as it is so focusing on a few key people and how they deal with each crisis makes a lot of sense. I still hate Gaius with a passion. It's not just that he's the biggest self-serving coward in the universe. It's also because every single one of his scenes with Six grind the momentum to a complete stop. One of the big pluses for 1.03 is that there's less of him. The Caprica storyline seems to be filler as well, or more like to keep around a character that probably should be dead. However, I might change my mind on this one if it ties into the overall plot later. I still haven't figured out why they are playing head games with the guy instead of shooting him. It's not like he knows anything about the whereabouts of the remaining humans. They hyper jumped what, 250 times in the premiere alone? There must be something on Caprica the Cylons want. Please don't say it is the remaining humans either. Out in space, I am finding great ties to The Last Ship, which also had a water crisis and a prison issue in the first few episodes. Starbuck has toned down a bit so I enjoyed her more and the tension between Adama and Roslin is still a huge plus. However, the whole reason for the rare solid A grade on 1.03 falls at Apollo's feet. He showed amazing leadership and the ability to think outside the box in a crisis. I really thought he was going to kill Old Apollo, but instead he came up with a solution that…well, will probably come back to bite them later. I seriously do NOT want Zarek to become president and people in stressful situations make terrible life-altering choices. I'm a huge fan of democracy but it's not always smart to hold elections during a crisis. The 100 proved that. Zarek could easily turn into a dictator as well. Roslin has proven she can make those tough decision but also rule with compassion. I adore the interactions between Apollo and her and I hope that they continue to support each other. I already know Roslin is going to make it through cancer. After all, there are 4 seasons and I can't see them all taking place within 7 months.

Grade: B+ / B / A

Best Reason to Watch - the pacing and the plot
Best Scene - Apollo negotiates with Zarek and Apollo tells it like it is to his dad and Roslin
Best Negotiator / Best Character - Apollo
Best Reference - Top Gun
Best Advice - Adama: "It's a gift. Never lend books."
Best Meta - Richard Hatch, who played Apollo in the original series, plays a terrorist here
Best Character Interaction - Roslin and Apollo
Best Reaction - Roslin to the baby being born
Best Plan - the Cylons for physically and mentally exhausting the crew until they eventually make a mistake by making them jump every 33 minutes for 5 days
Worst Plan - Why would the Cylon part of Boomer's brain not stay in control until either all bombs were utilized or the leftover was put back? Wouldn't it be a whole lot smarter not to make her start questioning whether she's a Cylon or crazy? Logically, this makes no sense.
Worst Advice - Adama tells his son, who is suffering from PTSD, to just live with it
Worst Character - still Gaius
Biggest Non-Reaction - the heads of Galactica to getting confirmation that there is a Cylon on board
Biggest Hope - a baby is born
Biggest Disappointment - there's no food pill that gives all daily nutrients even in this future
Biggest Surprise - Tigh and Starbuck agree on something
Most Awkward - Billy
Most Intense - firing on the civilian ship
Most Irritating - Gaius and Six interactions that stop all action
Most Nurturing - Roslin gives Apollo a better way of coping with his PTSD
The "Oh Please Shut Up" Award - Zarek's speechifying is getting very old
The "Good to See You Again" Award - Helo, who I thought was dead but merely wishes he were
The "Welcome Back" Award - Richard Hatch from the original BSG / Brent Stait from Supernatural

Best Quotes -
1. Apollo: "How about it, Tom? You still have a death wish? You ready to leave this world right here, right now?" Zarek: "Yes." Apollo: "Too bad 'cause this is what you're gonna do. You're gonna tell your men to help us get that water off the moon. They're gonna work for their points and they're gonna earn their freedom, and then…then, you're gonna get your elections." Zarek: "What?" Apollo: "Cause you're right, Tom. You were right about democracy and consent of the people. I believe in those things and we're gonna have them. And you can have them too…or you can have this bullet. Your call."
2. Helo: "I don't suppose we have a Plan B?" Cy-Boomer: "Plans B, C, D, and E are the same as Plan A. Get off the planet and get back to the ship."
3. Apollo: "I swore an oath to defend the articles. The articles say there's an election in 7 months. Now if you're telling me we're throwing out the law, then I'm not a Captain, you're not a Commander, and you are not the President, and I don't owe either of you a damned explanation for anything." Roslin: "He's your son." Adama: "He's your advisor." Roslin: "An election." Adama: "I guess you finally picked your side."
4. Adama: "There's a reason we separate military and the police. One fights the enemy of the state. The other serves and protects the people. When the military becomes both, then the enemies of the state tend to become the people."
5. Dualla: "On the other hand, it's nice to get out of the CIC. Break up the day. Meet new people."
6. Roslin: "Oh no, no, no. I don't mean to go behind your father's back, nothing like that. I'm not looking for military advice. I'm looking for advice about the military."
7. Roslin: "No, it's not smart. It's politics."
8. Adama: "Every man has to decide for themselves which side they're on." Apollo: "I didn't know we're picking sides." Adama: "That's why you haven't picked one yet."

Grandfathered (1.10 - 1.14)

Grade: B- (overall)

Best Reason to Watch - the characters
Best Twist - Sarah models with Edie
Best Reference - Heart
Best Therapy - ripping up the upholstery
Best Meta - Jimmy says Sarah is like a kick butt woman on Criminal Minds
Best Reunion? - Drake Bell from Drake and Josh
Best Plan - the co-parenting app actually sounds like a fantastic idea
Worst Plan - a contest to out-cheap each other at a bargain spa
Biggest Party Pooper - Gerald
Biggest Earworm - Don't Be Scared kiddie song
Biggest Overreaction - Gerald and Vanessa to the waitress / Jimmy to the doctor's visit
Biggest Douche - Kirk
Least Likely to be Mistaken as Classy - Vanessa
Least Grateful - Gerald and Vanessa to Ravi for setting up an investor meeting for them
Most Likely to Get Arrested - Either Jimmy for kidnapping or Annelise and Ravi for theft
Most Scary - Sarah, trying to bribe a kid into telling who is biting others
The "Say What?" Award - So taking the kid to the doctor is dangerous but having a baby on the roof of a hardware store is not?
The "Welcome Back" Award - Dr. Phil as himself / Bob Saget from Full House / Lyndsy Fonesca from Nikita / Ryan Hansen from Veronica Mars and Bad Teacher /

Best Quotes -
1. Jimmy: "A doctor? In the Valley?" Sarah: "Dr. Melvoy is great. Look him up on Yelp." Jimmy: "Is he a doctor or a taco stand?"
2. Jimmy: "How do you think I'd look in a man bun?" Annelise: "You'd look like a man with an assistant who doesn't tell him the truth."
3. Kirk: "You know you remind me of my stepbrother" Gerald: "Oh, is he awesome?" Kirk: "No, no, he' s in jail for stalking Oprah."
4. Jimmy: "There's something I've got to do. Cancel my morning." Annelise: "I'm not sure who to call to cancel your 3-hour nap." Jimmy: "See if you can push it to the afternoon."
5. Sarah: "It's never a good sign when you can beat up every guy in the bar."
6. Jimmy: "We need somebody big. You know somebody cool like your Sinatra's or your Brando's." Annelise: "Or someone who's not dead."
7. Gerald: "I mean some even say binary code is the language of love." Vanessa: "Who says that?" Gerald: "Programmers."

Killjoys (1.08-1.10)

Killjoys was a great surprise and a whole lot of fun to marathon. The story flies by and most of the characters are intriguing or full out awesome right from the start. The Dutch and John hookup was a fairly big step back but things are mostly back to good at the end. Sadly though, everything about Khlyen is still annoying from his cryptic persona to the way he spells his name. I get that he is tied to Dutch and the bigger story but I'm already rooting for them to ice him in the season 2 premiere and find a less creepy Big Bad to pursue. He's got this weird combination of deranged parent and predator vibe. It squicks me out. The best thing now, however, is still the best thing about the pilot - Dutch and John's partnership. They are rock solid and I believe them when they say they'll do anything for each other. It's a beautiful friendship that so far has no sign of becoming anything romantic and therefore lessen their bond. Here's hoping that they never decide to place the two in contrived drama because their relationship sets this show apart from all the other kick butt space adventure shows. I can't wait to see where it goes in season 2, which happens to start on July 1, so you still have time to get caught up. I highly encourage it to anyone who likes action and a great female-male relationship that defies all stereotypes.

Grade: B / B- / A-

Best Reason to Watch - the story is fantastic and the character interaction is even better
Best Scene - John and Dutch talk about Khlyen and he says he backs her no matter what she decides
Best Action - Dutch vs. Khlyen
Best Back Story - Dutch shot John when she first met him / Pawter's medical history / John's mom
Best if Least Surprising Twist - Alvis is major into the Resistance and the bad guy was there to meet him
Best Plan - John forces Dutch and Dav to talk through their differences
Best Character Interaction - John and Alvis / John and Dutch
Best Sacrifice - Dav, who risks his career, freedom, and life to get Dutch to Khlyen
Worst Nickname - Team Awesome Force
Biggest Relief - it doesn't take more than a few minutes to get the team working together again
Biggest Evil - Delle Seyah, who releases a bomb at the meeting in order to justify killing an entire moon of people. Genocide is never a good look on anyone.
Least Surprising - Khlyen is a level 6 killjoy
Most Kick Butt / Most Just Done - John shoots all the bad guys with the nail gun
Most Simple Plan - break the machine
Most Interesting Way to Rebond - dancing together
Most Barbaric - Westerley capital punishment by acid rain
Most Protective - Bellus, who hasn't forgiven D'Avin for hurting Dutch
Most Awkward - Dutch and Dav
The "Not You Again" Award - Delle Seyah
The "Welcome Back" Award (character) - Alvis / Carleen

Best Quotes -
1. Dutch: "I think it's cold feet. I guess killing your surrogate father is no small thing." John: "If you want a fight, I've got your back. If you want to run, I call shotgun. But you've got to decide, Yalena." Dutch: "Say it one more time." John: "What?" Dutch: "What you told me the night we first met." John: "We don't have to stay here. We can just fly away and never look back." Dutch: "Not this time. I'm gonna face him, Johnny." John: "I know."
2. John: "In the last 10 days, I've been attacked by face-hugging biotech, stabbed by my brother, had major surgery, helped perform major surgery, been beaten, bullied, and burned. I'm done fixing things."
3. Dav: "You're not going to try to convert me, are you?" John: "I get enough masochism just being your brother, thank you."
4. John: "You bought me a comic to apologize for stabbing me." Dav: "No. No John, look. I…I know I've messed up in so many different ways…" John: "No, you have no idea where you even began to mess up." Dav: "Okay, I didn’t talk to you for 9 years." John: "And?" Dav: "And I left you to deal with the cr** of Mom and Dad alone." John: "Okay, thanks for playing but you failed to provide a complete answer. How about what it cost me? Taking care of Mom, I couldn't go away to school. Taking care of Dad's debts, I can never, ever go home. And then what, hmm? You slept with the one person that I asked you not to, and what did that cost me, huh? Our team, Dav." Dav: "I get it. I wrecked everything you liked. Just tell me how to make it better." John: "No, I'm done. I am done cleaning up for you. You want to fix this? Then you figure it out."
5. John: "It's a ghost town in here." Dav: "Mass murder tends to turn off shoppers."
6. Dav: "Dutch, you need to stop being so polite. Yell at me. It's okay to be angry, to hate me. It's normal." Dutch: "Normal won't work here. That's why I'm angry. If anyone…if the real you hurt me or Johnny, I'd know exactly what to do. I'd kill you, I'd mourn you, and I'd move on but this is so much messier than that. You're as much as a victim as we are, D'Avin, so I don't get to hurt you. I don't get to hate you and I don't know how to move on."
7. Dutch: "You leave now. There's no proof you're involved in any of this. You can still be a killjoy." John: "Hey idiot, I only want to killjoy with you."
8. John: "But after all this time you're still more your own person than anyone that I know. The only credit that Khlyen gets is for the bruises along the way."

Limitless (1.15 - 1.17)

I will never like Brian as much as hardcore Limitless fans. I still find him an irritating manchild, who at times can be both the biggest draw and the biggest drawback of the show. I'm also not a fan of most of the childish things that break up the narrative - the voiceovers, cartoons, puppets, etc. However, despite this Limitless has its charms and sometimes it can be downright brilliant. These 3 episodes pretty much sum up my relationship with Limitless. When it's good, it's very, very good. When it isn't, it's painful to watch. The first two episodes work because of the focus on the guest or recurring characters. I instantly liked Lucy and that rose the story above the documentary-style production that I usually hate. She brought spunk and she brought out the best in Brian. I wouldn't mind seeing these two pair up again, even if Lucy can't do undercover work anymore. Sands was an even better choice. First off, we got to know more about the character. This was essential because he was the most one-dimensional character on the show before. I wish they had gone for something a bit more original than a secret lover and hidden child, but it is still great to know more about Brian's nemesis. Second, it allowed Brian and Sands to have extended time together, something that also showed Brian in a good light. Both episodes benefitted from pairing Brian up with someone new. The third one had very little to recommend it. The pacing was really slow and the case was a minuscule part of the screen time, while emoangsty drama filled the rest. The breakup between Brian and Harris felt contrived. The family drama was even more so. I've been involved with addicts so I know there comes a time when you have to kick them out in order to retain some peace and safety of your own. However, it is very hard to believe that Brian's mom wouldn't even hear him out so soon. If he had and then she kicked him out, I would be okay with it. That's real. This just felt like another plot device to make sure Brian was on his own. Then what the heck was that fling with Ike and Brian's sister. Was it even necessary because it felt like filler across 2 episodes? I am glad that I'm catching up with Limitless, if for the Sands episode alone, and I very much feel for all of its fans. It sucks when your favorite is canceled after only one season. I just don't think I'm going to miss it as much as others. Forever, Enlisted, and Almost Human are definitely still more painful for me.

Grade: B+ (for Lucy) / A- (for Sands) / C (interesting case but the relationship drama was excruciating)

Best Reason to Watch - Lucy and Sands
Best Episode - Sands, Agent of Morra
Best Reference - Mythbusters' last season / Cary Grant
Best Back Story - Sands
Best Potential Crossover - Is Brian's Everywhere friends the same as Sherlock's Everyone friends on Elementary? Or are they secret hacktivist frenemies/rivals?
Best Character Interaction - Sands and Brian
Best Way to Tie 2 Stories Together - the kidnapped boy was Sands' kidnapped son
Best Reaction - Mike to Ike's primping
Best Revenge - Harris decides NOT to be Brian's handler anymore
Worst Plan - news agencies posting names and pictures of undercover agents all over TV
Worst Driver with the Best Cover - Lucy in her Mustang
Worst Brother-Sister Night Ever - When your stoner Netflix marathon turns into emergency surgery on the apartment floor, you know fun took a wrong turn somewhere. When your brother then won't answer any of your questions about it, it goes further south. But when he leaves you alone to clean up the bloody mess, well that's just Glare of Death time.
Biggest Douche - Brian on a pretty regular basis
Biggest Party Pooper - Harris, who forgoes all mentions of her birthday
Biggest Huh? - Why is there a Bollywood production in the middle of the interview? What the heck?
Biggest Facepalm - Once again, there is NO cone of silence. They are talking about the super secret, multi-year undercover case in the room that a mobster gave them to have sex with a prostitute. The prostitute is in the next room with no door in between them and it's not like they checked the room to see if there were bugs. This is how people get killed. Facepalm.
Most Potential - looks like Piper may be coming back so that's always good
Most Missed - How much money did Sands offer Harris? Inquiring minds want to know.
Most Kick Butt / MVP - Lucy, who needs her own show
Most Enthusiastic - Irina, about reality TV
Most Suspicious - Brian solving miscellaneous crimes in the wee morning hours with knowledge few people would have
Funniest Visual - Sands in Brian's FBI t-shirt
Strangest, Most Senseless Subplot - Jason and Brian's sister hooking up
The "I'm with You" Award - Rachel, I'm not watching this apartment surgery either
The "Are You Kidding Me?" Award - Just because you don't pull the trigger and kill someone doesn't mean you can't feel guilty for their death. What kind of psychopath are you exactly, Sands?
The "Welcome Back" Award (character) - Brian's mom played by the fabulous Blair Brown
The "Welcome Back" Award (actor) - Christina Vidal from Code Black / Tim Reid from WKRP in Cincinnati and That 70's Show

Best Quotes -
1. Harris: "I like catching the bad guy. Kind of my thing."
2. Brian: "Have you ever killed someone?" Lucy: "Have you?" Brian: "I think so. I didn't actually do it. It was something I said." Lucy: "Unless you ordered a hit, that's not on you. You can't control people. My advice - don't dwell on it."
3. Brian: "How do we get into the safe deposit box of a massively secure bank that isn't even open for business…without killing people?" Sands: "Why must you always make things harder?"
4. Lucy: "I'm borrowing a manchild from the CJC. I'll bring him back in better shape than I found him. Shouldn't be hard."
5. Lucy: "Now it's my turn to make a simple binary choice. I bring you’re a** in and I take my chances or I serve justice right here, right now. Probably not too hard to figure out which way I'm leaning." Brian: "Lucy, come on. You don't want to do this." Lucy: "You are so very wrong about that. This is why you shouldn't have come, Brian. You shouldn't see this." Brian: "You know what, then that's exactly why I should be here because if you do this it's over. You go to prison." Lucy: "Only if you tell." Brian: "I will tell and that's your career and your life and all the women that you helped on this case. And for what? For him? Listen I can prove that Friedrich is tied to the Blue Limits Escort." Lucy: "How?" Brian: "I don't know yet. I still need time, but this can end well." Lucy: "As far as I'm concerned, it's just about to." Brian: "Lucy, I'm gonna have to tell the FBI unless you're gonna kill me too and the receptionist and anyone else who might happen along." Lucy: "If he makes bail, he'll be on the next plane to Dusseldorf and we'll never see him again. To hell with that." Brian: "Yesterday we were talking about how people die in this line of work and you're not responsible even though you can't help but feel a part of it. If you pull this trigger, you are responsible and you cannot get away from that. That is you. That is you forever. Listen to me. I will back up any story you want but not if you kill him. I can't do that. I won't do that." Lucy: "Fine." (Lucy shoots the guy in the knee.) Brian: "Ohhh, what did you do?" Lucy: "Not walking out of here now."
6. Brian: "I may or may not have seen a Murder She Wrote about this and if we leave a note for the paramedics, it will save them time diagnosing him."
7. Brian: "You told me we were saving lives. You're taking out your own team members? I want no part of that." Sands: "You are supposed to be saving lives - saving my former team members from me. Frederic Tanner is forcing me to kill them so the sooner you can tell me where he is, the sooner I can stop doing it."
8. Brian: "Remember when you offered to give me a ride today and I was like 'nah' and you were like 'I insist.' I'm guessing you're regretting that decision now." Harris: "You're not wrong."

About the Author - Dahne
One part teacher librarian - one part avid TV fan, Dahne is a contributing writer for SpoilerTV, where she recaps, reviews, and/or creates polls for Teen Wolf, The 100, Grimm, How to Get Away with Murder, The Librarians, and others. She also runs the annual Character Cup. She's addicted to Twitter, live tweets a multitude of shows each week, and co-hosts The 100 "Red-Shirted", Sleepy Hollow "Headless" and Teen Wolf "Welcome to Beacon Hills" podcasts for Southgate Media Group. Currently she writes a Last Week in TV column for her blog and SpoilerTV. ~ "I speak TV."
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Quote of the Week - Week of June 12

A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the Spoiler TV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

12 Monkeys -
1. Jennifer: "They didn't deserve to die. I made them. The Hyenas...they were my fault. And all the people in the hospital. Hundreds of people. Cole, is this what I become in the future? A woman who's failed everyone?" Cole: "No." Jennifer: "Then tell me what happens. How does this end?" Cole: "There are many endings." Jennifer: "Which is the right one?" Cole: "The right one...is the one that you'll choose." (Justyna)

Bones -
1. Brennan: " ...please press the thumbs-up button. I find imbeciles amusing." (Kiarnould) ~Brenan says this to Angela after Brennan, Cam, and Angela watch a couple of dude bros in a viral video, wherein they accidentally decapitate a corpse.

Game of Thrones -
1. Arya: “A girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell and I’m going home.” (Nirat Anop, DarthLocke, and Justyna)
2. The Hound: “Those are your last words, 'f** you'? Come on, you can do better.” Man from the Brotherhood: “C***!” The Hound: “You’re sh** at dying, you know that?” (Nirat Anop)
3. Brienne: “You gave it to me for a purpose. I’ve achieved that purpose.” Jaime: “It’s yours. It will always be yours.” (Nirat Anop)
4. Lady Crane: "Trust me – if my soup didn’t kill you, nothing will." (DarthLocke)
5. The Hound: "F*** your name. Killed you once before, Dondarion. Kill you again." (DarthLocke)
6. Varys: "I can’t go off on a secret mission with the most famous dwarf in the city." (DarthLocke)
7. Cersei: "I choose violence." (DarthLocke)
8. The Hound: "Lots of horrible sh** in this world gets done for something larger than ourselves." (DarthLocke)
9. Edmure: "Tell me. I want to know. I truly do. How do you live with yourself? All of us have to believe that we’re decent, don’t we? We have to sleep at night. How do you tell yourself that you’re decent after everything that you’ve done?" (DarthLocke) ~ I love this one, because of who he also plays on Outlander

Orphan Black -
1. Krystal: “Ok, are you, like, blind? 'Cuz this girl looks nothing like me. Like, first of all, my tits are way bigger, and secondly, even if you could drag a comb through that hair, she's like a 7 on a good day and I've been told I'm a 10.” Sarah: “7?” Felix: “She has a point about your hair.” (Nirat Anop and Darth Locke)
2. Rachel: “You're not immune to me, you cockroach.” (Nirat Anop)
3. Susan: “You are betraying me. You are betraying your sisters and you are betraying yourself.” (Nirat Anop and DarthLocke)
4. Dr. Ian: “Technology is subject to natural selection too, Evie. It changes. It adapts. You're an engineer, you know that. Shh, shh. You built it. Let it take you.” (Nirat Anop and DarthLocke)
5. Krystal: "But I am, like, sick of being yanked around by my brain at this point -- chain at this point." (DarthLocke)
6. Scott: "Cosima is cut off in a Neolution power vacuum and he calls in a beautician?" Hell Wizard: "Sweet move, right?" (DarthLocke)

Outlander -
1. Jaime: “God, shield my beloved, my white dove. And the child that she may one day bear. Preserve her from violence and from harm. In this place and every place. On this night and on every night.” (Nirat Anop)
2. Claire: “Why did you pretend not to recognize me? I was afraid you would just blurt out my real name.”
Sandringham: “The last thing I would do, my dear lady, is to blurt.” (Nirat Anop)
3. Murtagh: "Is that supposed to be Gaelic?" Jamie: "At least it’s trying to be. What’s that word?" Murtagh: "That’s not a word. She’s even misspelled ‘help’." (Prpleight) ~It made me giggle.

Person of Interest -
1. The Machine: "You created me, your Machine. Is that what you regret?" (DarkUFO)
2. Finch: "You think you've won, but you haven't." (DarkUFO)
3. The Machine: "What is it?" Finch: "I promised you I would never hurt you again." The Machine: "I know. But in breaking this promise, you'll be helping to fulfill a much larger one." (Justyna)

1. Quinn: “It takes an iron spine and steady hand to do this job. I don’t know… maybe your mother was right, I mean come on, we all know you’ve had episodes. You’re great until you’re not.” (Nirat Anop)
2. Quinn: "Crazy white trash will live to see another day." (NIrat Anop)
3. Rachel: "Oh my god, your dad helped you get into Wharton? Rich white girl problems are the worst." (NIrat Anop)

Wynonna Earp -
1. Waverly Earp - "Champ, your drunk and apparently a raging homophobe." (Daynah)
2. Wynonna Earp: "Welcome aboard the Earp Express. May you enjoy your trip to hell." (Daynah)

About the Author - Dahne
One part teacher librarian - one part avid TV fan, Dahne is a contributing writer for SpoilerTV, where she recaps, reviews, and/or creates polls for Teen Wolf, The 100, How to Get Away with Murder, The Librarians, and others. She also runs the annual Character Cup. She's addicted to Twitter, live tweets a multitude of shows each week, and co-hosts The 100 "Red-Shirted" and Teen Wolf "Welcome to Beacon Hills" podcasts for Southgate Media Group. Currently she writes a Last Week in TV column for her blog and SpoilerTV. ~ "I speak TV."
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Posted on June 19, 2016 .

2016 Summer Pitch Your Show - Part F (Salem - You're the Worst)

With this segment, we come to the end of the 2016 Summer Pitch Your Show. I want to thank everyone who nominated the over 100 shows represented here. Your nominations were passionate, interesting, and persuasive. I had great fun reading them and was inspired to add several shows to my to-watch list. Again I wish we could have put all nominations in the articles. If you'd like to read them all, please click on the link to the spreadsheet below. As we end this article until next year, I hope you have found some good new shows to watch. Let me know how your summer TV viewing is going and as always, happy viewing.

Also, don't forget that summertime is when SpoilerTV focuses on all the major contests. We start with the Episode Competition tomorrow so come back daily to vote. Next up will be the Character Cup in July, which I run. It's a little different than the others because each day we have a new TV Talk Topic. I'm looking for topic suggestions so if there is anything you're dying to talk about with the SpoilerTV community, let me know. We'll end the summer with the huge Favorite Show Contest. I have a particular fondness for this one because it is what first brought me to SpoilerTV. So, as you can see, just because the regular season is done that doesn't mean SpoilerTV is taking a hiatus. Until tomorrow, here are the last of the pitches. I hope something grabs your interest today.

Part A
Part B
Part C
Part D
Part E

Salem (Netflix, Hulu Plus - season 1):

***Nominated by Gavin Hetherington - If you're looking for a show that delves so richly into the past, then you should definitely try out Salem. While the sound of it automatically has you thinking 'Salem Witch Trials', the show does incorporate that and so much more! It goes above and beyond to deliver an authentic, Gothic, genuinely entertaining piece of television that has, on occasion, made me cry with excitement. It may be about witches, but it includes so much about humanity that we can believe that it could be real - and that's the scariest part!

Schitt's Creek (Amazon Prime):

***Nominated by Folie-lex - Meet the Roses: Johnny (father, entrepreneur, and businessman), Moira (mother, former soap opera actress), David (eldest son, artist... of sorts... nobody really knows what David actually does except that he ran a gallery in Soho at one time), and Alexis (youngest daughter and professional socialite). Here are four people who take their privilege and money for granted... until they lose it all. An embezzlement scandal leaves them with nothing, except for a town Johnny bought under David’s name years ago as a joke. The name of the town alone is a joke: Schitt’s Creek and really the only reason that wasn’t part of the embezzlement was because the town is really worth nothing. So now the Roses, have got to move to the middle-of-nowhere, generic, small town and try to find a way to get back on their feet. They meet and interact with the typical array of quirky small town folk, led by Mayor Roland Schitt and his lovely wife Jocelyn. The show doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel. It plays on the “big city/privileged people in a small town / fish out of water / clash of ways of living” set up. However it does so exceptionally because between all the jokes and slapstick and satire and comedy, and despite all their flaws, these feel like actual real people. The main reason for that is due to the very tight writing and the excellent acting. It is truly one of the funniest comedies I’ve seen in a while. With veteran Canadian comedians Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara leading the troops, you just can’t go wrong.

Shades of Blue (Hulu):

***Nominated by Luana - At first, I wasn’t sold on this show. I’m a bit tired of so many procedurals and cop shows but soon I realized: first, that this wasn’t a procedural; and second that it was very, very worth my time. It has many awesome twists and turns. The acting is amazing all around but I can’t be more emphatic about how brilliant Ray Liotta is. It has been renewed for a second season and Jennifer Lopez is the protagonist and the producer so I’m pretty sure it will do just fine.

***Nominated by Preston Pagel - Jennifer Lopez glues this show together along with a great plot and other great stars as well.


***Nominated by Aimee Hicks - Stitchers was an anomaly when it premiered on ABC Family because it was promoted as a procedural but it ended up being so much more. Led by an extremely gifted cast and blessed with a powerful lead in Emma Istha, this show proved to be driven by the bonds of the characters. The cases of the week are a part of the story but they never overshadow the characters, who are the heart of the show. That’s the way I believe all procedurals should be but sadly most fail to find balance so characters get pushed to the backburner in favor of gruesome cases of the week. Stitchers still gives fans a procedural element while ensuring that they are fully invested in each character's wellbeing by delivering fully realized and relatable characters. It is the love and friendship that flows so strongly throughout this team that keeps these characters together. There are romances within the group too but they never overshadow the series. The show has cast chemistry in spades, which allows every emotional moment to have real pay off. Show runner Jeff Schechter is valiantly fighting for Stitchers' future right along with fans and along with the producers, writers, and actors often engages fans on social media. Stitchers is far more than a procedural and I believe new viewers won't need but a couple moments into the pilot to be hooked. Between the entertaining and engaging stories, the extremely talented cast, and the unique premise of this show, I think everyone should check it out. Stitchers just concluded its second season but has not been renewed yet so by trying it, you’ll not only find yourself part of an incredible fandom but you’ll help it get a much deserved third season.

***Nominated by Crystal - It's a fast paced, exciting murder mystery with a sci-fi twist, making it a different show. The more people watch, the better chance there is for a season 3 renewal. The seasons are only 10 episodes long so it takes no time to get through it. I know some people don't have the time to watch a 24 episode season, so this would be right up their alley.

Suits (Amazon Prime, Hulu - season 5):

***Nominated by Laura Markus - Suits is a legal drama based on the would-be partnership between the best closer in New York, Harvey Specter, and college dropout Mike Ross. The pilot offers everything to determine if you'll enjoy the show or not. The firm Harvey works for only offers jobs to those who went to Harvard, and as someone who got kicked out of Harvard, hiring Mike leads to some crazy shenanigans and stories down the line. All of the best stories and episodes involve his secret minus some in Season 4, but the relationship between Harvey and Mike is what the show is based on and Suits is at its strongest when it remembers this. In addition, we also have a bada** boss lady, played by the impeccable Gina Torres. Jessica Pearson is one of the only female characters they haven't screwed over. Think Annalise Keating without the murders, although I wouldn't put it past her if she did kill someone one day. There's also the insufferable Louis Litt, and although Rick Hoffman has some truly Emmy-worthy scenes, Louis is often tough to watch. However, it is his love of law and for the Pearson Specter Litt firm that gets him through, and that's sweet. There are a slew of romances, involving Rachel Zane, which aren't the best, but Donna Paulsen shines in earlier seasons. The legal cases, courtroom drama, hijinks and humor between all the characters are when the show really hits a high. Each season has great variety and after the setback of Season 4, Season 5 made a surprising comeback. It's definitely worth a try, with the pilot being one of the best episodes of the series. Suits has really quality writing when it tries, and the acting across the board is phenomenal. July 13th starts what looks to be yet another new spin on the show. Hope to see you in the comments for it!

***Nominated by Kingeba - If you're into the whole law thing and you want some drama but not that much action, then this show is the right one for you! It's got an amazing cast and crew working hard to make it great. The stories are amazing! You'll learn to love and hate every single one of the characters and this isn't just a show that focuses on ONE particular person or couple, nope! it focuses on all of the main characters, their battles and struggles and their love/hate relationships. Give it a try!


***Nominated by Rose - If you enjoy The Flash, then try this superheroine show! Featuring Kara Danvers (aka Supergirl), the show follows her journey as she masters her powers and works with her sister to protect Earth from criminals, human and alien alike, while also living a normal life as a personal assistant. It also showcases women supporting women, has great acting, and is filled with amazing and emotional plot twists. Full of humor, great fight scenes, and even a fan-favorite character from the Justice League, this underrated show is something you definitely don't want to miss.

***Nominated by Ezio - I'll start by saying what I always say to those I recommend Supergirl to: have patience. Like any new show, the initial episodes are very rocky and have a lot of wrinkles to iron out, which it pretty much does by episodes 7-8. Fans of Arrow and The Flash will recognize the same narrative and format in other hero shows by Greg Berlanti. That's not to say Kara is in any way trying to be like those other heroes. In fact what separates Kara is her hero journey. Like Oliver and Barry, Kara understands the pain of loss but it is more severe for her as she had family, friends, a life she was accustomed to that died along with Krypton. Also unlike Oliver, who witnessed countless loved ones die in addition to 5 years of traumatic hell, and Barry, who despite seeing his mother get murdered had a normal upbringing with the West's, Kara is essentially a foreigner in a foreign land and she's not perfect by any means. As she is new to the hero business, she makes her mistakes particularly in episode 2 and most notably in episode 16 where she does something that is a far cry from what you'd expect of her.

Lead star Melissa Benoist is perfect at playing quirky everyday girl Kara Danvers as well as her strong, plucky hero alter ego. Chyler Leigh is equally perfect as both the supportive and somewhat mother-hen adoptive big sister to Kara and it shows in their onscreen chemistry. Calista Flockhart as Kara's boss, Cat Grant, comes off as a sassy control freak, but is an actually well-intentioned woman and becomes a mentor to both Kara and Supergirl. She brings a lot of humor to the show since half of her dialogue is entertaining snark. Jeremy Jordan does a great job as Winn, Kara's confidant and resident tech-geek with a heart of gold. There's also David Harewood, who initially comes off as the jerk boss of the government agency Supergirl works with but who harbors a big secret. After a rocky start, the show picks up story-wise in episode 7 when another famous DC hero is introduced. In summation whether you're a fan of the comics or not, Supergirl is worth giving a look at.

***Nominated by AC - Supergirl is more than a superhero show with a female lead. It also has a different tone than other superhero shows on the air. While the likes of Arrow and Gotham are more on the dark side, Supergirl is full of hope. Kara is a superhero who inspires hope and she is happy and light and fun. Even more than that, Supergirl is also a feminist show. One of the characters even refers to another as a "personification of white male privilege". The show includes strong women in positions of power who also have their weaknesses. Because the characters on this show are well-built, women and men alike, I strongly suggest you catch up with Supergirl before she comes back in the fall.

Supernatural (Netflix):

***Nominated by Andrea - Hands down, this is the best show on TV. This series has been around since 2005, which in itself is quite remarkable. The story line is simple. It's about brothers caring for each other and the rest of us by fighting demons and devils and unspeakable uglies. It only takes about 3 episodes and you will be hooked. The actors are great and very focused on their roles. You begin to forget they are acting. They are also dedicated to their fans; they are one rare crew.

***Nominated by JB - This show is going into its historic twelfth season, where the Winchesters are apparently battling the Men of Letters. In all seriousness, the show's resilience and loyal following are milestones in and of themselves. This is the only show left from the original WB lineup that moved to the CW. It was sent to Fridays, only to come back swinging to the Monday-Thursday lineup. If you are new to the show, I suggest you start from the beginning, either on Netflix or on TNT four hours a day on weekdays.

The Thick of It (Hulu):

***Nominated by Milo BOK - This is essentially The UK version of Veep, only with Peter Capaldi in the lead role and he swears a lot. The show is consistently brilliant and incredibly funny, about on par with Veep in terms of its political humour. The cast is great. With a few short seasons and a movie, this series is probably one of the best things that the BBC has ever done. The Thick of It is a show that not many people outside of the UK have heard of but if you're liking Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor and want to see more of his work, then this is the perfect show to watch.

Those Who Kill:

***Nominated by Luana - This show is so dark and creepy. At first it didn’t convince me, but if you like this kind of show you should give it a shot. It was canceled and it didn’t give many answers in the end, but if this is your type of show you should know it’s out there.


***Nominated by Kingeba - This show has been canceled and brought back quite a few times and I've actually not watched the whole thing, but I'd love for it to get a proper finale. If you haven't seen it, you should give it a try. In case you have, then you along with me most likely wish that it got a more proper send-off, right?

UnREAL (Hulu Plus):

***Nominated by JB - This is more than just a show that parodies what happens on a dating show. This is a show that is dark, gritty, edgy, and everything in between. Rachel, played by Shiri Appleby, is a reality television producer pushed by her boss Quinn, played by Constance Zimmer, to swallow her integrity and do whatever it takes to drum up show content that is not only salacious but also scandalous. In this season, the show is not only making history, but the show within the show is also making history. The themes of sexism and racial prejudice are beautifully drawn out in the setup of the second season. It's no wonder critics love this show. I hope more people tune in to see the beauty behind the madness.

***Nominated by Luana - UnREAL shows the backstage of a The Bachelor-esque reality show, and it’s so damn entertaining, but it doesn’t just stay there. It analyzes society and how the entertainment industry feeds off of the audience’s psychology. The acting is amazing and the characters are incredibly complex. Beware it has the potential to be pretty addictive. The second season is about to air and it has already been renewed for a third one.

Veep (Amazon Prime):

***Nominated by Milo BOK - This is probably the best comedy on television at the moment and has earned lead actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus multiple Emmy awards for a reason. It's just too good! Featuring an excellent cast that nails the comedy moments really well, this show is consistently the funniest series around, making use of some great moments. Veep focuses on Dreyfus's fictional Vice President Selina Meyer and her team of staff. It is a US adaption of the equally brilliant UK show, The Thick of It, from the same creator and even has Chris Addison direct multiple episodes. The show uses its HBO cable status to not hold anything back when it comes to jokes, and you'll find yourself laughing multiple times per episode. Really worth checking out if you can, this series is consistently awesome and is extremely hard to beat as even weaker episodes (which are few and far between) are still very good.

***Nominated by Chris - Veep is smart, realistic, and unbelievably funny. Don't just give up on the show because it's about politics. Give it a chance, or maybe two. I started liking it after watching the first season for the second time. What makes this comedy great is the writing and the cast led by the amazing Julia Louis-Dreyfus. She's incredibly good at portraying Selina Meyer. Alongside her is a team of various actors and actresses, whose characters are very likable despite their flaws. Although it's a workspace comedy, don't expect the usual stories from shows like The Office and Parks and Recreation, but, again, the characters are what makes this show great.


***Nominated by Milo BOK - This show might have fallen under most people's radar around the time of its release, but it's still worth going back and watching if you can. There isn't much catching up required at only ten episodes. The combination of Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger and legendary director Martin Scorsese (Goodfellas, The Wolf of Wall Street) makes for an interesting match with a great backdrop of 1970's sex, drugs, and rock & roll. Featuring an excellent soundtrack and even using famous figures like David Bowie and Elvis Presley, Vinyl is a must watch for any rock music fan or just anyone looking for a good show about music. It's captivating, raw, and really works, making use of some fascinating characters as the show continues to grow from strength to strength.

Warehouse 13 (Netflix):

***Nominated by Suzana - Warehouse agents are specialized in the retrieval of special artifacts that more often than not have ill side effects. So beware if you find yourself in possession of Gandhi’s sandals, Beatrix Potter’s tea set or Edgar Allan Poe’s notebook. Current Warehouse agents include Myka and Pete, who counterbalance each other perfectly and sometimes get on each other’s nerves. Claudia is as clever as she is witty and the youngest recruit of the Warehouse. There is also Lena, the keeper ,and Mrs. Frederick, the caretaker of the Warehouse. Finally, there is Artie, the senior agent with eyebrows more impressive than Peter Capaldi’s and a fondness for apples. He gives the sentient Warehouse a delicious steampunk touch. Every one of the relationships is well developed and so great. Myka and Pete are like siblings while Claudia and Artie end up having this warm father/daughter relationship. Warehouse 13 is heart and laughter, action and fun, and family and butt kicking.

***Nominated by Dahne - Warehouse 13 is a quirky little show that revolves around retrieving magic artifacts going haywire. All of the artifacts are connected to some famous person, which is one of my favorite things about the show. You learn about these people, often crazy stuff you never learned in school, but still based in fact. If you love history, you'll love this aspect. The whole show has a fun steampunk feel to it as well. Plus the pacing of the show is fantastic since they usually split up to neutralize 2 objects per episode. Fair warning though - skip most of the final season. It's awful, comes out of nowhere, ruins the series, and is not worth your time. If you end on episode 5.01, all cliffhangers are resolved and there's no need to finish the final 5 episodes.

You Me Her:

***Nominated by Jamie Coudeville - So little people know about this show. SpoilerTV doesn't even cover it. It's about a married couple who enters into a polyamorous relationship. It's basically a rom-com but with three people instead of two. Jarod Joseph from The 100 has a recurring role. It just finished its first season so it's very easy to catch up on.

You're the Worst (Hulu Plus - season 1):

***Nominated by Luana - I know I already pitched this one last time but given the changes it made lately I felt I had to do it again. It’s about two people who hate everything but each other. The acting and writing are absolutely brilliant. The second season really surprised me; it was nothing like the first. It took such a dark turn that I couldn’t even consider it a comedy anymore, but the way they handled it all, especially by the end of the story arc, I was convinced this deserves to be watched no matter what, not boxed as a comedy or as a drama. It has been renewed for a third season.

***Nominated by Milo BOK - I normally hate romantic comedies but like with unREAL, shows that put a twist on the genre really work. That's the case here with You're the Worst, which puts two people who aren't too keen on relationships together and the end result is absolutely hilarious. With great chemistry between the lead cast, this show is well worth a look if you can.

About the Author - Dahne
One part teacher librarian - one part avid TV fan, Dahne is a contributing writer for SpoilerTV, where she recaps, reviews, and/or creates polls for Teen Wolf, The 100, How to Get Away with Murder, The Librarians, and others. She also runs the annual Character Cup. She's addicted to Twitter, live tweets a multitude of shows each week, and co-hosts The 100 "Red-Shirted" and Teen Wolf "Welcome to Beacon Hills" podcasts for Southgate Media Group. Currently she writes a Last Week in TV column for her blog and SpoilerTV. ~ "I speak TV."
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Posted on June 19, 2016 .

2016 Summer Pitch Your Show - Part E (Nashville - Revenge)

It's our penultimate segment for Pitch Your Show, with tomorrow being the last day. So far we have covered from 12 Monkeys to Mozart in the Jungle. Today we finish the R's. To keep the articles readable, I have limited nominations to 2-3 per show. I am truly sorry if your nomination is not in here. Outlander especially had a lot to choose from. Know that I appreciate your time and pitches. Making the choice of what went into the articles was difficult. As always, the link to the spreadsheet with all the pitches is below. There was some confusion about this earlier so to clarify, any show that received even 1 pitch is included in these articles. However, if a show got more than 2-3 pitches, not all of the pitches are in here to save space. That's why there is a link to the spreadsheet so you can see them all.

As always the goal is for you to find something interesting to watch during the summer hiatus. If you do, please leave a comment below. I know those who worked hard on their pitches will appreciate hearing from you. Also, if you were unable to get your pitches in before the deadline, feel free to add them in the comments as well. Just remember that any show starting with S-Y may be coming tomorrow.

Part A
Part B
Part C
Part D

Nashville (Hulu):

***Nominated by Jonathan Ducote - It's not just some boring show about hillbillies singing. It is a really riveting drama about singers trying to become famous and the political drama of Nashville. Plus it has some great music. It is even better than Empire. The plots are really fascinating, fun, and there is never a boring moment. You won't regret it.

***Nominated by Luana - This show is a lot of fun but it also has great drama. It deals with the country music industry and has a soapy vibe to it. Hayden Panettiere is one of the best things on the show but most storylines are entertaining. The show was canceled by ABC but, after a huge outcry from the fans, it was picked up by CMT for a fifth season.


***Nominated by Mini - It may seem like a typical CBS procedural, but there is a large emphasis on the character relationships.

***Nominated by Ezio - I haven't seen this in a long time so I'll pitch based on what I have seen. NCIS:LA is an action/police procedural drama spun off from NCIS. The show follows the office of special projects, a unit of NCIS that deals primarily in undercover work to catch bad guys. The core part of the team consists of team leader G. Callen, the top undercover agent, and Sam Hanna, a former Navy SEAL and Callen's partner. These two are as close as brothers despite the joking, teasing, and mocking between them. Other members include Kensi Blye, the only female agent on the team, and Eric Beal, the tech head of the team all under the command of Hetty Lange, the indescribable operations manager. Later additions to the show include the cocky street savvy LAPD detective Deeks and Nell Jones, who later aids Eric Beal in the tech room. If you're into action shows that have undertones of humour, add this to your watch list.

The Night Manager:

***Nominated by Quin Quin - The Night Manager is actually a miniseries comprised of six 1-hour-episodes. It recently aired on AMC and is based on John le Carré's novel of the same title. Basically, The Night Manager is the story of self-contained hotel night manager Jonathan Pine, played by Tom Hiddleston. While working at a luxury hotel in Cairo, Egypt, Pine becomes hesitantly but deeply involved with the girlfriend of a local gangster. Through her boyfriend's contacts, the girl has inside information on billionaire and merciless arms dealer Richard Roper (Hugh Laurie). She plans to expose Roper and his network, but eventually dies a violent death in the process. The devastated Pine leaves Egypt. Years later Roper and Pine, who now works in a remote hotel in Switzerland, meet again. Roper doesn't recognize Pine. Pine, in turn, still seeks revenge for the death of his lover. He is recruited by British intelligence agents and reluctantly agrees to help expose Roper by infiltrating his inner circle. A cat and mouse game with numerous twists and turns follows. Why do I like it? The story is gripping and extremely well told. The acting is marvelous. Hugh Laurie is a sinisterly charming Roper, while Tom Hiddleston plays Jonathan Pine with great intensity. One of the most interesting characters aside from the leads is Angela Burr, played by Olivia Colman. Burr is Pine's agent handler. Driven by the urge to take Roper down, she faces strong opposition and is almost shut down by her superiors. All in all the show is suspenseful, emotionally intense, and very well done. I would highly recommend it to anybody who loves good story telling.

Orphan Black (Amazon Prime):

***Nominated by Aimee Hicks - Orphan Black is a show that everyone should be watching. The lead actress, Tatiana Maslany, delivers the performance of a generation that is inspiring to watch. She plays many characters and does it so flawlessly that no one would blame a person for being incapable of believing only one actress plays them all. The show is filled with mystery and intrigue while being home to a diverse group of characters that are so wonderfully complicated that sometimes it is hard for even the audience to discern friend from foe. The show has taken great pains to fully realize the world these characters populate and have ground it in real theoretical science. The premise of this show isn’t entirely impossible in the real world meaning that it may very well be giving us a glimpse into one possible future should cloning technology ever be put into use in human trials. Once you watch the first episode of the series, you will be drawn into this colorful and engaging world and never want to leave it.

***Nominated by Suzana - Sarah Manning witnesses the suicide of a woman who is the spitting image of herself. She later finds out that she and others she meets are actually clones. Orphan Black is a science-fiction show about the limits of science but it’s also a show about family. Rest assured though; it knows exactly when to be fun too. The show handles the repartition of the story and characters flawlessly, but let’s cut to the chase. Why must you watch this show ? Tatiana Maslany. She is a force to be reckoned with. She portrays all those different characters so flawlessly. So much actually that I always forget they are originally the same person. I watch Sarah and Alison and Cosima, and I forget they are played by the same person. That’s how good Tatiana Maslany is. And do you know what’s the most uncanny thing ? Watching Tatiana Maslany playing a clone impersonating another clone. Thrilling. "Just one, I'm a few, no family too, who am I ? " Ready to join the clone club yet?

Outlander (Amazon Prime - with Starz subscription):

***Nominated by Carol McNally - This show is an honest and earthy look at relationships. Romance is alive, and the show explores how true love grows and lives in its characters. Set in the gorgeous Scottish landscape, history unfolds as relationships explore the country's harsh past and how a culture was indelibly changed. Emotional and believable acting brings the story of Outlander to life in a way that draws the viewer in. It will change the viewer for sure.

***Nominated by Jess Loving - There are millions of reasons why you should watch this show. First of all, the entire production is done extremely well. The people in charge of sets, costumes, writing, etc. do an amazing job. Second, Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan have brought to life Claire and Jamie perfectly. They deserve countless awards for their brilliant performances. Last, Outlander is the perfect example of how a book adaptation should be done.

***Nominated by Kay - Outlander has superb writing, incredible acting, the most elaborate and detailed sets, and award-winning costumes. There is great action, lots of adventure and a one-of-a-kind love story. Outlander has it all.

Parenthood (Netflix):

***Nominated by Jessica VanWinkle - When friends ask me for television recommendations, Parenthood is always at the top of my list. In today's TV world, we have superheroes, doctors, lawyers and cops, but we’re lacking regular people, regular families. Parenthood is a show about the Braverman family: Zeek and Camille, their four grown children: Adam, Sarah, Crosby, and Julia, and their individual families. The show begins with Sarah moving back home to reconnect with her family and become a better mother to her two children. She struggles at first, but her brothers and sister quickly accept her back into their lives. The show focuses on important topics such as autism, cancer, and adoption. I laughed as the Bravermans threw dance parties, I cried as Julia and Sarah struggled in their relationships and fought to become better mothers, and overall I loved these characters as if they were my own family. The show has a great bromance between brothers Adam and Crosby, but also features solid sister relationships between Sarah and Julia and their sister-in-law Kristina. They have their fights, but they genuinely care for each other and female friendships are rare on television these days. Parenthood has a stellar cast including Lauren Graham, Erika Christensen, Craig T. Nelson, and Dax Shepard. I would highly recommend Parenthood to anyone, but especially to those wanting a show about regular people and families.

Peaky Blinders (Netflix):

***Nominated by Milo BOK - Where to even begin? This is easily the best show to come out of the BBC in years. This English Boardwalk Empire is set in Birmingham during the inter-war years focusing on the rise of the real-life Peaky Blinders gang. The atmosphere is incredible with some film-quality cinematography from the excellent creator Steven Knight, who brings star power to the table in the likes of Cillian Murphy, Sam Neil, Annabelle Wallis, Tom Hardy and Helen McCrory. The show is incredible from start to finish, making use of an excellent soundtrack that features Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Arctic Monkeys, and Radiohead. It may be anachronistic but it works really well! Peaky Blinders has style as well as substance and consistently finds ways to leave the audience stunned at the end of every episode!

***Nominated by Spindae - This is probably the best UK show I have ever watched. It is all about a mafia family who won't stop at anything to get stuff done. The exceptional cast led by the amazing Cillian Murphy delivers goose bump worthy scenes every week. The combination of old school tricks and set-ups with modern writing, really dashing fashion, and British accents turns this show into a major guilty pleasure . With only 6 episodes per season, it is fast paced, thrilling, and always delivers powerful twists.

Penny Dreadful (Amazon Prime - with Showtime subscription, Hulu Plus):

***Nominated by Kollin Lore - Penny Dreadful sees all the classic literature characters come to life in Victorian England - Wolfman, Frankenstein, Dracula- but the real monsters exist within the souls of our main protagonists. Penny Dreadful is a profound exploration of the darkness that exists in us all as humans through the eyes of six disparate and tragic characters. It is emotionally gripping, terrifying, provocative, and inspiring - a show for those who love the supernatural or just great character writing.

***Nominated by Sam - With great characters and great acting, it keeps you entertained throughout.

Playing House (Amazon Prime - with Seeso subscription, Hulu):

***Nominated by Tuna - Playing House centers on two best friends in real life, Lennon Parham and Jessica St. Clair. Parham's character Maggie divorces her husband while expecting a child so she turns to her best friend Emma (St. Clair) to help raise the baby with her. Playing House is one of the funniest little shows on television right now and it is a very small commitment with only 18 episodes and a third season on the way. I watched the first season's 10 episodes back-to-back within a couple of hours because of how quickly I connected with the characters. Their friendship is so real, which the viewer can easily tell just based on their chemistry and how comfortable they are around each other. Playing House is such a cute show that honestly means so much to me because of how real it is and how genuine their friendship is. The show has a great cast and a great story and I highly recommend it to everyone.

***Nominated by Dahne - Playing House fills a big void in TV today, the female buddy show. There is much out there in the way of bromance, but female-centered shows where the characters support and help each other instead of fight over some guy are few and far between. We need more of them. In this story, two best friends are reunited when Maggie gets pregnant and then finds out her husband is cheating on her over the internet. Emma, who left town for a high-stakes career, comes back to cheer up Maggie and ends up staying in their hometown to help out. Playing House is full of quirky characters - think Gilmore Girls without the rapid-fire dialogue - and goofy plotlines. Sometimes you'll wonder how these 2 will ever raise a child because they make some questionable decisions themselves, but the heart is always first and foremost. If you are looking for a good female bonding show, this is for you.

Poldark (Amazon Prime):

***Nominated by Ellys Cartin - At first glance, you might think you're watching The Count of Monte Cristo. Ross Poldark is presumed dead in the Revolutionary War, but he was actually imprisoned. Returning home at long last, he finds his father dead and himself impoverished, left with little but his noble name. Oh, and his beloved is marrying his pudding-faced but still rich cousin. What's even worse is that the people of his town are being put out of work by the icy, cunning George Warleggan. No one would blame Ross if he galloped away across the beautiful countryside, but he doesn't. This gorgeous period drama follows his struggles to reopen his family's mine to rebuild his fortune and provide employment, while unseen forces/George work against him. Aidan Turner (Being Human) is stellar as the conflicted hero who also wrestles with his feelings for his former love Elizabeth and the young woman who comes under his protection, Demelza, played by a sparkling Eleanor Tomlinson (Jack the Giant-Slayer). Everything from shipwrecks to epidemics to heartbreak to ocean shirtless scenes plays a role in this international hit that has already been renewed for a second season. It has been released on DVD and is also available on Amazon and free with Amazon Prime. Short Version of Why You Should Watch: It's gorgeous and emotional.

***Nominated by Dahne - I love history but let's face it. Historical TV shows are hit or miss at best. At first, I wasn't sure about Poldark because frankly the tales of a small British mining town post-American Revolution didn't sound like the most exciting time period or place for me. In London, sure. During the war, okay. I just didn't think a small village would be that interesting. Boy was I wrong. The best thing about Poldark is they are not afraid to use the fast-forward button on their own story. I mean in 2 episodes Demelza goes from getting pregnant to having the baby and she's not the first woman in the show to have a super fast pregnancy. By liberally applying time jumps, they keep the action and the drama moving at a quick clip so the show is never boring. Plus, Ross Poldark is an appealing character, who could have wallowed in his own misfortune but instead fights hard to not only provide for his own family but to also improve the circumstances of the working class in his town. Demelza is a pure gem and one of the best new characters on the screen. Her rise from poor maid to part of the minor gentry is quite the social climb but she's no gold digger. I'm not sure any character on TV works harder than she does, providing care for even those in her own society that look down on her. When her selflessness comes back to bite her hard, it is one of the truest emotional scenes I've ever seen on TV and your heart will break with her. This is simply an engrossing show. Plus, with talks of Aidan Turner possibly becoming the next James Bond, this is your chance to see his work (and bare chest) before he blows up big time. There are only 8 episodes so it's easy to marathon.


***Nominated by Leon - This show takes place in a world where part of humankind is born with superpowers. These people (called powers) are seen as celebrities and their actions as sport. Powers come in all shapes and sizes, wear costumes and chose a superhero name. Some are more powerful than others. The majority just playact hero or villain. Others are the real deal, trying to stop both human and superhuman crime. Trying to keep the powered in line is the Powers Division, where Detective Walker works. He's a compelling character because he was once powered and has, of course, great insight into the Powers mind. I don't like Sharlto Copley's other work, but he does very well playing this broken detective. The rest of the cast is good; the villains especially shine. Walker's rookie partner detective does not blindly follow orders but has a mind of her own and his former superhero partner Retro Girl is perfectly played by Michelle Forbes. This science fiction crime drama delivers on all its fronts and has its funny moments to relieve the tension. You could say this is another Heroes, but it is not. This is gritty, with lots of people operating in grey area. Because powers are treated as a commercial industry, the show can focus more on the characters while not being overshadowed by their powers. This show has its faults. It needed some time to find its legs, but it got more compelling by the episode. If you are a fan of SyFy, good storytelling, and characters, check this out!

***Nominated by Dahne - I never thought I would have anything to do with PlayStation, but their first TV show was actually very decent. Following a broken down, ex-superhero through his day job is a unique perspective on the superhero genre, which is feeling a little stale these days. It is also a twist to the ancient tale of the haves versus the have-nots, as not everyone develops powers and those that do immediately get a status boost and sometimes a celebrity endorsement. It's basically the opposite of the X-Men plot. Powers does take cursing to a Deadwood level, which at least for me was hugely distracting. Still, it is worth seeking out this mostly unknown show.

Prison Break (Netflix):

***Nominated by Beth - I gauge a good binge by the ‘just one more episode rule,’ which means you know you should get off the couch, go to bed or leave the house but end up not doing any of it because you need to watch just one more episode. Prison Break is that type of show. Here’s the rundown of the plot: Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) is a successful structural engineer whose brother Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) is on death row for killing the Vice President’s brother. The only problem is that Lincoln didn’t do it and instead is the patsy of a powerful group that is the big bad of the series. When every attempt to save his brother on the outside fails, Michael purposely gets himself tossed into Fox River Prison with an elaborate plan to break Lincoln out and prevent his execution. Before Michael commits the crime that leads to his incarceration, he gets tattooed and it isn’t for vanity or establishing prison cred. Once inside, Michael must assemble a group to aid him in his plan and while some are trustworthy, a majority are not. One of the first things we learn about Michael is that he always has a plan but something he didn’t bargain for was the impact a doctor named Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies) would have on him. He thought that she would only be an unknowing participant in his plan, but she turns into so much more for him and their dynamic is a big part of the series. Prison Break is a show that has it all and at its core, it is about the love of family, whether they be related or the people you find along the way, and the lengths you would go for them. You wouldn’t think that you could root for prison inmates but you can’t help but hope Michael’s plan to save the brother he loves will work. I envy new viewers because once you finish the series you won’t have to wait that long for the new chapter because come early 2017, there will be nine new episodes from the same writers who did season 1 and 2. So if you want a solid summer binge while your shows are on hiatus, give it a try and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed…… Just have a little faith (you’ll get it once you watch)! The show is four seasons long.

***Nominated by Louis Rabinowitz - With Prison Break returning for a nine-episode revival next spring, it's definitely worth catching up on some of the original seasons that catapulted this show to notoriety. While it's notable for declining in quality in its third and fourth seasons, the first two seasons here are genuinely great examples of tense, continuously paced action drama. They're extremely unpredictable, throwing characters into drastically unexpected roles while maintaining a typically high death count on a week-to-week basis. Strong additions to the cast later on down the line such as the brilliant William Fitchner ensure that the expansive ensemble cast is always impressive. With its serialized narrative and constant cliffhangers, Prison Break feels like a Netflix show before Netflix was even created, and it's easy to see its influence on many shows within its genre today.

Private Practice (Netflix, Hulu):

***Nominated by Leo Wyatt - Private Practice tells the story of Doctor Addison Montgomery from Grey's Anatomy, who moves from Seattle to LA in order to work in a medical practice . You don't need to watch Grey's in order to watch PP but you should probably watch the backdoor pilot (episodes 3.22 and 3.23 of Grey's ) if you want to have a clearer image of the characters though I wouldn't say it's necessary . The biggest advantage of the show is the cast ,which features 6 time Tony Award Winner Audra McDonald (who has won more than any other performer ), Kate Walsh, Taye Diggs, Amy Brenneman, and more ! One of the other big draws is the storylines . Like every other medical drama, PP tackles medical issues in almost every episode . It differs from other medical dramas though because it shows the doctor's perspective and by introducing psychiatrist Violet, the show opens a whole new world of issues ready to be explored while still keeping the light soapy tone of Grey's . The only disadvantage is the first season which is kind of weak because it was released during the Writers Strike, but it's only 9 episodes long and trust me once you get through those episodes you'll fall head over heels for this show if you haven't already.

***Nominated by Ivankwok - Private Practice is a spin-off of Grey's Anatomy. At first, the series focused on Dr. Addison Montgomery’s life and her quest for love and a balanced life. Then it started to revolve around the amazing supporting cast and their everyday lives. Compared to Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice is more like a family drama to me. Yes, like its mother show, it has the same relationship soapy storyline, but most of the time the show is about the work family around Addison and how they support each other. Therefore, this show is very heartwarming. The acting in Private Practice is outstanding. The most remarkable performances for me are KaDee Strickland on the rape storyline in season four and Caterina Scorsone on her drug addiction storyline in season five. Both storylines are heartbreaking and depressing. Both actresses bring their A games and give the most extraordinary and tear-jerking performances of the series. Overall, if you are interested in family drama about friends and family supporting each other, Private Practice is a no brainier for you.

Psych (Netflix):

***Nominated by Ivan - It's a twist on the regular procedural with one of the best bromances in television history. It's got hilarious characters, whose chemistry is astonishing. It's definitely a show worth watching.

***Nominated by Swanpride - If you have never searched for a pineapple, you haven't lived. Psych is an enjoyable riff on American pop-culture, but the best episodes of the show (most in the second season) are so much more. They offer not just a great commentary on different genres and tropes, but also some really smart constructed cases. Like most comedy shows, Psych slides into being patently ridiculous with time, but the first two seasons are an absolute non-miss. The third and the fourth is still worth it and even the last seasons shine from time to time.

Pushing Daisies:

***Nominated by Not So Simple - Pushing Daisies is an amazing show with a quirky premise. It is a fantasy romantic comedy detective procedural. A pie-maker Ned discovered in childhood that he has the ability to bring the dead back to life by a single touch, skin-on-skin. If that person stays alive for over a minute then something or someone else has to die in their place. If he touches that person a second time, then that person is dead forever. When he was a boy, his mother died in front of him and not knowing the consequences of his touch, he brings his mother back to life only to accidentally kill his crush’s father. He accidentally touches his mother again to lose her permanently as well. He is sent to live at a boarding school and his crush, a girl named Chuck, lives with her neurotic, reclusive aunts. Fast forward years later and Ned is a pie maker, who works with a private detective Emmerson to help solve murders and collect the reward money since it’s a lot easier to solve murders when you can ask the victims who killed them. They are then tasked to solve the murder of a young woman who turns out to be Chuck. Ned can’t bear the thought of having her die again so he does not touch her a second time and he can never touch her again. The show is sugary sweet, but it somehow never turns sickeningly sweet. It somehow comes across as so very genuine, mostly due to the show’s narrator, Jim Dale who is absolutely perfect. Besides focusing on the murder-of-the-week, the show is about the romance between Ned and Chuck and how they navigate life keeping the secrets they have. Ned’s secret is that he killed Chuck’s father and Chuck tries to stay unrecognized while helping her aunts who have become even more reclusive and neurotic since her death. There is a sometimes love triangle with a woman named Olive but the triangle is handled very well. None of the characters are hate-able while in the love triangle since they all mostly act very mature about it, which is welcome because love triangles are typically super dramatic and soapy. The actors are top notch: Lee Pace, Anna Friel, Kristin Chenoweth, Swoosie Kurtz, Ellen Green, and Chi McBride. There are also a few great musical numbers since the show has such great Broadway talent.

***Nominated by Pablo - Years later, Pushing Daisies is still the most revolutionary and simply best comedy I have ever seen in my life. With an outlandish premise, Pushing Daisies is a very arty, creative show that pushes the envelope to take you to unexpected places. Though it may be too sweet for some people's taste or maybe too unrealistic, the show cracks up magnificent one liners, excels at pacing and editing, has a stellar cast, and some of the most inventive writing I have seen to date. If anything, it is worth checking out but I'm sure you'll be craving more pie afterward.

Quantico (Hulu):

***Nominated by Maria Sol - Although I’ve seen mixed reviews for this show, I recommend people give it a try if they like twists at every corner and deceiving characters, who keep you wondering who is who. Quantico is about a group of very diverse people with the same goal: becoming FBI agents, but in the course of the story their stories and hidden secrets are revealed. I like too that it has time jumps. To fully enjoy this, don’t get lost in the process. It’s important you don’t miss any detail.

***Nominated by Spindae - This show is all about pretty people doing nasty stuff all over the place and shooting at whomever they get a chance to. This is at least what ABC promotes, but Quantico is about so much more. The stories are deeper with interesting character interactions and developments. The show started out really strong but gets off course for a couple of episodes until midseason. The second part of season 1 was everything I wanted from the show to begin with; intriguing, mysterious, nicely layered, and they dialed down the romance a lot.

Recovery Road:

***Nominated by Luana - It only lasted one season but it is pretty heartwarming. It follows a teenage recovering addict who is convinced she does not fit the label. Also if you like seeing the actors of Skins on your TV screen, this is a good opportunity.

***Nominated by Dahne - Recovery Road was another pleasant surprise for me this season. I hate emoangsty dramas so when I learned it was about a teen alcoholic living in a halfway house, I almost gave up on it without even trying it. I figured it would be full of teen drama…and it is. The surprise is that it is also full of humor and when people get bratty, others reel them in quickly. Even more surprising is how quickly I connected with the characters even though I don't have much in common with them. The show humanizes the characters right from the beginning so they don't feel like a bunch of stereotypes in a PSA. Like Red Band Society before it, I found Recovery Road's characters and storylines to outweigh those few times when it felt too "teen" for me and in that, found a great, empowering, and funny story about teamwork and finding yourself.

Reign (Netflix):

***Nominated by Monica Delanie - I like this show because it follows real kings and queens in history. I got into reading books about different countries' royal families in that time period. The costumes are period appropriate and the castles and countryside are well represented.

***Nominated by Susan Hayes - Reign is historical with a dash of suspense and intrigue that lets us see into the past on how our ancestors lived, dressed, ate, worked, and played. It's fantastic to be able to relate to historical sites, castles, etc.

***Nominated by Muhammad Ahmed Khan - Reign is historical, a thriller, and romantic.

Revenge (Netflix):

***Nominated by Missions - “Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.” That’s the quote that opens the pilot of this wonderful ABC drama. It focuses on a woman named Amanda Clarke, whose father was framed for blowing up Flight 197, a crime that he did not commit. David was framed by his boss, Conrad Grayson, who laundered money to the terrorist organization that blew up the plane. Before he dies in prison, he leaves a box with journals that document all the people who betrayed him. In the meantime, Amanda suffers too in a juvenile detention facility after already being locked up as a little child. After receiving the box from her father, she goes back to the Hamptons where she used to live with her father to avenge his death by taking down all those that betrayed him. In order to do so, she swaps her identity with a woman named Emily Thorne, and that’s how the bad-a** Emily Thorne you might have heard of was created! Revenge is an absolutely delicious show with amazing twists along the course of four seasons. The antagonists, Victoria and Conrad Grayson, are as enjoyable to watch as Emily. The feud between Emily and Victoria is phenomenally portrayed by two amazing actresses: Emily VanCamp and Madeleine Stowe. I fell in love with the show in its very first minutes, which are an intriguing flash-forward that will keep you hooked until it actually happens. Of course, after that, you will not be able to get enough of Emily’s bad-a** takedowns. All you can do is root for Emily’s path of revenge. Her way of taking down all those people is so fun to watch, and the writers come up with some brilliant execution methods. There is so much that I could write about this show as it is my favorite show of all time, but all in all, it’s a show that can please a large variety of viewers. It mixes suspense with soapy elements that make it so enjoyable to watch. This is also one show that really never disappointed in big episodes such as season or mid-season finales. Since the show mostly takes place in the summer, it’s the perfect show to watch in the summer, identical to the way I watched season 1. “This is not a story about forgiveness.” Watch Revenge and get instantly hooked.

***Nominated by Spindae - In 4 seasons of Revenge I laughed, I cried and I schemed along! Still I can't say the show was perfect. It had its ups and downs but they were minor in comparison to the amount of infatuation I developed for its lead and supporting characters. Emily Clarke is a powerful lead and empowering woman, who no matter how focused she was on her revenge, always showed glimpses of her humanity to the audience. Watch the show without reading spoilers cause the constant twists and turns will keep you engaged and wanting more. Enjoy.

Don't forget to keep checking back for more Pitch Your Show nominations. We've got plenty to come tomorrow and hopefully you'll find new shows you are interested in checking out. If any of these inspired you or if you have something to add to the pitches, please hit the comment section below.

About the Author - Dahne
One part teacher librarian - one part avid TV fan, Dahne is a contributing writer for SpoilerTV, where she recaps, reviews, and/or creates polls for Teen Wolf, The 100, How to Get Away with Murder, The Librarians, and others. She also runs the annual Character Cup. She's addicted to Twitter, live tweets a multitude of shows each week, and co-hosts The 100 "Red-Shirted" and Teen Wolf "Welcome to Beacon Hills" podcasts for Southgate Media Group. Currently she writes a Last Week in TV column for her blog and SpoilerTV. ~ "I speak TV."
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2016 Summer Pitch Your Show - Part D (The Leftovers - Mozart in the Jungle)

We're now halfway done with Pitch Your Show, covering everything from 12 Monkeys to Lady Dynamite. Today will take us through the M's so we will finish up on both Saturday and Sunday. To keep the articles readable, I have limited nominations to 2-3 per show. I am truly sorry if your nomination is not in here. Major Crimes and Leverage especially had a lot to choose from. Know that I appreciate your time and pitches. Making the choice of what went into the articles was difficult. As always, the link to the spreadsheet with all the pitches is below. There was some confusion about this earlier so to clarify, any show that received even 1 pitch is included in these articles. However, if a show got more than 2-3 pitches, not all of the pitches are in here to save space. That's why there is a link to the spreadsheet so you can see them all.

As always the goal is for you to find something interesting to watch during the summer hiatus. If you do, please leave a comment below. I know those who worked hard of their pitches will appreciate hearing from you. Also if you were unable to get your pitches in before the deadline, feel free to add them in the comments as well. Just remember that any show starting with N-Y may be coming in future segments.

Part A
Part B
Part C

The Leftovers:

***Nominated by Bradley Adams - The Leftovers isn't for everyone. I'm very aware that the snail-like pace and the lack of any real answers about anything in the established world is frustrating for some people. But, for my money, it is in the upper echelons of all of TV right now, and the second season didn't put a foot wrong at any point. Set after "The Departure," where 140 million people suddenly and inexplicably vanished, The Leftovers doesn't explore what happened to those taken from the world. Instead, it focuses on those left behind and the emotional fallout caused by losing your parents, children, siblings, friends, or all of the above. Many would suggest that the first season is devoid of any real plot - which isn't true, it's just not as explicitly explored as almost every other show - but The Leftovers is all about the characters (those who are "leftovers") first, plot second. Filled with stunning performances and some magnificent writing, The Leftovers is a masterclass in character-centric storytelling. It's perhaps the hardest show to watch because of how heavy each episode is, but watching is worth every single second.

***Nominated by Milo BOK - Possibly one of the most depressing series on TV, The Leftovers is set in the wake of the rapture and looks at people left behind following the loss of a large amount of the planet's population with no apparent explanation. Featuring an incredible cast that includes the likes of Justin Theroux and Christopher Eccleston, this show is adapted from Tom Perotta's equally good novel. Thanks to some great performances and a captivating storyline that isn't afraid to go into dark and haunting places, this show is well worth a watch.

***Nominated by Luana - I can never say enough good things about this show and, in fact, I pitched it last time. It is slow-paced and dark but if you can get into those kinds of shows, you should definitely give this a try. It's intriguing from beginning to end, brilliantly written and acted, and it has more depth than most shows on TV.

Legends of Tomorrow:

***Nominated by Ivankwok - Although DC's Legends of Tomorrow may not the best in the DCTV universe, it surely is the funniest one. Yes, the plot of this show is a little bit clichéd and the time travel rules do not make sense at all, but this show consistently gives me the most entertaining hour of the entire week because it has a lot of great fight scenes and fun character dynamics. So DC's Legends of Tomorrow is the ultimate popcorn TV show. If you like watching superheroes team up and kick a**, or maybe after a long day, you just want to sit back and watch a show that doesn’t require much thinking, then DC's Legends of Tomorrow is a no brainer for you.

***Nominated by Spindae2 - Quality wise LoT is not close to the opening seasons of its fellow Arrowverse shows. Still it has some magic attached to it and during its first season run, it delivers some strong emotional moments and laughs to remembered by. The positive thing about the show is from the pilot every episode is better than the previous and the show builds up great momentum towards the final episodes that were high quality on multiple levels. If you are a fan of Caity Lotz's portrayal of Sara Lance you should definitely tune in because Sara does kick a**.

Less Than Satisfactory (YouTube channel - LTS series):

***Nominated by Folie-lex - Disclaimer: I’m a bit bias on this one. The creative team behind it are friends of mine and I even worked on few episodes myself. Having said that, I maintain that it’s 100% a fun little project made with a lot of love and attention by a group of talented young people who love TV and storytelling.  The logline of this little web series sums up the show pretty nicely: “A comedy about the life of Julie, an optimistic writer who lands a job unknowingly working for a less than...average greeting card company.” In case you couldn’t tell it’s a workplace comedy and, much as you’d expect from any show in the genre, this office is inhabited by a group of quirky, weird, funny and peculiar characters. There’s an abundance of pop culture references, a bit of romance and quite a few laughs. There is in fact some pretty great acting to be found on this show, which in my experience can't always be said about the less "professional/official" webseries out there. Five ten-minute long episodes have been released so far, and there’s five more waiting to be released (hopefully) soon.

Leverage (Netflix, Amazon Prime - season 1, Hulu):

***Nominated by Suzana - Leverage would be a classic case-of-the-week show if it wasn’t for one detail. Cops? Nah. Thieves? Oh yeah. It follows this crew that will end up becoming a little family. It’s a show where you’ll find disguises, covers and plans, thieves, grifters, and masterminds. Most of their targets are people who abuse the law but are protected by it. Hence the title, our crew provide leverage against those people. The relationships between the members of the crew are really great. This show has action and fun, but more importantly this show has Parker who is simply one the most well developed characters I’ve ever seen.

***Nominated by Brie Danielle - Leverage has everything good and nothing bad. It has heart, humor, intrigue, thrilling action, and light romance. I never tire of it. Starring Timothy Hutton (mastermind), Christian Kane (hitter), Beth Riesgraf (thief), Gina Bellman (grifter), and Aldis Hodge (hacker), Leverage is a show about 5 conmen, each the best in their respective fields, who use their skills to help right wrongs. It’s kind of Ocean’s Eleven-y, if Ocean’s Eleven were taking on big corporations and bad guys to fight injustice. Leverage owns my heart.

***Nominated by Louise Shive - This is the best-written, smartest TV show ever. These are Robin Hood stories that are not sticky sweet or overdone. Fast-moving, dramatic, action-filled, funny, entertaining, poignant, topical, and thought-provoking, no episode disappoints. What a perfect way to escape your reality. The ensemble cast is made up of talented actors who work together like family, their camaraderie coming through the screen. The plans never work out as originally planned, but it's so much fun to watch as the team overcomes injustice from powerful people and corporations. How could you not love it?

The Librarians (Hulu Plus -season 1):

***Nominated by Heidi Dobson - The Librarians is a continuation of the three movies made by Noah Wiley in the early 2000's. The Library has decided that the main character Flynn Carson should save three promising candidates from when there was last need for a new Librarian (when he was hired). The ensemble cast includes John Larroquette, Rebecca Romijn, Christian Kane, Lindy Booth, John Kim and of course Noah Wiley. There is action and magic and laughs in every episode, making it a very easy show for the whole family to watch together and we need more of that. These reasons are why I am nominating The Librarians as a show everyone should check out. The third season airs this fall.

***Nominated by Samantha Smith - The Librarians is a show that captures all areas of the human imagination. It's got a little something for everyone! Magic, action, history, mystery, romance, horror - you name it; The Librarians has it. In a world where we are bombarded with scary situations like school shootings, massive floods, and an increasingly nasty presidential election, this show provides an escape into an impossibly wonderful world where magic is real and hope and knowledge are your best weapons. This show has very strong female characters played by Rebecca Romijn and Lindy Booth, who are just as fierce and smart as men. Speaking of the men, Christian Kane plays Jake Stone, who struggles to accept his intelligence and whose quest for acceptance is something we can all relate to. He's smart, tough and, quite honestly, not too bad on the eyes! John Kim plays the lovable, if occasionally frustrating Ezekiel Jones, a thief, rouge, and yet all around good guy. The cast is carefully guided under the watchful eye of Jenkins, played by the incomparable John Larroquette. Noah Wyle reprises his role from the original Librarian movies from time to time too. The show is a great escape for anyone! Watching this show is a choice you won't regret!


***Nominated by Laura Markus - Do you like any of the following: a wide variety of adorable and interesting characters? A stunningly layered and complex villain? A thoroughly relatable protagonist? A crime procedural that is so much more than just that? A serialized story arc surrounding a mythology that is routed in captivating sci-fi elements? A soundtrack and score that always plays the right songs in the right moments, especially in the last 5 minutes of episodes? A set of actors, actresses, writers, directors, and other creative cast and crew members not just performing amazingly, but having fun with the material they are creating? A show that just seemed to get better and better each week? A show that encompasses and transcends every genre you can think of? Then Limitless is the show for you. Limitless masked itself behind "your typical CBS police procedural", but proved week after week that it had so much more to offer to the world. NZT-48 is a drug that allows you to access the full potential inside of you, and with that comes a lot of crazy scenarios and situations. I know for a fact many people on this website dropped it after the pilot in fear that it would be unoriginal and boring, but I'm here to reassure you and convince you that it is NOT. This show cared deeply about how it presented its information about its cases of the week. Whether it was quirky animations appearing on screen or any number of Brian's crazy NZT antics, the writers knew about the inherent stigma towards this genre and always strived to create a world beyond this, despite the serialized moments always being the best part of every episode. If that's not enough, the two lead characters weren't involved in some forced romance. They remained the friends that they were, and that friendship was excellent and was one of the best parts of the show. This show knew how to have fun, while also epically toning the serious, heartfelt moments. Episodes like Headquarters! prove in spades that this show is unique and original, despite being based on a movie. It was cancelled too soon, but fear not. It did not end on a cliffhanger. The writers had the respect to end off on a high note with all of their dignity left.

***Nominated by Grace - This is the most unique police drama with an all-star cast. It has amazing actors and actresses and lovable characters that I know I've fallen in love with. It's hilarious as well and has made me cry from laughter. Even though it's been cancelled, it's definitely still worth watching the whole season.

Lucifer (Hulu Plus):

***Nominated by Maria Sol - When I first heard of this show, based on a comic book character that I didn’t know, a group of people wanted to take it off TV for being about “the devil." So being a religious person myself, I decided to check it out to see what all this fuss was about and I don’t regret it at all. At first sight it might seem your regular procedural (which I don’t mind since I’m a fan of these kind of shows), but the case of the week actually serves most of the time as background to the main story: the devil taking a vacation from hell in Los Angeles and struggling with demonic and human feelings. The charming and talented cast has great chemistry. If you stick through the whole first season, you’ll get mysteries to solve, interesting characters, story development and funny dialogue, all wrapped with supernatural elements that will probably make you want to return in the fall for season 2.

***Nominated by Luana - This show about the devil’s vacation in Los Angeles is so ludicrous, hilarious and sometimes even heartwarming. It does have a case-of-the-week thing going on but that doesn’t make it less original or fun.

Luther (Netflix):

***Nominated by Milo BOK - This British cop show is one of the best series to come out of the BBC and thanks to the amazing Idris Elba is incredibly watchable and binge-worthy. Gritty, dark and awesome, the show has four seasons under its belt (although season four is a shortened two episode event) and features an excellent cast that includes Ruth Wilson as one of the most fascinating and complex antagonists on TV in the form of Alice Morgan. There is not much catching up required thanks to the small episode count per season. Luther is compelling, captivating and compulsory viewing for fans of crime dramas.

Major Crimes:

***Nominated by Quinquin - In general I'm not a fan of procedural shows. I prefer continuous stories with true character development. So why do I like Major Crimes so much? Surprisingly, though essentially being a procedural crime drama, Major Crimes provides all I want from a TV show. The central element of the show is the developing relationship of the head of the Major Crimes division, Captain Raydor (Mary McDonnell) and the teenage material witness turned foster son turned adopted son Rusty Beck (Patrick Graham Martin). This main story is organically interwoven with the professional and personal relationships of all squad members, and also frequently with the "case of the week". Each character is an elaborate personality aside from ethnic, gender, or any other stereotype. They all have their own background stories, traits, experiences, and so on. They even have very individual modes of speaking and they evolve, some more, some less. (It helps that both, writers and actors are apparently very good at what they are doing)! Even most of the characters that reoccur only occasionally, like attorneys and judges are actual characters. One of my favorite figures is Judge Grove. I always enjoy his passionate personality. The whole cast handles both, emotionally loaded scenes and humorous elements equally graceful. It doesn't happen very often, but I'm truly hooked!

***Nominated by Maggie - Major Crimes is unlike any police drama I've ever watched. Yes, there is a crime committed and solved in every episode. Yes, most of the scenes take place at LAPD Headquarters or the morgue or the crime scene. Yes, every week this team of awesome gets to use cool gadgets to help them find the bad guys. This is where Major Crimes stops being like other police shows and starts being a new type of drama - one that gets criminals to confess what they've done and "make a deal" that ensures they go to jail for a long time, with or without parole. It's a new concept. Instead of the long-awaited "day in court" or the drawn out appeals of a death-row case, Major Crimes tells just how long criminals will be behind bars right after the confession! What a concept! Along with the deal-making, fans get a talented cast of award-winning seasoned actors and younger actors who are fairly new to TV. This cast, most of whom were on The Closer for 7 seasons together, works together like a well-oiled machine. They know every beat, every nuance, every moment to make fans laugh hysterically one moment and scream in absolute indignant anger the next. With a diverse cast and many LGBT characters, there is a little something for everyone who watches Major Crimes!

***Nominated by Sherry Murphy - Intelligent and witty, the performances of the talented and award winning cast, including Mary McDonnell, are extraordinary. The plots are timely. The dialogue is mature and snappy. The connection and magnetism between the characters/actors is electric. It all keeps me coming back every episode.

Manhattan Love Story:

***Nominated by Luana - This is like a long, more detailed, romantic comedy. It’s smart in the way they show relationships and very funny. Both of the main characters are so charming and have so much chemistry that it became one of my favorite comedies pretty fast. It only lasted a season but if you like this sort of thing it’s so very worth it.

***Nominated by Dahne - I am a staunch anti-shipper and even I thought this romantic comedy was charming. Its appeal rests solely on the characters and not just the main couple. Most of the story is also told in voiceovers, which I usually hate but works here. Sadly Manhattan Love Story came out at the same time as half a dozen other romantic comedies and got lost in the shuffle, so there's only 11 episodes.

Master of None (Netflix):

***Nominated by Louis Rabinowitz - As someone who has never really been much of a comedy fan, Master of None completely gripped me from episode 1. From the fairly standard premise, Aziz Ansari builds a brilliantly incisive and layered comedy that thoughtfully and originally examines aspects of society that most comedies would simply pass over such as racism in the TV industry and the ways in which younger generations often ignore the experiences of their elders. Equally competent with the deeply personal drama of the central relationship as it is with providing fresh perspectives on standard comedic tropes, Master of None is a fresh and invigorating show that's so much more than just a standard sitcom.

***Nominated by Pablo - Some people dropped Master of None because they thought there was no continuity after the first episode. That's not true. The whole first season of the show is the constant evolution of a 30 year old man navigating life. It sounds like a simple premise, but it is handled with such good humor and taste. It underlies so many issues that Master of None may be one of the most important comedies in today's landscape. From the treatment of Indian actors to harassment of women, the show deals with issues with grace and nuance, never fully becoming a drama or abandoning its comedy roots, but rather pushing itself forward to tell a story of how a man who is figuring out his life sees life. Aziz Ansari gives a stellar performance and the writing does nothing but enhance that feeling of engagement you have with the show. Check out 2 episodes. I'm sure it'll be worth your time.

The Mentalist:

***Nominated by Maria Sol - You could think this is another regular procedural, and you are right, but the development of the main story, the characters and their chemistry make it different from others. That’s what made me love it from the very first moment I watched it, as a recommendation from my mom. If you're still not convinced, I can tell you that the cases of the week are entertaining and if you need something else, Simon Baker’s smile, eyes, hair, and especially his talent, may help to seal the deal.

Merlin (Netflix, Hulu):

***Nominated by Maria Sol - Looking for new shows to watch, I recently discovered this nice approach to a very known story. The show bears witness to the origin of the legend of future King Arthur as a very young Merlin arrives to work at Camelot. If you are familiar with the basic Arthurian mythology, you'll be smiling like me when a reference to it pops up. Currently watching season 2, I’m really pleased with all the adventures, romances, funny and scary moments that make this a show that all the family can enjoy.

***Nominated by Dahne - Merlin was introduced to me last year through Last Week in TV. Usually I only watch whatever episode was nominated, but I liked Merlin so much that I ended up watching all of season 1. It's a great fantasy with familiar roots but what they do with it changes the whole story. In this version of Camelot, King Uther has banned all magic from the kingdom since he blames it for his wife's death. Enter a clumsy, often goofy young sorcerer named Merlin, who has to keep his magic a secret. He meets up with Prince Arthur by insulting him and ends up becoming his squire. What I like most about the first season is that both Merlin and Arthur go from having some serious character flaws to growing into heroes in their own right. Mostly though, this story is all about the bromance, which I love. As Arthur and Merlin go on countless adventures together, they grow closer and develop a friendship that the rest of the show revolves around.

The Middle:

***Nominated by Pablo - The Middle is a gem flying under the radar. It has magnificent character development, and it's not afraid to evolve and let its characters be happy. Most of the humor comes from banter, well thought-out jokes and smartly crafted storylines, while underlying poignant feelings of unity, love, uncertainty and growth. No other show has pushed itself as far and retained its identity as well as The Middle has. Each season is different while the heart of the show remains the same.

***Nominated by Jessica VanWinkle - The Middle will be heading into its eighth season in the fall, and it’s still going strong. The show is about the Heck's, a middle class family living in a middle sized town in Indiana. It features Mike and Frankie Heck and their three kids: Axl, Sue, and Brick. This show is hilarious, but it’s also realistic. The mom, Frankie, tries to keep up appearances with her friends, earn enough money to support the kids with all of their ridiculous activities, and keep their house from falling apart. Axl is the popular football player, Sue loves everyone and is always excited, and Brick is super smart and loves reading. Those three sometimes fight like cats and dogs, but they really do love each other. The Middle is my favorite comedy on television, and it’s because of the fantastic characters and great writing.

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries (Netflix, Amazon Prime - with Acorn subscription):

***Nominated by Jane - If you are a fan of the early seasons of Castle or shows like the Murdock mysteries, I would like to suggest Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. This is an Australian series that can be found on Netflix. It is about Phryne Fisher, a thoroughly modern woman living in 1920's Melbourne who decides to become a private detective. Essie Davis is absolutely wonderful playing Phryne. Phryne is a true feminist for the times which means that not only does she have an adorable bob hairstyle and amazing clothes but also lovers and a gun. The show also has a great supporting cast. The main three are Detective Inspector Jack Robinson, Constable Hugh Collins, and Phryne’s paid-companion Dot Williams. Dot is a devout Catholic who has some problems with Phryne’s life style but is also striving to find a way to be more modern herself. There is also Mr. Butler, Miss Fisher's loyal butler, Bert Johnson and Cec Yates, two working-class friends, who often assist with investigations, Dr Elizabeth "Mac" Macmillan, a close friend and doctor at a women's hospital in Melbourne, and Phryne’s Aunt Prudence. All of these characters are well written and interesting in their own right. The show does have its problems and can be a little cheesy at times but it is also a lot of fun. My biggest peeve with it is that someone really needs to teach Essie Davis how to hold a gun because she clearly hasn’t a clue. So if you are tired of dark, depressing dramas with missing or dead children or shows with plots so convoluted you have to start drawing diagrams to figure them out and just want a light-weight, fun, easy to watch show, I recommend giving Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries a try.

Mistresses (Hulu Plus):

***Nominated by 327 - Let's be honest. It fits perfectly the "girly" type of show. That's why it's so good! The difference is that Mistresses embraces that label with pride and does the best out of the genre, without ever being cheesy or shallow. It's like the modern-day version of Sex and the City with a group of close female friends and their takes on various relationships. What guarantees that Mistresses isn't like any other show that tried to pull off that card? That's easy, the plot twists. Things never stay the same over the course of 2 or 3 episodes. There's always something interesting going on with the girls, and when things are about to calm down there's a twist in the story (in a very soapy way) but without feeling forced at all. It's not a pretentious show and because of that you can be sure that it's going to surprise you. The main characters are compelling, and it's easy to relate to their issues. Everyone should really try to watch Mistresses because when you least expect it, you'll be hooked and start thinking about what's going to happen on the next episode.

***Nominated by Spindae - Essentially this show is a soapy telenovela with an incredible cast you relate and connect to from the first second. The characters are flawed and they don't deny it. We witness them live through and face every lie told or secret kept. The show really lives up to the title and delivers sexy moments, nasty comments and coffee meetings filled with nasty gossip. Overall it's an enjoyable ride and the perfect summer guilty pleasure to watch episode by episode or binge it.

Mozart in the Jungle (Amazon Prime):

***Nominated by Milo BOK - Netflix isn't the only one that can make a great web series and Mozart in the Jungle is Amazon's best show. It's sex, drugs, and classical music with some great humour and amazing performances that really work, making the most out of an unlikely subject for a TV series to cover. It creates some compelling viewing that's easily binge-watchable. Possibly one of the most underrated comedy series around, Mozart in the Jungle is well worth your time.

Don't forget to keep checking back for more Pitch Your Show nominations this weekend. We've got plenty to come and hopefully you'll find new shows you are interested in checking out. If any of these inspired you or if you have something to add to the pitches, please hit the comment section below.

About the Author - Dahne
One part teacher librarian - one part avid TV fan, Dahne is a contributing writer for SpoilerTV, where she recaps, reviews, and/or creates polls for Teen Wolf, The 100, How to Get Away with Murder, The Librarians, and others. She also runs the annual Character Cup. She's addicted to Twitter, live tweets a multitude of shows each week, and co-hosts The 100 "Red-Shirted" and Teen Wolf "Welcome to Beacon Hills" podcasts for Southgate Media Group. Currently she writes a Last Week in TV column for her blog and SpoilerTV. ~ "I speak TV."
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Posted on June 17, 2016 .

2016 Summer Pitch Your Show - Part C (Halt and Catch Fire - Lady Dynamite)

Welcome back to the third installment of the 2016 Summer Pitch Your Show article. Previously we covered everything from 12 monkeys to Grey's Anatomy. This segment will focus on shows H-L with the last two segments coming on Friday and Sunday. (We're skipping Saturday.) To keep the articles readable, I have limited nominations to 2-3 per show. I am truly sorry if your nomination is not in here. Know that I appreciate your time and pitches. Making the choice of what went into the articles was difficult. As always, the link to the spreadsheet with all the pitches is below. There was some confusion about this earlier so to clarify, any show that received even 1 pitch is included in these articles. However, if a show got more than 2-3 pitches, not all of the pitches are in here to save space. That's why there is a link to the spreadsheet so you can see them all.

As always the goal is for you to find something interesting to watch during the summer hiatus. If you do, please leave a comment below. I know those who worked hard of their pitches will appreciate hearing from you. Also if you were unable to get your pitches in before the deadline, feel free to add them in the comments as well. Just remember that any show starting with L-Y may be coming in future segments.

Part A
Part B

Halt and Catch Fire (Netflix):

***Nominated by Milo BOK - One of the most underrated shows on AMC, this series is perfect for any fans of the likes of Mad Men looking for their next period drama fix. It boasts a great cast including Lee Pace, Mackenzie Davis and Scoot McNairy. Using the boom of personal computers a backdrop, this show can be enjoyed by people who know the hardware and those who don't. It makes use of some fantastic characters, including some great female ones which really come into their own in Season 2. Oh, and throw in the excellent soundtrack and you have a brilliant series that really deserves a wider audience.

***Nominated by ADC - Halt and Catch Fire is a character-driven drama focusing on the personal computer industry during the 80's. Rather than simply tell a story within this setting like most period dramas do, the show is interested in diving into the minds of the people who played a central part in one of the most important decades of the digital revolution. The second season is about the early days of the internet/dialup, exploring ideas such as online gaming and the general vision of a world "connected". All in all, it is a very well written and directed show with an incredibly talented cast and a killer 80's soundtrack. Personally, I'm even drawn to its intro, which evidently got an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Main Title Design last year.

***Nominated by Ackerr - Whatever that title means, the key word is FIRE. Imagine it big and fierce. That's what this show is about. Oh, and dudes in early 80'ss, who made PCs and programs. However the real deal is in what it takes to push it: the limits of imagination, seeing what doesn't even have a word yet, and then building technology beyond limits of available materials. Pitiful computers from 80's in archived photos we don't bother looking at, hardly ever felt more powerful and magical. Same as those who worked on them. The main characters all have flaws and unlimited possibilities at hand, all at once. Where it will lead? I loved the last scene from the pilot episode when a minor PC company becomes an IBM delegation, the embodiment of power to decide what's right and wrong in this world. They come to crush those who they came to. But, they don't know that, the key word is FIRE. Each season is a complete "startup" story; the third will air this year I think.

Heartbeat (Hulu):

***Nominated by Luana - You know when you just want to be entertained and watch something that makes you feel good? For those moments Heartbeat is perfect. It is a medical show, and it has the typical drama, but it has so much heart as well (no pun intended). I have to say the pilot felt a little bit forced, especially the main character’s personality, but that washes off soon. To be fair it was cancelled, and it did end in a cliffhanger, but that really didn’t take the fun out of it.

Hell on Wheels (Netflix):

***Nominated by Milo BOK - You like Westerns? Look no further than Hell on Wheels. This series follows the race to build the first Transcontinental Railroad. Starring the likes of Anson Mount, Colm Meaney, Common, and Dominique McElligott, this excellent series doesn't hold anything back. Although it is a slow-burn at times, it still makes fascinating viewing that uses a great cast to tell a captivating story and even features a great soundtrack.
Coming to an end this summer after five seasons, Hell on Wheels looks set to get a proper finale and as a result now would be the perfect time to catch up. Making use of some great drama and a wide variety of characters, this show isn't afraid to go through them as quickly as Game of Thrones does and is another overlooked AMC series that's really worth your time.

Homeland (Amazon Prime with Showtime subscription, Hulu Plus):

***Nominated by Leo Wyatt - Many people seem to think that Homeland is one of those slow paced and prestigious dramas that always win a lot of awards but the truth is the show is kind of the opposite of that . First of all it tells the story of bipolar CIA agent Carrie Matthison who suspects that Nicholas Brody, a Marine who recently returned home after being MIA for 9 years ,is a terrorist. It's fast paced and even though sometimes it slows downs, it never becomes boring. Written by some of 24's executive producers ,the writers manage to avoid the major problem that all terrorist shows seem to be facing, one note villains. The show doesn't believe in black and white but puts its characters in a grey area where all of them are carefully developed so viewers might also show sympathy for the bad guys. Aided by a tour de force performance from Claire Danes, Carrie Matthison manages to shine throughout the series . She might not be the most likeable protagonist and some of her actions might shock viewers but what Danes showcases is the flaws the character has . Carrie is clearly flawed and unlike other shows which present characters as perfect stereotypes, Homeland doesn't shy away from that. The same can be said about the portrayal of Nicholas Brody by the exceptional Damian Lewis. The tension created by the question of whether he is or is not a terrorist really takes the quality up a notch. All in all, Homeland is an excellent show that is definitely worth your time.

***Nominated by Missions - Homeland was bound to be amazing when it appeared in 2011, the year where so much great television was born. I don’t think I will be able to top Omabin’s pitch from last year, but all I can say is that “Homeland” is event television for me. It focuses on a CIA agent named Carrie Matthison, who also has to deal with being bi-polar. They fight against terrorism, especially after an American marine, Nicholas Brody, is found 8 years after he was presumed dead. The big question is: Did he turn? That’s what season 1 focuses on. Words cannot even describe how excellent this show is. The acting is incredible, led by the astonishing Claire Danes and Damian Lewis who give raw and outstanding performances. The supporting cast, including Mandy Patinkin and Morena Baccarin, is amazing as well. I started watching this show after I saw Game of Throne’s fifth season, looking for a show that could do things so huge that airing on network television would not be possible and I am oh so glad I chose Homeland. It’s intense from start to finish. And with intense I mean to the point where I was screaming at my television or was soaked in sweat because it was so exhilarating. The writers manage the build up to major events that are so unpredictable they leave you shocked for days after. Therefore, the show dominated awards in the first two seasons. Four seasons later, I still adore this show though. It has taken a new path, but it is still so brilliant and so relevant that your eyes will be clued to the screen for twelve hours a year. I binge-watched the first 4 seasons last summer and did not regret it. So, if you want mind-blowing acting and twists, event television, and brilliant character development, then it is time for you to watch Homeland before it returns in January 2017.

***Nominated by Pablo - Many dropped the show after the lackluster season 3. I urge you to give it a second chance since season 4 picks up the pace and tension, making for incredibly compelling storylines in a complex landscape in which no one is truly good or evil, which makes for mind-bending television. For those who are willing to give it a chance now, Homeland handles tension in superb ways. You never fully grasp how it is going to play out, leaving you intrigued as you follow complex, fully realized characters as they follow what they believe in. Though characterization of non American characters can be seen as clichéd or broad, Homeland still manages to give nuances to its characters and it pushes its storytelling to unexpected places. Give it a shot; at the very least you'll be entertained.

House of Cards (Netflix):

***Nominated by Luana - Kevin Spacey shines as a cutthroat politician trying to make his way to the White House. That alone would make this show worth watching, but it has a lot more going for it: the acting overall is great, the writing is brilliant and the directing is stunning. If you like political drama, you will love this show and if you don't usually like that, you will probably love this anyway.

***Nominated by Vasiliki - The acting alone is enough to recommend it. Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright are just amazing to watch. It's a political drama situated in the US, but honestly it could be in any country in the world. The series shows us the deception, scheming and lying behind every politician's smile, promise and hand shake. This show is a real eye opener.

How I Met Your Mother (Netflix):

***Nominated by Luana - This show is one of the best comedies I've seen in years. For those who didn't see it at the time and then thought it was too late, I'll tell you this: HIMYM never gets outdated, at least I don't think it will in a very long time. It tackles matters of love and friendship in a very funny and often relatable way. They are lovable characters that will make for great company, and even conversation topics if you share it with someone else.

***Nominated by Pablo - I'll make a very odd recommendation going forward with this series: either skip the ending or find spoilers about it to avoid being disappointed, and thus you can look at HIMYM through a new and maybe better lens. I'm still bitter about that ending. I'll probably hate it forever, but I couldn't stop nominating the show. Aside from the end, it is a magnificent comedy series with so many hilarious jokes, amazing storylines, and so much character development that I think it is still a worthy ride. Very few times I have seen a multi-camera comedy become something so engaging, poignant and all around standout. Beware of the ending, but HIMYM is not its ending; it's the whole ride that counts.

How to Get Away with Murder (Netflix):

***Nominated by Missions - If you want mystery, shocking twists, brilliant acting, fast pacing, a tight plot and interesting characters, then HTGAWM is the perfect show for you. It follows the brilliant law professor, Annalise Keating, played by the phenomenal Viola Davis, who chooses 4 students every year to work for her. This year however, she chooses five students, who are Wes Gibbons, Connor Walsh, Michaela Pratt, Laurel Castillo, and Asher Millstone. The pilot starts with a flash-forward in the woods at night, where these five students talk about burning a person’s body, whose death they were supposedly responsible for. They did not know that when they were chosen to be Annalise’s helpers, it might not have been the best thing that would ever happen to them as they all initially thought. On the contrary, that’s when they embarked on a journey of danger, deception, insanity, and, of course, murder. This show mixes serialized storylines with procedural court cases so perfectly that they both go on at the same time. They do however tend to do more serialized storylines, especially in their sophomore season. The flash-forwards will intrigue you since they always lead up to the mid-season where we see all pieces of the puzzle, and that’s when it especially gets explosive. Viola Davis leads this cast and is an absolute acting goddess. I have never seen such amazing acting by a female actress on television. She goes so deep into Annalise’s feelings that when she is hurting, the viewers are hurting.

Of course, this would not be possible without an amazing script. The writers develop the characters so well that it is shocking. In the first season they introduce the characters, but in season 2 we finally learn some of their back stories, and we hence understand many of their actions, which brings me to another point. Every single plot device in season 1 is connected to every single one in season 2. Whether it is a character’s action or a plot twist, it’s all connected. Without the happenings in season 1, many things would not have happened in season 2 and that’s just brilliant. The twists are so shocking that you will fall off your couch and the storyline is so fresh and intriguing that you could watch it for hours. Binge-watching this show might just give you a heart attack. This is my favorite show on television at the moment. I just love all the characters and intrigue every single week and hope more people try this show. After watching it, you will finally understand what all this excitement and enthusiasm is about. It’s only 30 episodes, and the summer is a perfect time to catch up before season 3 arrives and delivers another batch of shock value. Let Viola Davis slay your television!

***Nominated by Andrew - It's a very well written show with an amazing cast and so much drama with so much plot. Simply amazing!

iZombie (Netflix):

***Nominated by Milo BOK - This is the best comic book related show on TV right now, and, sorry The Walking Dead, it's also the best zombie series around. Charming and funny with some excellent comic-relief timing from the lead actors, all of whom have perfect chemistry, iZombie is a brilliant show that's probably the best on the CW. It makes use of a unique zombie twist to tell a really awesome story, using the police procedural as a starting point to evolve into some brilliantly fun episodes, including the amazing season finales.

***Nominated by Suzanne - Want to see a woman making literal brain sushi, having visions and solving crimes? Then this is your show. Our zombie, Liv needs brains to survive but after eating a brain, she takes on some personality traits of her… well, her meal when it was alive and Rose McIver does it deliciously. Don’t worry though; Liv is merely eating murder victims. It’s a win-win: she doesn’t have to kill people to survive and crimes are solved. iZombie is a retelling of the zombie mythology with cleverness and humour. Let’s not forget to give credit where it’s due. Although very different, the show is an adaptation of a comic.

Jane the Virgin (Netflix):

***Nominated by Emma - Jane the Virgin is a dramedy about the lives of three generations of Villanueva women. It’s based on a telenovela so there is no escaping the common tropes of the genre but the show embraces its roots and isn’t afraid to poke fun at itself. Yes, there is a love triangle but it’s one of the few on television I’ve seen use an overdone trope effectively. Each person in the triangle is well fleshed out and has storylines outside of the triangle. I know love triangles are an automatic show stopper for some but if you consider the other positives of the show, you may just find that they far outweigh the negatives of love geometry. So what are these other positives? Well, there is a diverse, award winning cast, a snarky narrator, fully fleshed out and complex characters with noticeable growth, enough family heart and humor to soften any cynic, and writers who value a cohesive story and have clearly thought out the entire season. If none of the above has convinced you to check out Jane the Virgin, then you leave me no choice but to use my trump card…we have Bridget Regan. That’s right; the brilliant performance behind Dottie Underwood from Agent Carter is on this show as another smart, pull-no-punches woman. So there it is, heart, humor and Bridget Regan. Head over to Netflix to stream S1, S2 should be out soon and S3 will premiere this fall after Supergirl on Mondays.

***Nominated by Kate Sidwell - Over the past couple of years Jane the Virgin has quickly become one of my favorite shows! The cast is outstanding and hilarious with such range they can get you from laughing to crying within seconds. The cast is enhanced further by the great writing and stories they are given. Although storylines are sometimes farfetched, it's part of the charm of the show and it's always fun to watch. Love triangles can typically be the most annoying part of some shows but Jane the Virgin manages to make it one of the best parts of the show. Jane's love triangle is incredibly well-written and believable, and personally, it took me a whole season to decide who I wanted her to be with because I kept switching back and forth. So much about this show is unique but I especially love the style of narration, which makes the show super easy to watch and eliminates almost all awkward exposition (one of my biggest pet peeves!). Although the overall concept of Jane the Virgin sounds a bit strange at first, I promise that once you actually see it for yourself you'll be hooked. If you love a fun, cute comedy with tons of heart then Jane the Virgin is a much watch for you!

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell

***Nominated by Folie-Lex - “Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell” is a BBC 7-part miniseries based on a book by Susanna Clark of the same name. The story takes place in the 1800's in England and war torn Europe in a slightly altered reality where the only tangible difference is magic is real. It follow the lives of the only two active English magicians as they set themselves on a “mission” to restore magic to England through the trials & tribulations that unfold from this endeavour. That their respective schools of thought seem to be diametrically different only adds to the controversy and adversity of the story’s set up. Oh! Also there is a pretty spiteful fairy king making things all the more hard for them and everyone around them.

Full disclosure: I’ve read the book and I looooooooved it. It’s a huge dense thing, with little annotations and stories within the bigger frame story and a long parade of a myriad of characters. A very big part of the narrative is world building. I know it sounds boring, but it really isn’t! Regardless, I felt that because of the nature of the book any adaptation would either fall really short or absolutely do the material justice. No middle ground. I’m glad to say that this project falls under the latter category. The show spends the appropriate amount of time on the world building and the mythology, as well as delving into the characters' personalities and motivations. For the “purists,” it doesn’t really deviate from the narrative of the source material much and has made only the appropriate adjustments to move the story along so that it can work properly in the TV medium. The production value is impeccable, the CGI & VFX top notch (and not just by “UK TV standards” either... it’s really good), the casting is pretty spot on, and the acting pretty amazing. I highly recommend it to people who love fantasy and/or period shows, but in my opinion the story also has quite a mass appeal.

Lady Dynamite (Netflix):

***Nominated by Tuna - Lady Dynamite's first season just came out on Netflix in late May and I didn't know much about the show until I watched the trailer. After I watched the trailer I knew I would be hooked on the show. The show centers on Maria Bamford as a fictionalized version of herself as she goes through her life as an actress/stand-up comedian while coping with the daily struggles of bipolar disorder, which she has in real life as well. The show is insane and weird and quirky but that is what makes Lady Dynamite so unique and special. I instantly fell in love with Maria's character, who is so sweet and adorable and eccentric that it is basically impossible not to love her character. Lady Dynamite uses flashbacks to show the viewer her back story and to gain insight into her relationships with her family and friends. While Lady Dynamite is mainly comedic, it is not afraid to dive deep and really show the negative effects of having bipolar disorder. It also shows Maria at her worst. If you like weird, quirky little shows with a lot of heart, then I guarantee that you will love and appreciate Lady Dynamite for what is.

Don't forget to keep checking back for more Pitch Your Show nominations this week. We've got plenty to come and hopefully you'll find new shows you are interested in checking out. If any of these inspired you or if you have something to add to the pitches, please hit the comment section below.

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2016 Summer Pitch Your Show - Part B (Chicago Fire - Grey's Anatomy)

Welcome back to Pitch Your Show. Since we had over 100 shows nominated this time, the article is being segmented into 5 sections. Part A included shows from 12 Monkeys to The Catch. Today it's all about shows from Chicago Fire to Grey's Anatomy. The rest of the pitches will follow each day until we are done. To keep the articles readable, I have limited nominations to 2-3 per show. I am truly sorry if your nomination is not in here. Know that I appreciate your time and pitches. Making the choice of what went into the articles was difficult. As always, the link to the spreadsheet with all the pitches is below. There was some confusion about this yesterday so to clarify, any show that received even 1 pitch is included in these articles. However, if a show got more than 2-3 pitches, not all of the pitches are in here to save space. That's why there is a link to the spreadsheet so you can see them all.

As always the goal is for you to find something interesting to watch during the summer hiatus. If you do, please leave a comment below. I know those who worked hard of their pitches will appreciate hearing from you. Also if you were unable to get your pitches in before the deadline, feel free to add them in the comments as well. Just remember that any show starting with H-Y may be coming in future segments.

Part A 

Chicago Fire (Hulu Plus - season 4):

***Nominated by Julia - It's a great show for those who like drama, often petty (and lots of it). The first season is pretty great, but season 2 blew it out of the park for me. You'll fall in love the characters, and also come to hate some that are out to get the good guys so much that all you want to do is reach through your screen and kill them. You have to get used to characters you like, leaving the show. It's a pretty common theme through all the seasons. Overall, it's a great show and pretty unique. I mean what other shows are there about firefighters today?

***Nominated by Luana - The thing about the "Chicago" shows is that you miss some things if you don't watch them in order and together. Of course you can but the experience is better that way. If you are willing to give them all a shot, the show about the Chicago Firehouse is the one you should start with. It's fun, it has a great cast and, when they get into the real drama, they do that very well too.

Chicago PD (Hulu Plus):

***Nominated by Luana - This is the second of the Chicago shows. It's about the Intelligence Unit of the Chicago Police Department and its team leader, who does his best to clean the streets of Chicago his own way. And that is not always the more politically correct way, for sure. The cast is great, specially Jason Beghe and Sophia Bush.

***Nominated by Hailey - You should watch it because it has a ton of action and once you finish season one, you're hooked immediately! It creates the experience that the real Chicago Police go through on a daily basis in a one hour episode! This show is the best!

The Client List (Hulu Plus):

***Nominated by Luana - If you enjoy chick-flicks and lots of eye candy, this is the show for you. It was cancelled after three seasons and it didn’t have proper closure, but it’s still a perfect thing to watch when you feel in the mood for something like this.

Code Black

***Nominated by Folie-lex - Remember the time, before Grey’s Anatomy, when the golden standard for medical shows was ER? Yes? Great! And now tell me? Did you love ER? If your answer still “yes,” then let me tell you Code Black is a show you should be watching, not because it's trying to be a carbon copy of ER (which for the record it absolutely is not) but because it is a show that took all the elements that made ER great and put its own spin on them. Inspired by a documentary by the same name, it depicts life in the busiest ER in Los Angeles (and possibly the whole USA). This gritty, realistic medical drama focuses on medicine, hospital politics, how the people who work in this hectic environment conduct themselves as professionals first and foremost, and how this hard and grating occupation affects them as people. With a stellar cast led by the extraordinary Marcia Gay Harden and supported by some great writing material and exceptional production values, this is a show that should make any fan of the medical drama genre happy.

***Nominated by Andrew - Code Black is my second favorite medical TV show. It's not only a medical show but it is also filled with good drama. I have to admit that in the beginning the show wasn't that good, especially the pilot. The pilot was very disappointing, but as you might have heard many times, some shows are very disappointing in the beginning and then become major hits. Yeah, that's Code Black. The show became so good, and I became addicted because the storylines and the acting were so on point. It's outstanding I would say. There were some emotional episodes that made me cry like a baby, and that doesn't happen to me very often while watching a show. It's a pity that it's kind of underrated, but now CBS airs repeats of this show every Thursday at 10 to get more viewers. Also it will premiere in fall, which I am really happy about. If you like very good storylines, a well chosen cast and so much drama, then Code Black is the perfect show for you.

***Nominated by Spindae - This series has a brilliant cast, coherent storytelling, raw emotions and a different perspective on a really dragged out genre. Emergency Room paved the way, Grey's Anatomy put golden bricks on it, but Code Black took it to a completely new level. It is a dark show, portraying the medical system in a troubled and needy way. Code Black combines the youth and aspiring energy the new interns bring to the hospital, but also touches on how the patients affect the lives of all hospital employees. Every patient, every casualty matters and with how the story progresses you'll find yourself way too much involved with the characters.

Cougar Town

***Nominated by Ivankwonk - If the title or premise scared you off, you’re totally missing out on a fantastic, cheerful, and hilarious comedy. The series has turned itself around into an ensemble hang out comedy about a group of wine-loving people. The cast have an insane amount of chemistry and the writing balance its self-aware silliness and heartwarming element very well. So, let’s pour some wine, call your friends and enjoy this silly but charming comedy.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

***Nominated by Ivankwok - The star and co-creator of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Rachel Bloom described her show as “…a dark, feminist, ***-up, romantic comedy.” I couldn’t agree more with her but I would add one more word to describe the show, realistic. The characters in the show are really mess up, just like everybody in real life. Those characters, especially Rebecca, screw up all the time, lie to others and even to themselves, and have their own personal issues. The audience, or at least me, understands them because we see ourselves in the characters. It also deconstructs a lot of stereotypes, like happiness, love and of course gender stereotypes. It reexamines what love and happiness are. Most of the time TV shows and movies tell us love should be pure, sacred and that we can find happiness through love. This show, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, show us a completely different message: Love can be messy and crazy, and we do not find happiness through love at all. The musical numbers of this show are amazing and impressive. They never repeat in style or genre. Sometimes those songs dig deep and represent the state of that characters’ minds. Sometimes it becomes the voice of deconstructing stereotypes. If you are interested, go check-out "You Stupid B**", "What'll It Be?", "Gettin' Bi" and “The Sexy Getting Ready Song" on YouTube. So let’s check out this dark, crazy, romantic comedy that you never knew you wanted.

***Nominated by Spindae - I pitched this show already once, back when the low-rated pitch project was being conducted and all I can say about it once again is that it is a heartwarming, entertaining, hilarious and pitch perfect show. I mean the lead wouldn't get a Golden Globe if it wasn't funny indeed. The concept is silly and male lead is utterly terrible but Rachel Bloom and Donna Champlin deliver so many great laughs that you will regret missing out on any episode. The show mostly starts slow but it gets into a rhythm and builds up momentum towards the end of episode resulting in an entertaining hour. It's primetime TV at its best.

Daredevil (Netflix):

***Nominated by Ellys Cartin - Daredevil succeeds in being awesome because it keeps its show grounded in three key elements: thoughtful character development, intense action sequences, and complex "villains". Charlie Cox delivers an earnest, empathetic performance as Matt Murdock, a young attorney blinded in a childhood accident who becomes the Devil of Hell's Kitchen at night and puts his life and limbs on the line to protect his neighborhood. Beware. This one is addictive, especially Season 2 which introduces Jon Bernthal and Elodie Yung to the cast, in stellar performances. Netflix has all 26 episodes available.

***Nominated by Swanpride - The best superhero confrontation of the year didn't happen between Batman and Superman, not even between Iron Man and Captain America, but between Daredevil and the Punisher on a rooftop. The Netflix format allows it to set aside a lot of time just for thoughtful discussions and intricate character-interaction, but the show is also rightfully praised for its action scenes and villain. Vincent D'Onofrio's performance as Kingpin creates a sympathetic character, who is still terrifying - especially when he loses his temper.

Dead Like Me (Amazon Prime, Hulu):

***Nominated by Lauren - This show ran on Showtime for 2 seasons so you can expect strong language and some gore. The show was created by Bryan Fuller so if you’re a fan of his you know to expect something amazing. Like many of his shows it blends humor, drama, and style effortlessly, though in this show the humor is darker. It has a cliché sounding premise for its main character. Georgia, aka George Lass, is an underachieving, sarcastic slacker and college dropout with an overbearing family who does not appreciate the life she has. She does as little as possible with her life while looking down on and alienating everyone around her from her family to her employers. Once she dies in a freak accident, she truly figures out how to live. Becoming a Grim Reaper, she is supposed to take the soul from a person’s body before they die because experiencing one’s own death is a horrifying experience. She then leads that person’s soul to what comes next. After she dies George looks like someone different to the living so she cannot go back to her old life, but she cannot just leave it behind. Dead Like Me shows George adjusting to becoming a Grim Reaper. She is shown as both rebellious and genuinely curious about the necessity of Grim Reapers and death itself. It shows the consequences of when they don’t take a soul, when you try to prevent someone’s death, and what happens when you take someone’s soul who is not about to die. The world they create is both amazing and horrifying.

The most compelling part of the show though is dealing with George herself and her adjustment to a new life and looking back on the family she left behind. When George dies she complains about how she still had so much left to do but is rightly confronted with the fact that she was doing nothing with her life. After she dies she also focuses on the family she was embarrassed by and tried her best to pull away from. Now that she’s dead she can see them differently. Her overbearing mom, Joy, was trying to connect with a daughter who once puberty hit decided she was so much better than her mom. Her boring, weird younger sister Reggie actually idolized her and is dealing with George’s death in unconventional ways, and her father Clancy is not exactly the man she thought he was. Watching George come to these realizations about her family and watching her live her life with a second chance to actually connect with the world she once decided she was too good for is a great journey because even though George goes through some changes she still keeps her wit and edge.

Deutschland 83 (Hulu Plus):

***Nominated by Milo BOK - This German mini-series is set in the year 1983, and yes it requires subtitles (aside from the couple of American characters here and there) but don't let that put you off. It's utterly compulsory viewing for fans of period dramas and one of the best mini-series I've seen on TV in years, blending a coming of age story with a complex cold war spy narrative to weave an unpredictable series that gets better and better as it goes on, capturing the era very well indeed. Oh and the soundtrack is excellent as well, making use of a great variety of songs that fit just perfectly, starting with the incredible Peter Schilling's Major Tom (Coming Home) as the theme. Really worth watching if you can, this show is perfect for fans of The Americans who will recognize the use of a couple of song choices.

***Nominated by Fyn - It is a German produced spy drama, which plays in the time of the Cold War in 1983 Germany. Politically and historically relevant, it is a very special European series. I love this show because of the great actors and the very thrilling story, involving the US too. The Cold War in Germany is a topic, which isn't a huge part or even a main topic of American films and series, so you should give it a try. Fans of Homeland and The Americans will especially like it, I think. To me, it was a huge surprise how great this series is. The many prizes it won agrees with that. You will enjoy it!

Devious Maids (Hulu Plus):

***Nominated by Ellys Cartin - This is a fun show. It has a little bit of Revenge and a little bit of Desperate Housewives mixed up. The first season revolves around a whodunnit, but there are multiple storylines ranging from heart tugging to hilarious. My favorite character is Carmen, an aspiring singer "temporarily" working as a maid who often lands in crazy dilemmas. Though a large part of it is comedy, Devious Maids also takes time to sensitively address more serious topics, such as family relationships, class struggles, and cancer. But mostly it is just fun entertainment.

***Nominated by Joy Haldar - If you liked shows like Desperate Housewives in the past, this is definitely the perfect show for you. A guilty pleasure at its best with a good mix of drama, plotting, murder, scandal, mystery and mayhem. It makes for a great entertaining hour of television. The ladies are top notch; so is the delicious supporting cast. This one will hook you right from the pilot if you're in for some fun and spicy drama this summer.


***Nominated by Aashay Dalvi - Imagine all your favourite characters from Charles Dickens' books - Ebenezer Scrooge, Bob Marley, Miss Havisham, Artful Dodger, and many others, all in one place at one time!  Also, the events of this show act as a prequel to the events in the books. That is to say, we find out how Ebenezer Scrooge became so despised and how a distraught privileged young maiden turned into Miss Havisham! It's like Penny Dreadful, but with Dickens' characters!


***Nominated by Chris Alfonsi - If you like Grey’s Anatomy, then you will love it. You get attached to every character very quickly! It could even be better than Grey's in my opinion.

The Family (Hulu Plus):

***Nominated by Missions - Many of you have probably never heard of The Family, but that is exactly why I am about to tell you what it is about and why it is must-watch television. It’s a drama about a politician, Claire Warren, whose son, Adam, is kidnapped when he is eight years-old. He is presumed dead and their neighbor, who has a history with child molesting, is found guilty for the kidnapping and presumed death of Adam Warren. However, 10 years later, in a state of isolation and confusion, Adam Warren returns to society and shocks not only his family, but also the entire world. That’s when the mystery starts. Is the returned boy really Adam Warren or is Adam Warren indeed dead? That is the main question over the first twelve episodes, which make up season one. But as the title already indicates, it is about so much more than just that. We get to see how the individual family members dealt with Adam’s disappearance in flashback sequences and also how they all deal with his return. The characters are deeply flawed and therefore, they are so realistic and so human. You might not be able to sympathize with any of them in the first episodes, but at the very latest in the series finale, you will at least feel sorry for some of them because in the end, the story is so sad yet unfortunately so relevant. For many it might be very hard to watch since it deals with child molestation and kidnapping, but it is something that is still happening at this very moment. The acting is absolutely brilliant, led by Oscar nominee Joan Allen, who gives such a raw and convincing performance that you will be absolutely stunned. The supporting cast is exactly as amazing though too. The feeling for me is perfect, the cinematography is gorgeous, the imagery is breath-taking, the storyline is intriguing, and the pacing equals perfection. All in all, it was a stellar first season and my favorite freshman show of the entire 2015/2016 season. Unfortunately, as you might know, it was cancelled and did end in a cliffhanger that would have set up an amazing season 2. Nonetheless, you should still give this show a chance because there is nothing like it, especially on network TV. Also, the creators are still looking for a new home, so who knows, there might be a tiny bit of hope still? Well, if you are bored in the summer, watch The Family!

***Nominated by Kate Sidwell - The Family was one of my most anticipated new shows this season and it did not disappoint! Throughout the season this show continued to impress me. Although it was cancelled and it doesn’t have the most satisfying ending, I would 100% recommend watching just for the quality and story alone. Unlike other shows that take you along on the journey to discovering the kidnapper, killer, etc., The Family reveals them upfront and takes you on the journey of whether he’ll get caught and the details of the crime itself. The Family has everything you could ask for - great story, writing, acting, and many dramatic reveals. It often felt more like watching a cable drama because of the quality and story. It really made you think about things and turned potential “villainous” characters into characters that had redeeming qualities that you could truly feel for. Every character was flawed and complicated, which was part of what made it such an interesting and enjoyable show to watch. Overall, The Family was filled with so many dramatic twists and turns and OMG moments that every episode felt like a finale. It was simply a great show to watch and I would recommend it to anyone who loves a good mystery, crime, or family drama.

Flesh and Bone (Amazon Prime with Starz subscription):

***Nominated by Luana -This miniseries about the life of a ballet dancer and the industry of ballet in general, is just mesmerizing. It’s very dark and dramatic. The quality, acting, and writing are just so damn good it’s worth a shot.

***Nominated by Milo BOK - This haunting drama about ballet is a subject matter that I know absolutely nothing about but is done really well and is another under-the radar AMC series that really works. The cast is solid and the atmosphere is intense as the show really excels over the course of its eight episode run, and makes the most of its well-plotted, engaging story.

Friday Night Lights (Netflix):

***Nominated by Linda - The show ran for 5 seasons and aired from 2006 to 2011. It was critically acclaimed and had a passionate fan-base but never got the ratings it deserved. Although this is a show about high school football in Texas, it is not just a show about football. It covers a range of issues including racism, alcoholism, and abortion, which are portrayed realistically and features well thought out characters, primarily Coach Taylor and his wife Tami. What I really loved about this show was that these two had such a strong marriage (something I find lacking in a lot of shows) and a great relationship to watch on screen. In many ways it is quite a unique show with a very authentic feel to it because it uses actual locations and was filmed in a documentary style. The cameras basically followed the actors around and scenes were shot in one take, without rehearsal, with the actors given the freedom to change their lines as they saw fit. All of this combined made the performances feel real. Kyle Chandler won an Emmy for his performance as Coach while Connie Britton earned a nomination for her performance as Tami. The show also won an Emmy for writing. FNL made me laugh, made me cry, but most importantly made me care about these characters who were given great story arcs. I ended up binge watching this show and it is one I will watch again and again, and won't hesitate to recommend it. Please check it out, even if you aren't a fan of American football (after all I live in the UK and know nothing about it). The show is so much more. Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose.

***Nominated by Jessica VanWinkle - Friday Night Lights is one of my favorite TV shows ever. The show is about the Dillion Panthers, a high school football team in Texas, but it’s so much more than football. It’s about relationships, brotherhood, and a community coming together to support the men who play the game. Friday Night Lights features an all-star cast led by Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton as Coach and Tami Taylor, who try to maintain the quality of their marriage while raising a teenage daughter and a baby and trying to win football championships. The football players include Tim Riggins, Matt Saracen (who are my two favorites), Jason Street, and Brian “Smash” Williams, who all encounter tough situations such as injuries, parental issues, relationship problems, and trying to earn scholarships to college. The players aren’t close at first, but quickly come together to become a better team and help each other get through life. Something dramatic happens in the very first episode that will change the team and some of the players forever. This event will immediately grab your attention and make you want to watch more.

Fringe (Netflix, Amazon Prime)

***Nominated by Pablo - Fringe is simply a very good show to marathon as it gets better and better as you go along. It starts out fun, with procedural episodes that are engaging and interesting with an underlying storyline that keeps you hooked in. By the time Fringe starts developing the mysteries around the show, you'll be more and more intrigued, very involved with the characters, and the storylines will bend over backwards sci-fi tropes and take you to unexpected places. Perfectly cast, the Fringe ensemble will keep you wanting more, and you'll see what these people are able to do as the material gets better and better. A good question would be how did it not win any Emmys.

***Nominated by Milo BOK - It's The X-Files meets Homeland, with some great characters - an awesome show that knocks it out of the park. The interactions between the cast are always fun and the mysteries surrounding the show are complex, fun and entertaining. I love the advancement of the plot and John Noble can pretty much steal any scene he's in, so if you're in the mood for some great science fiction then this show should be right up your alley.

Game of Thrones

***Nominated by Missions - “In the Game of Thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground.” This quote from the show summarizes it very well. I believe everyone has heard of Game of Thrones. Whether you were watching an award show or you saw Twitter exploding, Game of Thrones is a show that everyone has at least heard of. Many however are probably so annoyed by all the buzz and they can’t get around all the acclaim and excitement. Well I for one can, and now I will tell you why. From the very opening scene I was completely hooked. It follows seven families that fight for the throne. You can say that it takes place in the Middle Ages, but as soon as you see the very opening scene, you will realize that the fantasy/supernatural element will deteriorate the period drama element, which I for one love. What you have to know is that these people would do anything to sit on the throne. They will kill, they will torture, they will suffer and they will do anything to impede the other families’ attempt to sit on the throne. And that’s how the Game of Thrones starts. The first scene will show you that they all have an enemy much more dangerous and much more powerful than they could even imagine. This show is fantastic. The visual effects are out of this world. I have never seen any like them. They are just perfection. It will provide you with a cinematic experience. The cinematography, the locations, the imagery and the directing are just absolutely perfect. That mixed with strong and smart writing, a large amount of interesting characters, immaculate stunt coordination, and an amazing ensemble make it one of TV’s best shows of all-time, or at least of my time. The build-up in the individual seasons is astonishing and you will realize that the end is pretty much given, but it will be the definition of epic. I like to describe this show in general as a definition of epic because the major events on this show are beyond anything else on TV. Beware though that there is A LOT of violence, A LOT of sexual content and sexual assault, and a high factor of emotional drain. If that’s your cup of tea, you should get caught up on all 57 episodes that have aired so far.

***Nominated by Shelly Costello - I envy people who haven't started watching HBO's Game of Thrones because they get to start from the very first episode of the first season and savor every wonderful minute. This series offers absolutely everything a TV fan craves - drama, suspense, relationships and DRAGONS! If you haven't started watching, please start and enjoy. You will be happy to be join the many loyal fans that can't get enough of this show!

Gilmore Girls (Netflix):

***Nominated by Madeline - Gilmore Girls is a really great show that explores a type of relationship that I feel is often underrepresented in TV shows, the one between mother and daughter. It's set in the small town of Stars Hollow, CT, and shows the life of Lorelai and her relationships with the daughter she had as a teen and her overbearing mother. It is the perfect mix of comedy and drama and is a great show to watch when you're feeling down. It also brought me one of the best fictional characters ever, the amazing Paris Geller. Right now is the perfect time to watch this show because Netflix is releasing a revival sometime at the end of the year. It will have four 90 minute episodes with almost every character who has ever appeared returning. This is one of my all-time favorite shows and I highly recommend it!

***Nominated by Maria Sol - Maybe you know some things about this show, but nothing you’ve heard can give you a full insight to the experience that is watching it. Full of talented actors, amazing writers, witty dialogue, and a whole variety of characters and stories, Gilmore Girls is the type of show that you can watch with your mom, your daughter, your husband, your friend, or your dog. If you want to watch the upcoming movies from Netflix, this is the time to catch up.

Grey's Anatomy (Netflix, Hulu Plus - season 12):

***Nominated by Andrew - Grey's Anatomy is the best medical drama and the third highest scripted broadcast drama on TV. The fact that the show aired in 2005 makes it even more unbelievable that it still has such high ratings, it's still a hit, and the quality remains the same. Grey's Anatomy is an inspiration for most people because the stories which are told in every episode are very true and relatable to situations everyone is confronted with, and I guess that helps lots of people to deal with their problems. Also, many people, after watching Grey's Anatomy, went to med school. How amazing is that? This proves the show is very inspirational, and I guess that really is something. I mean, enjoying the show so much that you want to do exactly what are they doing in the show? That's awesome. I feel like I have a connection with these actors. I cry every time a character dies or leaves because I get really attached to them and they are people that I don't even know. The fact that I feel a connection with them is very interesting. 3 reasons why you should watch Grey's Anatomy ASAP:
- Awesome cast
- Very good storylines and plots
- Quality

***Nominated by Casey - Grey's is a show that is relatable to anyone. I know they are doctors and not many people who watch the show are, but the way the characters are portrayed by the actors allows the audience to relate to their life stories and the struggles they go through inside and outside the hospital. It is also a very easy show to binge watch. By the time you have finished the 12 seasons that have aired already, it will be back on in the American Autumn (Fall), ready for season 13 to premiere. Look, let's face it, it wouldn't be renewed for a 13th season if it wasn't a good show and rated well. 10/10!

Don't forget to keep checking back for more Pitch Your Show nominations this week. We've got plenty to come and hopefully you'll find new shows you are interested in checking out. If any of these inspired you or if you have something to add to the pitches, please hit the comment section below.

About the Author - Dahne
One part teacher librarian - one part avid TV fan, Dahne is a contributing writer for SpoilerTV, where she recaps, reviews, and/or creates polls for Teen Wolf, The 100, How to Get Away with Murder, The Librarians, and others. She also runs the annual Character Cup. She's addicted to Twitter, live tweets a multitude of shows each week, and co-hosts The 100 "Red-Shirted" and Teen Wolf "Welcome to Beacon Hills" podcasts for Southgate Media Group. Currently she writes a Last Week in TV column for her blog and SpoilerTV. ~ "I speak TV."
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Posted on June 15, 2016 .

2016 Summer Pitch Your Show - Part A (12 Monkeys - The Catch)

The nominations are in and over 100 shows were pitched for our Second Annual Summer Pitch Your Show. Amazing! That's more shows covered than even last year. Thanks so much to everyone who participated especially to the Last Week in TV reviewers and SpoilerTV review team for creating second pitches for shows that only had one. Since there are far too many nominations to put into one article, I am again breaking it up by alphabetical order. Since I am a librarian, any show beginning with "The" will be alphabetized by the second word of the title. Today we look at everything from 12 Monkeys to The Catch. The rest of the pitches will follow with at least one article per day, sometimes two, depending on how many we need.

To keep the articles readable, I have limited nominations to 2 per show normally with a few shows that were very popular having 3 of them. I am truly sorry if your nomination is not in here. Know that I appreciate your time and pitches. Making the choice of what went in was difficult. ALL nominations can be found in the link below. (Color coding on the spreadsheet doesn't mean anything except to guide me in what shows have multiple pitches and which ones I've posted already.) I did edit some nominations for spelling, grammar, space, or clarity as needed but again, all original comments are found in the spreadsheet link.

I hope that every reader finds at least one show they are interested in trying. If you do, please comment in the section below. I know those who nominated would love to hear from you. Also if you would like to add something to a show's nomination or if you didn't get a chance to nominate earlier, please add your thoughts in the comments. Thanks again to everyone who created pitches. They have been a fun read and I have been busy adding things to my to-watch list already.

Link to spreadsheet

12 Monkeys:

***Nominated by Kitty - It's criminally unwatched because Syfy hasn't promoted it properly (and people boycott Syfy too) so people are missing out on what should be right up there with Outlander and Game of Thrones in terms of compelling, addictive, water cooler TV. What's not to like?
- Time travel done properly with the bare minimum of loopholes. It's the best TV show going in terms of time travel consistency.
- Addictive and twisty plot that never gets dull - every episode is like a season finale.
- The quality is still waaay up there for the second season, if not better than the first. No disappointments there.
- Compelling, complex and grey characters that surprise you with their development whilst still being totally believable.
- Brilliant relationships between everyone, and the actors absolutely sell you on their characters so you care about them even when they're being idiots.
- Good for an emotional kick in the heart, or a whodunnit, a horror, or a discussion on temporal physics. There's something for everyone.
- Fabulous score, cinematography, and costumes. It's all done really well and does not look cheap.
- It's only two seasons (second season only half way through) of 13 episodes so it's really quick to catch up on.
- A show you can enjoy with one watch, or several rewatches because there's always more clues to find.
- The writers and cast love interacting with the fans on Twitter and FB and will often discuss their characters/plot with you

***Nominated by Blue Star - 12 Monkeys is a show unlike any other show currently on air. It is more than a time travel apocalyptic show. It has complex, unique characters with realistic motives, and enough action to keep interest. It is the most underrated show I currently watch and worth checking out at least once to see if this type of science fiction show is your thing.

The 100:

***Nominated by Spindae - A teen drama never felt this adult! The100 is all about survival and the tough and heartbreaking decisions that the kids and adults have to make . Why does the100 stand out so much? In my personal opinion it is how well it is layered, how every story has repercussions to it, and how much it pays off in a really beautiful way. The cast is incredible and delivers these unimaginable situations with pure conviction.

***Nominated by Ales Lany - The show is awesome. Thrilling with great casting, storyline, and perfect role playing.

The Affair:

***Nominated by Luana - This show is (of course) about an affair that shatters everything around the two main characters. It’s a comedy… NOT. The thing about this show is that they tell every story from different points of view, and those usually don’t completely match, which at first was very confusing for me, but once you get on board with that type of storytelling you can truly appreciate the brilliancy of this show. It’s about so much more than the story itself - it’s about human nature, the way we act, and why. It’s brilliantly acted, written and directed, and is quite a bit addictive. It has two seasons and has been renewed for a third one, I have to say the second was better than the first so hopefully it will continue to improve (if that’s even possible).

Agent Carter:

***Nominated by Patrick Maloney - While I'm not of the opinion that there is a superhero overload on TV right now, I will agree that most of them are very similar. The one exception this season was the genius Agent Carter! Not only does it dive head first into the fun and nostalgia of its time period, but it also never forgets the one thing that makes these stories something special: character. Whether it's the sacrifices women make to get on top, or the effects of having no voice in society due to your skin color, this show really took to heart the "outside your window" perspective of Marvel and blended it well with the interdimensional science fiction. The only show that came close to this character-driven drama and fun adventures was NBC's Constantine!

***Nominated by Swanpride - Out of all of Marvel TV, Agent Carter is a sadly overlooked gem. The first season features one concluded story-arc, centering around Peggy finding her place in an environment, which is not particularly woman friendly. It is an absolute must-watch, with its colourful costumes and sets, twisty storytelling and compelling characters. Not just Peggy, who has already become a pop culture icon in her own right, but also Jarvis, Angie, Howard and Dottie are some of the best characters Marvel has created. The second season has something of a conclusion, but also throws in a cliff-hanger which might never get solved, so one might want to skip it, even though it is still a lot of fun.

Agents of SHIELD:

***Nominated by Swanpride - It is easy to get put off by the first episodes of the show, but this is the rare example of a series which just keeps getting better and better instead of peaking early and then going downhill. It is also the most diverse of the Comic book shows. The impressive part is the storytelling, which sets up important plot points far in advance. More than once it manages to pull off a twist you just didn't see coming even though it was sneakily hinted at early on. This is a show which requires a little bit of investment, especially in terms of keeping track of the different intervening storylines, but it is well worth it. It is just very refreshing to watch a show in which the writers do not spoon-feed everything to the audience.

***Nominated by Jhonas Rodrigo - Many people stopped to watch this show because they thought the story would talk about The Avengers. Well, in some episodes , yes, but there are many other things. I agree that its first season had flaws, a slow pace, but the series finds its way and becomes a magnificent series to watch. Each episode has a reference, every Marvel film released has a small or a big crossover, and every season the series excels, bringing episodes and breathtaking fights scenes. Yes, this is a series that should have a legion of fans but remains only to those who believed in the potential of writers and actors and I am very happy to be one of those fans .

All in the Family:

***Nominated by JB - This classic sitcom starred Carroll O'Connor, Jean Stapleton, Sally Struthers, and Rob Reiner. It was touted as the series that brought reality to prime time television. It revolves around the life of a working class bigot and his family. It broke ground in its depiction of issues unsuitable for network television comedy, such as racism, homophobia, women's liberation, rape, religion, abortion, the Vietnam War, and so many other controversial topics. It is one of the most influential sitcoms as it injected the sitcom format with realistic and topical conflicts. Ironically, Carroll O'Connor, who played the character of Archie Bunker, had political views completely opposite of his character but he delivers the role of the bigot really well, garnering multiple award nominations. If you watch The Carmichael Show, you'll love this. It's really ahead of its time.

The Almighty Johnsons:

***Nominated by Leon - This New Zealand comedy drama tells the story of 4 brothers who are the living incarnations of Norse Gods (they are both their human and God selves). They all have different fun powers, but the drawback is that they don't have full control of their powers. As a result their powers can make their lives a living hell. The youngest of the brothers, Axl - the main character, is the reincarnation of Odin. To restore their powers and ensure the family's survival he must find the reincarnation of Odin's wife, Frigg. The encounters during their search with other reincarnations is always fun and I always found it a highlight of the show when they introduced a new god. This show is not for the fainthearted, cause it can get pretty dark at times. Another thing that can shy a potential watcher away is the character Gaia. Her development was sometimes the opposite direction from what I wanted it to be. It was very frustrating, but in the end her story line ended in a somewhat satisfying way. This series ended after 3 season with a satisfying finale. Story lines were wrapped up and most questions answered. So why else should you watch? The good blend of comedy and drama really makes you invest in the show and constantly makes you crave more. Plus the look into the New Zealand world doesn't hurt!

American Crime:

***Nominated by Spindae - Raw, emotional, real, moving, truthful, shocking and daring! All that is in just 1 show - American Crime, a series that dares to defy, dares to expose, dares to cross the line and deliver emotional twists like no other show. The second season of the show was simply sublime and surpassed all my expectations. It built from a stunning season 1. The acting, writing, storytelling, pace and emotional transition are just beyond anything I saw before. Is this show for everyone? No! It is moody, tough and emotionally draining but if you stick through, it the emotional performance of the actors will give you a new perspective on pain, love and crimes. The only negative thing people bash against is the open ended finales. But I love them! The repercussions of these crimes stretch beyond a 10-11 episode run and we have to look past that to see the bigger picture.

The Americans:

***Nominated by Bradley Adams - The Americans isn't flashy. It isn't action-packed, it isn't fast-paced, it isn't full of death at every turn, but it is almost certainly the most consistently well-written show on television right now. Telling the story of Soviet spies Philip and Elizabeth Jennings working undercover in Washington DC in the early 1980s, The Americans explores the balance between spies and family, and does so in a way that gives you the ability to understand the situation from the perspective of two operatives from the "evil empire". It doesn't expect you to root for them at all times; much of the series features Philip and Elizabeth doing awful, awful things to manipulate innocent people, yet it's difficult not to do so. The series is a never-ending demonstration on how to effectively use micro-expressions, with co-leads Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys still yet to receive the Emmy nomination they so desperately deserve, while supporting cast members such as Alison Wright are nothing short of superb, equally as deserving of some recognition. The Americans is in no hurry to burn through plots - at least two storylines opened in the first season far beyond their expected end, yet are at no point dragged out - and takes great pleasure in making the viewer feel the same stresses that the characters are. There is nothing on television at present as constantly intense or emotionally difficult to watch as The Americans. This is not a show to be watching to relieve yourself of a long day, but it is an incredible exploration of what it means to be a spy, delving into tough material that most shows wouldn't dare touch. The fourth season, which concluded last week, is easily the best season of scripted television to air in 2016 so far, taking every single one of its successful elements and turning them up to 11. There are no shock value deaths, no crazy twists for the sake of crazy twists. Just a well-told story with some of the best performances on television right now.

***Nominated by Sarah - One of the best dramas on TV currently. The acting, writing and production is second to none.

Another Period:

***Nominated by Jane - I rarely watch comedies because most of them are just updated copies of the same jokes that Lucille Ball did over 50 years ago. For me to watch a comedy regularly, it really has to be something different. If there is one thing you can say about Another Period, it is that it is different. This show is about the Bellacourts, the first family of Newport, Rhode Island. Lillian and Beatrice are sisters who are trying desperately to be the Kardashians of the early 1900s. Lillian is rather devious and is always trying bizarre things to be the center of attention. Beatrice is very sweet but not too bright, or maybe she is a lot smarter than others think? The third sister is Hortense. Hortense is less attractive than her two other sisters and is a member of the Newport Association of Gal Spinsters (N.A.G.S.). There is one brother, Frederick, played by Jason Ritter. He is the not very bright twin brother of Beatrice and her incestuous lover. Their father is called The Commodore. He is having an affair with Celine. She is played by Christina Hendricks and is mistaken as a new maid when she shows up at the house. Celine was renamed Chair by Beatrice after having too pretty a name to be a servant's name. The mother is Dodo, played by Paget Brewster. There are numerous other characters all equally silly. Some of the things they do on this show are so bizarre and out there that they would never get away with it except on cable. One of the episodes had a scene with Helen Keller, Anne Sullivan, and some cocaine wine that is totally un-PC and really funny. If you are easily offended, I would stay away from this show. If you are looking for something different and funny, give it a try. Just be prepared for a whole lot of silly.


***Nominated by Nao - Los Angeles, 1967. The dawn of the Age of Aquarius, which saw the rise of black power, disillusion about the Vietnam War, and the creation of Charles Manson’s murder family. The story opens with the wayfaring of a lost teenage girl from a wealthy family, who decides to rebel against society and her parents by joining a commune/open-air brothel managed by the weirdly charismatic Manson (Gethin Anthony). The kid’s parents decide to call Sam Hodiak (David Duchovny), a cop and family friend, to ask him to bring back their missing daughter (but discreetly, because of the father’s political ambitions). Weirdly enough, the story is not centered on Manson, and it’s not a bad thing after all. At first, I thought it was a bit too much, those huge blocky letters reading “David Duchovny in Aquarius”. But they made the interesting decision to show this new age through the eyes of an old cop, one who doesn’t belong to that new generation. I also believe that it was a way for NBC to inject a bit of procedural (it wouldn’t be a network show without cases of the week…), but it goes beyond that. By telling the story of the cop instead of the story of a madman, Manson disappears and becomes background noise, less important than love, politics and social unrest, just a clown who believes he could be a musician. I read some criticism about Gethin Anthony’s casting, but I personally think that he is extremely powerful in his normality. Having not watched Californication, it was quite a shock to confront the image I had of Duchovny in The X-Files and this character of an aging cop, who belongs to a time that is rapidly dissolving. The contrast between his methods, his state of mind, and the times, appears clearly when he’s partnered with a hot head undercover cop. Hodiak is a former soldier, unable to grasp the notion that the war the US is fighting in Vietnam could be criticized, even denounced. Duchovny’s portrayal is pretty solid; his character seems funny at first, but we soon realize that he is crippled with flaws he’s trying very hard to hide.

Sometimes, this series looks like a dull history lesson, but when they find the balance between dramatic intensity and historical revelations, it becomes brilliant. Sometimes, the social and historic consequences are gripping. Everyone seems to be fighting against the establishment in their own way: teenagers, women, blacks, and homosexuals. Everyone aspires to a better world. In a way, they only used Manson as a pretext to tell the story of that time. The first season really felt like a cable show. The contents are surprising; the story is both a procedural and a serial, built around a very interesting depiction of the sixties. Kudos to the music, never anachronistic, a profusion of sounds, which helps enter the world they created through a real attention to detail: costumes, cars, even make-up, everything looks great. Season 2 is nearly upon us, and NBC decided to keep experimenting with it, airing 3 episodes on the same night, without commercials (Thursday, June 16)!

Bates Motel:

***Nominated by Missions - Bates Motel is a prequel to the movie “American Psycho” that will go down in history as one of the most underrated shows of all time. A mother and son, Norma and Norman Bates (yes their names are almost identical) move to a little town named Whitepine Bay after the death of her husband/ his father. There they move into a hotel with the hope of starting a new life. However, like most stories progress, they soon realize that starting a new life is not possible. They are approached by the former owner of the motel, who is not in favor of them moving in. Since Norma completely rejects his proposal, bad consequences for her are a no-brainer, but I don’t want to spoil it for you because in the end, that is what makes this one of the most exhilarating pilots that I have ever seen. It’s nerve-wracking, intense and bloody. Exactly like the entire show. Nevertheless, there are still so many layers of morality hidden behind all of this since the show’s main feature is the mother-son relationship between Norma and Norman and Norman’s transition from a normal teenager to a serial killer due to the influence of not only his mother, but also the situations he has to deal with in this new location. At first, the premise sounded very meh to me, but after binge-watching the first three seasons in two weeks and the fourth one live, I can happily say that this is one of the best drama series on television and thus belongs among “Game of Thrones”, “Homeland”, and other prestige dramas in that category at the Emmys. Freddie Highmore and Vera Farmiga give excellent performances that make the mother-son relationship so profound and so raw. The 10 episodes in the season give the show the chance to provide us with a tight plot that is constantly being smartly developed. The tone of the show is very dark, which is absolutely perfect for it. The twists and turns will shock you and the execution of the ideas will impress you very much. The show will air its final season next year, and it would be great if it could gain some viewers before that occurs.

***Nominated by Matt X - Currently my favourite show. Vera and Freddie are outstanding in their portrayals of Norma and Norman. A true master class.

Batman Beyond:

***Nominated by Folie-lex - From the nineties all the way to the mid 00’s, Bruce Timm set the tone of DC’s animation branch. He created and nurtured a cohesive superhero universe: Batman, Superman, Justice League... For me the epitome of this endeavour was Batman Beyond. In the future, an aging Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, abandoned by all his apprentices and sidekicks, in a moment of weakness almost breaks one of his cardinal rules and uses a gun. He finally admits defeat, and decides to hang the cowl. A few years after that the city Gotham, now renamed New Gotham, without its Dark Knight to protect her, falls back in despair. Enter Terry McGinnis: 16 years old, eldest son of divorced parents, former delinquent, bad tempered, and a bit of a troublemaker. Through a series of events he meets Bruce and figures out his secret. Bruce, being his usual charming self, unceremoniously sends the boy off. After terrible and tragic incident which costs his father’s life, Terry is driven by revenge. He feels responsible for not being present when his father was attacked and guilty because when he left they were in a fight. Terry decides to find the people who killed his father and what better way to do so than to steal the Batsuit. After a bit of mandatory head-butting, Terry and Bruce come to an understanding and the old timer agrees to help the kid navigate through the difficult and murky waters of vigilantism and revive the legend of the Batman.

Of course one can rest assured that the quality of the animation, the writing, the plotting and the character development are everything one would expect from a Bruce Timm DC cartoon (ie: pretty darn great!). However what’s really great about Batman Beyond is that it’s not a story that tries to recreate the Batman mythos. It doesn’t even really try to continue it. What Batman Beyond does is start anew, and it is successful in its attempt. Terry lives in the same universe as Bruce, sure; but he isn’t Bruce. He is a whole other character, his own person. He has his own back story, his own agenda and reasons for doing this, reasons which are as valid as Bruce’s... just different. Where Bruce was driven by fear, sadness, and the desire to never feel helpless again, Terry is proactive and his whole quest isn’t one of revenge. It is instigated by revenge, but it’s mostly a quest for redemption. He is given a chance to do better and he jumps right at it. That is what makes him qualified to wear the cowl and be Batman. We learn to care for him, because of him, not because of Bruce. He deserves the legacy because he adjusts and interprets what the legacy of the Batman means to him, not because he twists himself into the mould of his predecessor. Don’t let the fact that this is animation put a damper on your curiosity to check this show out. If you enjoy a good superhero story, you’ll love this!

Battlestar Galactica:

***Nominated by Quinquin - Yes, I know. There is probably not a word that hasn't been said about BSG already. But here is the thing: I just enjoy this show so much, I HAD to pitch it here. So what is so very fascinating about it? Frankly, there are a lot of things that annoy me but nevertheless I watch it over and over again (must have seen the complete thing more than 15 times by now). Basically the story is about the remainders of humanity being squeezed on some more or less run-down spaceships, running for their lives, searching for a new home and at the same time trying desperately to maintain a somewhat civilized way of life. During their journey they are constantly chased by their enemies. Who are these refugees? No superheroes in shining armor, that's for sure. The military leader, Commander (later Admiral) Adama, played by Edward James Olmos, is facing his imminent retirement right at the beginning of the miniseries. The Battlestar he commands is decommissioned and prepared to become a museum. Participating in the decommissioning ceremony is a minor member of the cabinet, Secretary of Education Laura Roslin (Mary McDonnell). While this takes place in space, most of humanity is annihilated on the home world by mankind's enemies, the Cylons. So Adama takes command of the fleet and Roslin (No.43 in the line of succession!) becomes President. Not really what everybody was dreaming for, including those two themselves. To watch how these characters struggle, adjust to situations, cope with challenges, react to moral dilemmas, and change in the process - that's just fascinating. Both, McDonnell and Olmos give great performances but they are at their best when in scenes together. There is one particular scene in episode 4.02 (Six of One) that is certainly one of, if not THE best scene I have ever seen on television: The characters know each other pretty well by now. They have an argument without even raising their voices. She, in a very calm way, tells him exactly what is going on. He obviously doesn't like that and casually tears her apart, just with a few words that hit exactly the bull's eye. It's just mind-blowing! As for the rest of the cast, some of them are great (Jamie Bamber, for example) while others I don't appreciate so much. I'm sure that things I dislike (the overwhelming presence of the Cylons in the fourth season or how James Callis plays Gaius Baltar) might just be what other people like the most. The show is just so multi-layered that different people like it or very diverse reasons. If you haven't watched it yet, I would highly recommend giving it a try! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Just one hint: To get the whole picture you should absolutely start with the miniseries.

***Nominated by Milo BOK - This is probably my favourite show of all time. Nothing else even comes close to the sheer complexity of BSG. Not only does this show have some of my favourite and most complex characters, but also it boasts excellent world-building with a rich mythology. The effects hold up really well and it's one of the most intense series around. It's a science fiction show set in space but appeals to anybody regardless of the genre, because the cast is so good and the plot is superb. It's super addictive and easily binge-able, with so many amazing twists and you have the benefit of a completed series as well. Start with the mini-series and then check out one of the best TV pilots ever made, "33".

Black Sails:

***Nominated by Sean Candon - Black Sails is a really great show that, sadly, not many people are watching. Perhaps this is due to the relatively slow start, or maybe its availability (or lack thereof) on streaming platforms, but this really is a show that you should be watching. It's set in the early part of the 18th century in the so-called "Golden Age of Piracy". A somewhat prequel to Robert Louis Stevenson's classic novel "Treasure Island", Black Sails features a mixture of both real-life and fictional characters. Don't be fooled; this show is not Pirates of the Caribbean. Yes, there have been several battles at sea over the show's first three seasons, all of them very impressive, but this show is also concerned with the endless nuances of pirate life and the politics therein.  The characters take a while to warm to I admit, but several of them undergo phenomenal development. The protagonist, the fictional Captain James Flint, at first is a deeply unsympathetic character, but as his tragic back story is slowly revealed via flashbacks, you eventually understand why he does what he does and even root for him to succeed. Another example of character development in the series is that of John Silver, who we see slowly develop into the infamous villain of the "Treasure Island" novel. Black Sails is really a mixture of Spartacus, Game of Thrones and Deadwood. It's like the latter in the way it portrays the self-governing pirate town of Nassau and it's various colorful citizens. Deadwood was a show about building a society, and that is sort of what Black Sails is going for here. The show's big-budget battle sequences are impressive enough to rival those of Game of Thrones and it echoes Spartacus in that it is, in the end, about people fighting for independence from an oppressive system of government (in this case the British Empire). Black Sails airs on Starz. It finished its incredible third season in March and its fourth is set to debut early 2017. If what I wrote wasn't enough for you, then maybe this will help; there's copious amounts of nudity, both male and female. It is Starz, after all.

***Nominated by Milo Bok - You like pirates? This is the show for you. Black Sails essentially acts as a prequel to Treasure Island, telling the stories of Captain Flint and John Silver and connects them with famous pirates such as Blackbeard, Jack Rackham and more. It's pretty good with historical accuracy in places and is great fun to watch. The first season may be a bit of a slog to get through but once you're in Season 2 you'll be hooked and it just gets better and better. There are plenty of amazing twists with some great performances and amazing character growth, as well as some great ship battles that are pulled off very well. Unpredictable, tense and with plenty of awesome moments, Black Sails, especially by its third season, is one of the best around, and at its peak is better than even the likes of Game of Thrones.


***Nominated by Missions - You know the usual “Oh, procedurals are so dull and boring…” Well, I am one of the people who think that way. Therefore, I was nothing but uninterested when I read the premise for Blindspot. Then came the trailer, which was good, but I still had zero interest because I knew it would be a procedural. Then came the pilot, and I was so hooked. You don’t have to be a fan of procedurals to enjoy this show. In the opening sequence we see a bag in Time Square, which is why it has to be cleared. Out of that bag emerges a nude woman covered with tattoos, with the name “Kurt Weller” tattooed on her back. This woman, Jane Doe, has no idea who she is or how she got a body full of tattoos, let alone why she has the name of an FBI agent on her back. The first season explores who Jane Doe really is and why she has become this person, who can out of the blue fight like a warrior. But it’s not her excellent fighting skills that make her so special; it’s actually her tattoos. Every single tattoo has a deeper meaning and predicts a crime that will occur, leading the team to a person of interest or at least to someone who is connected to the person of interest. That’s where the show becomes procedural. However, these cases are so out of the ordinary and so brilliantly thought through that all they can do is intrigue you. Nonetheless, very early on, we have many progressions in the serialized part of the show, so early on that I was very shocked. Particularly the second half of the season is very serialized. Jamie Alexander is perfect casting for Jane Doe, portraying a character that is completely confused and does not know how to fit in with the “normal” people around her. In that sense, I really felt sorry for her. In my opinion, the first season did not have a single bad episode since there is a variety of different structures in the individual episodes. I would be glad if people did not just tick it off as some boring procedural on NBC, but actually gave the show a chance. It’s nothing Emmy-worthy, but it is excellent entertainment that does not deserve all the denial that it gets. The characters will grow on you, and you will thoroughly enjoy this show as much as I did in its first season. Happy viewing!

Bob's Burgers:

***Nominated by JB - This show is quirky, light hearted, funny, and still going strong. Don't let the ratings fool you. The series centers on the Belcher family: Bob, Linda, Tina, Gene, and Louise. Last season, it was renewed for two seasons on FOX. The family works in a struggling restaurant that is located on a commercial street that relies heavily on traffic. The Belcher family goes through many different situations in order to keep the business afloat. You can see the show on FOX Sundays at 7:30 when it returns this fall, or you can catch it six nights a week on Adult Swim, where it is a huge success.


***Nominated by Arianna Chiang - King's shows always have quality.

***Nominated by Dahne - Fair warning: If you are at all wigged out by bugs, this is definitely NOT the show for you….or at least be prepared to look away because even fast forwarding isn't going to do the trick. However, if bugs don't phase you and you are into political satire, this just might be your new summer show. It's based on the principle that the reason American politics is so screwed up is because all those involved are…well, brain dead. Literally. As in alien bugs are going through their ears and munching on their brains. The good news is that there will be no drinking problems left in DC. The bad news is that these bugs seem to have an agenda of their own. BrainDead follows the story of Laurel Healy, who grew up in the political life and now would much rather make documentaries on obscure music. She agrees to work for her brother, a senator, if her dad finances her latest film. While helping out a constituent, she stumbles on a conspiracy involving a meteor shower rock and it's now up to her to save the city. There is plenty of commentary on both sides of the political fence and hey, with the current rhetoric and idiocy in DC, alien bug zombies is not the craziest conspiracy theory out there.

The Carmichael Show:

***Nominated by Tuna - The Carmichael Show stars Jerrod Carmichael as a fictional version of himself where in every episode he, his family, and his girlfriend discuss very hot social issues but in a very comedic yet serious way. They discuss prominent topics such as guns and gender and even Donald Trump and Bill Cosby. It is a very funny sitcom that focuses on an African American family in American society. The show is fearless and is not afraid to discuss very serious topics which is why I like the show. It is a genuine comedy that dives into subject matters that are usually hard to talk about comically. The pilot is definitely not the best episode so do not give up after the first episode like I did. I gave up and then I got back into it and I'm so glad I gave it another chance. I highly recommend it to everyone.

***Nominated by Milo BOK - A brilliant underrated comedy on NBC, this show doesn't shy away from discussing topical matters and as a result allows for some hilarious results. The show, filmed in front of a live studio audience, is great for those looking for a clever, critically acclaimed comedy, and two seasons in, just gets better and better.


***Nominated by Leon - It's been a long time since I have seen this show, but what always comes to mind is what a great cast this show had! (Check out their IMDb page.) The show depicts, unbeknownst to most of the characters, a war between heaven and hell. On one side there is Ben who joins a Carnival and on the other hand there is the preacher Justin. Both have prophetic dreams and powers. During the seasons, their stories slowly converge...with horrible consequences. The sets are beautiful and it really places you in the Great Depression. With a script where the actors can really shine, it's a wonder that you don't hear more about it. That's maybe because its story lines are complex and you need to pay attention, but for the people of SpoilerTV that shouldn't be an obstacle. Carnivàle is unique, but if forced to compare, I would say it has some similarities with American Horror Story (but is much better!!). The show only got 2 seasons, leaving us hanging with many questions. Still, if you are in for some quality TV, watch this the first chance you get!


***Nominated by Maria Sol - If you're looking a show to summer marathon, this one should be your choice and I know this because that’s exactly what I did: I watched the 151 episodes of the first seven seasons in about three months and I don’t regret it. Castle has the perfect mix of action, romance, mystery, drama and comedy that leave you wanting more and more after watching every episode. Now that is gone for good it would be a great time to watch a show that will definitely keep a special place in TV.

***Nominated by Luana - Even if it's a shame the way things ended for this show and its cast, the series itself was a lot of fun to watch and had many endearing characters. It ended after its eighth season with a bit of a rushed conclusion but a conclusion nonetheless, which is something many cancelled shows don't get. I think many have probably already watched it but if not, know that it's a great show to keep you entertained.

The Catch:

***Nominated by Ivankwok - The Catch reminds me of shows in the “Blue Sky” era of USA network. It’s upbeat, fun, character-driven and entertaining. The lead characters, Alice and Ben, are delightful and have tons of chemistry. They remind me a lot of White Collar’s Neal and Peter. Alice and Ben, just like Neal and Peter, are on the opposite sides of the law but they can’t get rid of each other and really like each other. They are like the Romeo and Juliet version of White Collar’s charming duo. Beside the leads, the element that intrigues me the most is the crime aspect of the show. Every week, Ben and his partners plan different cons, heists and schemes for different marks. It reminds me of my all-time favorite show, Leverage. Overall, The Catch is a show that gives you nostalgic feelings and reminds you that TV show can be easy, laid back and still entertaining.

***Nominated by Dahne - The Catch was one of the biggest TV surprises for me this season. I thought it would be an emoangsty, one-note story but it has a surprising amount of humor. The characters are engaging and complex. Let's just say it's the first time I've rooted for a conman since White Collar and Leverage. The story is a mix of procedural, one-off cons and the serial long con to take down a dangerous criminal empire. Probably the biggest compliment I can give this show is that I keep changing my favorite character because they all have so much to offer. Like Ivan above, The Catch feels like the successor to both White Collar and Leverage to me. If you liked either of those shows or are just in the mood for some snappy character interaction and sleight of hand, check this one out.

Don't forget to keep checking back for more Pitch Your Show nominations this week. We've got plenty to come and hopefully you'll find some more shows you are interested in checking out. If any of these inspired you or if you have something to add to the pitches, please hit the comment section below.

About the Author - Dahne
One part teacher librarian - one part avid TV fan, Dahne is a contributing writer for SpoilerTV, where she recaps, reviews, and/or creates polls for Teen Wolf, The 100, How to Get Away with Murder, The Librarians, and others. She also runs the annual Character Cup. She's addicted to Twitter, live tweets a multitude of shows each week, and co-hosts The 100 "Red-Shirted" and Teen Wolf "Welcome to Beacon Hills" podcasts for Southgate Media Group. Currently she writes a Last Week in TV column for her blog and SpoilerTV. ~ "I speak TV."
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Major Crimes - 5.01 - Present Tense - Preview

Major Crimes premeieres Monday, June 13 on TNT at 10/9 C.

Coming off of an epic, 5-part crime arc that focused on key issues in law enforcement today, the season 5 premiere takes a step back to re-focus on the more personal aspects of it. The crime of the week is a possible kidnapping of a teenage girl who has been helping the homeless to her parents' chagrin. It's your fairly typical case with a few twists and turns thrown in to keep it interesting. Although nothing sensational, it is one of the highlights of the episode for me because of the killer's connection to the victim. It brings a unique perspective to the case and the interrogation scene is heartbreaking. For most people though, the premiere will be all about the main characters as several subplots are started. The most shocking one deals with a decision Julio makes toward the end of the case. While being openly mocked about it by his colleagues, I am interested in seeing where this goes primarily because Julio's character is getting a little flat. He deserves a rich storyline that focuses on something besides his anger issues. If sustained, this could be a real growth year for the character. The biggest subplot though goes to Buzz, who also gets overlooked a lot. He decides to look into the shooting death of his father and uncle years ago with an eye towards re-opening the cold case. He will not be deterred even when Provenza tries to shelter him from the worst aspects of it. Rusty, who also has heard the basic details, would like to make Buzz the focus of his next exposé but Buzz is not cooperating.

On the romance front, two couples parallel a similar issues: one partner wants to move forward with the relationship while the other wants to take it slowly. The primary focus goes to Rusty and Gus who have a big fight right before they are supposed to go on vacation together. With Gus no longer speaking to Rusty, he turns to Sharon for advice but she suggests that the issue goes beyond just the fight. In her typical Sharon fashion, she helps clarify the situation for him and continues to be a support throughout the episode. While some will find this subplot compelling, for me it dragged everything down and turned Rusty into a whiny teenager throughout. In fact, it is the worst part of the episode for me. Part of that is because Rusty feels like a superfluous character now. I don't mean he isn't interesting, just that if he left for an out-of-state college, nothing much would change so his character feels shoehorned into the main plot just to give him screen time. Here's hoping that the Buzz case will change that because I really do like the Sharon-Rusty dynamic. While not getting as much screen time in the romance department, Sharon and Andy also have a key scene where Andy tells Sharon that he wants to sell his house but she is unsure whether that is a wise plan or not. Later on this discussion will end in a mini-cliffhanger to fade out the episode.

Grade: B

Best Reason to Watch - for me, the case of the week
Best Reason to Fast Forward - Rusty's love drama
Best Scene - interrogation
Best Counselor - Sharon to Rusty
Best Reaction - Julio to the Admiral
Best Upgrade - the tech room
Best / Most Promising Subplot - Julio
Most Rookie Move - Rusty opens the door without looking through the peephole. The guy has had multiple creepsters in his life trying to hurt him. You'd think caution would be rule #1.
Most Fit - Sykes, who runs down a suspect until…
Most in Need of Heavy Jail Time for being an Awful Person - Ethan
Most Pushy - Rusty about covering Buzz's story
Least Likely to Win Flies with Honey - Jane Wolfe
Biggest Subplot - the murder of Buzz's father and uncle
Biggest Hmm - Surely they have GPS or smartphones. Why are they still using a hand-drawn map?
Smartest Dummy - Gabe
The "I'm with You" Award - Louie's lunch

Check out Major Crimes on TNT, Mondays at 10/9 C

Screencaps by TNT and SpoilerTV

About the Author - Dahne
One part teacher librarian - one part avid TV fan, Dahne is a contributing writer for SpoilerTV, where she recaps, reviews, and/or creates polls for Teen Wolf, The 100, How to Get Away with Murder, The Librarians, and others. She also runs the annual Character Cup. She's addicted to Twitter, live tweets a multitude of shows each week, and co-hosts The 100 "Red-Shirted" and Teen Wolf "Welcome to Beacon Hills" podcasts for Southgate Media Group. Currently she writes a Last Week in TV column for her blog and SpoilerTV. ~ "I speak TV."
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Posted on June 10, 2016 .

Throwback Thursday - Roswell - 1.01 - Pilot - Recap and Episode Awards

I know. You're probably tired of hearing it, but the single most difficult thing about Throwback Thursday is picking an episode. There has been so much good TV that deserves to be spotlighted and remembered. In the end, I narrowed it down to shows that have not previously been a part of TBT. Currently I am watching a lot of classic TV for the special edition of Last Week in TV on shows from our childhood. I really wanted to spotlight Roswell for it but I was in my late 20's when it premiered so it didn't fit. Enter this review. In the 1.5 decades since Roswell first premiered, my tastes in TV have changed a lot so I admit that I shipped Michael and Maria hard back then, while considering Max and Liz to be the drippiest couple ever to grace my TV. Mostly though I enjoyed the sci-fi elements like alien powers. Warner Brothers agreed and made huge changes around midseason and especially in season 2. By season 3, the story had fallen off the rails and Roswell's fate was sealed. No amount of passionately sent Tabasco sauce bottles could change the WB's mind. Still it remains one of the most remembered teen sci-fi shows and was often referenced when Star-Crossed made its debut. So welcome back to 1999, when a 2.6 rating gets you cancelled, Czechoslovakians become all the rage, and things are about to get freaky in Roswell, New Mexico….


The series opens with Liz Parker, a typical teenager, writing in her diary. Voiceover: "I'm Liz Parker and 5 days ago I died. After that, things got really weird." Talk about an attention grabber! Liz works at her family's alien-themed diner with her best friend Maria DeLuca, your typical wacky teen hippie. They ought to get a bonus for their ridiculous uniforms, including antennae and alien head aprons, but instead Liz cons some UFO enthusiasts with fake alien photos. It's the best acting she does all episode and they completely buy it. Also in the diner are Max Evans, Liz's science partner, and his best friend, Michael Guerin. Across the diner, a fight suddenly escalates and one man pulls a gun. In the chaos, the gun goes off, shooting Liz in the stomach. Max runs to her over Michael's objections. While Maria calls the police (on a landline) and Michael holds back the UFO nuts, Max heals the bullet wound with his hand and then breaks a ketchup bottle over her uniform to disguise the blood. Police sirens wail as Michael and Max take off, leaving a confused Liz and shocked Maria. Enter Sheriff Valenti, father of Liz's boyfriend. Sheriff looks around but isn't suspicious until the UFO lovers tell him there's no bullet and contradict Liz's story. She goes from brilliant liar to guilty-face in 3 seconds flat. Up in her room, she notices the bullet hole in her uniform as I wonder what kind of shoddy EMT's they have in Roswell. Shouldn't she have been checked out thoroughly enough to notice a bullet hole? Liz is too shocked by the giant glowing handprint on her stomach to properly dispose of her uniform so she stuffs it in her backpack. She's had a rough day.

Since this is not Teen Wolf, no near death experience keeps Liz away from her studies. Even Max shows up, albeit late. In science they just so happen to be studying cells but when the teacher requests a cheek swab, Max suddenly asks to go to the bathroom. Suspicious, Liz takes a saliva sample from Max's chewed up pencil and compares it to her own cells. They are nothing alike. A freaked out Liz pulls Max into the band room to talk after awkwardly kicking out her boyfriend, Kyle. She shows Max the body art he left on her and requests to rerun the cell test so she can stop freaking out. This is normally where something wacky would stop the conversation but Roswell's pacing is better than that. Liz: "So help me out here, Max. I mean what are you?" Max: "Well, I'm not from around here?" Liz: "Where're you from?" Max just points up, way up. In what probably would take 4 episodes today, Max confirms his alien status in the first 12 minutes - woo hoo! Liz is less excited and freaks. Max stops her and begs for her silence. "Liz, listen to me. You can't talk to anyone about this - not your parents, not Maria, no one. You don't understand what will happen if you do. Liz, please. Now my life is in your hands." Maria also freaks out because Liz is avoiding her. Their other best friend, Alex, reassures her that Liz is all right because the newspaper says so. I didn't know 90"s teens read newspapers. Maria finally tracks Liz in the bathroom and shows her the bloody order pad Liz was carrying when she got shot. Liz has no answer for her.

Max's sister Isabel is less than happy too. Michael and she ream him for using his powers in public but Max claims it's all good. After all, Isabel just used her powers in public to heat up her taco. They really flip though when Max admits he told Liz the truth. Michael is all for fleeing right then but the Evans siblings disagree. Izzy: "Michael, where are we going to go? You know Roswell's home." Michael: "Roswell's not home. It's not even our solar system." Max: "Well this is the closest thing we have to home right now." Michael: "For you two, maybe. It was you the Evans found on the side of the road, not me. They're like real parents to you. My foster dad, he just keeps me around for the monthly check." Ouch! In one statement, Michael became my favorite character. What can I say. I was more empathetic back then. Max counsels acting normal, especially when Sheriff pulls them over. He warns them to be careful but the empty Tabasco sauce containers remind him of the ones he saw at the diner. He gets even more suspicious when Kyle mentions Liz's new big, glowing hand print on her stomach. In an effort to keep Liz from spilling their secret, Max offers to "connect" with her again. Basically they mind meld and she sees the night Isabel and he were found by their adoptive parents. She also sees his crush on her and from then on these two are a googly-eyed mess. They will drip with sweetness, longing wide-eyed stares across the room, and full feeling angst for the rest of the series. Fair warning. There's a reason why the WB made them focus on the more sci-fi elements in season 2.

Alex, though is more concerned about Liz's well-being because Maria's not buying her story. Neither is Sheriff, who brings her in for questioning. He shows her a picture from 1959 of a dead man who bears a similar handprint to Liz. When he demands to see it, the handprint has disappeared. Liz is more shocked than he is. Let's just say she won't win any poker games. He directly asks about Max but she denies he was there. Rookie move, honey, especially since Sheriff has her book bag with the uniform. He gives it to a shadowy government official, who blows him off. Stevens: "I have a flying saucer sighting in Phoenix and an accountant in Barstow who thinks he's Jesus. Both cases are more solid than this one." Ha! He also hints at Sheriff's background. His dad chased aliens too and was the one who found the handprint body in the 50's. Although Agent Stevens says they'll handle it, Sheriff is not giving up. He wants to prove his dad was not crazy. Meanwhile Liz confronts Max again. He explains why he's a teen when his ship crashed in the 40's and shows off his neat molecular manipulation power. Basically they can move molecules to change things, which is how he dissolved the bullet in Liz. He also spills the beans on Isabel and Michael and says not even his parents know. Max: "We don't tell anyone. We sort of think our lives depend on it." Because they do. He freaks when Liz stops burying the lead, telling him that Sheriff suspects him AND there's another alien walking around somewhere. It's his turn to flee the room. He picks up Izzy and then Michael, who is far more excited about hearing they aren't alone than either of the Evans siblings. Michael: "So then there's hope. I mean if we can find him, he can tell us where we came from, what we are…" Isabel: "Michael, calm down. We had one potential relative 40 years ago. All we know about him is he was a potential killer." Good point. Let's just say he won't be the answer they are looking for.

Maria, however, resorts to threats. Either Liz starts talking or she'll go to Sheriff. Be careful what you wish for, Maria. Let's just say she doesn't take the news well. Marie: "Where does this leave me? I can't be a wacky friend to someone who's already wacky. It would be like redundant.." Liz: "Maria, you're babbling right now." Maria: "I think I've earned the right to babble, alright, so just deal with it." Ha! Liz is more concerned about Max and when she sees his Jeep, she leans over Maria and grabs the wheel to turn around. Maria thinks Liz is nuts. Liz: "Please just catch them." Maria: "Catch them? Liz, we're in a Jetta." Bwah! They corner the alien trio in an alley while Maria learns about Michael and Isabel. She promises not to tell but Michael demands that they move their car. Liz: "I really don't think that you should try to leave. It's just gonna show people that you're guilty." Michael: "Guilty of what? Saving your life?" Max decides to turn himself in to Sheriff but Isabel refuses to let him so she agrees to Liz's idiotic plan. It's Teen Wolf Plan A level idiocy, but it gets the 5 working together. The gist is that they all go to the Crash Festival and pretend Maria is attacked by an "alien" complete with painted on handprint. Sheriff, who has Max in his custody, sees the alien and chases it down after making sure Maria is okay. By the time he sees the alien in the crowd, it is his son's costume. Yes, it's not a good plan, especially since the paint comes off on Sheriff's hand, but in their defense they didn't have much time to create it. Sheriff does release Max though since he has no proof that Max did something or is something and parents don't take kindly to their kids being arrested for no reason. The episode ends with the alien trio looking sadly on the mockup of the alien crash the town is celebrating. Until Max sees Liz that is. Then they make their vow of eternal estrangement because the world is much too dangerous for their love. Oh brother.


The best things about this pilot is that the pacing moves quickly. It starts with a hook and breezes through plot that would take a lesser show 4 episodes to get through. I was pleasantly surprised when it first aired that it not only took Liz less than an episode to learn the truth, but the same was true for Marie too. Another episode of Liz hiding things from Maria would have been painful. It is already painful enough to go 8 episodes with Alex not knowing. By moving the pace so swiftly, the sci-fi elements of the plot get the attention they deserve and are the most enjoyable. I really like the alien trio. I'm a sucker for created families and these guys have more reason to protect each other than most. Sometimes they want to kill each other but they are always loyal. Another plus is that they use their alien powers so casually. Izzy playing the CD in her palm always makes me laugh. Still a hero is only as good as his villain so a special shout out to Sheriff Valenti too. Sure, his handcuffing Max makes zero sense and his dodged pursuit of aliens is only partially explained by his father's history in the pilot. Still he brings a needed urgency to the pilot, especially when he reveals his shadowy government agency connections that every alien story seems to need. In many ways, he's the anti-Sheriff Stilinski at this point. He knows something is off and he's going to use everything in his power to take down Max.


Probably the biggest issue I have with the pilot is Maria. I forgot how much I disliked her in the first couple of episodes until she toned down and I grew to love her. Since Maria is my second favorite character, it physically pains me to see her so obnoxious here. Still she has some great moments too. I like the little things about her like how she steps back when Michael confronts them. I also love every line she has about the Jetta. Small parts of her spirit shine through in the pilot, but she gets much, much better as the series goes on. My second biggest issue is why most people remember the show at all - Max and Liz. The love triangle and endless, emoangsty gazing were always a downer for me. However I didn't find Shiri Appleby's performance any better or worse than the others in the pilot so that's probably the biggest change. I still remember Television without Pity calling her the Lizbot 2000. For me the worst acting here is Max's ever present dewy eyes. The boy looks like he's going to make like Bambi or cry in almost every scene. The journal construct with the voiceovers also gets tiring, especially as the season progresses, although it makes for quite the opener. I still don't see how they could ever think anyone was going to buy the alien costume though.

Grade: B

Verdict: Roswell holds up surprisingly well for a show that is over 1.5 decades old and deals with science fiction. That's not usually a forgiving genre. It helps that the pilot had very few special effects and it dealt mostly with universal themes. You don't have to be an alien to feel alienated from others and a desire to fit in and find others like you is universal.

You Can Find It - on Netflix streaming, Amazon Prime, and Hulu subscription

Episode Awards:

Best Reason to Watch - the compelling story of 3 teenage aliens trying to make it in the world
Best Scene - Max rescues Liz
Best Reason to Flash Forward - the sappy ending with Max and Liz
Best Opening - Liz saying that she died 5 days earlier (even if not technically true)
Best Reason to Freak Out - either silver stomach handprint or that a kid in school is an alien
Best Moment - Liz physically turns Maria's jaw so she's looking back at the road while she drives
Best Silent Conversation - Maria and Liz when Liz is showing the fake alien picture to the tourists
Best Cameo - Jonathan Frakes
Best Backstory - Max and Isabel found by the Evans
Best Reaction - the alien trio to watching the fake alien ship crash in the celebration
Best Nostalgia - the music, especially Crash into Me by Dave Matthews Band / the Jetta
Worst Nostalgia - Beavis and Butthead
Worst Liar - Liz, who doesn't even try to make up an excuse to explain the silver handprint to Kyle
Worst Plan - trying to trick Sheriff / making this more about romance than the sci-fi plot in places
Worst Girlfriend - Liz, who pretty much uses Kyle shamelessly. While he's going to deserve it later in the season, I felt bad for him in the pilot.
Biggest Huh? - How come Max didn't leave glowing handprints on the sides of Liz's head when he mind melds with her again?
Biggest Science Nerd - Liz, who studies DNA from Max's pencil
Most Embarrassing - the diner outfits
Most Awkward - Liz asks her boyfriend if he feels things when he's with her
Most Missed - Liz's conversation with Maria about aliens among us, although from the aftermath it's clear it did not go well
Smartest Move - Max doesn't panic when the sheriff pulls them over
The "Say What?" Award - If I had a huge glowing handprint on my torso and I didn't want anyone to see it, the last thing I would be wearing is a crop top. Come on, Liz.
The "Welcome Back" Award - Shiri Appleby, now on UnREAL / Jason Behr from Dawson's Creek / Katherine Heigl last seen on State of Affairs / Majandra Delfino from Friends with Better Lives / Brendan Fehr from The Night Shift / Colin Hanks currently on Life in Pieces / Nick Wechsler from Revenge / William Sadler from SHIELD and Hawaii Five-0 / Kevin Weisman from Scorpion and The Blacklist / Richard Schiff from The West Wing / Jonathan Frakes from Star Trek: Next Generation

Best Quotes:

1. Liz: "Please just catch them." Maria: "Catch them? Liz, we're in a Jetta."
2. Max: "Aren't you gonna read me my rights?" Sheriff: "Do you have any?"
3. Voiceover: "I'm Liz Parker and 5 days ago I died. After that, things got really weird."
4. Maria: "Okay, I know my mom's car doesn't look like much, but not destroying it is the key to my and my mother's relationship, okay?"
5. Stevens: "I have a flying saucer sighting in Phoenix and an accountant in Barstow who thinks he's Jesus. Both cases are more solid than this one."
6. Marie: "Where does this leave me? I can't be a wacky friend to someone who's already wacky. It would be like redundant.."
7. Isabel: "Where's your stuff?" Michael: "I'm wearing it."
8. Max: "You use your powers all the time." Izzy: "Recreationally."
9. Izzy: "I can't believe this Max. You know I finally feel like I have a quasi-normal existence and you blow it all with one random act of lunacy. How did you let my misguided brother do this?" Michael: "'Hey don't turn this around on me. I'm not the one who thinks he's a superhero."
10. Liz: "So help me out here, Max. What are you?" Max: "Well, I'm not from around here?"

Screencaps by The CrashdownPinterest, FanForum, Antar82, Pop Goes the Reader, Tumblr, DDD Net, and Fanpop.

About the Author - Dahne
One part teacher librarian - one part avid TV fan, Dahne is a contributing writer for SpoilerTV, where she recaps, reviews, and/or creates polls for Teen Wolf, The 100, How to Get Away with Murder, The Librarians, and others. She also runs the annual Character Cup. She's addicted to Twitter, live tweets a multitude of shows each week, and co-hosts The 100 "Red-Shirted" and Teen Wolf "Welcome to Beacon Hills" podcasts for Southgate Media Group. Currently she writes a Last Week in TV column for her blog and SpoilerTV. ~ "I speak TV."
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Posted on June 9, 2016 .

Quote of the Week - Week of March 29

A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the Spoiler TV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

12 Monkeys -
1. Cole: “Remember when you said we didn’t know each other anymore? You were wrong about that. The truth is, I don’t think anybody’s ever known me like you. And I know you. I know you. And I know…you would never let me die.” (BlueStar)
2. Deacon: “So, uh, fella, we’ve had a little bit of a time travel snafu here, and brace yourself – you’re in the future…2044 to be exact. So if you want to drop your weapon, we can catch up on the last…” Dr. Eckland: “Eighty-five?” Deacon: “Eighty-five years.” (BlueStar)
3. Deacon: “Don’t worry, I’ll tell your hippie friends you fought them off with flowers and rainbows.” (BlueStar)

Houdini & Doyle -
1. Adelaide: "You brought us here to spy on your mother?" Houdini: "Yeah. What do you think's going on there?" Doyle: "My instincts tell me she's having lunch." Houdini: "With a man." Doyle: "Clearly my detective skills are no match for yours."
2. Houdini: "Yeah, not being in the same country is a pretty solid alibi."
3. Merring: "We let him down." Houdini: "We let the insane kidnapper down?" Merring: "His child's killer is still out there. How could he not go mad?"
4. Houdini: "How could she be married? She had dinner with me. That's got to mean something." Doyle: "It means she was hungry."
5. Adelaide: "I make it a rule to never discuss my personal life with anyone hiding from their mother."

Hunters -
1. McCarthy: "What do Nancy Sinatra, Freddie Mercury, and Brittany Spears all have in common?" Jackson: "I don't know." McCarthy: "You people turn their music into a misery, use it to torture prisoners. At least Iron Maiden made sense."
2. Briggs: "You still think she loves you. Oh whatever's in that medication, that's some strong hooch." Flynn: "You don't know sh** about me." Briggs: "You don't know sh** about you."
3. Ted: "I'm your father, Alison, and nothing, not even Musa, could ever change that."
4. Flynn: "Looks like Martinez didn't retire after all." Briggs: "No, he took up fishing or he's opening a Red Lobster."
5. Abby: "The reprogramming was unsuccessful." Liana: "Hers or yours?"

Motive -
1. Vega: "You're looking at an attempted murder charge." Danielle: "If I'd wanted him dead, I would have aimed higher."
2. Angie: "Can I get you to talk to him? You know, in a sympathetic way? Try to get him to confess? Please." Mark: "It's not my favorite part of the job." Angie: "I know but you're so good at it." Mark: "You know that's not a compliment, right?" Angie: "It's supposed to be."
3. Saunders: "Must have grown close." Vega: "I would say we're very close, yes." Saunders: "Well you saved her life." Vega: "I shot a man in the line of duty to protect her. She's done the same for me. We would do the same for you."
4. Stacy: "I am supporting you. I'm telling you that your boss is a creep and you don't have to put up with it."
5. Saunders: "Have you ever had reason to suspect a personal agenda drives her work?" Vega: "I don't think she's the one with the agenda here."

Orphan Black -
1. Scott: "Have you thought about how insane you are? Jumping in a chopper to a mad scientist's private island?" Cosima: "Dude, we are mad scientists. Don't be a hater." (DarthLocke)
2. Adele (about Alison): "You look just like her, except with less anger and more hygiene." (DarthLocke)
3. Susan: "You should take up a hobby, too. Ira, have you shown her your toy soldiers?" Rachel: "Yes, perhaps I should take up carpentry. I can build us all coffins. Should I start with the smallest first?" (DarthLocke)

Outcast -
1. Megan: "Let me get you outta here, at least for an hour. Maybe you'll luck out and the place will burn down while we're gone."
2. Reverend: "Whatever your motives, there would have been something missing without the (Police) Chief's chili." Fire Chief: "Yeah, heartburn."
3. Kyle: "Megan brought me over against my will. Honest. Look Mark, I'm the only person who wants me here less than you do. Believe me. You know how she is."
4. Reverend: "Alright then. Call, raise, whichever. Just quit wasting time and give me your damn money."

Outlander -
1. Claire: "Let's get one thing clear, Dougal Mackenzie. If I ever thought of you, then I might hold a grudge for all the things you've done to me. But, I don't. Why? Because of your affliction, your inability to be selfless, because you suffer from narcissism. If you don't know what that is, then let me tell you. The term comes from Greek mythology. Narcissus fell in love with his own reflection in a pool of water and died rather than pull himself away to eat." Dougal: I do love my reflection, but make no mistake, lass, I love Scotland more, and I would give everything...everything I have or ever will have, including my life, to see a Stuart back on the throne." (DarthLocke)
2. Private Lucas: "Ma'am, can I ask you a question? What kind of food is this trying to be?" Claire: "Well, that, Private Lucas, is trying to be black pudding, though you would probably call it sausage." Private Lucas: "Then what do you call what we call pudding?" Claire: "Pudding. The British and Americans... Two people separated by a common language." Private Lucas: "George Bernard Shaw." Claire: "That's right." Private Lucas: "My mama's Irish. She said he's one of the great Irish writers of all time. Pop says he's a Communist." (DarthLocke)
3. Claire: "If I go back, it'll be just like lying in that ditch again, helpless and powerless to move like a dragonfly in amber." (DarthLocke)

Wynonna Earp -
1. Bobo: "Girls, what'll you have?" Wynonna: "A tall glass of 'you're officially next on my hellbound and down' list." Bobo: "You want some ice with that?"
2. Dolls: "Earp, I think we just lured the skinwalker back to a whole bunch of free range dinners."
3. Wynonna: "I don't follow very well. I'd say I'm more of a fighter."
4. Bobo: "Bloodbaths are bad for business."

About the Author - Dahne
One part teacher librarian - one part avid TV fan, Dahne is a contributing writer for SpoilerTV, where she recaps, reviews, and/or creates polls for Teen Wolf, The 100, How to Get Away with Murder, The Librarians, and others. She also runs the annual Character Cup. She's addicted to Twitter, live tweets a multitude of shows each week, and co-hosts The 100 "Red-Shirted" and Teen Wolf "Welcome to Beacon Hills" podcasts for Southgate Media Group. Currently she writes a Last Week in TV column for her blog and SpoilerTV. ~ "I speak TV."
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Last Week in TV - Week of May 29 - Reviews and Episode Awards

Hi and welcome back to Last Week in TV. We're officially into summer hiatus so until summer shows start trickling in faster, this column will be a bit lighter. Hence the new category - marathoned shows. These shows will probably vary week to week. If you'd like to help with that section, just fill out the short form below and I'll e-mail the details. I have temporarily suspended the nomination process since we're about to go on hiatus and I still have a lot of nominations left, but if there's a show you think I should watch just put it in the comments below. This time I violated my own nomination rules and reviewed another episode of a show I did earlier. That's because the officially nominated episode of Killjoys was 1.07 but I didn't have time to marathon at that time so I reviewed the pilot instead. Since Killjoys was one of the shows I marathoned this week, I finally got to the nominated episode.

The column will continue for about 4 more weeks before it goes into hiatus so I can get the Character Cup together. It will pick back up again when the fall season begins. One of those weeks we will focus on overall season awards and the last week of June, we will have a special edition focused on Childhood/Teen TV. Basically I'm asking people to watch at least 3 episodes of a show they loved as a child or teen to see how well it stands up and how their view of it changed or stayed the same. If you are interested in participating, there is still plenty of room. Just fill out the short form below for details. I'd love to get a great variety of shows covered. Until next time, add your own episode awards in the comments section below and happy TV viewing.

Shameless Plug - We're still looking for people to pitch their favorite shows. All you have to do is tell people why they should start watching your faves. More details here.

Episode of the Week

Houdini & Doyle - 1.05 - The Curse of Korzha

This episode is one of the better ones for me, mostly because we get rich background on several characters. Merring could have remained a one-note, sexist boss but instead they humanized him here. Learning of his son's death a year earlier made him more sympathetic, especially since he touched on the grieving process. It was also a nice touch in explaining why Merring dislikes Doyle. It's not just about how Sherlock Holmes often mocked the police. Instead it was about Doyle's newest book on the Boer War. Since Merring's son died in that war, Merring has issues with Doyle's defense of it. It also explained why he was personally involved in these cases where children went missing. I like that even though Pierce went psycho from grief, Merring still understood his pain. Other good character insights were about Adelaide's husband and her alias. That definitely pointed to a larger story and one that I was very interested in when I first watched this series. The subplot about Houdini's mom was a little creepy but I did like him sharing with Doyle about his experience as a psychic himself. It's no wonder he is skeptical about others when he blames a woman's suicide on his tricking her. Another plus for the episode was Madame Korzha herself. I love how she was a brilliant detective in her own right, solving crimes that Scotland Yard did not. It makes sense given the time period that in order to use those skills she felt she needed to hide them under the guise of psychic.

Grade: B+

Best Reason to Watch - the psychic who is really a brilliant detective
Best Scene - Houdini rescues the girl
Best Moment - Doyle reads to his daughter and gets inspiration
Best Back Story - Houdini's time as a psychic / Merring's dead son / Adelaide losing her husband / Adelaide's real name
Best Magic Trick - the psychic takes the place of her assistant in seconds
Most Heroic - Houdini jumps in to save the child and rescue breathes for her
Most Creepy - the doll factory
Most Sympathetic - Doyle's writers' block
Biggest Mama's Boy - Houdini, who is jealous of his mom having a date
Biggest Awww Moment - Merring talks about his dead son
The "Welcome Back" Award - Emily Hampshire from 12 Monkeys

Best Quotes -
1. Adelaide: "You brought us here to spy on your mother?" Houdini: "Yeah. What do you think's going on there?" Doyle: "My instincts tell me she's having lunch." Houdini: "With a man." Doyle: "Clearly my detective skills are no match for yours."
2. Houdini: "Yeah, not being in the same country is a pretty solid alibi."
3. Merring: "We let him down." Houdini: "We let the insane kidnapper down?" Merring: "His child's killer is still out there. How could he not go mad?"
4. Houdini: "How could she be married? She had dinner with me. That's got to mean something." Doyle: "It means she was hungry."
5. Adelaide: "I make it a rule to never discuss my personal life with anyone hiding from their mother."

Nominated Episode

Killjoys - 1.07 - Kiss Kiss, Bye Bye

First off, I should say that I really do like this series. It's action packed with lots of one liners and good character interactions. In fact, you can read what I thought of episodes 2-6 below in the marathoned section. That being said, this is my least favorite episode so far. Partly because of the romance folderol, partly because of the wasted potential, partly because of the eye candy. Does it get any more sexist eye candy than a woman running around in her underwear being stalked by a shirtless psycho? Come on. What should have been one of my favorite scenes turned into one large eye roll. Thanks SyFy. The only saving grace is that Dutch, of course, won. Otherwise it would have been any other stupid horror show scene. Tossing in a sex scene between Dutch and D'Avin was another huge miss. The team is just starting to gel but they just had to go there. I agree with every single point John made to Pree. Nothing good could ever come from this so why randomly throw it in. If we get a love triangle with the brothers, I will throw socks. Lots and lots of socks. Even worse is that this should have been a strong brother episode. There should have been more flashbacks to their youth. There should have been more time with the brothers getting along to build it up. Heck, even more time with John there for his brother instead of making it all about sex with Dutch. The good parts of this episode were awesome and the killer soldier, while its own trope, is interesting. I loved Amanda Tapping playing evil again too. However, the good was overshadowed by the clichéd and the unnecessary. Even worse, it didn't build the bromance or the team and that's the heart of this show.

Grade: C-
Ranking: I am committed to watching the show for as long as the romance dregs don't bring it down

Best Reason to Watch - the characters' reactions to what they have done and what has been done to them
Best Scene - D'Avin stabs John
Best Back Story - John tries to get D'Avin to remember their childhood
Best Save - the females (Dutch protecting D'Avin and Pawter saving John)
Best Entertainment - Dutch and D'Avin play Shoot the Snitch
Biggest Awww Moment - D'Avin breaks down, knowing what he did
Biggest Ewww - blood cleanup
Least Surprising / Most Disappointing - Dutch and Dav hook up, which is exactly what this space adventure does NOT need along with love triangles and will-they, won't they and contrived brother issues and romance drama
Smartest Plan - Dutch erases the doctor's memories
Worst Plan - Hooking up the leads…again. Man, do I hate this cliché
The "Poor Baby" Award - all three of them
The "Welcome Back" Award - Amanda Tapping from the Stargate franchise and Supernatural (she and Mark Sheppard should take their act on the road)

Best Quotes -
1. John: "It's kind of hard to have casual sex with someone you live with and they're both…I mean they're both terrible at relationships. I mean epically incompetent…so whatever this is, it can't last and they know that it can't last and then I have to pick a side." Pree: "Well pick hers." John: "I will. Does that make me a bad brother?" Pree: "It makes you an excellent friend. I'm guessing she's earned that from you."
2. John: "In my defense, in scientific research there's a very thin line between stupid and genius." Dav: "Congratulations, you crossed it."
3. Dutch: "Let's not compare sins here, okay? I'll win."
4. John: "How's D'Avin?" Dutch: "Maybe for once, just worry about yourself first. We're all fine." John: "Dutch, you tell him that we know that it wasn't his fault."
5. Dutch: "I don't believe in ties. That's just quitting before you win."
6. Dutch: "I don't want to hurt you." Dav: "Well I need to hurt you." Dutch: "Why?" Dav: "I have my mission. I'm a good soldier." Dutch: "Well I'm a better one."

Guest Reviews

12 Monkeys - 2.07 - Meltdown
BY BlueStar

This was an action packed episode. Cassie returns to 2044 but is not the same. She keeps seeing images of The Witness throughout the facility and hearing Olivia’s voice. Not long after she’s back the splinter machine goes out of whack and goes into a constant state of splintering. People start popping out of the time stream, including Jones’ early, ill-fated time travelers. Cassie and Sam go missing, and Cole and Ramse find out she kidnapped him. Cole realizes she is under the control of The Witness, who has consciously locked her up in a room in her mind while he tries to keep the others from preventing the time machine from blowing up. Dr. Eckland sacrifices himself to prevent this, but Sam is still in danger. To help Cassie overpower The Witness and take back control, Cole has Ramse shoot him and Cassie snaps out of it. Everyone out of place is zapped back into the time stream and to where they belong. However, the time machine has an electronic surge after Ramse shuts down the core, and Sam is zapped away to parts unknown. Believing he’ll likely never see his son again, Ramse leaves the facility. Meanwhile, Sam appears in a forest and takes a hand belonging to a mystery person. Is it The Witness?

Grade: B+

Best Reason To Watch – Things are intense and a lot happens during this one
Best Scene – Cole gets through to Cassie by having Ramse shoot him
Foreshadowing Award Goes To – Ramse: “Where’d he go?” Sam: “Nobody knows.”
I’ll Miss You – Dr. Eckland was a great character. Shame he didn’t last longer.
Most Intelligent Kid – Sam, who builds a replica of the facility and points out the way Cole and Ramse could save him
Most Nausea Inducing – The time travelers Jones lost in the time stream. How were they even still alive?
Most Terrifying – Tie between being an early time traveler and being consciously taken over by The Witness

Best Quotes:
1. Cole: “Remember when you said we didn’t know each other anymore? You were wrong about that. The truth is, I don’t think anybody’s ever known me like you. And I know you. I know you. And I know…you would never let me die.”
2. Deacon: “So, uh, fella, we’ve had a little bit of a time travel snafu here, and brace yourself – you’re in the future…2044 to be exact. So if you want to drop your weapon, we can catch up on the last…” Dr. Eckland: “Eighty-five?” Deacon: “Eighty-five years.”
3. Deacon: “Don’t worry, I’ll tell your hippie friends you fought them off with flowers and rainbows.”

New Shows

Outcast - 1.01 - Pilot

Outcast is created by Robert Kirkman, who also brought us The Walking Dead, and there are a lot of similarities. For most people that is a compliment. For me that means super slow pacing with stretches of nothing interspersed with shocking violence or periods of extreme grossness. The gross comes in the opening scenes when a young boy head butts a cockroach and licks it off the wall. He then proceeds to eat his finger, as in a bone-crunching meal. The boring starts in the extremely long title sequence and lasts almost halfway through. However there are some great moments too. The exorcism is actually intense and unless you are immune to horror stories, you may find some parts make you jump or at least get your heart pounding. The special effects are decent but they pull no punches on the violence. I mean where else are you going to see a grown man punching a little kid in the face repeatedly on TV these days? The character of Kyle has the requisite horrible background, being the child of an abusive, possessed mother and having been falsely arrested for hurting his own child. (His possessed wife actually hurt her.) As a result he isolates himself from everyone even though his adoptive sister makes an effort and his childhood neighbor tries to make amends. He's also joined by Reverend Anderson, a firm believer in God and the devil. They make a sort of Odd Couple of Exorcism or the strangest, least funny buddy drama ever. I'm not sure if this is going to be for me or not. I'll give it two more episodes to find its feet, but the #1 TV sin is to bore me. The pacing has to pick up.

Grade: C-
Ranking: 3-
Audience - those who like horror and are okay with a slow build to it

Best Reason to Watch - it actually is a horror show, not a farce or supernatural drama
Best Scene - the exorcism
Best Back Story - the flashback to Kyle's wife being possessed
Best Twist - Kyle didn’t hurt his daughter; his wife did.
Worst Job - exorcist because if you do your job right, the person is free but you end up in jail
Most Disturbing - seeing Kyle punch the kid over and over again and then feed him blood
Most Flexible - the possessed kid
Most Supportive - Kyle's neighbor, Norville
Least Supportive - Megan's husband, Mark
Biggest Hmm - Exactly how psychologically scarring is this for the young actors on this show? My guess is that some people much older than them are scarred simply by watching it.
Biggest Ewww - The cockroach scene but I guess it is protein. I didn't even watch the finger scene. Nope.
The "Welcome Back" Award - David Denman from Parenthood and The Office / Gabriel Bateman from Stalker

Best Quotes -
1. Megan: "Let me get you outta here, at least for an hour. Maybe you'll luck out and the place will burn down while we're gone."
2. Reverend: "Whatever your motives, there would have been something missing without the (Police) Chief's chili." Fire Chief: "Yeah, heartburn."
3. Kyle: "Megan brought me over against my will. Honest. Look Mark, I'm the only person who wants me here less than you do. Believe me. You know how she is."
4. Reverend: "Alright then. Call, raise, whichever. Just quit wasting time and give me your damn money."
5. Kyle: "I appreciate your judgment. I really do, but you can quit making me your mission. I'm doing just fine."

Weekly Shows

Hunters - 1.08 - The More I See You

Hunters is turning out to be one of the more decent SyFy shows for me. I like that they chose to air it midseason because I might have overlooked it in the onslaught of regular TV. The character of Regan has become so dynamic and having her meet the father she thought was dead was touching. I love how Jackson is key in giving her the opportunity. So many times in shows like these, the guy in charge is the worst character. Here it is the direct opposite. Jackson appears to be the only person to be trusted because he's the only one with a clear code of morals guiding him. He's the good guy even if he's in the upper echelon of a corrupt group. It's a refreshing change so if they make him evil, there will not be enough socks in the entire world for my wrath. I am still really unclear about Abby though. Is she helping? Is she hurting? One thing is for complete sure. She's not on Musa's side anymore than she is on the ETU's side. The real question becomes if she's on Flynn's side.

Grade: B

Best Reason to Watch - the main arc is heating up and it feels like we're close to answers about the Purge
Best Scene / Best Reunion - Regan sees her father again
Best Action - Briggs vs. Flynn
Best Character - Jackson, who also appears to be the only noble one
Best Point - Briggs, who smartly doesn't trust a Flynn hopped up on pain pills
Best New Addition - Liana, who smartly does not trust Abby
Worst Return - McCarthy
Worst Combination - handful of pills with an alcohol chaser, which Flynn should already know
Biggest Hint - Is Liana really Regan's mom?
Biggest Douche - it's a tossup between Finnerman and Briggs these days
Smartest - Abby for trying to get Flynn away from the scientist
The "About Time" Award - Flynn finally understands that the scar on his arm means he's had alien contact before in the military
The "Oh Please No" Award - The hunter baby was called a seraphim. Please, please, please tell me they are not bringing angels into this show too. I've had it with TV angels.
The "Pokey Little Puppy" Award - The freaking scientist who takes 20 years to pack up his freaking stuff. Seriously, it was daytime when they found him and he's still packing when it's the dead of night. Do you not understand the word "urgent," buddy.

Best Quotes -
1. McCarthy: "What do Nancy Sinatra, Freddie Mercury, and Brittany Spears all have in common?" Jackson: "I don't know." McCarthy: "You people turn their music into a misery, use it to torture prisoners. At least Iron Maiden made sense."
2. Briggs: "You still think she loves you. Oh whatever's in that medication, that's some strong hooch." Flynn: "You don't know sh** about me." Briggs: "You don't know sh** about you."
3. Ted: "I'm your father, Alison, and nothing, not even Musa, could ever change that."
4. Flynn: "Looks like Martinez didn't retire after all." Briggs: "No, he took up fishing or he's opening a Red Lobster."
5. Abby: "The reprogramming was unsuccessful." Liana: "Hers or yours?"

Motive - 3.09 - Best Enemies

This was one intense episode that could have done with more case of the week time and less Saunders time. Again, the victim comes off as the bad guy. They need to stop with that because it has gotten too formulaic. What good is a crime procedural if you know all their tricks? However, despite this, it did bring up some important issues and I found myself empathizing with the killer again. The idea that people can use their status in an industry to do whatever they like, including rape, is repulsive. The idea that we as a society allow them to is even worse. Nika, getting so trapped up in Eric's wishes, was bound to fall hard but I never expected her to blow her friend's rape off like that. In fact, while I was fairly sure the motive was going to be rape, I thought it was going to be Eric raping Stacy and Nika and then Nika not wanting to go to the police and telling Stacy not to. The taxicab was a twist I didn't see coming. As for the investigation into Angie, I have no idea where it was going at all or why they've wasted so much time on it. So all it took to stop the investigation was Lucas name-dropping? That seems simple. There has to be more behind this and obviously Angie is still in danger. You'd think the smart move would be to back off of her. Did someone not do their homework? Because the more they intimidate, the more Angie is going to know she's right and the harder back she's going to push.

Grade: B+

Best Reason to Watch - trying to decode the motives
Best Scene / Best Revenge - Nika's sister shoots Eric in the groin
MVP - Lucas
Most Classy - Vega shakes the IA douche's hand but walks out without picking up his card
Most Uncomfortable - the discord between Vega and Angie
Biggest Douche - Nika, the victim, who hands her friend over to a rapist / Eric for being so aggressively smarmy
Biggest Huh? - So if I'm reading this right, Lucas put the investigation back on the Deputy Chief and suddenly the investigation into Angie is dropped? How does that work? Lucas is definitely skating on the political pond and winning…or is he? There's no way this is over yet.
The "Welcome Back" Award - Kacey Rohl from Wayward Pines and The Magicians / Katie Stuart from The 100 and The Returned

Best Quotes -
1. Vega: "You're looking at an attempted murder charge." Danielle: "If I'd wanted him dead, I would have aimed higher."
2. Angie: "Can I get you to talk to him? You know, in a sympathetic way? Try to get him to confess? Please." Mark: "It's not my favorite part of the job." Angie: "I know but you're so good at it." Mark: "You know that's not a compliment, right?" Angie: "It's supposed to be."
3. Saunders: "Must have grown close." Vega: "I would say we're very close, yes." Saunders: "Well you saved her life." Vega: "I shot a man in the line of duty to protect her. She's done the same for me. We would do the same for you."
4. Stacy: "I am supporting you. I'm telling you that your boss is a creep and you don't have to put up with it."
5. Saunders: "Have you ever had reason to suspect a personal agenda drives her work?" Vega: "I don't think she's the one with the agenda here."

Marathoned Shows

Battlestar Galactica (miniseries)

With its complex world building and metric ton of characters, it is easy to see why it took so long to set up the story in this miniseries. The only problem is that it took almost an hour without commercials to get to the action. Then because the battle is completely one-sided, the pacing slows again in the middle section. It's a good thing most of the characters are engaging then. Mary McConnell does an excellent job as the former Education Secretary who is launched into the presidency with no warning. She's cool in crisis and makes tough, but logical decisions. While it is a safe bet that someone will challenge her authority in the series proper, her concern for her people is admirable and she has the ability to see clearly when those around her don't get it. She's was right to call the war a loss and I'm glad that Adama agreed in the end. The two make for a good, smart, yet still combative relationship that should serve the show well. It also helps that both are excellent actors. I like Adama's character too. He's an awful lot like Roslin except with a military bias. He's got good instincts and his ability to work in a low-tech environment will come in handy. My only concern is his relationship with Apollo. If this is about an estranged father-son pair learning to get to know each other again and come to a mutual respect, then I am all onboard. If this is going to be the source of contrived drama, not so much. Unlike most of the fandom, I did not like Starbuck. Not only do I keep adding an "s" to her name, she comes off as a real idiot in this. Hot-tempered and insulting is a terrible combination in close quarters. I expect I will grow to love her, but for now she's mostly irritating. Not as much as Baltar though. He and Six can go at anytime as far as I'm concerned.

Grade: C+

Best Reason to Watch - the rich world building that sets up the conflict and characters well
Best Awww Moment - Adama hugs his son and Apollo hugs him back
Best Moment - Roslin takes the pilot's hand to keep it from shaking
Best Speech - Adama's farewell / Adama's pep talk about getting to Earth (even if it is all a lie)
Best Reaction - the kid to seeing Boomer and Tyrol kiss
Best Threat - Cylon onboard the Galactica
Best Character Interaction - Roslin vs. Adama
Best Save - Starbuck pushes Apollo's ship back to Galactica
Best Twist - Boomer is a Cylon
Worst Temper / Worst Diplomacy - Starbuck
Worst Decision - Agathon gives up his seat to Gaius so we're stuck with him
Biggest Promotion - Roslin from 43rd in line for the presidency to President
Biggest Eye Candy - Six
Biggest Plot Device - blowing up part of the armory
Biggest Hmm - Shouldn't nuclear fallout be making everyone sick?"
Biggest Schmuck / Biggest Patsy - Doral, who tries to supersede Roslin's authority, only to get screwed himself
Biggest Douche - Starbuck
Biggest Hero - Agathon
Most Frustrating - the breaks for Six to mess with Baltar's head
Most Grace Under Pressure - Roslin
Most Annoying / Most Pompous - Gaius
Most Evil - Six snaps the baby's neck
Most Awkward / Most Clichéd - the chilling relationship between father and son
Smartest Plan - Apollo uses an EMP pulse to fry the Cylon ships
Toughest Decision - sacrificing several to save the many (both Roslin and Tigh)
Weirdest Cheer - "So say we all."
The "Welcome Back…to My TV" Award - Ty Olsson from Supernatural and The 100 / Edward James Olmos from Miami Vice and movies / Mary McDonnell from Major Crimes and movies / Katee Sackhoff from Longmire and 24 / Jamie Bamber from Horatio Hornblower / Tricia Helfer from Killer Women and some of the most memorable guest star roles around (TBBT for one) / Michael Hogan from Teen Wolf and 12 Monkeys / Alessandro Juliani from The 100 and Smallville / Aaron Douglas from The Returned / Michael Eklund from Wynonna Earp / Tahmoh Penikett from Supernatural / Grace Park from Hawaii Five-0 / James Callis from Eureka and Flashforward / Kandyse McClure from Higher Ground and recently Supernatural

Best Quotes -
1. Tyrol: "Look, I don't have time to argue with you so here's the deal. We've got over 2,000 people on that ship. Now you think you can shoot every single one of us, fine, but if not, get the hell out of my way!"
2. Adama: "We're in the middle of a war and you're taking orders from a schoolteacher?"
3. Adama: "They better start having babies." (Awkward pause) Tigh: "Is that an order?"
4. Adama: "You cannot play God, then wash your hands of the things that you've created . Sooner or later, the day comes when you can't hide from the things that you've done anymore."
5. Roslin: "I honestly don't know why I have to keep telling you this, but the war is over." Adama: "It hasn't begun yet." Roslin: "That's insane." Adama: "You would rather that we run?" Roslin: "Yes, absolutely. That is the only sane thing to do here. Exactly that - run. We leave this solar system and we don't look back." Adama: And we go where?" Roslin: "I don't know. Another star system, another planet. Somewhere where the Cylons won't find us." Adama: "You can run if you like. This ship will stand and it will fight." Roslin: "I'm gonna be straight with you here. The human race is about to be wiped out. We have 50,000 people left, and that's it. Now if we are even going to survive as a species, then we need to get the hell out of here and we need to start having babies."
6. Baltar: "You'll have to forgive me. I'm bad with faces." Roslin: "Oh no, that's perfectly alright. I'm sure I wouldn't remember me either."
7. Baltar: "Knowing this place was going to be a museum, they might have given us a map."
8. Adama: "You're right. There's no Earth. It's all a legend." Roslin: "Then why?" Adama: "Because it's not enough to just live. You have to have something to live for. Let it be Earth."
9. Baltar: "You're a machine. You're a synthetic woman, a robot." Six: "I've said it 3 times in a row." Baltar: "Well forgive me. I'm having the tiniest bit of trouble believing that because the last time anybody saw the Cylons, they looked more like walking chrome toasters."
10. Starbuck: "Why can't we use the starboard launch?" Tyrol: "It's a gift shop now."

The Carmichael Show - 1.05 / 1.06 - Prayer / Guns

On paper, there is no way I should like this show but it's about as close to All in the Family as TV is ever going to get again. Not that the characters are necessarily bigots, but because they tackle tough topics with a lot of humor and honesty. They don't shrug away from the big problems but they do it in a way that feels at least a little more balanced many times (not always) and without coming off as a super PSA, unlike almost every comedy that tackles a big issue these days. I laugh every single time, even when I am sure the topic will either tick me off or fall flat as a joke. More importantly, I like these characters. They don't have the typical heart of say The Goldbergs or Fresh Off the Boat, but you know that this family cares about each other deeply.

Grade: B

Best Reason to Watch - they tackle tough issues and somehow make them funny
Best Scene - everyone just sloughing off Joe pulling a gun on Nekeisha, which sounds like a terrible scene but is really funny
Best Character - Joe
Best Character Interaction - Cynthia and Joe
Best Reaction - Maxine to finding the gun
Best Reference - Hulu / Thelma and Louise
Best Advice - figure out what's important in your lives first and talk about it before marriage, living together, or kids come into play
Best Music - I'll be There by the Jackson 5
Worst Plan - dumping a gun in a park
Biggest Surprise - They actually had Jerrod accidentally shoot his dad. Never thought they'd go there.
Biggest Huh? - How exactly did a gun go off in that apartment and no one called the cops? Come on. It's not like they live in a gang zone.
Most Hilarious - Joe and Jerrod macho fighting about guns
Most Psychotic - Maxine wanting to be murdered to prove that she was right and lay a post-death guilt trip on Jerrod
The "Say What?" Award - Jerrod serenading a gun
The "Welcome Back" Award - Isiah Whitlock from Lucky 7

Best Quotes -
1. Joe: "Oh that's not fair. Using your emotions to win an argument. What are you running for office or something?"
2. Maxine: "You see that's a problem because I want to encourage them to make their own choices." Jerrod: "Make their own choices? Everybody knows children are stupid, Maxine. They can't make their own choices. If I made my own religious choice as a child, I'd be a Scientologist right now and that's based solely off John Travolta's excellent performance in Pulp Fiction."
3. Cynthia: "I'm trying to find The Mindy Project. Which channel is Hulu?"
4. Joe: "Not Christian?" Cynthia: "Of course she's Christian. What else can she be?" Jerrod: "I don't know. There are about 5 other major religions." Joe: "Not in North Carolina, there aren't."
5. Jerrod: "It's the guns. It makes you feel so empowered. It's like listening to Beyonce's album. You just feel stronger and prettier for some reason."
6. Maxine: "I believe what you put out into the universe is what comes back to you." Joe: "That's not a religion. That's a fortune cookie."
7. Cynthia: "You gave both my babies a gun. What are you just supplying arms to everybody? You're like a one-man Iran Contra."
8. Jerrod: "Look that's mostly Crips and Bloods. They'll skew any poll if you let them."
9. Maxine: "Why didn't we think to put me on the lease, and why haven't we talked about our beliefs, and what are you praying about every day?" Jerrod: "Mostly that we don't have conversations like this."
10. Joe: "I don't want to pay $12 only to be shot before I can see Matt Damon get out of a sticky situation."

Dexter (2.01 - 2.03)

Dexter is one lucky serial killer. All it takes is for his girlfriend and nemesis to think he's addicted to heroin and suddenly life is good. Well except for the manhunt after treasure hunters find his secret stash of body parts. Minor concerns. Last year, Dexter was the biggest surprise for me. I never thought I could like a show where the main character is a serial killer. I certainly did not want to be sympathetic to one, and I'm still not. I just find him fascinating. That's all thanks to the strong writing and the awesome performance by Michael C. Hall. I was a little concerned that Dexter was going to be a one-season wonder for me, but this opening trio of episodes were as engrossing as the first season. I love how they didn’t gloss over what happened with the Ice Truck Killer. There should be ramifications. It was a major deal for both Debra and Dexter. Speaking of Deb, she is starting to grow on me. I think giving her PSTD and not knowing how to cope this season was a brilliant move to make the character a little less rough around the edges. Not that she's suddenly morphed into another character or anything, but I can feel for her now in a way I couldn't for much of the first season. All in all, I am really liking this season of Dexter so far too.

Grade: B+ / B / A-

Best Reason to Watch - Michael C. Hall is mesmerizing
Best Scene - Deb breaks down to Lundry when she wants off the task force
Best Continuation / Most Realistic - Deb's PSTD over the Ice Truck Killer
Best Storyteller - Paul
Best Investigator - Debra, who finds the connection between the victims
Best Speech - Dexter's second NA story
Best Surprise - LaGuerta doesn't tattle on Pascal, even though it would mean her promotion
Best Way to Get Rid of Your Stalker - promise a night of unending bowling
Best Solution to Dead Story Weight - Paul died in prison. Good riddance.
Best Parallel - Dexter needing to say goodbye to his brother while Rita needs to bury Paul
Best Addition - Lila Tournay and not just because she's played by Jaime Murray
Best Plan - Rita kicks Dexter to the curb when he won't go to meetings
Biggest Sick Laugh - Dexter is sorting through his killer grocery list while a woman gives her testimony at an NA meeting
Biggest Product Placement - Michelin tires
Biggest "Made You Jump" Moment - Dexter's brother pops out of the water and grabs his wrist. Well, in his mind at least.
Biggest Douche - Doakes and that's even with a serial killer main character
Biggest Shock - Deb hugs Maria when she returns
Most Compassionate / Best Therapist - Lundry, surprisingly
Most in Need of Getting Fired - Pascal, who spends more time trying to catch her fiancé cheating than doing her job. Seriously, break up with him or hire a private investigator. You're making women look bad.
Most Interesting Office - the car dealership is on a boat
Most Brilliant Move - Dexter tells Rita he has an addiction to explain away the holes in his story
Most in Need of Some Manners - the kid mouthing off to Deb
Most Interesting Twist - divers are looking for treasure in the same spot Dexter dumps his victims
Most Surprising / Least Surprising- Doakes finds Dexter at a NA meeting (not a shock) and stops investigating Dexter once he does (big shock)
Least Gracious Houseguest - Deb, who drinks the OJ right from the carton and leaves her stuff everywhere
Strangest Twist of Fate - Lundry basically gives Dexter permission to kill his next target because it will save an innocent life
The "Be Careful What You Wish For" Award - Rita isn't so excited to see how beautiful Dexter's sponsor is
The "Whatever Floats Your Boat" Award - Dexter apparently feels most alive when he's almost caught
The "Egads" Award - exactly how many bodies has Dexter chopped up
The "Welcome Back: Award - Max Gail from Barney Miller / Jaime Murray from Warehouse 13 and Defiance / Don McManus, who played Samhain on Supernatural

Best Quotes -
1. LaGuerta: "You know what erratic means? It's code for non-male and it's the same BS sexism I put up with when I was in charge. I won't dignify rumors, Captain. Pascal's fine."
2. Dexter: "I will not kill my sister. I will not kill my sister. I will not kill my sister."
3. Roger: "But you, you're there all alone, no one there to nag you, and you don't even glance at the coupes. The only thing you look at is the minivan - like you can see her in the passenger seat and the kids in the back." Dexter: "Leave the kids out." Roger: "See. You're lying to yourself if you think you don't care." Dexter: "She's just a companion, really. It stated that way anyway. Some who…looked good, normal." Roger: "They worm their way in." Dexter: "Yeah, they do."
4. Voiceover: "I come here to dump bodies, not beer bottles. Now I'm just a litterbug."
5. Dexter: "Will you take Rita out for me? She hired a babysitter and everything." Deb: "No way. I need to work out." Dexter: "No, actually you need to stop working out. It's getting unhealthy. Why don't you go out for some nice hard liquor instead?"
6. Voiceover: "I go to stalk a killer and I end up with a new car. How'd that happen?"
7. Batista: "Don't forget. Tell the universe what you need." Voiceover: "I really need to kill somebody."
8. Dexter: "You leave pain wherever you go." Little Chino: "If you kill me, what do you leave behind?" Dexter: "A world without you."
9. Batista: "You know Pascal is just caught in a cycle of reaction. She's not co-creating her own reality." Dexter: "You know those words don't actually mean anything, right?"

Killjoys (1.02-1.06)

Killjoys is the perfect summer show. It's stuffed full with action, snark, and intriguing sci-fi stories. Plus Dutch is worming her way into my Top 10 Kick Butt Women list. She's that good. Even better is how the team is really starting to gel together. John and Dav appear to be working out their most pressing issues while still completely acting like brothers. Here's hoping that they back off Dav and Dutch making googly eyes at each other though because this is one trio that seems to work. Plus the standalone cases are good too. I loved the one with the vessels. In many ways being a surrogate is a lot like being a beauty queen now. People have a lot of stereotypes and many just aren't true. I like how Constance stood up to that prejudice even if I agree with Dutch's opinion more. Either way, there were good scenes about perseverance, loyalty, family, and class systems amidst some of the most awesome pregnant woman action I've ever seen. Plus, it introduced the best character yet, even though she didn't last long.

Grade: A- / B+ / B / B+ (for kick butt women) / B- / B-

Best Episode - the pilot but narrowly followed by Vessel
Best Character - tossup between Dutch (for the action) and John (for the snark)
Best Reason to Watch - quick pacing and teamwork
Best Scene - John tells Dav he's going to help after learning Dav's secret
Best Backstory - Dutch's childhood / Dav's military experience
Best Twist - the surrogates can handle a gun and fight back, even pregnant Constance
Best New Edition - Dr. Pawter
Best Friendship - John and Lucy, the literal ship
Best Tech - the laser that closes up wounds instead of using stitches
Biggest Evil - Khlyen
Biggest Eye Candy - Dav, who spends most of his time shirtless
Biggest Plot Device - nanobots save Dutch as she's floating around in outer space
Biggest Laugh - Lucy does favor John
Least Surprising - Dutch offers D'Avin a job as a killjoy
Most Kick Butt - Dutch in ALL situations
Most Inventive - Fancy and all his cool toys
Most Honest - D'Avin
Most Insecure - John when it comes to his brother
Most Useless - the flamethrower in a gun fight
Saddest Death - Jenny
The "Least Welcome Back" Award (character) - Khylen, whose shadowy is getting boring / Fancy, who is just a straight up douche
The "Welcome Back" Award (character) - Alvis

Best Quotes -
1. John: "Okay so then we search, we find out but Dutch has to be in on it. She's family too." D'Avin: "Okay." John: "Meaning don't plow our sister." Dav: "Remind me. Was that on the Jaqobis family crest?" John: "I've seen how you look at her. Dav, this is almost working. We are a good team. We could be great so don't mess that up for us." Dav: "I won't. I promise."
2. John: "Ladies and gentlemen, this is your social director. Those of you not wishing to be blasted into a dewy mist, please step away from your firearms."
3. Dav: "So, just whatever you want to say, go ahead. Ask." John: "Why?" Dav: "Like I said on the ship, I can't remember what I did…" John: "No, no, no, no, that's not what I mean. I mean why didn't you tell me. Why carry this all on your own? Is this why you ran away from all of us?" Dav: "John, you heard what I did." John: "Yeah, I can help. Dav, I can do something." Dav: "How are you gonna help me, John?" John: "Well there's something to figure out. There's something to fix and I like fixing things, remember?" Dav: "Yeah, I remember."
4. Dav: "I miss just shooting people. They're so much easier to catch when they're dead."
5. Dav: "You set a trap for me." John: "You say tomato. I say that's what you get for not confiding in your brother."
6. John: "I'm sorry but I love you." (John shoots Dav) Dav: "How is that in any way loving me?" John: "Because it can't fix you and torture you at the same time."
7. Lucy: "Session 2 will commence in 10 minutes." Dutch: "Oh come on." Lucy: "It's not my fault you're filthy."
8. Dutch: "You gonna give Johnny a heads up before disappearing from his life this time?" Dav: "Not if he's gonna make a thing out of it." Dutch: "I'll make a thing of it if you don't."
9. John: "You know you're just role playing a Qreshi b**, Dutch. You don't actually have to be one."
10. Dutch: "Nice. You can handle a blade at least." Dav: "Yeah well, I know what end's pointy."

Wynonna Earp (1.05 - 1.10)

These days I normally don't marathon the same show all in a row. I like to mix it up because it keeps my attention better. However I didn't need to switch things up in this set of Wynonna episodes because the show itself moved at such a quick speed. Who thought when this thing started that Wynonna would get her revenge on the seven before the season even ended? I figured that would be a 3 season deal at minimum. I guess it's a good thing that there are 77 revenants in total. She kills multiples per episode. The only plotline that is dragging a little is Bobo's overall purpose. Also, not killing Constance guarantees that she will come back to be an annoying pain in the butt. What a terrible villain! Unlike most of the fandom, I'm also not keen on Deputy Haute. Her hideous name is an embarrassment to the show and her chief purpose seems to be to stare lustily at Waverly and stumble around. No character's purpose should merely be love connection. At best, she's wallpaper right now. She's even more obsolete now that it appears Dolls and the Sheriff are teaming up. Good thing Wynonna is so engaging. She's awkward but kick butt, smart but foolhardy. In other words, she comes off as a real character and not some cartoon cutout. As for Dolls, he's improving every episode. At first he was my choice for first to die but he's actually become a person and not an android recently. I'd like to see where this is going. Plus he's got the biggest mystery. What is he injecting into himself and what is it doing to him? Still the best character for me right now is Doc. He beats out Waverly simply because he's got a connection with every character and yet I still don't know exactly what he is going to do next. I really thought he was going to kill Constance, the consequences be damned. I like learning more back story on him and peeling back all those layers.

Grade: B+

Best Reason to Watch - the rich world building and Wynonna
Best Scene - Dolls sticks up for Wynonna with the judge
Best Action - Doc vs. Dolls fight
Best Opener - Wynonna shoots the revenant attacking Doc
Best Reaction - Wynonna to hearing that Hetty's family ate the hotel guests / Doc trying to figure out the car
Best Backstory - Constance explains why Doc is immortal
Best Bluff - the Blacksmith's land mine
Best Aww Moment - Doc reassures Waverly that they will save Wynonna
Best Character - Doc, who has really grown on me
Best Addition - the Blacksmith
Best Surprise - Wynonna kills all 7 revenants that attacked her family well before the season even ends
Best Plan - Dolls serves up the Fight Club owner instead of Doc / Doc learning to drive
Worst Plan - burying Constance instead of killing her, which only means she'll be back to suck up things some more
Worst New Addition - Constance and Haught
Worst Death - the Blacksmith, who was too cool of a character to go that quickly
Worst CGI - the bear
Biggest Huh - How did someone else use the gun? Is that really Willa? Could there really be 2 heirs? I thought only the heir could wield the gun and that there could only be one heir at a time.
Biggest Idiot - Bethany, hands down
Biggest Surprise - Dolls can schmooze with the best of them / Wynonna has PSTD
Biggest Question - What the heck "medicine" does Dolls need and why does it make him inhuman? If he even is human, that is.
Biggest Laugh - Wynonna's boobs don't work so she sends in Doc to get shirtless
Biggest Ewww - Levi crawling away in pieces
Least Happy - Wynonna kills off the last of the 7 and looks like she's in mourning
Least Surprising - Doc and Wynonna hook up
Most Like Supernatural - the salt circle
Most Creepy - morgue doctor revenant
Most Humdrum Twist - Dolls' "death"
Strangest Twist - Bobo buys Shorty's
The "Well That was Pointless" Award - Why did they bring the Stone Witch's son back just to burn him 10 minutes later?
The "Yeah, Whatever" Award - so this Jack is Jack the Ripper, okay
The "Excuse Me" Award - How in the world did Waverly just walk into the interrogation room? I know it's a small town but is there no security here?
The "Welcome Back" Award - Rachael Ancheril from Rookie Blue

Best Quotes -
1. Wynonna: "I was just thinking I needed another man to tell me what to do today and here you are. Awesome." Fish: "Not to be rude but can we cut the chit chat. I get carsick real bad." Wynonna: "Absolutely. Anything else? Drive-thru fro-yo? Slurpee run?"
2. Doc: "Prohibition?" Dolls: "Uh, from 1919 to 1933, the United States banned the sale, the making, and consumption of alcohol." Doc: "Lord, I'm almost glad I was in the well for that."
3. Bobo: "Girls, what'll you have?" Wynonna: "A tall glass of 'you're officially next on my hellbound and down' list." Bobo: "You want some ice with that?"
4. Bobo: "Well, I'm just a sucker for a reunion." Doc: "Well, me too." Bobo: "No, you're just a sucker." Wynonna: "Says the unarmed revenant in a coat Lady Gaga deemed maybe too much."
5. Blacksmith: "You know the only thing I hate more than trespassers is an Earp. I mean I can feel your negative energy from here." Wynonna: "Oh yeah, but landmines and a magical hot poker scream good vibes."
6. Doc: "There are 2 rules to this, Mr. Dolls." Dolls: "Let me guess. The first rule of Fight Club - never talk about Fight Club, right?" Doc: "If nobody talks about it, how're the fellas gonna know where it is?"
7. Dolls: "Earp, I think we just lured the skinwalker back to a whole bunch of free range dinners."
8. Wynonna: "You're not the only one who gets to be married to his job." Dolls: "Married? Slow down. At best, it's just my girlfriend."
9. Wynonna: "Hey stop! I've got a beef with you, Tate, and it's not just delivering meat puns."
10. Doc: "Have you ever tortured anyone before?" Wynonna: "Does 6-year-old Waverly count?"

About the Author - Dahne
One part teacher librarian - one part avid TV fan, Dahne is a contributing writer for SpoilerTV, where she recaps, reviews, and/or creates polls for Teen Wolf, The 100, Grimm, How to Get Away with Murder, The Librarians, and others. She also runs the annual Character Cup. She's addicted to Twitter, live tweets a multitude of shows each week, and co-hosts The 100 "Red-Shirted", Sleepy Hollow "Headless" and Teen Wolf "Welcome to Beacon Hills" podcasts for Southgate Media Group. Currently she writes a Last Week in TV column for her blog and SpoilerTV. ~ "I speak TV."
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Rizzoli & Isles - 7.01 / 7.02 - Two Shots: Move Forward / Dangerous Curves Ahead - Preview

Rizzoli & Isles premieres Monday, June 6 on TNT at 9/8 C.
This is the final season.

Summer time is here and that means new Rizzoli & Isles. Woo hoo! The double episode premiere picks up where season 6 left off. Korsak and Kiki's wedding is beautiful right until the reception ends in a hail of bullets. Jane sees the shooter in the distance and she runs after him/her but can't get a good look. The shooter escapes, leaving behind no physical evidence to prove it was Alice Sands or tied to her. Meanwhile, back at The Dirty Robber, one person is shot and Maura suffers a concussion. Maura insists on going back to work over Jane's objections, so Kent keeps an eye on her. Jane, however, gets reckless in her frustration over the lack of leads to Alice's whereabouts. She talks to the press, deliberately taunting Alice to make another move. Let's just say it doesn't go over well with either Korsak or the Chief of Police. The rest of episode 7.01 and most of 7.02 are focused on trying to bring Alice Sands to justice and especially on finding any physical evidence that can tie her to the crimes. After all, finding her does no good if they can't prove her guilt.

The second episode also has Frankie leading the investigation into a fatal car crash. While the focus remains on Sands, the stand-alone case has enough twists and turns to make it interesting as well. In particular, the case makes Frankie grow as a cop and a person. When things lead to a surprising conclusion, Frankie has to decide exactly what spin to put on the case and how to handle the victims in the most humane way possible.


1. Alice Sands - Alice has the two main qualities needed to make an excellent villain. She's smart and she has a personal connection to one of the leads. Granted, Jane doesn't even remember her but Alice more than makes up for that in her targeted hatred of Jane. Because she's so smart, she really makes the BPD work for every step closer they get. Just when they think they've made progress, something else happens to change the game again. Plus she's got the manipulative charisma of a cult leader with people going against their best instincts to follow her commands. It doesn't hurt that she's played by Annabeth Gish either.

2. Angie Harmon - This doubleheader gives Angie Harmon several intense scenes and she does a fantastic job with all of them. The confession scene is chilling. The argument with Korsak is fantastic with both actors giving it their all. However her best scene comes towards the end of the second episode. From the tremor in her hands to the pleading in her voice, Angie Harmon encapsulates all the emotions Jane is feeling and it is mesmerizing to watch.

3. Romance - While this is NOT a highlight for me, my guess is that it will be for some others. In the span of 2 episodes, 2 relationships end while 2 more get started - one in fact and the other in strong hints.

4. Long-Range Consequences - Depending on how they play up the end, there is a potential for season long consequences for both Jane and Maura. I don't expect these particular consequences for Jane to last long, but they could..especially if Alice is more manipulative than I thought. It's a pretty good bet though that the consequences for Maura will stick around for at least part of the season. If they do, she'll have to depend more on other people and that in itself could make her vulnerable.

Grade: B+ / B

Most Interesting Quotes:

"A home is a refuge, a place where you're supposed to get away from your problems." "Until some psycho burns it down."
"Are all patients this ornery?" "The food makes them angry."
"Careful." "Careful's my middle name." "I know your middle name. I wish it was Careful."
"If you don't take it easy, I'm going to have you arrested." "On what charges?" "Failure to listen to me. Clinical stubborn…I don't know. I'll think of something."
"It's a torture device. You want me to show you how it works?"
"Okay, do you always stare at her like that 'cause that's just creepy?" "I can stare at you instead if you'd like."
"So he's too boring to be involved."
"So stubborn! You're the best cop I know but sometimes you do the stupidest things." "Well, we all have our gifts."
"The chief of police seems to think that I'm not camera friendly…or just friendly. I don't know." "You are plenty friendly." "Thank you." "Most of the time." "Okay."
"This stool taken?" "Why? You want to throw it at me?"

Episode Awards:

Best Reason to Watch - Angie Harmon
Best Scene - the scene towards the end with Jane
Best Brother-Sister Moment - Jane hits Frankie before he can say anything / Frankie calls Jane out on what she'll do if they find Sands
Best Threat - Kent
Best Choice - Frankie's decision at the end of his case
Best Criminal - Alice Sands, who is smart and manipulative enough to make her a good villain
Best Plan - Jane takes off her shoes before running after the assassin
Worst Plan - Jane deliberately taunts Alice via the news
Worst Way to Start a Relationship - assassin at your wedding
Worst Timing - Frankie
Most Bizarre - seeing Maura eat…..
Most Emotional - the confession scene
Most Expressive - Jane's lifted eyebrow that calls everyone on their lies
Most Awkward - Maura pranking Jane
Biggest What the Heck? - Alice's threat
Biggest Twist - standalone case ending in episode 7.02
Biggest Overreaction - Angela
The "Who Knew?" Award - DNA is resistant to high temperatures
The BFF Award - Jane knows Maura so well that…..
The "Welcome Back" Award - Annabeth Gish from The X-Files and The Bridge

Check out the premiere Monday, June 6 on TNT at 9/8 C.

Screencaps by TNT and SpoilerTV

About the Author - Dahne
One part teacher librarian - one part avid TV fan, Dahne is a contributing writer for SpoilerTV, where she recaps, reviews, and/or creates polls for Teen Wolf, The 100, How to Get Away with Murder, The Librarians, and others. She also runs the annual Character Cup. She's addicted to Twitter, live tweets a multitude of shows each week, and co-hosts The 100 "Red-Shirted" and Teen Wolf "Welcome to Beacon Hills" podcasts for Southgate Media Group. Currently she writes a Last Week in TV column for her blog and SpoilerTV. ~ "I speak TV."
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Posted on June 2, 2016 .

Second Annual Summer "Pitch Your Show" Nominations

Summer's here and as every TV fan knows, it's time to start that time honored tradition of binging all the shows you didn't get around to in the regular season. But how are TV addicts even to know all the great shows they've missed under the sheer glut of shows that have aired? Enter Pitch Your Show - Summer Version. It's your time to shine the spotlight on your favorite shows and encourage others to try them. The midseason version focuses specifically on low-rated shows that are currently airing, but there are no such stipulations in the summer post. So brush off the cobwebs of your favorite TV series and help a fan out. Do you know a show that's perfect for marathoning? Have you come across one that needs a cult following? How about a recurring show that will be airing in fall that people should get caught up on now so they can join the current season?

The whole idea behind Pitch Your Show is for people to find new shows to check out while waiting for the fall season to start. All you have to do is nominate your show in the form below and tell us why we should be watching it. Feel free to nominate as many different shows as you'd like. The most persuasive pitches will go into the article that will be posted in a couple of weeks. (I make sure that all nominated shows are represented but if a show gets too many responses, then I put the best arguments for why to watch it in the actual article.) A link will be provided in the article so all nominations and comments can be read, not just the posted ones.


1. You must put your name, the show, and why people should watch the show. You do NOT have to know where it is airing but more people will watch it if they know where to look. (Hint - sometimes it is easier to type your reason in a word processing program and then cut and paste it into the form, especially if it is a long response.)

2. Only scripted shows (network, cable, or streaming / still airing or ended). No reality TV.

3. You can submit as many shows as you wish but this is not a popularity contest so there's no need to nominate a show multiple times with the same comment. I will take the most thoughtful comments for each show nominated and there are no bonus points for a show having the most nominations.

4. The purpose is to persuade others to watch your show. Merely saying "IT'S THE BEST SHOW EVER!!!" won't help. In fact, triple exclamations and having all letters capitalized will probably work against you. Instead focus on why someone who doesn't watch the show should take their precious time to try it. Enthusiasm is only good when backed by details and thoughtful discourse. If you can provide multiple reasons to watch, like good characters and great action, that is even better.

5. Nominations will remain open until June 7.

Any questions? Please leave them in the comments section below and don't forget to tell us what shows you nominated! Not sure how to write your pitch? Check out last year's pitches in the links below.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

About the Author - Dahne
One part teacher librarian - one part avid TV fan, Dahne is a contributing writer for SpoilerTV, where she recaps, reviews, and/or creates polls for Teen Wolf, The 100, How to Get Away with Murder, The Librarians, and others. She also runs the annual Character Cup. She's addicted to Twitter, live tweets a multitude of shows each week, and co-hosts The 100 "Red-Shirted" and Teen Wolf "Welcome to Beacon Hills" podcasts for Southgate Media Group. Currently she writes a Last Week in TV column for her blog and SpoilerTV. ~ "I speak TV."
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Posted on June 2, 2016 .

Last Week in TV - Week of May 22 - Reviews and Episode Awards

Edited to add...a form for people wishing to help with the Childhood/Teen TV edition.

Hello and welcome back to Last Week in TV. The regular TV season has now officially ended, but that doesn't mean there's nothing left to discuss. Along with the summer season getting bigger than ever it seems, it is the kick off to marathoning season. Luckily, our own Jessica VanWinkle is starting us off with ER. If you have a show you're marathoning and you'd like to guest review it, please let me know in the short form below. You'll find it underneath the nomination form, where you can suggest a show for me to review in 2 simple questions. In other upcoming news, one week we're going to focus on childhood shows. The goal is to find a show people liked as a child/teen and see if it still holds up now. To do this, I need help. I'm looking for about 15 people to watch a few episodes of a show they used to love years ago. Then they would write a few sentences of what worked and what didn't and choose 3-8 awards for those episodes. It doesn't have to be long. This is more to get people thinking about their favorite shows from the past and maybe revisit some themselves. Let me know if you are interested. The more shows we cover, the more fun that special edition will be. Hopefully this Childhood TV version will be posted the last full week of June so you have plenty of time. Until then, sound off on the TV you watched last week in the comments or what shows you're looking forward to this summer, and as always, happy TV viewing.

Episode of the Week

The Musketeers - 3.01 - Spoils of War

Now that's how you kick off a season, especially a final season. It's also how you do a proper time jump. Even though 4 years have passed, the characters are still recognizable. Sure they are more world-weary or on a different career path, but they haven't suddenly become different people. (Looking at you, The 100.) Athos is still the wise leader, who isn't above questioning a commander's faulty judgment. D'Artagnan is still rash, always jumping in before thinking things through. Porthos is still the snarky soldier who gets things done and Aramis is still the nurturer, taking care of those around him while able to hold his own in a fight. When fate and missing war supplies bring the Musketeers and Aramis back together, things are not all rosy, especially between Porthos and Aramis, but bromance reigns large by the end of the episode. While I tend to avoid emoangst at all costs, it was smart to show how hurt Porthos was by Aramis' decision to leave the Musketeers. I especially liked his speech about not having someone watching his back because Aramis ditched them. It was honest and a good reminder of how close these two once were. I liked even better though, them working together to take out the powder before it could get in the hands of the Spanish. Actually, I just like them working together period. Another plus is the new villain. Purportedly it is Feron, who is as unlike Rochefort as it gets. Rochefort was crazy for crazy's sake, which gets old fast. Feron is actually a tiny bit sympathetic. He's going to make life hell for our heroes but it's nothing personal. He is only trying to lessen his pain and by doing so, puts himself under the thumb of a vicious mercenary, a merchant of death. Truly Feron got screwed over by being the half-brother of King Louie. Not that Louie is mean to him. Louie's too stupid and self-absorbed to care about that at all. Instead Feron has a tenuous standing in society for all that he is Governor of Paris and he inherited a particularly painful medical condition from his father. That makes him ripe picking for Lucien, who is the real bad guy of the season. All in all, the time jump has allowed us not to have to rebuild from Rochefort and reunited our heroes in the middle of a war with Spain. Not a bad setting for a final season.

Grade: B+
Status - this will be the last season

Best Reason to Watch - Sword fighting. It is always sword fighting. But the explosions were nice too.
Best Scene - Aramis and Porthos work together to blow stuff up
Best Awww Scene - Porthos makes a new friend, who is about 4 years old
Best Character Interaction - Treville vs. Feron / Aramis and Porthos
Best Opening - Starting mid-battle against overwhelming odds? Yep, I wouldn't expect less from this show.
Best Action - Aramis takes out everyone to protect the kids
Worst Prank - Louis pretends to have fainted
Most Dangerously Juvenile Prank - Constance, Treville, and the intern get back at the Red Guard by starting a fire…in Paris…back when whole cities went up in flames with less
Most Likely to Hold a Grudge - Porthos over Aramis leaving the Musketeers
Most Sympathetic Bad Guy - Feron, whose pain consumes him and so he makes bad choices to relieve it
Biggest Moron - Luc, who jeopardizes everyone because of his own curiosity over and over again
Biggest Douche - the general
Biggest Waste of Space - still King Louis
Biggest What the Heck - The mercenary just drives a knife into Luc, knowing that Aramis is holding a gun on him? What kind of strategy is that? You just took away your human shield. You're too dumb to live.
Smartest Plan - bomb the gunpowder
The "Yeah, Don't Think He Cares" Award - If Lucien didn't care about murdering people, I really don't think he cares about the monastery rules. So long, Abbot.
The "Welcome Back" Award - Rupert Everett from 90's movies

Best Quotes -
1. Treville: "The list of things you're not doing, Feron, grows longer by the day." Feron: "It is a little early to be challenged to a duel, Treville, even of words."
2. Porthos: "Next time I'm using the front door."
3. Luc: "Your name's Porthos? After the hero in the stories?" Porthos: "Stories? I was named after my mother's father." Luc: "You are THE Porthos." Aramis: "THE Porthos. This is THE Athos and THE…" D'Artagnan: "D'Artagnan." Luc: "The stories were true." Athos: "Our reputation precedes us."
4. Athos: "You are many things, Aramis, but a monk is not one of them." Aramis: "You can't argue with God."
5. Treville: "You cannot distract the King forever, Feron. Sooner or later, I will have my say." Feron: "That is your problem, Treville. You never stop having your say. Is anyone really listening, hmm?"

Nominated Episode

Grandfathered - 1.20 - Jimmy's 50th, Again

Originally I was going to marathon the last 12 episodes of Grandfathered, but I learned 3 episodes in that this is not a show I can marathon. Gerald is too much for me to take in big doses. In the end I stopped watching after 1.13 and jumped straight to this episode. Of what I watched recently, I like this episode the best. The flashback was a great idea since it gave a lot of back story, but it also showed how all the characters grew just by meeting or rediscovering each other. This comedy often tries to portray Jimmy as the wrong one but I like how both Gerald and Sarah's lives have been enhanced by having Jimmy in it as well. Don't get me wrong. That doesn't mean I sanction this annoying love triangle or even want Sarah and Jimmy together in the end. Catherine seems really awesome for a TV trope. I just like the family dynamic shown here. I do wish this show had more laughs though. I rarely laugh out loud in it, more like minor chuckling. It does have an abundance of heart nonetheless.

Grade: B-
Ranking: 2+
Status - cancelled
Audience - John Stamos fans and those who like their comedy with more heart than laughs

Best Reason to Watch - back story to what was going on right before Gerald showed up in Jimmy's life
Best Scene - Annelise tells Jimmy that it doesn't matter what his dad thinks of him
Best Reference - Scandal / Robert Downey, Jr.
Best Metaphor - Sarah and her apology crème brulee
Best Addition - Catherine
Worst Salesperson - Gerald, who tells people to buy their stuff somewhere else
Biggest Cliché - the love triangle takes a step forward only to take a step back
Most Depressing - Gerald's best friends are also his mom's best friends
Least Cool - Sarah, trying to drop music terms
The "Poor Baby" Award - Jimmy's dad died before they could make up
The "Welcome Back" Award - Alan Thick from Growing Pains and How I Met Your Mother / Paul Sorvino from Law and Order and gangster movies

Best Quotes -
1. Sarah: "What I'm try to say is I'm sorry. I'm sorry I kept the two of you apart for so long." Jimmy: "So these crème brulees are me?" Sarah: "They were supposed to be."
2. Jimmy: "You think my life is empty? You think my dad's right?" Annelise: "Jimmy look, it doesn't matter what your dad thinks and it doesn't matter what I think. It only matters what you think." Jimmy: "But why don't you just tell me what you think to guide me in what I should think?" Annelise: "I think you should shave that goatee. Just because you can pull it off doesn't mean you should."
3. Catherine: "It's the woman Olivia Pope is based off of. Excuse me. I have to take it." Gerald: "I'm confused." Jimmy: "Oh that's Kerry Washington's character on Scandal."
4. Annelise: "Catherine, I saw you give a TED talk to 5,000 people. This candle business is beneath you."
5. Jimmy: "Great news. I convinced my dad to fly out for my big birthday party." CJ: "You have a dad?" Victor: "I always just imagined he hatched from a leather egg."

Guest Reviews

12 Monkeys - 2.06 - Immortal
BY BlueStar

This was an interesting episode, and my favorite of the season so far. Cole and Ramse go on a mission together to prevent two messengers from paradoxing a man named Kyle Slade, who is a serial killer in 1975 (who we later learn is also from the future and is killing people so the messengers can’t paradox them). They manage to convince two police officers to let them ride along to find Slade, who Cole saved a waitress from the night before. The police capture him, but Cole frees him from their protection after Slade tells him he knows where the Witness is – that he captured him. Cole later discovers Slade had only caught a messenger, not the real Witness. Moments later Ramse, after killing the second messenger at the Emerson Hotel, finds them. So do the police, and Slade sets off a bomb. Cole shoots him, preventing any messenger from being able to paradox him. Finally a win for the team! Meanwhile, the real Witness tries to get to Cassie by masquerading as Aaron and saying The Red Forest would mean no more death. Jennifer tells her that The Red Forest will be hell, not a perfect world. The episode ends with Cassie seeing the Witness in his cloaked figure form and her eyes turning mysteriously black.

Grade: A

Best Reason To Watch – Cole and Ramse working together to find Slade and the ending scenes of the episode
Best Scene – Tie between Jennifer talking to Cassie after the Witness visits her and the scene leading to the bomb explosion
Best Music – Slow Ride by Foghat (Great way to start the 1975 part of the episode, especially since that’s when the album with the song was released)
Best News – Killing Slade not only prevented a paradox but also healed time!
Most Adorable Scene – Cole and Ramse playing a game with Sam
Most Exciting – Another two messengers down, only two to go. Wow, the other ten sure died quick!
Most Selfless - Sam, who tells Ramse it is not just about his future, but everyone else’s too.
Most Insightful – Sane Jennifer is really an awesome character. She still has the quirks that make her her, but now also has a sense of wisdom about her. I can see now why some would want to follow her in the future.

Best Quotes:
1. Cassie: “He – um, told me he wants to destroy time…so there’d be no more death. He made it sound almost beautiful.” Jennifer: “Well, it’s not. Death is like…everything. It’s a time clock that makes us better. Makes us love harder. I don’t know – I think it’s like, maybe…what makes us human.”
2. Ramse (to Cole): “I used to think you were insane. I realized it’s something else, right? Something in here. (Puts his fist over his heart) Never gonna change, and it shouldn’t. I think one of these days it’s gonna help us out of this mess. Until then, somebody’s got your back.”
3. Cole: “Listen, man, you know I love you.” Ramse: “Oh, what are you doing?” Cole: “What?” Ramse: “You don’t say that.” Cole: “Say what?” Ramse: “You never say that.” Cole: “No, I was gonna say I love whiskey, and we should go find some and drink it.” Ramse: “No, you weren’t. You were gonna declare your undying love for me, brother.” Cole: “Don’t flatter yourself, okay?” Ramse: “I heard you.” Cole: “You’re being emotional right now. I heard that happens to new parents.” Ramse: “Listen, I’m not being emotional. You’re being an a**hole, okay?” (They walk away together) Ramse: “Me too.”

ER - 1.01 - Pilot
BY Jessica Van Winkle

In the very first scene of ER, viewers are introduced to Dr. Mark Greene. He’s sleeping in the on call room, but is woken up by a nurse. Dr. Greene is needed to help another doctor. Dr. Doug Ross, a pediatrician, is drunk and needs fluids. Apparently he drinks on his nights off and always comes into the ER to sober up. Besides Greene and Ross, we meet Dr. Susan Lewis, a fellow ER resident who is close with Mark; Dr. Peter Benton, a surgical resident; Carol Hathaway, the head ER nurse; and John Carter, a medical student. The two hour pilot gives us some insight into the characters. Peter is very talented and thinks very highly of himself. I’ve read that Eriq LaSalle was meant to be the star, and I can definitely tell that from how much time this episode spent on his character. He was my favorite in this episode; I love how snarky he was! We also learn that Mark is married and has a young daughter, and Carol and Doug have a romantic history. Besides learning about the ER staff, the episode does have some medical action. Dr. Benton performs his first solo surgery even though he wasn’t supposed to, and med student Carter tries to adjust to being in the ER. The episode ends with Carol attempting suicide. The staff is shocked as Mark steps up and tries to save her. Doug is especially distraught. We’re left to wonder if she survives. I liked this pilot; I thought it did a good job of balancing medicine with the characters' personal lives.

Grade: B

Best Reason to Watch - The medicine. The ER staff try to save lives and work together in a busy Chicago hospital.
Best Scene - Dr. Benton’s surgery goes well and he does his celebratory dance move that became iconic. Seriously, I loved seeing it in the credits every week.
Best Snark - Peter Benton
Biggest Flirt - Doug Ross
Best Actor - Eriq LaSalle

Best Quotes -
1. Carol: “Something wrong?” Peter: “Oh you bet there is. We’re out of coffee again because the nurses have been taking it. That’s what’s wrong.” Carol: “Make some more.” Peter: “Make some more? We work 36 hours on, 18 off which makes 90 hours a week, 52 weeks a year and for that we are paid $23,739 before taxes and we also have to make our own coffee?” Carol: “My heart is breaking.”
2. Peter: “How do you take your coffee?” Susan: “Same as yesterday and the day before that.” Peter: “And they call me a smartass.”
3. Peter: "Do we have anyone to sew up?” Haleh: “How would I know?” Peter: “I love this great spirit of camaraderie. Everyone wants to help.”
4. Peter: “So you think you can save the hand?” Older surgeon: “Looks pretty good. I think so.” Peter: “Good. I told him you could so he’s counting on you.”
5. Dr. Morganstern: “The unit is looking to you, Mark. You set the tone.”

ER (1.2- 1.11)
BY Jessica VanWinkle

The first part of season one spends time developing the characters and we learn about their personal lives. Carol Hathaway survives her suicide attempt and reunites with her boyfriend, Tag, another doctor at County General. Doug is still interested in her, but she shuts him down. Mark’s wife, Jen, passes the bar in episode “Day One”, but takes a job in Milwaukee. The long distance takes a toll on their relationship and they hardly ever see each other. In “9 ½ Hours”, Mark calls in sick to spend the day with Jen. Doug has to take over Mark’s lead ER resident duties, and he definitely can’t keep up. He fails. Miserably. He ends up calling and begging Mark to come in and save him, but Mark won’t even answer his phone. Susan probably has the craziest personal life as her sister is a drug addict and steals from her. Her boyfriend, Div, is a psychiatrist at the hospital, but spirals out of control because of his depression. Peter doesn’t seem to have much of a life outside the hospital as he works as many surgeries as he can get. We do learn that his mother is sick and his brother-in-law resents Peter for not spending more time with her.

For the first few episodes nothing super exciting happens medicine wise, but there are some interesting patients. Dr. Benton treats Ivan, a Russian store worker who keeps getting shot. I think he is in three or four times with gunshot wounds. Doug has to take a boy away from his mother because she keeps having conversations with dead people and Princess Diana. Rosemary Clooney even shows up as an elderly woman with dementia. Carter has to learn how to do pretty much everything. I love watching Carter become more comfortable at procedures all while wanting to make his superiors proud. It is also heartbreaking watching him lose patients and have to deliver bad news to family members for the first time. In “ER Confidential” he treats a transgender woman, and he’s clearly uncomfortable with it. This was during 1994, and I had to remind myself that times were just different even in a big city like Chicago. The ER gets really exciting in “Blizzard.” The episode starts with the ER completely dead because of the huge snowstorm. The doctors have fun racing each other in wheelchairs and Nurse Malik raps over the P.A. System. The ER then gets slammed because of a multi-vehicle pileup. The ER is crazy as the doctors move frantically trying to treat patients and save lives. I love it!

My favorite episode of this bunch is “The Gift”. It is the Christmas episode, and I love those. Mark tries to buy a nice gift for his wife because he has to make up for the dust buster he purchased last year. He tries to leave the ER, but keeps getting called to see patients so Doug’s girlfriend volunteers to buy a present for her. She buys sexy lingerie so I’d say his wife is very happy at Christmas. Susan’s boyfriend resigns from the hospital and moves out without telling her. At first she’s upset, but Carter drives her back to her place and makes sure she’s okay. He is also her secret Santa, and his gift to her is a music box. So cute! I like the friendship that is slowly developing between Susan and Carter, and Noah Wyle is just adorable in these early episodes. At the end of the episode, Doug interrupts Carol’s Christmas party by telling her she belongs with him. This does not go well, and he ends up getting punched by Tag. Merry Christmas!

Grade: I’d give this group of episodes a B-. Some episodes were better than others. I’d give “The Gift” a B+.

Best Reason to Watch - The viewers learn more about the doctors’ lives.
Best Scene - The doctors eat pizza together, sing Christmas carols and unwind after a busy day in “Blizzard.”
Best Guest Star - Rosemary Clooney
Favorite Relationship - Carter and Susan
Most Relatable - Susan

Best Quotes -
1. Doug: “Where’s Benton?” Haleh: “Do I look like his travel agent?”
2. Peter: “Who died and left you Chief Resident?” Doug: “Mark’s got the flu. I’m covering.” Peter: “St. Mark’s out? Must be pneumonia.”
3. Peter: “Ivan’s back? Is he wearing a sign that says shoot me?”
4. Susan: “You know Carter, you can call us by our first names.” Carter: “You call me Carter.” Susan: “Yeah, well, that’s different. Somehow.”
5. Carter: “I met you on my first day.” Carol: “My last. Or so I thought.”

Nashville - 4.21 - Maybe You’ll Appreciate Me Someday
BY Jessica VanWinkle

I thought this finale was very well done (except for the huge cliffhanger, but I’ll get to that later). My favorite part of this episode was Rayna and Deacon. Those two, especially Rayna, fought for their daughter and finally convinced Maddie to come home. It took Maddie about five episodes too long to realize that her parents, not Cash, love her and want what’s best for her, but I’ll take what I can get. I loved the scene where Rayna, Deacon, Maddie, and Daphne went home together as a family. They were all happy for the first time in a long time. My other favorite part of this episode was Gunnar and Scarlett. I really thought that the cliffhanger would involve them, but luckily I was wrong. I could have done without Autumn Chase in this episode (she makes me cringe), but at least Gunnar realized he wanted to be with Scarlett. When he kissed her during their song, I was smiling from ear to ear. Will’s story was also wrapped up with him confronting the terrible Cynthia Davis on her show and reuniting with Kevin. Juliette told everyone the truth about Jeff’s death. I’m glad she went public and owned her mistakes; it shows how much she’s grown in these four seasons. I wish Layla had owned her mistakes, too, instead of lying to everyone, but at least her album is going to be successful. This episode was great, and then the writers had to ruin it with a stupid cliffhanger. Juliette’s plane probably crashed? Are you kidding me? Whatever. I’m just going to pretend that they found her plane, she was fine, and she had a happy reunion with Avery and her daughter.

Grade: B+
Status - cancelled

Best Reason to Watch - To see how all the stories end.
Best Scene - Rayna, Deacon, Maddie, and Daphne reunite and go home together.
Runner Up Best Scene - Gunnar kisses Scarlett as Autumn watches. The fact that she looked so bitter was just icing on the cake.
What I’ll Miss The Most - The music. All of these actors are so talented, and I will miss listening to their music every week.
Scene I Wish Hadn’t Happened - That cliffhanger. There’s an alternative ending, and I wish the writers had used that one. Hopefully they’ll release it at some point so the viewers can at least see it.

New Shows

Preacher - 1.01 - Pilot

I am often left with questions when I watch a pilot because I don't do a lot of spoilers, but this show left me wondering what it is even about. I know it's based on a graphic novel but I have zero idea what in the world just happened in this extra long opener. The beginning starts off with some seriously 60's-era CGI about outer space shenanigans before moving into the snail-slow pace of most AMC series with some random gore thrown in. Then it global hops for awhile with more blood. A crazy chick takes down a helicopter with soup cans and miscellaneous hardware supplies while snarking with kids. A demon (maybe) takes out an entire plane and then jumps. Some preacher drinks a lot, gets in a pretty awesome fight, and then is possessed by Predator. The sum of it all was…you got me. This TV show won't though unless I can make heads or tails out of it in the next episode.

Grade: C-
Ranking: 2
Audience - people who have read the graphic novel and therefore know what's going on

Best Reason to Watch - because you're missing your favorites from other comic-based shows (Agent Carter / SHIELD)
Best Scene - Tulip and the kids
Best Action - Preacher fights the Civil War singlehandedly
Best Pep Talk - the non-sermon
Worst Person to Give Advice - Tulip
Worst Rendition - that "Amazing Grace" choice is terrible
Biggest Huh - Someone married a pillow? Did I hear that right?
Biggest Ewww - I thought the demon with his intestines/tentacles (not sure which) hanging out all over the place was going to barely beat out the broken bone through the arm. But nope, it was definitely the open heart gift
Biggest Douche - Donnie
Least to Blame - that poor iPad that Emily destroyed in her frustration with Preacher
Least Likely to Clean Up After Herself - Tulip, who leaves a flaming helicopter and 2 dead guys on the lawn
Strangest Reference - they not only mention Tom Cruise but say he's been exploded at a Scientology meeting
Strangest Place for Confession - in the middle of an office with other people around
The "Welcome Back" Award - Dominic Cooper from Agent Carter and Captain America / Ruth Negga from SHIELD / Lucy Griffiths from Robin Hood

Best Quotes -
1. Preacher: "I heard Donnie there might be laying hands on his wife. I figured you might want to talk to her." Sheriff: "Well I'll listen to a formal complaint should the victim come forward." Preacher: "Well that's unlikely ain't it? These kind of situations, she's probably scared to." Sheriff: "I will listen to a formal complaint." Preacher: "Of course. You don't want to lose the wife-beatin', squirrel-murderin' redneck vote. I imagine that's a key demographic for you."
2. Preacher: "I don't hate you, Tulip. I wouldn't know how." Tulip: "Don't make me teach you then."
3. Preacher: "Drinkin', fightin', swearin'. I can't even afford to fix the damn air conditioning." Cassidy: "Sounds like the first verse of the worst country song ever written, man."
4. Preacher: "Promises matter. It's the currency of faith."
5. Eugene: "Do you ever think that there are some things so bad even God won't forgive?" Preacher: "No. No matter what you done, if you need him he has to be there for you. That's the whole point. God doesn't hold grudges."

Weekly Shows

The Big Bang Theory (9.22-9.24)
~I watched this in between marathoning Grandfathered and I found that I liked it better than normal. Sure the characters kept putting each other down for chuckles, but there was also real warmth and tension. Plus there was a return of some great characters. I always love when Mary is on the show. I'm not sure what to make of her hooking up with Leonard's dad though. It would be quite interesting if Leonard and Sheldon ended up being half-brothers. It was also nice to see Zach back. I kind of forgot about him until now but I like that he managed to insert some of his own barbs. It was a nice turnabout.

Grade: B+ / B / B
Status - renewed by CBS for season 10 on Thursdays (and Mondays, briefly)

Best Reason to Watch - the return of several guest characters
Best Scene - Leonard's toast to Penny
Best Subplot - Leonard following Howard, who thinks it's the military
Best Alliteration - fetus friendly festival of fun
Best Reference - Bon Jovi
Best Plan - milking Penny and Leonard's wedding for 2 episodes (3 if you count last season)
Best Use of Time - Penny and Sheldon making each other smarter at breakfast via flashcards
Best Product Placement - vitamin water
Best / Worst Job - being paid to stand in line for others
Biggest Appetite - apparently Raj is having a burger and chicken nuggets for dinner
Biggest Huh? - St. Louis has a 5 on Your Side section of the local news. Is this a thing across America?
Most Interesting - scratch and sniff wine book
Most Boring - Sheldon's night of fun
Most Surprising - The season finale just sort of ended. No rhyme, no reason, no sense of finishing. It was like time ran out so they packed everything up and went home.
Strangest Hook Up (maybe?) - Sheldon's mother with Leonard's dad
The "Welcome Back" Award (character) - Zack / Mary / Beverly
The "Welcome Back" Award (actor) - Judd Hirsch from Forever and Numb3rs

Best Quotes -
1. Howard: "I can't believe I was so naïve. The military, it's just gonna take over the whole project and you know what happens if we object. We disappear like off the map…like every American Idol winner since season 4."
2. Alfred: "Oh, I didn't mean to disparage your faith. Actually I admire it." Mary: "Really?" Alfred: "Yes, I'm an agnostic myself but I have prayed many times to God to turn my wife into a pillar of salt." Mary: "Well he came close. Turned her into a giant block of ice."
3. Sheldon: "I like my grapes the old-fashioned way…in a juice box."
4. Howard: "You can put it in a satellite or rocket and it will run forever." Zach: "Could it be used for missiles and war stuff?" Howard: "Yeah but we didn't create it for weapons." Leonard: "And I doubt the military would be interested in our little guidance system." Zack: "Is it better than the one they use now?" Howard: "A lot." Leonard: "Oh way better." Zack: "Huh, you sure you guys are smart?"
5. Raj: "I do enjoy the complexity of an aged pinot noir." Leonard: "I'm sure that would pair nicely with your five nuggets of chicken."
6. Howard: "That's not how it works. You saw ET, Avatar, Jurassic World. The military just shows up and takes over." Bernadette: "You do realize those weren't documentaries, right?"

The Blacklist - 3.23 - Alexander Kirk (Conclusion)

The Blacklist had an amazing season. It gets my vote for one of the most improved shows of the year. Putting Liz on the run as a fugitive did wonders for the show. Writing in the actress' pregnancy was another stroke of genius. To be honest, I wasn't sure about either move but the writers ended up doing so much more with both. Who could forget the moment when the very pregnant Liz walks through a gun battle to get extra supplies? Best of all, Liz finally stopped playing the martyr and became a flesh and blood character, who realized her own flaws and faults in the situation. This was Elizabeth Keen at her best and I'm glad we got to see that. Still in the finale, Kaplan is definitely the star of the show. Her concern for all parties is real and so is her resolve even though she knows Reddington will probably kill her for orchestrating the biggest con in his life. I adore how she faked Liz's death and how she stood up to Red with her own version of what was best. Here's hoping you live to appear in more episodes, Kaplan, because you rock! So do you, writers, for giving us one heck of a season.

Grade: A-
Status - renewed by NBC for season 4 on Thursdays

Best Reason to Watch - Kaplan
Best Scene - Reddington tells Harold goodbye
Best Awww Moment - Tom, Agnes, and Elizabeth reunite
Best Action - Tom vs. the kidnapper
Best Character Interaction - Reddington and Kaplan
Best Reaction (normal people) - the cashier to Reddington taking so long to order
Best Reaction (psycho) - Reddington when he realizes Kaplan arranged to get Tom and Agnes out
Best Reveal - Mr. Kaplan's first name is Kate
Best Confirmation - I totally knew Mr. Kaplan arranged for Elizabeth to get out of the country. I knew she faked Liz's death. So glad that the family is reunited even if it's only for a little while.
Best Twist - Kirk is Elizabeth's father
Best Music - Dodged a Bullet by Greg Laswell
Biggest Crisis of Faith - Ressler over letting Red shoot Kirk or not
Least Professional - This team is seriously okay with letting Reddington murder someone with their full pre-knowledge of it. What the heck? They have been making terrible decisions this whole season.
Most Like Leverage - the crude oil truck exchange heist
Most Missed - Seeing Reddington's reaction to hearing that Liz is alive. How did they NOT show us this?
The "Say What?" Award - Red stopped midflight to catch Ressler up on the Liz news? Why?

Best Quotes -
1. Red: "It will have to suffice to say I would name every human being on the planet before you if asked who might betray me…" Kaplan: "Raymond." Red: "I know what you've done. I know you helped Tom and Agnes leave the country without my knowledge." Kaplan: "Yes." Red: "Yes." Kaplan: "What do you want to know, Raymond? If I'm sorry? Yes, I'm sorry you weren't more honest with Elizabeth from the beginning. I'm sorry you wanted to know her so desperately that you convinced yourself we could keep her safe. I couldn't sit back and watch you make the same mistake with Agnes. I didn't betray you. I did what I've always done, protected you. This time from yourself." Red: "You're wrong." Kaplan: "I won't tell you where they are." Red: "You don't understand, Kate. I know where they are and so does Alexander Kirk." Kaplan: "Kirk?" Red: "He was tracking Tom. He knows they're in Cuba. He's flying there as we speak." Kaplan: "No." Red: "I need an address. I know you had her best interest at heart, that you were trying to protect her, but now because of you, Agnes is in grave danger." Kaplan: "Not just Agnes."
2. Reddington: "You want justice for Elizabeth." Ressler: "Justice, not vengeance." Reddington: "In my experience, they're the same."
3. Navabi: "Are you alright?" Harold: "A man got off that plane and he has no idea that he'll be dead within the hour. I spent my entire life in the service of stopping people who do what we're about to let happen. Not so long ago this taskforce felt compelled to hunt down Elizabeth Keen for intentionally killing a man. Now she's gone and we're about to do the very same thing." Navabi: "If you're asking whether you'll regret it someday…no, I don't think you will. To be honest, I crossed that line a long time ago - killing in the name of justice, revenge. After awhile you don't just get over it. You get used to it." Harold: "That's what I'm afraid of."
4. Reddington: "I know how difficult this must be for you, Donald." Ressler: "I will do this." Reddington: "You have faith. I envy that. Justice, integrity, faith in humanity - nobody embodies those principles more than you, and I know it must be hard for you to believe that you'll continue to embody those principles even after you watch me do this."
5. Red: "Had it really come to that." Kaplan: "She loved her daughter that much. Yes, Raymond. It had come to that."

The Catch (1.06 -1.10)
~While I am glad that this series has been renewed despite disappointing ratings (all hail the power of Shonda), this would have been a good point in which to end it. I mean it really does have to end with Ben either in jail or dead. Otherwise it's a cop-out. I am glad that Margot is making it to another day, although I may actually miss Gangsta Mum - well if she stays jailed, but I'm still up in the air about Rhys. He's too stupid for my tastes and they seem to be trying to at least partly redeem psycho, which is all the rage these days. Let's just say that is rising on my TV Pet Peeves list. Overall I thought this season was decent. I liked the characters, except when I didn't. The new additions like Leah were a plus. Mostly though the cat and mouse game was what made this so much fun. Here's hoping that isn't lost in season 2.

Grade: B overall / C+ for finale
Status: renewed by ABC for season 2 at midseason

Best Reason to Watch - the cat and mouse game
Best Character Interaction - Alice and Margot
Best Addition - Leah
Best Blackmail - Valerie and Alice force the client to relinquish rights to his son in order to keep out of jail and not spend multimillions on legal fees
Best Revenge - Margot tips off the FBI about the stolen painting in Alice's house
Best Take Off of a Modern Story - Kelsey's basic slavery to her scumbag producer sounds a bit like Kesha
Best Party Organizer - Margot, who leaves no detail undone except for her brother
Best Negotiator - Leah Wells
Best Save - Valerie keeps Margot from shooting Alice
Best Move - Alice takes down Nathan
Best Plot Twist - Ben turns state's evidence to take down Rhys after Rhys threatens Alice
Worst Trade - the Benefactor (Rhys) is staying in town while Felicity is dead
Least Surprising - her brother is the one sending threats to Captain Nia / Margot is Alice's new therapist / Ben trades himself for Alice
Most Fascinating Character - Margot, who is both smart and vicious
Most Likely to be Shafted - Reggie, who is 100% right in not wanting to work for Rhys again and doubly correct in thinking that going after Rhys is a bad idea
Most in Need of Jail Time - Rhys
Most Sleazy - Nathan Ashmore
Most Extreme Reaction - Alice dumps her phone in a vase instead of just turning it off
Most in Need of Chapstick - Alice
Most Talented - Sophie, who has a great voice to go with her impressive computer skills
Biggest Idiot - Alice for not taking the threat of other thieves seriously / Rhys for not checking Alice's purse
Biggest Baby - Rhys, who calls his mom on his sister
The "We So Don't Have Time for This" Award - Why have we stopped for 20 minutes to wrap up every single romantic plotline on this show and some that weren't even a romantic plotline until this episode? There are killers on the loose and a heist taking place. Priorities people!
The "Give Me a Break" Award - There is zero way Mum would hand off a job to Ben, no matter how small, and NOT have him tailed to make sure he was doing it. Seriously, she runs a criminal empire. She didn't get there by being stupid.
The "Learn Something New" Award - A woman on Facebook launched a campaign for people to put a black dot on their palm to signal that they are in trouble but it’s too dangerous for them to ask for help. Current specialists don't suggest this idea because an abuser might know what it means too.
The "Welcome Back" Award - Adina Porter from The 100 / Vik Sahay from Chuck / Kevin Alejandro from Arrow and The Returned / Nia Vardalos from My Big Fat Greek Wedding / Mimi Kennedy from Homefront and Mom

Best Quotes -
1. Margot's Mum: "Do you know what your problem is?" Margot: "Bad parenting."
2. Mum: "Turns out it costs an actual fortune to make a fake one."
3. Sophie: "Did you ever run away from home?" Danny: "Well if you ask my mom, she'd say that's what I'm doing right now."
4. Mum: "Do you want to know the secret to a good relationship?" Margot: "Oh this will be good, coming from the woman whose husband killed himself." Mom: "Your father didn't kill himself. He was murdered." Margot: "I assume you know that because you murdered him."
5. Rhys: "This is going to be the end of me." Ben: "Don't get my hopes up."
6. Rhys: "You are the absolute worst. You know that. Most people have sisters who love them, support them." Margot: "Most people don't have you for a brother."
7. Rhys: "Paul McCartney? I could probably get Ringo in a push. He owes me a favor, but I can't get Paul McCartney. I can't even get decent tickets for Paul McCartney." Ben: "She's not talking about THE Paul McCartney. She's talking about her dog." Reggie: "She named her dog Paul McCartney?" Ben: "She did." Rhys: "She is mental." Ben: "I got that feeling."
8. Reggie: "Clearly professionalism, that is a recessive gene in your family."

Crowded - 1.13 - Come Back

I probably would have liked this one better if I hadn't just watched the Goldbergs give into their kids over and over again. It is canon that these girls lived on their own in college so I'm not buying that they can't even make themselves coffee. Right now they are the worst kind of leeches and they ruined the episode for me. If it had just been the adults, I would have really enjoyed this one. Alice defending her territory was hilarious, while the scene between Bob and Mike was touching and very much needed. I like how Bob is man enough to admit that not everything was Linda's fault too. This show is now cancelled and I'm okay with that, but I think it would have been stronger without the girls at all. They could have stayed at college and the whole show wouldn't have been such an eye roller at times.

Grade: C+
Status - cancelled

Best Reason to Watch - Bob and Mike
Best Scene - Bob talks to Mike about his mom and tells Mike that he loves him
Best Example of Why Punctuation Matters - Alice: "Shoot, my sister Rhonda." Bob: "Shoot your sister, Rhonda. I'll do it."
Biggest Hmmm - Correct me if I'm wrong, but both of these girls lived away from their parents in college. How is it possible that they don't know how to fend for themselves for 15 minutes? Urgh, this makes no sense.
Worst Parent - Mike's mom, who compounds it by saying she's dying when she really isn't
Worst Moral - Loving your children means giving into them in everything. What is this, The Goldbergs?
Most Ridiculous Fight - Are they seriously fighting over what a shower sounds like?
Most Embarrassing - listening to your mom talk about your dad's penis
Most Likely to Throw Down - Alice
Most Pathetic - even with Mike's mom back in the episode, it's still the girls
The "I'm with You" Award - Bob, I feel your spider hate and I agree with it all. They are Satan's creatures.

Best Quotes -
1. Bob: "Look, don't tell anyone I said this but I love you.." Mike: "I will keep it a secret that my father loves me." Bob: "Well, you got something to say back?" Mike: "I love you too, dad." Bob: "We don't have to hug now, do we?" Mike: "Well if we didn't do it when the Seahawks won the Super Bowl, why would we do it now?"
2. Bob: "I hate those creepy, crawly little b**. Ulghhh. Four legs I'll give you. Six, alright you're a bug. Eight legs, ylgh, that's a devil creature."
3. Shea: "Wait, it sounds like it's coming from the basement. Shouldn't we just go check it out?" Stella: "What do we always yell at the people in horror movies right before they get murdered? 'Don't go see what the scary noise is. The killer's in there. Get out of the house.' Sure you're the nerdy virgin who lives in the end, but I'm the sexy, popular girl who gets an axe in the forehead."
4. Martina: "I don't think we coddled them." Mike: "Look at us right now. We're whispering so as not to wake up our daughter who's passed out on a counter reeking of gin." Martina: "I think it might be rum." Mike: "Yeah, let's argue about that."
5. Linda: "And maybe in time I could even be friends with Bob and Alice." Alice: "Nope."

The Flash - 2.23 - The Race of His Life
~I've come to the conclusion that I like The Flash best in its normal episodes. The big event episodes always fall flat for me, this one included. The time jumps, the parallel earths, urgh - can't they just tell their story without trying to go so big that it doesn't make sense? Time to scale it back - except they just pulled a Fringe. My favorite thing about that series was the Walter-Peter relationship. It was very difficult for me to watch the show when Peter was erased from the universe and Walter no longer knew him. On The Flash, my favorite part is the Joe-Barry relationship and then the team vibe. Without Barry going to live with Joe as a child, all that is screwed to Hades. Would he be a forensic scientist without his mom's death? Would he even stay in Central City to get zapped by the particle accelerator? Plus the whole thing causes such a big time paradox that it literally causes my brain to ache. Ugh. Just give me a one-off metahuman bad guy, some great teamwork, and some Cisco banter. That's all I need to be happy.

Grade: C
Status - renewed by The CW for season 3 on Tuesdays

Best Reason to Watch - the ending is sure going to shake things up until the speed force (or something else) makes Barry change it back / Zoom is hopefully gone for good
Best Speech - Joe's eulogy for Henry
Best Shock - the real Jay Garrick is Henry's doppelganger
Best Reason to Lock Up Those with Superpowers - even the good guys screw everything up
Best Meta - John Wesley Shipp, back in the suit
Best Plan (for me) - Jesse going back to Earth 2
Best Plan (logically until it wasn't) - locking up Barry until they have an actual working plan
Worst Plan - messing up the timeline
Worst Plan (for me) - Wells leaving for Earth 2
Biggest Diss - Cisco on the Transformers movies and their actors
Least Surprising - the will they-won't they continues, or at least it will when Barry is forced to put the timeline back to normal
Most Moronic End Game - this is all about a speed race to save the earth
Cheesiest Acting - Teddy Sears, who granted has the cheesiest dialogue on the planet to say, but he's still not selling it at all
The "Don't Even Ask" Award - Give it up, Wally. I am firmly convinced that nothing about this time stuff makes a lick of sense. Trying to use logic on it is a waste of time.
The "Say What" Award - Why is Barry racing Zoom? He's giving Zoom exactly what he wants and what makes Barry think Zoom is going to keep his word? This is stupid.
The "Give Me a Break" Award - Now there are 2 Zooms? A Zoom and his evil remnant? A partridge in a pear tree? This parallel world thing is annoying. Please close all breaches. We have enough trouble on this planet alone.
The "Wow, This is Exciting" Award - watching Barry and Zoom run around the carnival ride is a lot like watching NASCAR

Best Quotes -
1. Cisco: "We also have to figure out why I keep vibe-ing Earth 2 being ripped to shreds." Joe: "Seriously." Cisco: "It's like I'm watching Transformers in 4-D but like 10 times more realistic and with much better acting."
2. Zoom: "But if at any point you decide you don't want to race anymore, dear old dad #2 is a dead man as well as your little fan club." Barry: "They're not my fan club. They're the reason that I'm running, why I'm going to beat you."
3. Wells: "Have you ever worked with a tool before?" Cisco: "I'm working with one now."
4. Barry: "Right after he killed his time remnant, he told me I was almost ready." Iris: "Almost ready for what?" Barry: "I don't know." Cisco: "Yep, classic psychopath. Why can't they ever just say what they want to do?"
5. Wells (to Barry): "I'm a better man than I was when I got here. That's because of you." Barry: "I'm not the same either."

Fresh Off the Boat - 2.24 - Bring the Pain
~I didn't find this episode very funny but it might be because I don't find Kim Jeong very funny. It did have lots of heart though and good back story.

Grade: B-
Status - renewed by ABC for season 3 on Tuesdays

Best Reason to Watch - back story
Best Speech - Eddie to his brothers, even though it was to get his way
Worst Plan - burning your jacket
Least Missed - VHS tapes
Most Missed - We don't get to see the Huang's in Taiwan. Bummer.
Most Excited - Jessica when she hears that Gene took Grandma back to Taiwan…right until she hears that it's only until the wedding's over
Biggest Perv - Honey's brother-in-law
The "You Learn Something New" Award - I've never heard of a polite fight but I've seen them in my own family for years, especially when it comes to paying at meals
The "Welcome Back" Award - Kim Jeong from Community and Dr. Ken

Best Quotes -
1. Jessica: "If you hadn't come here, we never would have met. I don't regret the decision you made. You have nothing to apologize for." Louis: "Thank you." Jessica: "Unless you want to set a good example for the boys." Louis: "Ugh. I hate being an adult."
2. Jessica: "In Chinese families, no one likes to owe anyone anything. It's like how you must have felt when you kept my Tupperware for too long." Honey: "That's actually my Tupperware and you still have them." Jessica: "And if you were Chinese, I would feel bad about that."
3. Louis: "What's that on your face?" Jessica: "What?" Louis: "You're smiling." Jessica: "I am. I'm happy. I can't just be happy for no reason?" Louis: "We both know you can't."
4. Eddie: "Dad, I thought you didn't want Uncle Gene to come visit." Louis: "I don't, son, but I'm setting an example for you boys. It's called being an adult. You have to do stuff you don't want to do, all the time."
5. Eddie: "It's a Chinese polite fight. You're never supposed to give in. These things can get hella intense."

The Goldbergs (3.22 -3.24)

I love The Goldbergs. It's my favorite comedy and has been for 3 years. I may get tired of the sudden preaching of bratty kids getting their way, which seems to have become the theme in the last 2 seasons, but there's no one that gets the combination of heart and laughs mixed just right like Adam Goldberg. Every episode I laugh. Every episode I "awww." I am so happy that this show has found the audience it deserves after being overshadowed in the first season. Murray remains my favorite character. In this set, I especially loved his interactions with Beverly. He knows her so well and even if he doesn't always show it, he gets why seeing their kids grow up is so traumatic to her. I love that Murray is her support even in the craziest of times. The siblings, when it is about their relationship with each other, had some great moments in here too. That slip and slide / sprinkler prank was epic and I kind of wish someone had thought of that when I was in school. Of course, we celebrated the end of 8th grade with a dance and not a graduation ceremony. That's more of a 00's thing. I am, though, scared for the Goldberg siblings now that Beverly wants to be a teacher. Actually, I feel sorry for that whole high school.

~Condolences out to Patton Oswalt, whose wife died last month. Also to their daughter. How very sad to lose someone so suddenly.

Grade: C / B / A-
Status - renewed by ABC for season 4 on Wednesdays

Best Reason to Watch - the relationships
Best Scene - Murray and Pops try to pry a baby blanket out of Beverly's hands / slip-n-slide
Best Moment - the principal calls Beverly into his office and suspends her from parenting
Best Revenge - Beverly takes away all of Barry and Erica's stuff until they are more appreciative of her
Best Relationship - Murray and the dog
Best Music - Heat of the Moment
Best Reference - Scooby-Doo / Pretty in Pink
Worst Reference - high school bullying
Worst Twist - the sudden love triangle at the end
Worst Message - Giving your kids everything they want, especially after they brat about it, does not equal being a good parent. If Adam wanted this so badly, a better parenting plan would have been to make him earn the money himself. I am really hating the way this season seems to be all about giving the kids whatever they want, when they want, even after they've been spoiled brats about it. We have enough of that in this world already. We don't need for comedies to imply that parents are wrong when they don't give into their kids all the time.
Worst Kids - Erica and Barry for forgetting Mothers' Day
Biggest Huh - How does Adam take down Barry? That just doesn't seem possible.
Biggest Meltdown - Barry over his shirt
Biggest Brats - all the kids, who keep getting more obnoxious each season
Biggest Idiot - Barry, who believes Adam's summer solstice strength tale
Biggest Surprise - Murray is a decent ventriloquist
Biggest Say What? - A shirt funeral? Huh?
Biggest Laugh - playing Whitney Houston's "I Believe the Children are Our Future" while Barry and Erica literally play out the home disaster scene from Freaky Friday
Least Surprising - they plan to make another tree house
Most Fun - the sprinkler and slip-n-slide at graduation practice
Most Sucky - When your little brother is big enough to fight back. I feel for you, Barry. I experienced this time too in my life.
Strangest Show of Love - Barry chose to haze Adam to keep him from being pegged as a dork in high school because no one cared enough to torture him
Truest Statement - Voiceover: "There were only 2 days left until summer and that meant 1 thing - nobody cared." That is every last week of school I've ever been in, as a student or teacher
Weirdest Saying - face mouth
The "Welcome Back" Award (character) - Pop-Pop

Best Quotes (Funny) -
1. Beverly: "You're not athletic enough to get athlete's foot."
2. Erica: "What about your experience with me makes you think I'm going to care about this conversation at all?"
3. Adam: "Come on. Put yourself in my shoes. Think back to when you were a kid. You know, pushing a hoop with a stick on the way to the old fishing hole." Murray: "How old do you think I am?"
4. Murray: "Wow, of all the moron things my moron kids have ever asked for this takes the cake." Adam: "Dad, this is my dream." Murray: "You're literally asking me for a spaceship."
5. Pops: "Wait, that's what this is -a shirt funeral? Damn it, I missed a real funeral for this."
6. Adam: "Wasn't that the most amazing movie you've ever seen?" Dave Kim: "Uh, a bunch of kids getting accidentally launched into space. That's asking a lot of the audience."

Best Quotes (serious) -
1. Adam: "Do you even hear yourself? You're just as bad as Pop-Pop. He crushed all your dreams and now you're crushing mine." Murray: "I am nothing like him. Have I ever left you hungry? Did you ever have to walk home 5 miles in the rain from school? Have you ever cried yourself to sleep because you didn't know if I was coming home or not?" Adam: "Dad, I didn't know that." Murray: "Well there's a lot you don't know."
2. Murray: "Look, I know how hard this is for you. I do." Beverly: "They're more than my world, Murray. They're my life. If I'm not Mama, what am I?" Murray: "Well that's up to you."
3. Pops: "What did you do to the boy? He's trying to murder that garbage can." Adam: "This isn't my fault. Did Barry seriously think I'd be a nerdy little brother forever?" Pops: "Actually, yes." Adam: "Look at me. I'm getting older and bigger. Things change." Pops: "Well no matter how big you get, you're always going to be Barry's little brother and that means a lot to him." Adam: "He sure doesn't act like it." Pops: "Trust me, he loves being your big brother. It's a huge part of who he is and without that, he's just not the same."
4. Beverly: "Unbelievable. I give you my everything 364 days of the year. Is it too much to ask to have one day when you do something for me?"
5. Laney: "I don't get it. Your mom's amazing. Her pancakes have these crispy edges." Erica: "It gets old real quick. You're not here. You don't know." Laney: "I'm actually around a lot. I'm literally here right now. Look, I know she can be intense but if you guys want your stuff back, you've got to step up in a big way."

Heartbeat (1.06-1.08)
~Jesse and Alex hooking up is a deal breaker for me so instead of watching until the end, I'm quitting at episode 1.08 and wishing I had never seen this episode. I do not know why cheating partners and endless love triangles are Hollywood's version of good TV. It's old, it's boring, and it just ruined this show.

Grade: B- / B / F
Status - cancelled and I am good with that

Best Reason to Fast Forward - Shane's declaration - again - of his feelings
Best Scene - Millicent tells Alex to drug the patient and do the surgery without his consent
Best Speech - Gloria to her father
Best Ride - Alex rents a Delorean
Best Twist - Pierce got the family to sign the organ transplant papers which actually saved Alex's career
Best Reaction - Forester to the lip waxing
Best Gesture - the flash dance mob
Best Music in the Worst Scene - You and Me by Lifehouse
Best Subplot - Pierce's soul searching about whether he wants kids or not
Worst Subplot - the love triangle, which is the only reason to drop this show…and it's been cancelled
Worst Time for a Heartwarming Speech - while holding the heart that needs to be transplanted
Worst Twist - Alex's dad has a mistress
Worst Fun - Plunger Games
Most Fun - the triathlon for charity
Most Beautiful Way of Looking at a Job - the tattoo artist takes people's painful memories (scars) and makes art out of them
Most in Need of Therapy - Alex, for her competitiveness and anger management
Most Prepared - Luis, who has his entire death planned out and in a briefcase
Most Excited - Pierce about being on the list to pick up the kids from school
Most Interesting - re-donating a heart
Most Awkward - Alex's mom meets her dad's mistress
Least Surprising - the mistress is the donor
Biggest Deal Breaker - Alex and Jesse kiss
Biggest Brat - Gabriel
Biggest Awww Moment - Luis tells his daughter how much he appreciates her
Biggest PSA - breast cancer can be found in both males and females
Biggest Thanks - panning to the students taking notes above the surgery helps me know when to look away from the surgery shots that squick me out
Coolest Dad - Max
Coolest Technology - a machine that keeps a heart beating through transport
Story Subplot That Won't Go Away - lice, which I suffered through on Fresh Off the Boat and now I'm itching again - ulgh!
The "Mary Poppins" Award - Pierce definitely makes vacuuming and lice removal more fun
The "Welcome Back" Award - Michael Nouri from NCIS / JoBeth Williams from Poltergeist and Your Family or Mine

Best Quotes -
1. Millicent: "Okay people, you know the drill. Budget distribution comes down to relative value units for each department so rack up the points." Ji-Sung: "Because medical care and World of Warcraft have so much in common."
2. Alex: "Can we count that as the talk and avoid it for another week?" Pierce: "Well it would free me up so your dad could kill me over a California wine."
3. Alex: "I'm trying to give you the best possible care and I can't do that if I want to murder you."
4. Ava: "Grilled cheese is today's special. It'll raise your spirits and your cholesterol."
5. Pierce: "My family, we just fester around in this WASP-y silence until someone accidentally gets stabbed at dinner."
6. Alex: "I can't cry on command. It's not a traffic ticket."

Houdini & Doyle - 1.04 - Spring-Heel'd Jack
~This episode, while having a more intriguing story, suffers in the rewatch. Originally the idea of Adelaide having a husband was a major shock, but since I already knew it this time, it packed less of a punch. I do still like the folklore used and the twist of the newspaper man perpetuating the myth to sell newspapers. I wish they had built that up a bit more and had less Kingsley.

Grade: B-
Status - unknown

Best Reason to Watch - more development on the characters
Best Scene - Houdini and Doyle debate fear
Best Twist - Stratton has a husband
Best Back Story - Doyle connects Houdini's opium use to the pain from his injuries
Best Folklore - Spring-Heel'd Jack, whom I have actually heard of
"Best" Way to Make a Point - Houdini, who causes mass hysteria in the police station
Worst Plan - breaking into a police officer's house, even if you have noble reasons for it…at first
Least Anachronistic / Most Anachronistic - Doyle basically tells his scared son to grin and bear it / later he says it's okay to be scared
Most Uncomfortable - Doyle at the prostitution house
Most Athletic - Houdini, who leaps and bounds with the best of them

Best Quotes -
1. Doyle: "I'm not as quick to dismiss the possibility that a crime was committed here, whether by human or phantom. The law must be upheld." Merring: "And you? If you think it was an accident, why bother joining him?" Houdini: "Because I too want to up hold the law…of physics. Underhill was killed by gravity, not some phantom defying it."
2. Doyle: "Many think Spring-Heel'd Jack is a demon who feeds on fear." Houdini: "Interesting. What do sane people think?"
3. Houdini: "You know it's okay to not be fine, right? You don't always have to keep that upper lip stiff." Doyle: "Infinitely preferable to wallowing in self-pity."
4. Doyle: "Where are you going? This is trespassing." Houdini: "You stepped off the moral high ground as soon as you walked through that door. Now you're just worried about getting caught."
5. Doyle: "I think I may have seen him this evening, spying on Adelaide as she walked home." Houdini: "And you know this because you were spying on her as well?"

Hunters - 1.07 - Kissing the Machine
~I like how Hunters is not stingy on answers to its own mytharc. Every time I have a question it seems to get answered within a few episodes. This time we learn about the origins of the aliens. We've also got confirmation that Jules is the mole and he dies so we don't have to drag out a search for him. Now the biggest questions lie in Regan. Were the brainwashing sessions successful? I'm going to say no. Is she playing double agent? Hmm, not sure. I don't think she trusts Musa or Abby but I'm not sure she really trusts Jackson at this point either. What did happen to her parents?

Grade: B
Status - unknown

Best Reason to Watch - back story on Regan's planet
Best Reason to Fast Forward - the orgy
Best Scene - Briggs convinces Flynn that he's not the mole
Best Character Interaction - Regan and Musa, although Regan and Abby comes close
Best Acting - Britne Oldford, who plays scared but cocky very well
Worst Plan - Finnerman takes command over Jackson's protests
Biggest Ewww - Regan eats the rabbit
Biggest Huh - Why are they walking toward the red fog without any gas masks on? How do they know it isn't poisonous?
Least Surprising - Jules is the mole
Most Suspicious - Regan saying she got away
The "Nope, No Way" Award - Briggs is not the mole. That is way too easy and what kind of stupid would leave evidence just lying around to be found.

Best Quotes -
1. Abby: "The body you inhabit, think of it as clothing - cheap rags that cover the real you." Regan: "No thanks. I've seen what you things really look like." Abby: "You have no idea how beautiful you really are. Your human form is just an ugly lie." Regan: "Like you pretending to be Flynn's wife and Emme's mom."
2. Jackson: "Jules is in the wind. Apparently he left us a message." Finnerman: "I bet we paid him overtime to code this. Jules was my hire. He had a Congressman as a reference, for God's sakes. I mean that alone should have raised my hackles."
3. Abby: "Do you want to hold my hand?" Regan: "Hell no."
4. Musa: "I've lived as a human longer than you've been alive. I can tell you with absolute certainty that no matter how much you want to believe it, you are not one of them." Regan: "I'm not one of you either."
Musa: "Oh but you are. You are. This…this human skin you wear, it cannot suppress your hunter urges. You need to learn to embrace your hunger, your desire, the hunter in you. I'm going to heal you of your human wound."
5. Regan: "Just get it over with." Musa: "And what would that be?" Regan: "Whatever it is you hunter freaks do." Musa: "But I don't want to punish you, Allison. I want to save you." Regan: "From myself, right?" Musa: "In a way, yes. I'm going to save you from your humanity. That is why you came to me. To be reunited with your own kind." Regan: "Terrorists who kill innocent people? No thanks." Musa: "Barbaric, I agree but also necessary. What we've done is for our survival."

Motive - 3.08 - Reversal of Fortune
~While it's always fun to see the Brat Pack again, I wasn't feeling this story. I had no sympathy for the victim or the killer. Plus, the overarching mytharc of the season is clichéd and needs to end. Worst though is that the conversation between Vega and Angie, while still the best scene, feels like a huge wedge between them at a time when they both need to be honest and rely on each other.

Grade: C-
Status - airing season 4 already in Canada

Best Reason to Watch - Vega's medical saga
Best Scene / Best Interaction - Vega tells Angie about his Graves Disease
Worst Plan (non-lethal) - using a tarot card reader to make stock decisions for your company
Worst Plan (lethal) - the tarot card dealer convinces a schizophrenic woman to go off her meds
Most Creepy - Joe's relationship with his sister
Most Clueless - Betty's assistant, who doesn't take the hint when Betty tells her to go to lunch
Most in Need of a Vacation - Vega, who goes after a suspect without cause
The Karma Award - Hey, if you tell someone who is mentally ill to not take their medicine, especially one that trusts you unreasonably, then you shouldn't be surprised when she attacks you
The "Welcome Back" Award - C. Thomas Howell from The Outsiders and recently from Stitchers and Grimm / Carmel Amit from White Collar and Mistresses

Best Quotes -
1. Lucas: "It's numerology." Angie: "Oh yeah? Look at that. There's her birthday and there's her number value. Someone's really opening their mind." Lucas: "Eh, somebody looked it up on the Wikipedia page."
2. Mark: "Alright, let's not jump to conclusions." Angie: "But I'm so good at it."
3. Angie: "Unfortunately Franny passed away 6 months ago so unless you've got a Ouija board, I think we've got to go talk to her son."
4. Worker (on finding a mummified body): "Guys, this isn't asbestos."
5. Lucas: "Some reaction." Angie: "Yeah, guilt or grief? Don't let her out of your sight."

Rush Hour - 1.08 - Wind Beneath My Wingman
~I needed that. After marathoning TV dramas and comedies for 2 days straight, I needed an action show to get the adrenaline pumping again. I can always count on Rush Hour for 3 things - laughter, action, and bromance. Sometimes that's all you need. My only disappointment is that I thought I had 2 episodes to catch up on instead of just one. Oh well, that just means more weeks to watch it.

Grade: B
Status - cancelled

Best Reason to Watch - fast moving pace
Best Action - taking down the hit men at the bus
Best Movie Rip-Off - I think I heard this of plot before. I think it was called 16 Blocks with Bruce Willis.
Best Nickname - Captain Karate
Best Phrase Coining - Carter for "bros before prose"
Least Surprising - dead tech / wife sent the hit men
Most Bizarre - Gerald comes in a bus
Biggest Eye Roll - So trained military death squads cannot shoot even when the target is nearby? Okay then.
Biggest Dummies - If you know the people you are tracking have ditched the tracker and suddenly the tracker starts moving again, does that not suggest a trap? Who are these elite military geniuses?
The "Welcome Back" Award - Charles Shaughnessy from The Nanny and The Magicians

Best Quotes -
1. Cole: "Carter, are you being overly cautious or just indulging a childhood spy fantasy?" Carter: "That's correct."
2. Gerald: "Hey, sass me again and I will turn this bus around, okay?"
3. Cole: "Look I wish I didn't have to ask but we're in a crisis here. Now you would never knowingly take steps to kill Detective Carter, right?" Donovan: "I'm thinking probably not."
4. Lee: "Roughly half of what he does makes little to no sense to me."

Stitchers - 2.10 - All In
~Well, that got super emo really fast. Shutting down Blair was awesome. I loved Linus' family scene while Camille getting drunk and kick butt at the same time made me laugh. I didn't even mind Fisher's ex dropping in to add yet another love triangle in a show that loooooves its love geometry. Although it got practically zero screenv time, I also found Maggie's subplot more interesting than anything. After that though, it was all mush. If Cameron and Kirsten never have a scene together, it will be too soon. Let's just say that even though it ended on a cliffhanger and we're still chasing the deadly dull storyline of Daniel Stinger, I'm okay if this show is not renewed because it has been going downhill for most of the season. Why? All the freaking will-they, won't-they from Kirsten and Cameron.

Grade: C (B for most of the episode and D for the ending)
Status - Doesn't look good. Unknown at Freeform but dropped to marathon at best for me

Best Reason to Watch - coup over Blair's power
Best Scene - Camille grabs her inner girl power…and wine
Best Awww Moment - Linus and his parents at the hospital
Best Reaction - Camille to Liam's death
Best Reference - Lord of the Rings / Star Wars
Best at Playing the Game - Maggie, who tells Kirsten what she needs to do next by telling her not to do it
Worst Back Up - wine
Worst Big Bad / Biggest Douche - Blair
Biggest Woo Hoo!!!! - Tim, that presumed extra who runs one a stitching stations, knocks Stamperson out and starts the stitcher coup against the NSA
Biggest Boo Hoo - Kirsten wants to stay in her memories and every single person gets ultra emoangsty. Actually, this whole sequence is definitely megmoangsty. And this is how we end? What the heck! Facepalm doesn't cut it. Headdesk…over and over again.
Biggest Shock - Linus' parents know about the stitcher program
Biggest Oops - Cameron leaves his NSA badge where Nina finds it
Biggest Freak Out - Kirsten over the math
Biggest Twist - Kirsten's mom is still alive
Biggest Eye Roll - Cameron and Kirsten kissing
Least Surprising - there's nothing in the casket
Most Surprising Addition - Fisher's ex-wife, who wants to give things another try
Most Likely to Cause You to Jump - the "dead" guy wasn't dead…yet
Saddest State of the Show - Stamperson: "You, put down that tablet." Camille: "This is my one thing."

Best Quotes -
1. Samir: "Linus, you're a stitcher." Linus: "You should have told me you knew." Samir: "We are telling you now." Linus: "But why?" Samir: "Because Linus, if something should happen to me…" Getti: "Samir, stop." Samir: "Linus, I want you to stitch into my memories…" Linus: "Baba!" Samir: "So you could know how I've always been proud of you and how much I love you right now." Linus: "I don't need to stitch to know that."
2. Kirsten: "I've hit rock bottom." Camille: "Since when do either of us need somebody else when we've got each other? Why don't we do what we always do when we have a problem and solve the cr** out of it together?"
3. Camille: "Lay off, Fisher, please." Fisher: "You didn't lay off of me when I got shot." Camille: "So what is this? My punishment?" Fisher: "No, this is thank you."
4. Cameron: "Look if you have to leave…" Linus: "No, no, this is where I need to be." Cameron: "Good because this is where I need you to be too. It feels like we're on a collision course with something and I don't want to go through it without my Samwise Gamgee." Linus: "Thanks man." Cameron: "Yeah, any time." Linus: "But we agreed that you're Samwise and I'm Frodo." Cameron: "Never agreed to that." Linus: "For being a neuroscientist, you have the absolute worst memory."
5. Camille: "Well boo - freaking- hoo." Kirsten: "Excuse me?" Camille: "I said, 'Boo-freaking-hoo.' " Kirsten: "What's gotten into you?" Camille: "Chardonnay and sauvignon blanc and a burrito. That doesn't mean I'm not in top shape to be the Watson to your Sherlock or whatever so hit me. What do you got?"
6. Camille: "5 bucks says it's an entry code." Kirsten: "Should we go see if you've earned that 5 bucks?" Camille: "Alright but we need backup." Kirsten: "I thought we didn't need anyone. (Camille grabs the wine bottle.) Camille: "No, backup." Kirsten: "I'll call a taxi."

Supernatural (11.19-11.23)

I HATE, HATE, HATE that Supernatural brought angels into the universe. Bringing in God is even worse. The only good thing about it was the return of the amulet and I would sacrifice that in a heartbeat to never have God mentioned on Supernatural ever. At all. Not even once. Supernatural writers can have their own opinion on God but I don't want it preached at me EVER again. I actually chose to work out and clean the bathrooms in an attempt to stall having to watch episode 11.20 and both were far preferable to the episode. I should have dropped SPN for the remainder of the season and just picked it up again next year. Chuck as God is the worst thing this show has done in a long history of terrible choices. That being said, Amara ended up just being a more powerful Lucifer, jealous of God's creation. Been there, done that. Never needed to do it again. God was just another douche angel. Been there, done that, over and over and over and over and over again. Never needed to do it again either. Still don't in the future. If God ever comes back on this show again, I will drop it completely and I will not look back. I have already deleted these episodes and I will not watch them again.

Grade: B / F / D / C / C
Status - renewed for season 12 by The CW on Thursdays

Best Reason to Fast Forward - everything God and angels
Best Scene - Dean hands Sam the keys to Baby and they hug goodbye
Best Speech - Dean to Amara about family
Best Back Story - Sam's marijuana experience
Best Meta - Chuck started a Revolution series of books that aren't going anywhere (similar to Kripke's now cancelled series Revolution that he left SPN to start)
Best Confirmation of Fanfic - the Winchesters are famous in the hunting world, or at least hunters in Mexico have heard about them
Best Addition - Redfield / Clea
Best Montage - the hunter montage in the previouslies of 11.19
Best Threat - Rowena threatens to turn Sam into a literal moose
Best Shot - Dean to dump the salt
Best Music - Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying
Worst Plan - bringing God into Supernatural (actually the whole mess started with the angels) / making Chuck, the Ever-Annoying, God
Biggest Huh - soul bomb?
Biggest Ho Hum - the scary Big Bad fog
Biggest Nitpick - I doubt Sam was worried that vamps had gotten his dad and brother when they weren't home on time when he was a kid. Season 1 clearly says that they thought vampires had died out by then.
Biggest Eye Roll - all this fanwanking to make it possible for Chuck to be God
Least Surprising - Sam volunteers to take the Mark
Most Beautiful - Baby
Most Likely to Go Nuts - Redfield, after hearing the big synopsis of events
Most Gruesome - Dean beheads the monster via shovel
Most in Denial - Sheriff Cochran, who just shut down after killing his monster daughter
Most Bizarre - Dean and Sam playing middle man in the God and Lucifer pout out
Most Interesting MotW - the bisaan
Most Original - ironing with beer
Most Awkward Questioning - Dean asking a teen about orgies
Weirdest Reference - Doctor Phil
Weirdest Moment - Sam picks up Lucifer and helps him out
Sweetest Moment - Sam kisses Mary's tombstone
Truest Statement - Dean: "It's like the worse episode of Full House ever."
Nicest But Possibly Dumbest Move - not telling Jesse and Cesar about Amara
The "Not Him Again" Award - Metatron and Chuck, neither of which I ever needed to see again. Ever.
The "You Can't Complain, if You Don't Do the Work" Award - Hey Sam, I agree that ironing with beer is odd but in my family if you complain about how someone else does a job it becomes your job. Personally, I would rather smell like beer than pick up an iron. And I hate the smell of beer.
The "Good Riddance" Award - Metatron, if he's really gone / Lucifer, if he's really gone
The "Welcome Back" Award (song) - Carry On Wayward Son
The "Welcome Back" Award (icon) - The Kripke-era amulet that Sam gave Dean when they were kids. Oh how I long for the pre-angels days when Supernatural was awesome.
The "Welcome Back" Award (saying) - No chick flick moments.
The "Welcome Back" Award (object) - EMF meter
The "Welcome Back" Award (place) - cemetery with Mary's grave
The "Welcome Back" Award (character) - Kevin, for 2 seconds / Crowley / Mary
The "Welcome Back" Award (actor) - Keith Szarabajka from Cold Case

Best Quotes -
1. Dean: "Come on, you know the drill. No chick flick moments. Come on. " Sam: "Yeah, you love chick flicks." Dean: "Yeah, you're right I do. Come here."
2. Crowley: "One little apocalypse and they shut up shop. Quitters."
3. Chuck: "And I started a new series of books - Revolution. I don't think it's going anywhere."
4. Sam: "Let's open up a 6-pack." Dean: "Just 6?"
5. Dean: "You said you wanted to help. Besides world class douchery, what do you have to offer?"
6. Kevin: "I always trusted you." Dean: "Yeah, that ended well."

About the Author - Dahne
One part teacher librarian - one part avid TV fan, Dahne is a contributing writer for SpoilerTV, where she recaps, reviews, and/or creates polls for Teen Wolf, The 100, Grimm, How to Get Away with Murder, The Librarians, and others. She also runs the annual Character Cup. She's addicted to Twitter, live tweets a multitude of shows each week, and co-hosts The 100 "Red-Shirted", Sleepy Hollow "Headless" and Teen Wolf "Welcome to Beacon Hills" podcasts for Southgate Media Group. Currently she writes a Last Week in TV column for her blog and SpoilerTV. ~ "I speak TV."
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Last Week in TV - Week of May 15 - Reviews and Episode Awards

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Moment of the Week

While this is normally where episode of the week appears, I have to admit that I've been doing so much catch up TV these last few days, I am no longer sure of what actually aired last week and what ended earlier. Therefore I decided to cheat here and pick my favorite moment. There was a lot to love about the shows I watched this week but my favorite was Lexa's entrance on The 100. While the rest of her time went downhill from there for me, I love how ferocious and utterly kick butt she was in her first 30 seconds of the season finale. From the way she leapt onto the screen to that smirk she gave Clarke to how she neatly dispatched 7 people in 10 seconds, she plain rocked. This show has had plenty of awesome warriors but none hold a candle to Lexa and I still miss this character. Plus, double sword action. Can't beat that.

Nominated Episode

Constantine - 1.05 - Danse Vaudou

I dropped Constantine after the third or fourth episode because I thought Constantine was a jerk, it was way too hyped up in the fandom, and I am NEVER a fan of replacing a lead for someone new right after the pilot. To be honest, it also suffered from my utter loathing of Dracula which was in its place before. Before Grimm went nuts and had the main character start a romantic relationship with his rapist, this show and Dracula before it were both letdowns on my night of Grimm. Coming back at it fresh, it was much better than I remember. Constantine didn't come off quite as douchey and I loved Papa Midnite this time around. Their interaction made the episode. I also loved Chas like usual and Zed started to grow on me. I still think it is overrated but I do see why it reached cult status and has a passionate following. This episode was particularly poignant because it was all about the extra pain that guilt brings in a loved one's death. I enjoyed the guest stars and the back story they came with. While I do not have time to add Constantine to my to-watch list, this was an enjoyable episode and I'm glad I got a chance to re-evaluate my former opinion on it.

Grade: B
Ranking: 3
Audience - those who love a good supernatural mystery to solve

Best Reason to Watch - it's a procedural supernatural show with a strong serialized mytharc / character interactions
Best Scene - Chas and Zed stop the ghosts
Best Character Interaction - Constantine and Papa Midnite
Best Reaction - Corrigan to Constantine's business card reading, "Master of the Black Arts"
Best Twist - the ones who feel guilty are the only ones who can release the ghosts
Best Snark - Constantine
Biggest Shock - the EMT's when Chas starts breathing again and the wound on his torso heals
Biggest What the Heck? - What exactly is going to happen to Corrigan in the future?
Worst Gift - Zed's ability to see the supernatural
Worst Plan - confronting Papa Midnite with no plan
The "Welcome Back" Award - Papa Midnite
The "Welcome Back" Award (actor) - Michael James Shaw from Limitless

Best Quotes -
1. Papa: "I don't like it. It's sloppy. You're like a child with your father's spell book." Constantine: "The only magic my old man ever did was making a pint disappear."
2. Papa: "Our truce is over at the bottom of that glass so sip cautiously."
3. Papa: "This spell is of our own creation. We bow to you united." Constantine: "Oh well, if it's come to that mate, these are dark days indeed."
4. Constantine: "A rich man's scotch, it always comes with an aftertaste."
5. Constantine: "Well why have one case when you can have two with twice the trouble, eh?"

Guest Reviews

12 Monkeys - 2.04 - Emergence
BY BlueStar

So many revelations in this episode. Jones sends Ramse back in time to find Cole and Cassie and so he can let her know via a newspaper ad where they are so she can bring them all back to 2044. Ramse fails to prevent the paradox like Cole and Cassie due to being hit by a car upon appearance in 1944 – ouch! He manages to sneak out of the hospital and get to the mental asylum only for the messenger team to handcuff him. Cassie and Cole are arrested for the murders of Tommy and his father, but Ramse gets free and manages to help them escape the agents. Meanwhile, Jones goes to Jennifer for help understanding what is happening to the forest and time itself. Finally, Cole, Cassie, and Ramse return to 2044 and they (along with Jones) argue over their differences. Cole ends the argument saying that they must work together, now more than ever if they are to prevent the 12 Monkeys from destroying time.

Grade: A-
Status - unknown by SyFy

Best Reason To Watch – We find out what the 12 Monkeys’ ultimate plan is and who the Pallid Man is
Best Scene – Jennifer tells Jones about time’s reliance on the primaries
Best Reaction – The agent to seeing Ramse, Cassie, and Cole travel back to 2044
Best New Character – Dr. Eckland, who I’m liking more and more every time we see him. I love that he’s not afraid to set Jones straight.
Most Interesting Connection – The Pallid Man is the female messenger’s son
Most Like A Cockroach / Least Surprising – The Pallid Man is still alive
Worst Luck: Ramse – They really need a time travel machine that avoids roads (and North Korea while at it).

Best Quotes:
1. Jennifer: “Time and man, we grew up together. We depend on each other.” Jones: “Impossible. Time’s older than man, and infinite.” Jennifer: “But in the here and now, we help it think. Time needs us. Some of us more than others. Primaries – living, breathing gears in time’s wristwatch. We keep it moving, steady, in sync. Tick, tock, past, present, future. But now, if someone were to destroy us…” Jones: “Paradox.” Jennifer: “Gears break. Time stops working. Collapses. No past. No present. No future. Only now. An infinite now of death and life together. No beginning, no end. All of humanity unborn and destroyed. A memory of tomorrow.”
2. Dr. Eckland: “Why are you being such an ***hole?” Jones: “How dare you? I’m trying to solve the problem.” Dr. Eckland: “No, you’re not. You’re trying to be right. So let’s try this instead. Just-just shut up and listen. Open your mind. You are not just a scientist. You are an explorer. You’re pushing boundaries. Inventing the new. You’re not just analyzing the old. That’s what makes you you, Katarina.” (Pauses) “Oh, time is cruel. Because of that, you don’t know me. But, boy, I know you, and you are lost, and you’re scared. But what does the explorer do when they’re lost? They go full speed ahead into the unknown. You taught me that.”
3. Ramse: “I get it. I’m alive because of him. You know what, Cassie? I could say one thing with absolute certainty.” Cassie: “What’s that, Ramse?” Ramse: “James Cole is loyal. To a fault. That’s a rare thing. He beats himself up for what he turned you into, and you want to hate him for it.” Cassie: “I don’t hate him.” Ramse: “Forgive him. Like he did me. Like he would for you.”
4. Agent #1: “Okay, look. The reason we brought you here is we’re in a huge sh** storm because of you two. So before things get all complicated with lawyers and judges, we gotta get this right. [To Cassie] Let’s have at it, honey.” Cole: “I’m honey. She’s baby-cakes.”

12 Monkeys - 2.05 - Bodies of Water
BY BlueStar 

This one goes to the girls! Cassie goes back to 2016 to get information from that version of Jennifer, who is now sane after having taken pills for a while. Needing to trigger her visions, Cassie brings her to her family summer house, and the 12 Monkeys team finds them there. Olivia causes Cassie to have a vision using the water again, and she doesn’t just see the Witness this time, but Aaron too (Does that mean they are one and the same?). Jennifer ends up saving her, and stabbing Olivia (most likely) fatally. Meanwhile in 2044 Cole and Ramse make a plan to get rid of Deacon once and for all by giving him up to an enemy of his, but the plan fails since Deacon manages to escape. The episode ends with Cassie and Cole meeting in a bar in 2016 and her sending him after another primary in 1975 New York, warning him he won’t be friendly like the others. Finally, the Pallid man speaks to the Witness and becomes the next 12 Monkeys leader.

Grade: B overall (It would be in a B+/A- range if it had been all about sane Jennifer and Cassie's team up)

Best Reason To Watch – Sane Jennifer was actually pretty great. I liked her a lot.
Best Scene – Jennifer stabs Olivia
Biggest Question – Who is the Witness?
Horror Movie Moment Award – Deacon shows up covered in blood
Most Tension – Tie between Cole and Ramse vs. Deacon and Olivia vs. the Pallid Man. The 12 Monkeys team is falling apart one failure at a time.
Most Tragic – Jennifer’s mentally ill mother tried to drown her.
Warming Up – Cassie, who is beginning to feel more like the Cassie I loved last season
Worst Consequence - Jennifer is drawing pictures again after helping Cassie get information on another primary
Worst Decision – Cole and Ramse deciding to throw Deacon to the wolves, sort to speak. He totally deserves it (Yeah, sorry about his brother, but he still was a cold-hearted SOB, remember?) but I knew it was going to backfire. Plus, really, Cole? Don’t go back to your old ways now.

Best Quotes:
1. Jennifer: “You want to know what the difference between you and my mother is?” Olivia: “What?” Jennifer: “I get to say goodbye to you.”
2. Jennifer: “I take my meds. I watch my stress. I stick to my routine. I cope. But she’s always there. You have no idea how exhausting it is being crazy.”
3. Ramse: “What is she – what are you doing?” Cassie: “Mustering up my energy to face Jennifer Goines again.” Cole: “Oh, come on, she’s not that bad.” Cassie: “She’s worst!” Ramse: “She’s horrible, man.”
4. Cole: “You never call; you never write.”

Agents of SHIELD - 3.20 - Emancipation
BY Swanpride 

Well played, writers, really well played. I spent the first half of the episode thinking "No, Lincoln can't be THAT stupid, this has to be a plan." But he played his role so well and once he attacked Mack, they had me. Of all the rouses Coulson has thought up in the past (and there have been a few - remember Bakshi? Or Talbot using Creel as back-up plan?), this was the first time I fell for it too. Though I am not sure what to think about the result of said rouse. The long expected fight between Hive and Lash seemed to be over a little bit fast for my taste, and I dislike the notion that Lash's one reason for existing was to rescue Daisy. Not just because I think that she is already way too "special" anyway, but also because I would like the notion that Lash failed to fulfill his destiny, leaving Hive with no real opponent. I don't think that killing off Lash at this point was necessarily a bad idea (RIP, Andrew), since it makes the finale more unpredictable. I certainly have run out of fan-theories how to defeat him.

Grade: B+
Status - Renewed by ABC on Tuesdays

Best Reason to Watch - That was some really clever writing
Best Scene - Lash freeing Daisy from the sway.
Best Character - Lash, even though his last fight is a little bit of a let-down
Best Team-up - May and Coulson makes the best plans
Best Effects - The fire chain, though I really didn't appreciate it cutting through Lash
Most Creepy - The...whatever the things are Hive created. I know those were despicable human beings to begin with, but nobody deserves that.
Best Nickname - Swayze Daisy, too bad that the opportunity to use it has passed
Biggest Hypocrite - Coulson's little speech about the list. Not that I disagree with them, but I can't remember him getting rid of the index.
Most Meat - The whole discussion about if Talbot should inform other authorities show that the Sokovia Accords would never work in an actual emergency situation.
Most Random Observation - Naturally Coulson would basically be Team Cap.
My Prediction of the Week - I have the feeling that the crucifix will become some sort of hot potato next week but I lay my money on Coulson concerning the big question of who will die.

Best Quote:
1. Talbot: "Okay, Coulson, I have seen the good and the bad, now show me the ugly."
2. Talbot: "Why do you think this Lash can defeat Hive, and who in tarnation names these things?"

Agents of SHIELD - 3.21 - Absolution
BY Swanpride

This episode had one of the worst starts possible. I hate dream sequences with a passion, especially if they are only there to create false drama. In fact all the Daisy scenes in the beginning annoyed me because they took the pace out of the mission. But once the show concentrated on what the other characters were up to, the episode became a relentless ride. The Quinjet flying under water, the trap set for Hive, Fitz doing computer magic and nearly being dragged into the Zombie mist and finally Daisy begging Hive to take her back, every bit of it was equally surprising and compelling. Especially nice touch was triggering all the memories in Hive, though I wish the show had done a little bit more with that concept. Also, they really had to throw in Lincoln wanting to leave, didn't they? That was the point at which I was 99% sure they would go for the cop-out solution and kill off Lincoln instead of one of the core members of the team.

Grade: A-

Best Reason to Watch - Inhuman action!!! God, I love Yoyo!
Best Scene - Yoyo taking out Hive…temporarily
Best Character - Did I mention how much I love Yoyo?
Best Team-up - Mack and Yoyo
Best Effects - The under-water-flight
Most Missed - Joey. Hopefully he will be back next season.
Best Comic Relief - Doctor Radcliff who has really grown on me, the little, beady-eyed worm
Most Cute - Jemma planning to take Fitz's breath away...by going snorkeling
Best Prop - The overlong code
Most Random Observation - I hope the real safeguards for war heads are a little bit better, because if the government really had to shut down one fast, they would be in trouble.

Best Quote:
1. Yoyo: "Oh, this isn't about super speed; this is about your turtle speed. You work and then you stare. Then work and then more staring. We have to go."
2. Hive: "This won't kill me." Mack: "No, but it will suck."
3. Yoyo: "He is lucky he is handsome."
4. Talbot: "Seriously stupid. Like betting on Wrestlemania stupid." (Editor's note - Bwaaahhh! ~Dahne)

Agents of SHIELD - 3.22 - Ascention
BY Swanpride

I am torn on this one. Yeah, they went with the cop-out dead but for what it was, it was exceptionally well done. The episode picked up speed from the previous episode, allowing every character a moment to shine, proving once again that while fighting abilities are useful, smart thinking is ultimately superior. And then it delivered a conclusion drenched in symbolism, but also in genuine emotions just to pull the audience abruptly out of it. The same way I disliked how the previous episode started, I disliked how this one ended, with a six months jump which expected me to care about Daisy's emotional problems. But I was not in the mood for this at all. I wanted to reel a little bit over the loss of Lincoln, who really deserved better than this, and Ward. Brett Dalton had an exceptional run on this show, and while Ward was more creepy than likable, I always felt it was a joy to watch him. Also, what about all those people who got turned? Or the Inhumans? They barely used them this season, does this mean we won't get a proper team with them next season either now that their nominal leader is missing in bad make-up? I have to give the shows props, though for setting up a new storyline for the upcoming season right under my nose. While I really enjoyed Radcliff those last episodes, I never expected him to be more than a one-off character.

Grade: A-

Best Reason to Watch - The feels!
Best Scene - Hive and Lincoln, sharing their last moment together
Best Character - Let's give it to Brett Dalton, for all the great work he did with Ward and Hive.
Best Team-up - May and Fitz are practically a two-men army with her fighting abilities and his brain
Best Effects - Hive's true face
Best Action - The team vs mindless whatevers
Most Out of Place - Hive doing the Superhero landing. Villains are not allowed to do this specific overly dramatic pose.
Most on the Nose - Daisy's story being one about addiction
Best Prop - Fitz invisible gun (and he even told the guy!)
Most Wasted - Mack's Shotgun-Axe. After waiting the whole season for it, it really didn't get enough attention with everything else which was going on
Most Dramatic - Yoyo catching the bullets for Mack
Most Geeky - Coulson pretending to be Princess Leia
Most Random Observation - I hope Fitzsimmons did a lot of snorkelling in the six months. And Fondue.
My Prediction of the Week - None this time around. I have no idea what the show will do next, but I hope that they will use what will most likely be their last season wisely. Considering the speed ABC is currently getting rid of Marvel shows, I doubt that this one will last past syndication, no matter what the ratings say or what BS excuse they come up with for moving it to a later time slot.

Best Quote:
1. Radcliff: "It's not a hunch, it's science. It's a science hunch."
2. Coulson: "We better follow him. He has no idea where he is going."
3. Coulson: "The only difference is, when you give an order, your soldiers have no choice but to obey. But when I gave my team the order to stay behind, they just wouldn't listen."
4. Hive: "To feel a connection. But you must feel it already. To sacrifice for them. With all their flaws."
Lincoln: "They are only human."

Jane the Virgin – 2.21 – Chapter 43
BY Emma 

Jane and Michael’s wedding and Mateo’s birthday are just around the corner. Planning is going well and Jane is feeling good. Uh oh, that’s the first sign we have a rough hour ahead of us! Jane has problems with the wedding when the crew of Rogelio’s telenovela threatens to strike the day before the wedding. Ordinarily, not a problem except they built the set where Jane is getting married! Rogelio tries to appease the crew in typical Rogelio fashion (gift baskets) before making a deal to join the crew for a week – if he makes it the whole week, they wait to strike until after the wedding, if not, he becomes the face of their cause. They shake on it and the crew comes up with increasingly devious ways to get Rogelio to throw in the towel. Rogelio takes it all in stride until they ask him to change a light bulb, in the ceiling, using scaffolding because they know he’s afraid of heights. It takes a tough love pep talk from Jane for him to get it done and all seems to have ended well until Rogelio learns that the executives plan to fire the entire crew the day before the wedding! Meanwhile, Mateo’s cough has become serious and he’s admitted to the hospital – just in time to celebrate his first birthday. Rafael meets Jane at the hospital and while Mateo sleeps, he tells Jane about how Petra’s plan to trap Derek failed and he had to give in to his blackmail demands. They have a moment while we flashback to Mateo’s greatest hits over the last year – making me even more suspicious that Rafael will not “forever hold his peace” during next week’s wedding!

Grade: B+
Status - Renewed by The CW on Mondays

Best Reason to Watch – Rogelio spends a week working as a member of the crew
Best Scene – Rogelio changes a light bulb
Best Humorous Scene – smack down on the playground
Best Awww Scene – Jane calls Petra family and asks her to reconsider coming to her wedding
Best Character Interaction – all of Jane and Petra’s not-competing-but-competing scenes
Best Foreshadowing – Mateo has a cold
Best Plan that Should’ve Worked – fake FBI raid to elicit a confession from Derek
Best Use of Music – Mission Impossible: Lightbulb Change
The “I Was Right!” Award – Anezka IS in cahoots with Magda
The “Best Fiancé. Ever.” Award – Michael, for reading Jane’s romance novel draft
The “I’m With You, Mateo” Award – clowns are scary and make me cry too
The “Bless Her Heart” Award – Alba, thinking everyone who wants to read Jane’s work is a publisher
The “Welcome Back” Award (characters) – Magda / Susanna / Sin Rosetro (flashback)

Best Quotes:
1. Jane (to Petra): “Now I’d like you to reconsider coming to my wedding because you’re my son’s half-sister’s mother which makes us family and family shows up.”
2. Rogelio: “Ready to go to work? Welcome production personnel to this very special production meeting. With Dina away, I am thrilled to be your leader today.” Narrator: “Huh, guess they don’t applaud at production meetings.”
3. Rogelio: “They asked me to change a light bulb but I just can’t do it. And I know what you’re going to say…that it doesn’t matter and that you love me.” Jane: “Wrong. You’re doing it.” Rogelio: “What?” Jane: “Otherwise, Michael’s mom can’t come to the wedding. So, stop being a baby, walk this catwalk and change that freaking light bulb.”

Jane the Virgin – 2.22 – Chapter 44
BY Emma 

Earlier in the season when Jane chose Michael, I predicted that Jane would marry Michael but he would be shot and killed getting ice after they consummated their marriage, but the consummation would lead to Jane being pregnant in S3. Well, they did get married, he was shot getting ice and there is a S3 pregnancy but it’s not exactly how I predicted. Let me start from the beginning…Jane and Michael’s wedding day has arrived. All the planning, all the obstacles, it all comes down to this one perfect day. It wouldn’t be a telenovela if they didn’t face a few more obstacles but the wedding is beautiful and the reception is the best party in town (seriously, they have Bruno Mars). They were originally going to spend their wedding night in a different hotel but hormones dictate they stay put. However, Jane’s not going to waste a perfectly good nighty and Michael goes to get ice for the champagne while she changes. As I predicted, Michael is shot – by his partner Susanna! Susanna heads back to her hotel room and reveals herself as Rose to Luisa and asks her to run away with her! Meanwhile, Anezka puts her and Magda’s plan into action. She drugs Petra causing a condition known as Locked-In Syndrome. Petra can’t move or speak so Anezka takes her place telling Petra that she will take care of Rafael – and she wastes no time in doing so! How long can Anezka pass for Petra? Is there a real Susanna and if so, where is she? Will Michael survive? Is Xo going to keep the baby and if so, who’s the father? Will Jane ever lose her virginity? Ugh, is it October yet?

Grade: A

Best Reason to Watch – the wedding/reception
Best Scene – the vows / Jane and Michael’s first dance / the Father/Daughter dance
Best Story – what really happened at Abuela’s wedding and the history of the veil
Most Beautiful – all three generations of Villanueva women walking down the aisle
Most Adorable Pair – Rogelio and Mateo wearing matching t-shirts
Best Timing – Mateo takes his first steps just in time to walk down the aisle
Best Multitasker – Jane doing an oral presentation for her new thesis topic on the way to the wedding
Best Advice (Surprisingly) – Luisa tells Rafael to keep quiet about his feelings and let Jane go
Most Surprising – Susanna has been Rose in disguise all along
Least Surprising – Xo is pregnant
Worst Way to Get Busted – having a sex basket delivered
Best Resurrection – Rose/Sin Rostro
The “Worst Rehearsal” Award – the Bride and Groom are fighting, Parents of the Bride are fighting, and Mateo starts a chain reaction that leads to the priest getting knocked out

Best Quotes:
1. Jane: “You two are not fighting the night before my wedding. After my wedding, you two can kill each other but before my wedding, everyone gets along. Got it?”
2. Rogelio: “Jane, please stop running, your makeup will melt. Let me carry you.” Jane: “No way, then your makeup will melt.” Rogelio: “You’re right. We’ll reapply when we get there.”
3. Anezka (to Petra): “Her first laugh! Baby has your sense of humor. Laughing at others' tears.”

Nashville - 4.20 - It’s Sure Gonna Hurt
BY Jessica VanWinkle

Let me just start off this review by saying how sad I am that there’s only one more episode of Nashville (Editor's note - I am so sorry for you and the other fans. ~Dahne). I know that people have said this show ends on a cliffhanger (which I hope that rumor is wrong), but this episode felt like stories were wrapping up. We had flashbacks of Scarlett and Gunnar, and we had a recap of Rayna and Deacon’s love story through their therapy session. I like that Rayna and Deacon are trying to work through their problems, and they better get their happy ending. I did not spend four years of my life watching this show for them not be together. Juliette also broke up with Noah, but I don’t know if she will end up with Avery. It seems too soon. As long as she is happy, I’ll be content. Nashville started out focusing on the journey of Juliette and Rayna so I just hope the writers give them a proper ending. And I so hope that Scarlett and Gunnar end up together because I would throw up if the show ended with Gunnar and Autumn as a couple. Elsewhere, Luke and his son had a nice talk, and they seem at peace with each other. I’ve really enjoyed Luke’s story this season with him fighting for Will. He’s definitely come a long way! I sincerely hope that whatever happens next week, Nashville viewers will be satisfied.

Grade: B
Status - cancelled, sorry fans

Best Scene- Scarlett is photographed as she listens to her music and remembers her life with Gunnar. Clare Bowen was brilliant. Very powerful and heartbreaking.
Best Reason to Watch- Recapping Rayna and Deacon’s love story and seeing flashbacks of Gunnar and Scarlett together.
Best Guest Star- Elton John! I was impressed that Nashville convinced him to come on the show!
Most Improved- Luke Wheeler. I think almost everyone disliked him when he came to town. Now he’s one of the good guys.
Not Missed- Maddie. Didn’t miss her at all. The only good thing about the show ending next week is that I will never have to see that brat ever again.

Outlander - 2.05 - Untimely Resurrection
BY Swanpride 

I don't get why the show keeps insisting on adding unnecessary drama where none is needed, especially since it undermines Claire's character at every turn. Her seriously considering to allow Alex Randall to rot in prison and then breaking up him and Mary makes her look like quite a b... and has nothing to do with the woman full of principles I like so much. I wanted to throw up watching her do it, especially when Alex called her a good friend to Mary, after she does everything in her power to ensure that she will marry a sadist down the line. In addition, it also undermines everything the book did by showing that Alex and Mary had no chance to find happiness because of the class differences between them. On the upside, though, I really liked that it spent some time on Jamie's and Murtagh's reaction to what happened in the alley. And throwing the King of France into the encounter of Jamie and Jonathan Randall turned out to be quite a genius stroke. The whole situation was hilarious (well, I get some pleasure out of seeing Black Jack Randall humiliated for a change) and tense at once.

Grade: B
Status - unknown by Starz but promising

Best Reason to Watch - The plot is thickening
Best Scene - Versaille
Best Character - Duvernay, though having only a brief appearance, managed to really shine in this tense episode
Best Visual - The camera moving through the chaos left after the dinner party
Best Costume - Jamie wearing a kilt combined with a French court dress.
Best Music - They really know how to set the mood for Versailles
Most Cruel - Claire when she destroys Mary's and Alex's future
Most Useless - More or less the whole dialogue with Annalise

Best Quote:
1. Duvernay: "He is an utter a**."
2. Duvernay: "But I wonder that someone who is such a good judge of horse flesh is such a poor judge of men."
3. Claire: "One year, after that I swear I will help you bleed him myself."

Outlander - 2.06 - Best Laid Schemes...
BY Swanpride 

I sometimes wonder how the show manages to pluck out scenes from the book without understanding their meaning. For example, the scene in which the proper way to conduct an execution is described happens in the book, but there it serves as a warning to Jamie, not to Monsieur Raymond. But I guess in this case it doesn't really make a difference. All in all, the show is back on track. Not by following the book (quite in opposite in fact) but this time around it feels like the changes serve the story by inserting a little bit more adventure into it and allowing certain events to happen in a more orderly fashion. But then, again, it bothers me that Claire doesn't really come off that well in the end. It seems like her careless behaviour is partly responsible for her starting to bleed, when originally her pregnancy wasn't going as smoothly as it should from the get go. This doesn't really set well with me, because it carries some unfortunate implications in it. Hopefully they will handle it well next week.

Grade: B+

Best Reason to Watch - Swashbuckling all around!
Best Scene - The duel
Least "Bonnie" - Prince Charles, who is quite a whiner
Best Costume - Randall during the duel. Beige is the perfect colour to show off some bleeding.
Best Reaction - Murtagh when Jamie explains the truth to him
Most Over the Top - The reaction of the ladies to Claire mentioning the poor of the city.
Biggest Cutie - Fergus in his devotion to Jamie

Best Quote:
1. Murtagh: "Masquerades and Games. What's next? A rousing game of Charades?"
2. Charles: "Mark me, I will take my own life if I am forced to life in godforsaken Poland."

New Shows

Houdini & Doyle (1.01 - 1.03)

Confession - I actually marathoned all 10 episodes of season 1 but since this time between the regular season and the full start of the summer season is so slow, I have decided to run this like Motive and do it weekly by when it is airing in America. Plus, overall I like this series enough to rewatch it. That being said, it does start a little rough for one reason - Houdini. I am not sure if they wanted to make the point that Brits are awesome while Americans suck or if Houdini really was a world class douche to everyone except his mother, but whatever it is, Houdini starts off as almost a deal breaker for me. If I hadn't been marathoning the show, I'm not sure I would have gotten past the first 2 episodes. There's also the problem of the 2 leads arguing non-stop with each other. Have faith though, as the show goes on Houdini gets better, if not less abrasive, and the relationship between Houdini and Doyle, while still argumentative, also develops into a bromance that is endearing.

Each case opens with an element of the supernatural so in some ways this is a British version of The X-Files. Doyle is Mulder, the believer whose personal life has left him open to the paranormal. Houdini is Scully. They are joined by the first female detective at Scotland Yard, Adelaide Stratton. The three work cases together to the protest of…well, everyone else at Scotland Yard. Her co-workers are not fond of having a female in the workforce, they hate Doyle for making the police look like fools in his Sherlock novels, and well, I've already explained about Houdini. They are overruled though because Houdini has connections in high places. The trio's combined skills work well together and anyone who liked season 1 of Agent Carter should try it. Although they do not kick butt like her, they do show the same smarts and it does confront head on the problems women faced when joining a primarily male workforce.

Grade: B / B- / B
Status: unknown by ITV or FOX
Ranking: already watched first season
Audience - anyone who likes mysteries, history, or Agent Carter-like smarts in the face of persecution

Best Reason to Watch - the combination of each person's skills to solve crimes
Best Scene - Touie wakes up
Best Relationship - Houdini and his mother
Best Character Interaction - Touie and Doyle
Best Save - Stratton, who saves both Houdini and Doyle from a watery grave
Best Nod to the Past - Houdini and Doyle both brag about their cars' speed, which is 15 and 14 miles per hour respectively
Best Line That Got Cut Out - Houdini: "Well she could have been faking her illness to get away from your long-winded speeches."
Best Twist - Lucy is Sister Grace's daughter
Best Point - Houdini raises a good point about population and reincarnation although disrespectfully
Most Poignant Subplot - Doyle's wife
Most Annoying / Biggest Douche - Houdini
Least Likely to Keep a Secret - Kingsley
Least Likely to Help Do Any of the Work - Houdini
Biggest Ewww - the bug coming out of the dead guy / boils
Biggest Aww Moment - Doyle goes in for a date with his wife only to learn she's slipped back into the coma
Biggest Hmm - American audiences are missing chunks of this show, I'm guessing because in England they don't have as many annoying commercials. Either that or the uberannoying Fox streaming platform is even worse. Why did they have to cut parts of the Doyle and Touie scenes in 1.03? They were the best parts of the episode.
Biggest Problem - the constant bickering between Houdini and Doyle
Biggest Hmm - I thought Houdini was a believer in the supernatural before his mother died and only started a crusade against false mediums after that. I'm going to have to do some research.
The "Poor Baby" Award - the Doyle family loses Touie again
The "Turnabout's Fair Play" Award - Houdini slaps Doyle awake and then Doyle returns the favor

Best Quote -
1. Doyle: "Maybe she was just trying to shut you up." Houdini: "That's a pretty big lie." Doyle: "Shutting you up is a pretty big task."
2. Touie: "What is it?" Doyle: "I gave up on you." Touie: "It was precisely your faith that brought me back. You've nothing to feel guilty about…unless you've taken up with Vera." Doyle: "I do like her plum pudding."
3. Houdini: "Maybe he didn't mean it literally." Doyle: "A 10-year-old who speaks in metaphors." Houdini: "So he was a professor of literature in his past life."
4. Doyle: "It seems to me the title of world's greatest escape artist is a bit oversold." Houdini: "And you could have deduced that we were walking into a trap."
5. Stratton: "Do you know this might be some kind of bet for you, but for me, this is my life. You saw those hopeless girls in the laundry. Do you know how many women live in fear of that fate? This is not just a job for me, it's…this is a hope that we can avoid not only those laundries but something almost as bad, a life of pretty dresses and condescension."
6. Doyle: "Wonderful to see you again." Houdini: "I love you Brits. The way you lie in the name of politeness is so charming."

Weekly Shows

The 100 (3.13-3.15)

The 100 was all over the place for me in these last three episodes. I'm not too crazy about Polis being turned into Alie Central and so quickly. I'm even less of a fan of the apparent crawl Kane, Pike, and the grounders were going at to arrive at Polis after Jaha's army. It was a wasted opportunity when we did not see Kane and Jaha in a battle over Polis. I did love the flashbacks though and everything Kane. He rocked the episode. I also loved the ending on the oil rig. The biggest difference between most of the fandom and me for 3.13 though is how much I hated the schmaltzy, trite, and downright eye-rolling dialogue that was Clarke and Bellamy excusing each other of being hypocritical mass murderers. Ugh to infinity! As for 3.14, that was the worst one for me mostly because I loathed everything Clarke. She thinks she knows best for everyone and is so tunnel visioned that she ends up getting people killed. Luna rocked but for her sake I hope she stays as far away from Clarke as possible. She truly is the commander of death. Every freaking peaceful person she comes in contact with dies in some way because of her. It's old and so is her hypocrisy. A high point was Monty in the episode though. How heartbreaking to see him have to kill his mom again. That's twice more than any kid should have to. Thankfully, the penultimate episode brought back feelings of the previous seasons. The pacing was spot on and the episode was so chock full of action that there wasn't time for long-winded speeches and drippy "I forgive you" moments. Indra and Raven were the standouts in this episode with both being the voice of common sense in their situations. Jasper being chipped is the best thing that could have happened to him too. I love how cold and calculated he was. It's a big improvement over whiny and emoangsty. He can still die though. In fact, I expect them to keep cleaning up house in the finale with at least one major character dying. I'll be shocked if they don't. That being said, could we finally make it a character I want to die? I liked Roan and thought he had a lot of story left. Here's hoping that he survived, although I doubt it. I am glad that Abby made it though. Her scenes were doubly disconcerting and a testament to how dark this show gets. Watching her torture her daughter and then voluntarily hanging herself was as disturbing as Charlotte murdering Wade way back in episode 3. Absolutely chilling! Here's hoping that Indra and Kane made it too. Indra has quickly become one of my favorite characters and watching her save Kane instead of getting herself to safety, even though she knows Kane is chipped and will likely kill her if Alie says so, is one of my favorite moments of the whole series. While I am looking forward to the finale now that action is back on the table and the showdown with Alie is set, I have to admit that I am looking forward to season 4 more. Let's hope they fix the issues of this season and return the show to its former glory.

Grade: B- / C- / B+
Status - renewed for season 4 by The CW, airs midseason

Best Reason to Watch - the action and pacing
Best Scene - Monty deletes his mom's code
Best Save - shockingly that's Murphy, who has definitely gotten his redemption arc
Best Twist - Jasper has the chip
Best Character - Raven
Best Moment - Indra protects an unconscious Kane
Best Place to Hideout - an oil rig
Best Continuity - playing Radioactive by Imagine Dragons, just a different version
Biggest Huh? - So Pike and Kane arrive at Polis after Alie's zombies even thought they left days earlier?
Biggest Rip Off - the flashback to the Ark would have been a great time for a cameo of Finn and some other dead favorites - plus there is a slight canon issue with Octavia being there
Most Intriguing - Luna and her stance against killing
Most Intense - Abby tortures Clarke / Abby goes to hang herself so Clarke will talk
Most Pointless - Why in the world would they torture Clarke instead of just force feeding her the chip? That would be faster and more reliable.
Most Kick Butt - Luna
Most Interesting Twist - Monty's mom in the computer
Most Tunnel Vision - Clarke, who puts a peaceful society at risk because she always thinks she knows best
Most Likely to Shoot First and Ask Questions Never - Bellamy
Dumbest Plan - Monty asks if Harper sees Jasper instead of warns her that he's chipped
The "Pretty Please" Award - Octavia, would you kindly push Pike down the elevator shaft for me? You know you want to.
The "You Still Suck" Award - Love how you partially blame Lincoln's death on Octavia now, Bellamy. Go away.
The "Just Die Already" Award - Pike
The "23rd Verse, Same as the First" Award - They keep killing off the best characters. Let's hope Roan is still alive, but it wouldn't surprise me if he too is gone.
The "Welcome Back" Award - Indra, Kane, and Roan

Best Quotes -
1. Octavia: "Why are you looking at me like that?" Indra: "Because I know what you're thinking." Octavia: "Why is he still alive?" Indra: "Because the dead can't help us." Octavia: "He was my home." Indra: "Your home is here."
2. Luna: "I didn't flee the conclave because I was afraid I would lose. I fled because I knew I would win."
3. Murphy: "Up the tower, right. You know after this, doing the right thing can kiss my a**."
4. Murphy: "We just saved your lives. Why do I think I'm going to regret that?"

The 100 - 3.16 - Perverse Instantiation (Part 2)

There was a lot to like about this season finale, the biggest being Lexa's entrance. Raven continued to rock as well and the fight scenes were all tight. However the pacing was all over the place, especially the endless scene in the faux Ark with Becca and Alie trying to convince Clarke to do things their way. It would have made for a tighter episode to have cut down the wait time and have Clarke struggle more to get to the kill switch. I'm not sure why Clarke must have an eternal internal struggle every single season finale, most of which drag down the pacing. Another puzzling thing was why so very few people died in this episode. Really only Pike died and while I am ecstatic for that, I was shocked that they did not use this opportunity to clean house. I am though very pleased that Kane made it to another season. I worry all the time that he's going to bite it next. Mostly because I really like this character and those are always the first to go it seems. All in all, I am disappointed in this season and The 100 will most likely receive my Biggest Fall award for 2015-2016, in part because of the high expectations I had for it after season 2 and the dismal storytelling that was the first half. Still every show has its bad season, many of which recover nicely. I will wait until season 4 to see if this was a fluke due to taking chances (an admirable thing) or if it's time to pull the plug.

Grade: B+

Best Reason to Watch - Alie and Pike are finally gone
Best Scene - Clarke gets the chip out of Abby and they reunite
Best Action - fight in the throne room
Best Entrance / Best Skills / Best Return - Lexa. Let's just say that Lexa is awesome in every form - warrior, leader, download.
Best Game - follow the infinity symbol
Best News - Indra's alive
Best Plan - electrocuting Kane, Emori, and the other Alie zombies
Worst Plan - Octavia lets the Alie zombies in so they can kill Pike
Biggest Ewww - open heart massage
Least Surprising - Super Special Snowflake Clarke becomes even more super special
Most Surprising - the only person who died in the finale was Pike (plus Ontari technically and Alie)
Most Practical - Harper
Most Likely to Try My Patience - Clarke as she waits to pull the kill switch so Alie and Becca can debate. Just do it already!
The "Good Riddance" Award - Octavia kills Pike
The "Rising Star" Award - Harper has gone from face in the crowd to one of my favorites. I like her no-nonsense approach and the fact that she's no damsel in distress. No more sex scenes but more time for Harper please. I'd love to get some back story.
The "Time's A-Wasting" Award - Dear Lexa and Clarke, you don't have time to be hugging on each other. Find the freaking kill switch. Take down Alie. Be awesome. There's no time for heartfelt speeches or emoangsting moments.

Best Quotes -
1. Monty: "Jasper, I know this world can suck but at least its real. We can get through this together." Jasper: "You really believe that?" Monty: "We will be happy again. I promise."
2. Clarke: "Human beings have free will. We get to decide how we should live." Jasper: "Human beings are the only species that act against our own self-interest. We torture each other. We fight, hurt each other, break each other's hearts. None of that exists here. Alie is protecting us from ourselves."
3. Monty: "What happens if Alie is updated?" Raven: "She'll delete the kill switch. We won't be able to stop her." Harper: "So find the damn kill switch."
4. Alie: "Would you really condemn the human race to die in 6 months?" Clarke: "We'll figure something out. We always do."
5. Lexa: "Our fight is not over."

Crowded (1.09 -1.12)
~I just can't with Stella. She's too dumb to know how to breath. They need to make her competent at something beyond taking her clothes off and hooking up with drug dealers and musicians. She has no moral compass and no brains. That's a lousy combination. Good thing I am adoring everything between Mike and his dad. I even liked Bob and Martina in episode 1.11.
~Let's just say that episode 1.12 was not my kind of humor. Plus I'm not sure how family fun night ends up in a gay strip bar with your mom, dad, grandma, and grandpa.

Grade: C / B / B- / C
Status: Cancelled, and I'm okay with that

Best Reason to Watch - Mike this time
Best Scene - any time Bob and Mike are in the helicopter
Best Threat - Mike and Martina threaten to cyberstalk Stella to keep her from internet porn
Best Interaction - Martina and Bob
Best Point - Stella finds Pepe Le Pew a bit rape-y and it's hard to argue with that
Best Reference - Frasier / Downton Abbey
Worst Reference - Notting Hill, that quote was ugh-worthy even when it was new
Worst Slogan Ever - "It was fresh when we made it."
Worst Plan - Selling private online chats to make rent money. I'm fairly certain Criminal Minds or some other show where people wind up tortured and murdered already covered this.
Most Chill about Everything - Alice, as in "on medication" type mellow
Most Mercurial Rise - Shea, who actually makes a tough business negotiator
Most Embarrassing - Alice gives Ethan money at his strip club job
Biggest Blabbermouth - Martina
Biggest Huh? - Why is everyone okay with Stella being a drug dealer? Seriously?
Biggest Face Palm - Why is it a question about whether having sex with your uncle is creepy or not? I don't care if it's by marriage instead of blood. YES! It is creepy.
Biggest Laugh - Mike's uncomfortable talk about Viagra with his dad
Weirdest Family Reunion - at the strip club

Best Quotes -
1. Mike: "Well I want to talk about something, something that I'm not comfortable talking about on earth. Plus this way, if it gets really awkward I can crash into some rocks and kill us both."
2. Mike: "And what is this one?" Stella: "It's Viagra. Way to act like you didn't know, dad." Mike: "You dating some super old guy? And if you are, can he marry you and pay your bills?"
3. Mike: "Look Stella, I don't love either one of you best but I did love you first, and don't tell your sister but that will always make you special." Stella: "Awww, dad."
4. Ethan: "Wow, going from a professional golfer to a French fry cook. That's a pretty steep drop off. On the plus side, I'd be making an income. On the minus side, those fries would be salted with my tears."
5. Mike: "Whoa, whoa, back up. What were you doing in a gay strip club?" Martina: "They invited me." Shea: "Yeah, she's our friend." Mike: "Not sure I approve of your friends."
6. Mike: "On the other hand, I don't want him to like me just because I have sex with women." Martina: "Women?" Mike: "Well you specifically and other women if you run off with that stripper." Martina: "I think he's a little young." Mike: "That's what's holding you back? Okay. I will talk to dad and if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go do a thousand sit-ups, which I can totally do."

Elementary - 4.24 - A Difference in Kind

Besides bringing Moriarty back, there's no better move Elementary could have made than hiring John Noble to play Sherlock's father. Not only is the man perfect for the role, but he can sell every aspect of the character, turning what could have been a complete douche of a character into one of the most complex roles on TV this year. I am sorry to see him go but I love that the prospect of him returning is always there. They had better not kill him off screen or I'm coming after someone. Not even kidding. What I love most about this episode besides all the great scenes with Sherlock and Morland is the fantastic twist of having Morland become the head of the evil empire. It continues to make him a thoroughly gray, morally ambiguous character. Is he really doing it to save Sherlock? Is it revenge on the people who killed his lover? Will he find a way to profit off their collapse? Will he stay alive and return next season? Who knows but I'm fascinated with this character and I want to find out. I do wish that Sherlock and he had parted on better terms though, but that is the way of the Holmes men. I felt the same thing with Mycroft. Sherlock can never unbend and Morland shows that he earned that trait naturally. While this finale was a little too light on Joan and bringing up her annoying sister was like a bucket of ice thrown on the ending (please just say no to a relationship between her and Bell), this was a great way to end a reinvigorated season. I love how they do not end on a cliffhanger. I was frantic that Morland was going to be missing at the end and then I would have to fret about him over the summer. Instead, they made him even more compelling than he already was. I want a spin-off to follow him in his pursuits.

Grade: A-
Status: Renewed, airing on CBS on Sunday nights

Best Reason to Watch / MVP - John Noble
Best Scene - John Noble, er, Morland tells Sherlock that he is to become Head Evil Mastermind
Best Reaction - Sherlock to Watson trying to set up Bell with her sister
Best Back Story - Vikner saw Morland as a threat to his rise to power and tried to have him killed
Best Point - the internet is often dead wrong (sorry about the pun)
Best Save - Morland's spy, who confronts the bomber at Sherlock's place
Best Compliment - Sherlock tells Morland he would have been a failure at being an evil mastermind
Worst Plan (at first) - framing Vikner for murder
Worst Plan Ever - Morland giving himself to the group to save Sherlock
Most Dysfunctional - the entire Holmes clan and not in a fun way
Most Surprising - Watson is completely fine with framing Vikner for murder
Most Annoying - the overconfident villain spiel that is so cliché it's nap-inducing

Best Quotes -
1. Watson (looking at the dismantled bomb still in the brownstone): "You know I'd really like to get rid of that." Sherlock: "I promise I'll clean my room as soon as I've done my homework."
2. Watson: "Do you think Morland would have said yes to the offer to take over the group?" Sherlock: "No, there's no denying that over his long and storied career my father has facilitated business deals where death was the likely outcome for someone somewhere, but Vikner and his people, they pursue death as a business deal. It's a difference of kind, not of degree. It makes the murder of Sabine Raoul all the more pointless. My father was never a threat to Vikner's ascendency."
3. Watson: "We should ask Marcus to join too." Sherlock: "What does he know about real estate?" Watson: "Probably nothing but he's single and so is Lynn." Sherlock: "And to think that my father thought that I was the greatest threat to our circle of friends."
4. Morland: "Actually Ms. Hashemi is not taking Vikner's place. I am." Sherlock: "What?" Morland: "Her idea. Vikner goes away and she gets what she's wanted for several years, a steadier hand at the wheel of the group." Sherlock: "You know you haven't told a joke in the 4 decades I've known you. Better late than never I suppose." Morland: "I did it for you, Sherlock. You and Joan. It was the only way to guarantee they'd never harm you." Sherlock: "There's a rule in place established by the group's founder." Morland: "It didn't stop a bomb from appearing at your house the other night, did it? I told you. I will not lose my son." Sherlock: "So your only recourse is to become head of an organization which murders for profit?" Morland: "How else would I dismantle it? Ms. Hashemi was right. The group is virtually impervious to threats from the outside but a threat from the inside on the other hand…" Sherlock: "What you're describing would be suicide." Morland: "I shall be returning to London this evening. The group will no longer have a presence in New York. You have my word."
5. Sherlock: "Despite the plots of the many movies that you tell me are good which are in fact not good, bomb makers don't build tests of electrical engineering skill. They build things that go bang. The simpler the device the more likely it is to explode."
6. Sherlock: "Our plan's not what's troubling you though, is it?" Morland: "It's really something, realizing that you are for all appearances the kind of man who would accept a leadership position in a group like that. I've always blamed myself for what happened to Sabine. I was sure that I'd done something to upset a competitor, or acted too aggressively in a negotiation, angered the wrong dictator or CEO. I'd stay up at night struggling to put a finger on it. To figure out exactly what I had done wrong." Sherlock: "Alas, it wasn't one thing, was it? It was everything, your life's work. You would have been a spectacular failure, by the way. You don't have the stuff to be an evil mastermind."

The Flash - 2.19 - Back to Normal

I am a big fan of Barry trying to save the world even without his powers. I would expect nothing less from him. It also allows them to work together well as a team to come up with alternate solutions. In some ways, I would like for Barry not to get his powers back for a little while longer but with Zoom coming back that is impossible. It's time to kill off Zoom for good and move to a new storyline. He was interesting while he lasted, and I like Jay a whole lot better this way, but Earth 2 needs to leave the story ark. So does Jesse. She continues to be the most annoying character in Central City.

Grade: B+
Status: Renewed, airing on The CW on Tuesdays

Best Reason to Watch - interesting to watch Barry be a hero in a totally human way
Best Acting - Tom Cavanagh for basically the entire season
Best Scene - Wells says that he's going to give Barry back his speed through another explosion
Best Improvement - Jay, who is a whole lot more fun as an insane killer
Best Return - Killer Frost
Worst Return - the always bratty Jesse, who needs to be sucked into another dimension all together
Worst Side Effect - rapid aging because of the particle accelerator
Most Twisted - Hunter, wanting Caitlin to go all Stockholm Syndrome
Biggest Hmm Award - Since when is rapid aging a side effect of metahumans and why only this guy? Shouldn't they all have some side effects and not just some?
The "Crazy Person Say What?" Award - Um, didn't we already see what kind of chaos one particle acceleration explosion caused? Why are we replicating that? At least this time make it smaller and come up with a far better protection system.
The "When You're Right, You're Right" Award - Wells is well within his rights to give a great big "I told you so," to all of these fools. They were ALL incredibly reckless and stupid last episode. You don't get bonus points for intentions.

Best Quotes -
1. Wells: "That's right, detective. We're all suffering. We've lost Snow, you've lost your speed, and now…now Zoom could come through that breach anytime he wants and that Allen…that's on you." Iris: "Hey, that's on all of us, okay? We made these decisions as a team." Wells: "No, we didn't."
2. Wells: "When your mother died, honey, something inside me broke. I couldn't protect her and I…I swore - I swore on her grave no less - that I would protect you and then Zoom took you and I snapped. I just snapped. I couldn't breathe. I couldn't lose the only other person that I love."
3. Barry: "I just don't even know who I am any more or who I am supposed to be." Iris: "Barry, you're supposed to be the same guy that you've always been. Suit or no suit, that guy is a hero."
4. Wally: "I just wanted to thank you for saving my life and I know that…that came at a huge price for you and I don't know how I'll ever repay that. I guess what I wanted to say was that I'm not going to waste this chance that you've given me. Thank you."
5. Barry: "Look we can't just sit here. Regardless of whether I have my speed or not, I have to try to help. That's never gonna change."

The Flash (2.20 - 2.22)
~Dear Zoom, please die. Thanks!
~Dear Anvils, I am so happy you have been gainfully employed by The Flash. I hope you're getting paid for all that overtime. However, could you please stop falling on my head? You're giving me a headache.
~Dear Wells and Cisco, you really need to take this act on the road over hiatus. You two are hilarious in an Odd Couple-way, and by that I mean the play. Not whatever's happening over on CBS.
~Dear Barry, sniff, sniff. I feel for you, baby. The universe hates you. Season 1 was your mom; season 2 is your dad. If they kill Joe in season 3, I'm calling it in for a timeout and I will be using my Teacher Glare of Death. Believe me, that's a super power too.

Grade: B / C- for boredom / B+
Status: Renewed for season 3, Tuesdays on The CW

Best Reason to Watch - the ending and the family feel of the team
Best Awww Scene - Cisco hugs his brother. Sniff, sniff / Barry and FauxMama read his favorite childhood book / Cisco reassures Caitlin
Best Character Interaction - This was a tough one because there were a lot of great interactions. In the end though, the comedic partnership of Cisco and Wells had me laughing through the emoangst and that's always a win. / In 2.22, Caitlin and Cisco
Best Pep Talk - Joe to Wells / Henry to Barry / Iris to Barry about fear
Best Reference - Fringe
Best Save - Wally with The Flash / Wells with his daughter
Best Meta - Cisco references zombies when Girder returns, who is played by an actor who just got turned into a zombie and died on iZombie. Sniff, sniff. Still miss you, Drake (both roles).
Best Reaction - Joe to Wells' long-winded explanation on the science behind their plan
Best Defensive Driving - Cisco, who runs over the reaper
Worst Recruitment Speech - Zoom, who tries to seduce Caitlin to the Dark Side with his Emperor Palpatine speech
Worst Place to Visit - Central City, which is now under siege by metahumans
Worst Luck - every season Iris loses a lover (at least for a bit)
Worst Timing / Biggest Snore - Iris talks about her feelings
Biggest Snicker - metapocalypse, ha!
Biggest Pseudo High - Barry is having a speed force contact high and it's turning him into the peppiest cheerleader in Texas. There's peppy and then there's crazy.
Biggest Hint? - Are Zoom and Barry related?
Biggest Huh? - Since when did The Walking Dead zombies become smart? Last I saw them they were pretty much just grunting and taking people down through numbers. No intelligence required.
Least Surprising - Jay kills Henry
Most Hallmark-tastic - Barry chats with his FauxMama
Most Kick Butt - Black Siren, whose outfit rocks almost as much as her attitude
Most Cheesy - pick anytime the music soars in 2.21 and you'll be covered in Cheez-Whiz
Most Missed - Dumbledore. With all those Harry Potter references floating around, I thought for sure Harry…er, Barry would get his train station moment. The speed force doesn't quite cut it. Instead we got "Use the force, Philosophical Barry." Hhhhhh.
Most Incongruous - the title opening with the fact that Barry lost his speed
Most Boring Subplot - Barry's trippy, metaphysical journey
The "Great Big Hero" Award - Barry
The "Time to Go" Award - Zoom, who has outlived his welcome…and Jay, who was unwelcome from the moment he arrived
The "Way to Channel Your Inner Roy Harper" Award - Wally is trying to be a hero. Sadly, this means his inner meta is coming sooner rather than later. I can just feel it.
The "Sucks To Be You" Award - Barry, whose skin peels off in the particle accelerator plan. By the way, you know who else it sucked to be? Me, watching his skin flake off.
The "Welcome Back" Award - Greg Finley, who is becoming my favorite all-around CW guest star. I think he'd make a great grounder on The 100 next. / Katie Cassidy from Arrow, Supernatural, and Melrose Place

Best Quotes -
1. Wells: "Well Ramon, you have the wand?" Cisco: "The one I made for Mark Martin?" Wells: "No, the one you built for the Harry Potter convention. Yes, of course, the one you built for Martin." Cisco: "How'd you know about that Harry Potter convention?"
2. Cisco: "Fake Wells might have done a few dissections for study purposes." Iris: "And this didn't tip any of you off that he might be secretly evil?" Cisco: "It was a crazy time, okay? We had a lot going on."
3. Iris: "You know you're not invincible, right?" Barry: "Yes, of course. I know this. Joe's being overprotective, but I get it." Iris: "Yeah but it's like you think that nothing can touch you, like nothing bad can get in your way. That's not true for any of us." Barry: "What are you saying?" Iris: "Look, I know that you had an experience in the speed force and I'm happy that you think that we're going to win the day, but I think a little fear can be a healthy thing. It helps you determine which risks are worth taking. I think that's something for both you and Wally to take to heart."
4. Reaper: "You killed my brother so now you die." Cisco: "OMG, you're Princess Bride-ing me right now."
5. Cisco: "I'm so glad you're back…because we're about to die." Barry: "Wait, what?" Cisco: "So…" Cisco and Wells: "Girder…" Cisco: "..came back to life and he's all Young Frankenstein now and he only recognizes Iris and she lured him to my workshop so we could de-magnetize him but the machine shorted out. So he's about to come through that door and smoosh us all into chunky salsa and possibly eat our brains. I don't know. Jury's still out on that one."
6. Dante: "I knew there was something wrong. Every time I see you we get attacked by lunatics with crazy weapons."

Fresh Off the Boat (2.20 - 2.23)
~About 2.20, I am not a fan of shows breaking their own canon so this is not a favorite for me. I did love Grandma Huang in this episode and I liked the flashbacks up until they broke canon.
~FotB continues to be a solid comedy player. Sadly, it will never win Constance Wu an Emmy even though she deserves it. Still, it brings the heart and the laughs in good measure. I especially like how they have developed Jessica and Honey's relationship this season. It has allowed Honey to be smart on some occasions, while allowing Jessica to fall but with support. They have one of my favorite sismances (womances) around. Eddie remains up and down though and continues to be the worst character. Emery has been the big improvement when it comes to the kids. While none of these episodes really stick out, the Rent Day episode about the property worked best for me. I wasn't as excited about Gotta Be Me because Eddie was a straight up brat (until he wasn't and made my favorite scene) and Louis seemed like a re-hash of other episodes. The Manchurian Dinner allowed for some good interactions though.

Grade: C / B / C+ / B-
Status: renewed for season 3, Tuesdays on ABC

Best Reason to Watch - characters, especially Jessica
Best Scene - Grandma tells Evan that who he is matters more than what he's called / Eddie understands that his acting like a brat ruins everyone's day
Best Cameo - Shaquille O'Neal
Best Pep Talk / Best Friend - Honey
Best Reaction - Jessica to Louis walking around shirtless, trying to be macho
Best Vocabulary - untenable
Best Entrance - Evan in his new suit
Best Speech - Emery
Best Moment - Jessica pulls the cop over
Best Life Coach - Jessica, who is like the drill sergeant of better life choices
Best Reference - Babe / Schindler's List
Worst Reference - Blockbuster late fees / Poison (the song, not the band)
Worst School Slogan - Don't Get Sick
Worst Principal - Emery's, who even in the 90's wouldn't be able to tell an entire auditorium of people that one kid is getting held back
Least Common Sense - having more than one valedictorian
Most Greedy - Jessica
Most Helpful - Grandma
Most Boring Game - the staring game
Most Easily Impressed - Jessica by LSAT scores and medical careers
Most Likely to Become Norman Bates - Evan, who sleeps with a picture of Jessica under his pillow
Most Perfect Match - Emery and Allison
Biggest Canon Busting - Didn't we already learn how Jessica and Louis met in the episode where Jessica's gay boyfriend came to visit? She liked him. Louis didn't notice her. That's canon.
Biggest Ewww - projectile vomiting repeatedly
Biggest Brat - Eddie
Biggest Oops - Jessica doesn't check the background of her new tenants out before she lets them move in?
Biggest Hmm - Milk to get out stubborn stains? Who knew?
The "Welcome Back" Award - Connie
The "Welcome Back" Award - Allison Scagliotti from Warehouse 13 and Stitchers / John Francis Daley from Bones / Patrick Fischler from LOST / Maria Bamford, the new comedy IT woman and from Benched

Best Quotes -
1. Eddie: "I guess she didn't understand we were dating." Allison: "How could she not understand?" Eddie: "I don't know. I said you were my boo, my fly girl, my fine shortie. I don't know how much clearer I could have been."
2. Jessica: "So they can just stay in my house, not pay rent, and I can't do anything about it. These people are not my mother-in-law."
3. Eddie: "But wait, you hate The Incredible Hulk." Louis: "No, I don't." Eddie: "Yeah you do. Remember I was trying to buy that comic book and you said he was the worst superhero ever because all he does is get mad. You said, 'That's not a super power . That's a character flaw.' "
4. Jessica: "Eddie, we had fun today because I didn't have to spend every minute chasing after you and nagging you. You think FunMom could get you to do your homework and clean your room. No way. That's what this mom is for. This mom gets things done."
5. Louis: "Puberty strikes hard and quick like a large soda halfway through Schindler's List."
6. Banker: "I'm calling to inform you that the check you just deposited bounced." Jessica: "What? I don't understand." Banker: "I know it's confusing. The word bounce seems so positive - like Tigger."

Hunters (1.03 - 1.06)
~This episode (1.03) did exactly what it needed to do. The first two episodes explore Flynn and set up the world. This one gives us much needed back story on Regan and fills in some of the holes like how she came to be at the ETU. It also gives a little explanation about Briggs, although I would expect a Briggs-centered episode down the line to fill in his character too. All in all, I am liking this show more every episode.
~This show has kept me intrigued by its fast moving plot and intricate story. I love the idea of an alien sleeper cell developing much like a terrorist one does. It provides good commentary about today's world while setting it in a more action-oriented sci-fi theme. Bonus - all the characters except Emme have grown on me.

Grade: overall B with B+ for 1.03
Status: unknown by SyFy

Best Reason to Watch - Regan flashbacks / engrossing alien sleeper cell storyline
Best Scene - Flynn questions Abby
Best Negotiator - Flynn, who knows how to play hardball
Best Moment - Flynn gets his wedding ring out of the garbage disposal
Best Action - Abby vs. Flynn
Best Back Story - how Abby and Flynn met and the fact that they always wanted him
Best Character Interactions - Regan and Jackson
Best Twist - they captured McCarthy
Worst Twist - Jackson as the mole, maybe
Worst Visual Effects - alien baby
Worst Interrogation Effects - yelling questions over and over again just getting longer
Worst Plan - doing electroshock therapy on yourself
Biggest Ewww - the chick shedding her skin / alien birth
Biggest Brat - Emme, who really needs to go. Even if she is autistic, she is an utter annoyance.
Biggest Huh? - What was the purpose of Regan and the snake?
Biggest Lie - Regan says that the aliens in the jungle are NOT monsters. Are you kidding me? They are arming kids, kidnapping people, and ripping them apart. That's a monster in my book, no matter what planet you're from.
Biggest Return - InstaDawn, first seen on Supernatural and now appearing here
Most Intriguing Character - Jackson
Most Surprising - McCarthy kills his own child
Most Likely to End Up a Bad Guy - Finnerman, who makes one questionable decision after another
Least Surprising - Abby is an alien
Weirdest Scene Ever - AlienAbby dragging PopsicleAbby into the freezer and then taking her stuff
Worst Boss - Brother #4
The "Say What?" Award - Regan just shoots Mato? I sucks to be an informant for the ETU.

Best Quotes -
1. Jackson: "A tried and true method of raising funds. Girl Scouts have cookies. Terrorists have dope."
2. McCarthy: "I thought you'd be fatter." Jackson: "Sorry to disappoint you." McCarthy: "You're human. That's all you can do."
3. Regan: "Not bad for a guy who did his tours of duty in Kandahar." Flynn: "I'd take Afghanistan over this Fern Gully sh** any day." Regan: "Yeah, I hate this green stuff too." Flynn: "You're a vegetarian. Isn't this all just salad?"
4. Jackson: "Is that Romanian?" Jules: "You're good. I thought it was Polish." Jackson: "Romanian. Interesting." Jules: "Transylvania, Nadia Comaneci, and now the world's first alien mom. Hella random if you ask me."
5. Jackson: "You're looking well." Flynn: "Rough few days." Jackson : "Yeah, holed up alone drinking. How'd that work out for you?"
6. Briggs: "Alien junkie. It's like we captured a Corman movie."

Motive (3.05 - 3.07)
~These were fairly typical episodes of Motive. The guest stars were fantastic in 3.05 and included Jakes from Graceland as a manipulated lothario bank robber while Benny from Supernatural was more lethal and ruthless than any vampire ever to appear on SPN. Still I liked 3.06 better because that story worked more for me. I wanted to smack that stepdad, who had no understanding of how kids work and probably has some kind of mental disease that causes him to be a compulsive neatnik. I am not sure how the mom could marry someone who obviously hated her kid. It did make for good drama though. 3.07 was pretty much just run of the mill. It never surprises me how many times I feel sorry for the killers in this show though. Many of them got a raw deal before killing someone, and I don't mean the sociocultural type of raw deal. I mean their victims were often the ones who were psychotic or at the least, far worse than the killer ever could be.

Grade: B
Status: season 4 is already airing in Canada

Best Reason to Watch - the guest stars in 3.05 and the kid in 3.06
Best Emotional Scene - Angie hugs Betty after she freaks out while alone in the morgue
Best Karma - Lucas shoves the bad guy's head into the car
Best Partnership - Vega and Angie
Worst Plan - hanging up when you hear a strange noise / opening the door without seeing who it is first
Biggest Flirtation - Betty and Vega
Biggest Douche - the stepdad / Perry
Biggest Laugh - Vega eats the evidence
Biggest Trouper (Or Most in Denial) - Betty, who stays in the lab after getting attacked
Most Likely to Get Cited for Sexual Harassment - Betty
Most Old-Fashionably Charming - Giles, the jewelry buyer
Least Surprising - Chelsea is a stalker and delusional
Weirdest Subplot - Angie's desk issues
The "Don't Even Think About It" Award - This show thrives on the Vega and Angie relationship. Nothing better happen to stop that. Vega must stay healthy.
The "Who Knew?" Award - lobster digests within 30 minutes in the stomach
The "In the Name of Love" Award - Ella and Blair, who are seriously screwed up in their priorities but likely to be the subject of a tragic true crime romance novel
The "Welcome Back" Award - Brandon Jay McLaren from Graceland / Ty Olsson from Supernatural / Jesse Hutch from Arrow and Kyle XY / Meaghan Rath from Secrets and Lies & Being Human / Brendan Meyer from The 100 and iZombie / Leah Cairns from Kyle XY and Battlestar Galatica / Luisa D'Oliveira from The 100 / Ashton Holmes from Revenge / Patrick Sabongui from The Flash / Chris Klein from 90's to 00's movies / Karin Konoval from about every series shot in Canada

Best Quotes -
1. Vega: "Oh hey, look at you still here." Lucas: "Yeah, Friday night - we're livin' large." Angie: "You really got to work on your work-life balance, my friend." Lucas: "She does realize that she's here too right?"
2. Lucas: "You know that's evidence." Vega: "No, the packaging is evidence. The popcorn is delicious."
3. Angie: "So she was a perfectionist?" Theona: "That's not the word the staff used."
4. Vega: "So you went over to his loft to set him straight about etiquette." Herman: "What else was I supposed to do?" Angie: "Well almost anything other than assault." Vega: "Yeah, like you could have filed a complaint. You know, with the police for example." Herman: "No, Contagion has to remain anonymous." Angie: "Does he have to talk about himself in the third person?"
5. Angie: "True love." Vega: "Oh, it can't be. True love conquers all." Angie: "Seeing those two willing to do anything for each other doesn't do anything for you?" Vega: "Lie, steal, kill. That's love to you?"
6. Vega: "Right now I think the lobster's our best suspect."

Stitchers (2.06-2.09)

If we weren't hitting a TV lull, I probably would have put Stitchers on marathon later status a couple of weeks ago. The focus on will-they, won't they romance is flat out irritating and I'm not that into the search for Kirsten's dad . However, the standalone parts of the episode have been really good and have raised the episode grades. Mei Ling, in particular, gave the series a jolt of energy. I wish she had been on for more than 1 episode because I could see her as a great part of the team. Plus she added action to an episode that was heading straight to emoangsting. Red Eye was great because of the ingenious method of killing people and the twisty approach of multiple stitching. I'd like to see more stretching the bonds of science type stories and less clichéd romance in the future.

Grade: B / B / A- / B-
Status: Unknown by ABC Family, er Freeform (What a dumb name!)

Best Reason to Watch - Mei Ling / standalone crimes
Best Scene - Kirsten meets her sister for the first time
Best Action - Fisher and Mei Ling take down the killer together
Best Pep Talk - Fisher to Mei Ling
Best Moment - Fisher high fives Camille but won't high five Cameron
Best Move - Kirsten takes out the person holding her hostage by herself
Best Threat - Camille to the lawyer
Best Non-Girlfriend Ever - Camille, who encourages everyone in Linus' family before the surgery
Best Reference - Hunger Games / pseudo All About Eve
Best Case / Best Episode of the Four - Red Eye
Best Back Story - Cameron's dad is a white collar criminal in jail for embezzling
Best Plan - telling Kirsten the truth about Liam / Cameron making it a two memories for one stitch program
Worst Plan - letting strangers you don't know spend the night on your couch, for both sides of this scenario
Worst Use of Business Resources - Calling the Psychic Hotline 85 times. If they haven't helped you get out of the mailroom in the first 20 times, they might not be very good at their job either.
Biggest Huh? - I'm not sure I buy the idea of Kirsten understanding Chinese any more than Linus does
Most Awkward Interaction - Kirsten and Ivy
Most Interesting Premise - stitching into multiples at the same time
Most Awesome Gesture - Linus cooked for Camille thinking she'd be hungry when she studied
Most Awful People - the little lawyers
Most Kick Butt - Mei Ling for getting the jump on Fisher
Most Drawn Out - the storyline about Kirsten's dad
Most Creepy / Most Annoying Subplot - little Cameron in the stitches
Least Honed Fight or Flight Instincts - Ivy, who doesn’t immediately start making excuses to leave after seeing Kirsten's Wall of Crazy
The "Say What?" Award - Listen, I fully believe these lawyers are douche bags. No doubt about it. However they are not stupid. The team mentions that the victim was killed by a poisonous shrub in Christine's house. If Randall had ever been to Christine's house, he could have very easily have seen it and put two and two together. His mentioning oleander is not a smoking gun. Even if he hadn't been there, Camille already made a big deal about oleander being a shrub and it being very common in the area. It wouldn't have taken a brain trust to figure things out either way.
The "Please Come Back" Award - I think Mei Ling would be a great asset to the team
The "Goodbye" Award - So long, Liam. You were unnecessarily mysterious so I won't miss you or the answers you never provided.

Best Quotes -
1. Linus: "Caltech was cool with you borrowing these?" Camille: "If by borrowing you mean breaking into the lockers where they're kept and just shoving them into grocery bags before walking out, yeah, they're very cool."
2. Ivy: "It took me a long time to figure out but I think everything he's done is motivated by love." Kirsten: "Huh, abandoning us, murder. That's a crazy kind of love."
3. Cameron: "Should I be worried?" Camille: "No." Cameron: "How do you know?" Camille: "Because you're not dizzy or seeing yellow halos…" Linus: "Or dead."
4. Sam: "Did I leave anything out?" Maggie: "Yes, the part where you tell me if you killed Anna."
5. Ivy: "How about, moving forward, we both agree to not think the other's an idiot?"
6. Camille: "If you do not stop answering my questions with a question, I promise I will hack you and sext every judge in Los Angeles from your account."

Shows I'm Not Caught Up On Yet

The Blacklist (3.20 - 3.23)
~While I appreciate them giving the characters time to grieve Liz, it did make the pacing slower than normal and it's the second grieving episode in a row that was short on plot. Time to get back to the formula. (3.20)
~And we're back. I knew you could grieve Liz and still push the story forward. I am loving the twist about Tom's mother and Famke is as riveting as ever. Not at all okay that Solomon is still breathing. Tom needs to take a page out of Octavia's book on this one.

Grade: B- / B / B+
Status - Renewed by NBC on Thursdays

Best Reason to Watch - As much as I hate that the FBI are joining with people who kill and rob banks and hire Solomon the sociopath (what the heck!), it does make for good drama. To have to work next to someone you hate and who is responsible for a loved one's death automatically raises the stakes and the story tension. / the acting like always
Best Scene - Dom tells Red he has no sympathy for him because he blames Red for getting his whole family killed / Scottie's story to Tom about her son, even if it doesn't make a lick of sense that she'd tell it to him
Best Action - Navabi vs. the assassin
Best New Character - Dom / Scottie
Best Montage - Red searching through the trunk of memories
Best Customer Service - even though the bank is being robbed, these tellers and the manager are doing everything they can for this little girl
Best Negotiator - Scottie, who gets the kidnapper to pay her $3 million
Best Twist - Scottie is Tom's mom
Worst Plan (typical times) - Tom, you don't look suspicious AT ALL bringing what looks like a walkie talkie in the coffee shop. Anyone who watched CSI: Cyber would know something was up.
Worst Plan of All Time - joining with the people who helped kill Liz in order to bring in the man who hired her kidnapping
Biggest Huh? - Why is Scottie telling Tom her life story? Shouldn't she be playing things close to the vest?
Biggest Guts - Aram tells Reddington that he is there to collect Red's debt to him
Biggest Awww Scene - Harold's eulogy
Least Welcome - Red at Dom's place
Least Likely to be Ignored - Reddington
Least Surprising but Still Depressing - the kid gets shot
Most in Need of Dying - Solomon, like last season
Most Kick Butt Move - Tom shoots Solomon and leaves him at the scene of the crime - too bad he isn't captured or dead
Most Off the Rails (non-criminal edition) - Cooper
Most Off the Rails (criminal edition) - Reddington
Most Godparented Child Ever - Tom basically says every main character except Reddington should be Agnes' godparent
Strangest Pep Talk - Tom gives Aram romance advice
Strangest Quote - Romeo and Juliet
The "Fountain of Youth" Award - Famke Janssen must have found it because even though the ages technically work, she still looks too young to be the mother of Ryan Eggold
The "Welcome Back" Award - Brian Dennehy from the 80's, the 90's and Public Morals / Famke Janssen from X-Men and H2GAwM / Benito Martinez from Supernatural and H2GAwM

Best Quotes -
1. Tom: "Please tell me you know how to swaddle a baby." Navabi: "I hear bourbon works."
2. Tom: "You know Liz and I never really had a family until we met you guys. Albeit a slightly dysfunctional family, the kind where you try to kill each other occasionally, but…uh, family none the less."
3. Tom: "Shouldn't you find out a man's deep, dark secret before you invite him into your apartment?"
4. Dom: "I overheard your conversation with the Arab boy." Red: "He's from Delaware."
5. Scottie: "You, all of you, have proven quite capable of parking your selective morality when the moment serves. I suggest finding Elizabeth Keene's killer is just such a moment. It's badges in the drawer time, people. This is a revenge movie."
6. Reddington: "I have virtually unlimited resources. I want you to know that those resources are at your disposal in the raising of Agnes." Tom: "I don't want your money. I don't want your protection. I want answers."

Rush Hour - 1.05 - Assault on Precinct 7
~Between the twists and the action, this continues to be one of my favorite new shows. Just what I need, heading into the summer.

Grade: B
Status - cancelled, and it might be the worst cancellation of the season for me

Best Reason to Watch - the action and the sis twist
Best Scene - any of the action scenes fit so I'm going with the end with Kim to switch it up
Best Advice - Carter tells Lee not to cut him out because he can't handle the Kim situation on his own
Best Action - brother and sister fight / spa fight
Best Reason to Lock All the Doors - so some freaky ninja cop doesn't break into your place from the balcony
Best Banter - Carter and Lee
Best Way to Keep from Swearing - stuff something in your mouth
Best Reference - True Detective
Best Music - Right Round
Best Office Weapon - stapler / coffee pot
Biggest Twist - Zho Tu is the dragon's son / Kim is an agent for the FBI
Biggest Bwaaahh - DJ Fluffernutter
Biggest Ewww - close-up of someone getting his tooth knocked out
Strangest Way to Kill Someone - By snake bite. What is this? Ancient Egypt?
The "Way to Teen Wolf It" Award - one scene of pointless slow-mo coming right up
The "Welcome Back" Award (actor) - James Hing lately from Elementary / Diedrich Bader from The Drew Carey Show
The "Welcome Back" Award (character) - Kim

Best Quotes -
1. Donovan: "So my ex was right. I am going to die in a Korean spa." Carter: "Just keep a low profile. Try not to stand out." Donovan: "Yeah, good call. The 7 foot white guy, the black leprechaun, and Selena Gomez just need to keep a low profile as they cut through a pack of naked Chinese men."
2. Gerald: "You know what, I'm not even going to lie. Yes, I've returned to a life of crime." Carter: "Returned? When did you leave?" Gerald: "Tuesday. I had a whole bunch of stuff on my DVR I had to watch so it took me a couple days, but I'm watching the second season of True Detective and it is not as bad as everybody say."
3. Zhou: "I'm not afraid of you." Carter: "Oh I know. Fortunately I know what you are afraid of - extradition. There are 5 countries with outstanding warrants for your arrest. You know the penalty for human trafficking in Thailand?" Lee: "Why I think that would be death." Carter: "That's right and what about the Philippines?" Lee: "Death." Carter: "No kidding. Sudan?" Lee: "That would be death." Carter: "Bangladesh?" Lee: "Death." Carter: "Don't tell me - China…?" Lee: "You better believe it." Carter: "Death?" Lee: "With a capital D."
4. Donovan: "First time kicking a naked guy's a**." Didi: "Not even close."
5. Carter: "Deluxe relaxation package - spa, steam, locker to the head. Puts you right out."

Rush Hour - 1.06 / 1.07 - Welcome Back, Carter / Bada** Cop

What is it with networks showing episodes out of order these days? They did it with Almost Human and now they are doing it with Rush Hour too. There's no way 1.07 wasn't supposed to be earlier. Or maybe the episode where Lee joins Didi's family comes later. Either way, it's out of whack. Despite that inconsistency, these episodes were as fun as ever. I think they even doubled the snark in 1.07 and it's good to remember that Carter is less obnoxious in the other episodes. (Another reason why this has to be out of order, along with Lee's sister whom we already know is working undercover.) The 21 Jump Street thing of 1.06 has been done too often and the head gangster was far too dumb so that knocked the grade down a little for it, but 1.07 had me rolling with laughter and fist pumping the action. If I am rooting for a miracle save this season, it's for this show even though I know it's already dead. (Update - dead as a doornail)

Grade: B- / B+

Best Reason to Watch - the buddy-buddy vibe between Lee and Carter plus the humor
Best Scene - Carter says he'll try to be a little more like Lee in that he won't always go for the glory
Best Action - Lee uses the weights to fight / Didi takes down the thug informant / Lee and Carter vs. the motorcycle gang / drug lab fight
Best Deadpan - the motorcycle shop owner, ha!
Best Distraction - Carter and Lee bickering to throw off the bad guys
Worst Addition - the new coroner, Alice, who has Felicity disease
Most Likely to Have Your Back - Carter
Least Surprising - Lee is pretty awesome at salsa
Least Believable - Lee climbs up the crane in dress shows
Biggest Tough Guy - Lee, who wants to stitch up his knife wound with a stapler
Biggest Douche - Donovan
Biggest Party Pooper - Lee, who won't take credit even when credit is due
Biggest Face Palm - Gerald steals a phone in a police station
Biggest Huh? - Why do they need to invite Lee to dinner? Isn't he already living with Didi? Is this episode being aired out of order or did I miss something?
Funniest Fight - Carter vs. the old man
The "Welcome Back" Award - Deniz Akdeniz from Graceland / Connor Paolo from Revenge / William Mapother from LOST / JD Pardo from Revolution and The Messengers

Best Quotes -
1. Carter: "It's only because I showed up and kamikaze-d their plan. No offense." Lee: "Kamikaze is Japanese." Carter: "Fine, I ninja kicked their plan." Lee: "That's also Japanese."
2. Carter: "Separate a teenage girl from her phone for 60 seconds? You're not trained for that."
3. Lee: "I understand my methods may seem cold to you. As soon as I find my sister, I will go back to my jovial ways." Carter: "Somehow I think jovial means something different in Chinese."
4. Lee: "Carter, this is why you have to respect your elders." Carter: "You beat up an old man, Lee." Lee: "You got beat up by an old man, Carter." Carter: "Touché."
5. Henry: "So you understand what I did?" Carter: "Yeah, we do. You distributed a deadly drug, got people killed, and brought a cartel hit man into Capwell because you didn't have everything you wanted."

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Quote of the Week - Week of May 15

A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the Spoiler TV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

12 Monkeys -
1. Jennifer: "You have no idea how exhausting it is being crazy." (Darth Locke and BlueStar)
2. Cassie: "Are we going on another trip to see the Witness? Good, I can't wait to tell him about how I burnt your virus and set you back years." (Darth Locke)
3. Olivia: "Time has been altered. Change was not supposed to be possible. You promised the cycle would hold." The Witness: "Time evolves." (Darth Locke)
4. Jennifer: “You want to know what the difference between you and my mother is?” Olivia: “What?” Jennifer: “I get to say goodbye to you.” (BlueStar)
5. Ramse: “What is she – what are you doing?” Cassie: “Mustering up my energy to face Jennifer Goines again.” Cole: “Oh, come on, she’s not that bad.” Cassie: “She’s worst!” Ramse: “She’s horrible, man.” (BlueStar)

Agents of SHIELD -
1. May: "I don't give a damn about your powers. They're not what made you an agent. I did." (Nirat Anop)
2. Yoyo: "Oh, this isn't about super speed, this is about your turtle speed. You work and then you stare. Then work and then more staring. We have to go." (Swanpride)
3. Hive: "This won't kill me." Mack: "No, but it will suck." (Swanpride)
4. Radcliff: "It's not a hunch, it's science. It's a science hunch." (Swanpride)
5. Coulson: "We better follow him. He has no idea where he is going." (Swanpride)

Bates Motel -
1. Norman: "You can't just leave me here, Mother! You can't just leave me here, alone, in this abyss, where I can't find you!" (Darth Locke)
2. Mr. Wilcock: "I think it would be best if you leave. I don't want to have to call the police." Alex: "I am the police, dumba**!" (Darth Locke)
3. Mr. Wilcock: "Do you understand what embalming is?" Norman, smiling: "I do taxidermy." (Darth Locke)

1. Mike: "Whoa, whoa, back up. What were you doing in a gay strip club?" Martina: "They invited me." Shea: "Yeah, she's our friend." Mike: "Not sure I approve of your friends."
2. Mike: "On the other hand, I don't want him to like me just because I have sex with women." Martina: "Women?" Mike: "Well you specifically and other women if you run off with that stripper." Martina: "I think he's a little young." Mike: "That's what's holding you back? Okay. I will talk to dad and if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go do a thousand sit-ups, which I can totally do."
3. Bob: "Well going to a gay strip club with my son to see my other son dance wasn't exactly on my bucket list."

The Flash -
1. Henry Allen: "Whatever happens you have made me the happiest father... Your mother and I love..." (Nirat Anop)
2. Zoom: "Now if it were me, I'd let that building tumble without a second thought. But you, you'll never let that happen, will you? That's why I'm gonna beat you, Barry. Because you always have to be the hero. And while you're playing the good little boy, I'll be busy winning." (Nirat Anop and Dahne)
3. Zoom: "You'll see, we are. Same tragic background. Same reason for running. Same desire to be the fastest, to be the best. The difference? You think your anger is dirty somehow. You want to be seen as pure, the hero. Doesn't it get exhausting? Doesn't it get exhausting, Barry! It was exhausting playing Jay, believe me." (Nirat Anop)
4. Iris: "You know you're not invincible, right?" Barry: "Yes, of course. I know this. Joe's being overprotective, but I get it." Iris: "Yeah but it's like you think that nothing can touch you, like nothing bad can get in your way. That's not true for any of us." Barry: "What are you saying?" Iris: "Look, I know that you had an experience in the speed force and I'm happy that you think that we're going to win the day, but I think a little fear can be a healthy thing. It helps you determine which risks are worth taking. I think that's something for both you and Wally to take to heart."
5. Barry: "How are you doing? Are you okay?" Caitlin: "No, but I think I'm gonna be. Being out there with you guys, fighting metahumans, and saving people - it's the first time I've felt normal in a long time." Barry: "Come here." Cisco: "This is a group hug moment clearly." Barry: "Yeah." Caitlin: "It is."
6. Joe: "This is where I play stupid and you explain the science."

Fresh Off the Boat -
1. Eddie: "I guess she didn't understand we were dating." Allison: "How could she not understand?" Eddie: "I don't know. I said you were my boo, my fly girl, my fine shortie. I don't know how much clearer I could have been."
2. Louis: "Try not to be too judgmental about Eddies' girlfriend. I know you want him to date a Chinese girl but this is Florida. His options are limited."
3. Eddie: "Wait, I thought you loved my girlfriend." Jessica: "She's perfect. I just didn't realize how boring that would be. She's like tofu. She absorbs flavor, got none of her own. You need someone with more personality, Eddie, like you."

Game of Thrones -
1. Ramsey: "You’ve seen my banners?" Osha: "A flayed man." Ramsey: "Does that worry you at all?" Osha: "Do you eat them after?" Ramsey: "No." Osha: "Then I’ve seen worse." (Prpleight)

Grey's Anatomy -
1. Amelia: "All I have is Maggie, and Maggie is full of sunshine and candy and hope, and every time I try to tell her the world is on fire, she just hands me a marshmallow to roast." (Nirat Anop)
2. Meredith: "She'll be fine! You have no idea how many people have locked themselves in that bathroom. They're all fine." (Nirat Anop)
3. Meredith: "If you need a shoulder to cry on, I have two. If you want to freak out and call it off, if you want to run, I’ll drive the getaway car. Just let me know what you need. I’m here for you. I am your family, Amelia. Today, I am your person." (Nirat Anop)

Houdini & Doyle -
1. Touie: "What is it?" Doyle: "I gave up on you." Touie: "It was precisely your faith that brought me back. You've nothing to feel guilty about…unless you've taken up with Vera." Doyle: "I do like her plum pudding."
2. Doyle (praying): "I know I'm not in a position to ask for favors, especially since I turned my back on the church. Nothing to do with you. Bloody fools in the Vatican. I hope you won't hold it against me…or that I killed Holmes. You probably prefer Dickens. I'm rather partial to him myself."
3. Doyle: "You're the most beautiful thing I have ever seen." Touie: "Then you need a haircut and spectacles."

Hunters -
1. Jackson: "You're looking well." Flynn: "Rough few days." Jackson : "Yeah, holed up alone drinking. How'd that work out for you?"
2. Regan: "You've got your faith to soothe you. I've got a machine."
3. Regan: "Got to work on your tan lines." Flynn: "Way past due."

Jane the Virgin -
1. Jane: “You two are not fighting the night before my wedding. After my wedding, you two can kill each other but before my wedding, everyone gets along. Got it?”
2. Rogelio: “Jane, please stop running, your makeup will melt. Let me carry you.” Jane: “No way, then your makeup will melt.” Rogelio: “You’re right. We’ll reapply when we get there.”
3. Anezka (to Petra): “Her first laugh! Baby has your sense of humor. Laughing at others' tears.”

Legends of Tomorrow -
1. Rex Tyler: "My name is Rex Tyler. I'm a member of the Justice Society of America." (Nirat Anop)
2. Mick: "Every time they do that, I get hungry for chicken." (Nirat Anop)
3. Mick: "You're the best guy I ever knew. You may not think you're a hero, but you're a hero to me. Got it?" (Nirat Anop)

Motive -
1. Angie: "So she was a perfectionist?" Theona: "That's not the word the staff used."
2. Vega: "Right now I think the lobster's our best suspect."
3. Phil the Trainer: "Walking lunges all the way around. You can rest on your honeymoon." Vega: "We're gonna need Nicole's full name and contact information and we'll need to speak to them as well." Angie: "If they survive."

Once Upon a Time -
1. The Dragon: "There's magic everywhere if you’re willing to see it." (Nirat Anop)
2. Regina: "The Evil Queen is inside me always trying to get out." (Nirat Anop)
3. Regina: "I'm used to suffering, Swan, and I'm used to others getting their way." (Nirat Anop)

Orphan Black -
1. Kendall Malone: "No tears, Cosima. These sh** aren't worth the salt. Tell Siobhan she's done right. Always. And tell your sisters I'm proud to have been part of them all. Turn around, luv. Turn around. Good girl." (Darth Locke)
2. Krystal: "Yeah, and some of us know what they're actually doing, which is hording patents in stem cell cosmetics and totally testing on human beings. Like, I'm against animal testing. Like, humans is, like, too far, you know what I mean?" (Darth Locke)
3. Evie Cho: "Da Vinci robbed graves to study anatomy. In a hundred years, they'll call me a pioneer."
4. Art: "Hi, Detective Bell, homicide." Krystal: "Krystal Goderitch, manicurist." (Darth Locke)

Outlander -
1. Murtagh: "Masquerades and Games. What's next? A rousing game of Charades?" (Swanpride)
2. Charles: "Mark me, I will take my own life, if I am forced to life in godforsaken Poland." (Swanpride)

Stitchers -
1. Ivy: "It took me a long time to figure out but I think everything he's done is motivated by love." Kirsten: "Huh, abandoning us, murder. That's a crazy kind of love."
2. Ivy: "How about, moving forward, we both agree to not think the other's an idiot?"
3. Kirsten: "Everything in the universe can be broken down mathematically." Ivy: "Even finding a man you haven't seen in years." Kirsten: "Unlike him, math has never let me down."

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