Teen Wolf - Bingo Card - 5.01

Teen Wolf starts tonight so you know what that means....Teen Wolf Bingo. Below is the official card for the night. You can also choose from 1 of 8 cards with the link below. Just click Print Bingo Cards on the right side to get 8 choices. As always if you have other things that happen repeatedly in Teen Wolf, let me know and I will add them.

8 Bingo Cards - pdf version

Teen Wolf Bingo
Deaton is no help at allBig plot twistWerewolf powers go wonkySomeone bleeds on hospital floorRecurring character bleeds
Liam gets wetBromance momentKira acts awkward or stuttersLydia finds something horribleA scene so dark you can barely see
Malia makes inappropriate commentSomeone's eyes glowKira brings out a swordStiles says "What??"Malia looks confused and/or kick butt
A party breaks outSomeone plays lacrosseStiles makes a funny facePeter or Stiles snarksDoucheDad flashes his badge
Someone in school when shouldn't beA teen skips schoolSomeone liesSomeone is thrown against a wallLydia stares blankly into space
Posted on June 29, 2015 .