Younger - 1.07 - Broke and Panty-less - Preview

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Full disclosure - I am 42 so I spent much of my time this episode saying, "Ewww." Sometimes I just don't get 20-somethings. As the episode opens, Liza gets an early morning phone from Caitlin informing her that her ex-husband didn't pay his half of Caitlin's tuition. Now Caitlin wants Liza to fork over $1800 and not say anything negative about her ex. At 6 am. Caitlin's pushing it and Liza is broke, but she agrees to figure it out. It's not like interning is a lucrative job, so Liza has to come up with some creative ways to increase her bankroll. Enter Lauren, who may be the skeeviest post-grad around. She at least has the skeeviest ideas. Desperate to get the cash by Friday, Liza tosses her qualms aside much to Maggie's amusement. Josh, on the other hand, is not happy. Liza's sneaking phone calls and mysterious texts have him wondering about the status of their relationship. Meanwhile, another complicated relationship heats up.

While I still loved parts of this episode, much of the humor didn't appeal to me. It felt more crass than usual with its hand job gags, slutty costumes, and obvious perverts. Liza's reactions to things and general awkwardness were funny in some instances but not much else was. What saved the episode was all the heart. Diana especially comes off well in this episode, making her the MVP, best surprise, and best reason to watch. While we don't get any new background on her, we do get to see a different side and it helps make the character even better. In another great moment, a character from a previous episode commiserates with Liza right before she gets herself in yet another awkward situation. Let's just say I agree with this character that Liza should not quit her day job because all these other ways of making quick cash aren't going her way. At least she doesn't try selling her eggs like Kelsey suggested.

Grade: C+

Episode Awards:

Best Awww Moment - Diana
Best Product Placement - Swedish fish
Best Reason to Watch - also Diana
Best Show of Trust - Liza, who doesn't….
Most Awkward Moment - Liza telling Josh….
Most Disgusting - hand jobs at work / selling…
Most in Need of a Lying Coach - Liza, who makes up the worst stories when she's flustered
Most Inappropriate - Anton / the lunch scene
Most Least in Sight - Thad, who is mentioned but doesn't show up
Most Surprising - I didn't know Josh….
Weirdest Date - sampling…


"Alright, which one do you think?" "I don't know. They all kind of look like pervs to me."
"And where do you gather these little nuggets of wisdom from? Buzzfeed."
"I am not your girlfriend."
"I know an inside joke when I see one."
"I like my liquor and my men the same way…simple."
"Okay and how much did my sexy girlfriend profit from this very questionable transaction?"
"Well as long as I still get to wear hot pants in the office." "Only on casual Fridays."
"You've got to hand it pervs, man. They don't accept mediocrity."

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Posted on May 4, 2015 .