Last Week in TV - Week of Dec. 21 - Reviews, Episode Awards, and 2014 Top 10

It was a really short week and that was a good thing, since this is when my computer decided to die.  As such, this is late and short.  Normally I would add marathoned shows but since I watch them on my computer, that couldn't happen.  Instead I have added my Top 10 Moments of 2015 that was originally posted to my blog instead.  What were your favorites?  I hope your Christmas was lovely and that you've been able to catch up on a few shows too.  Don't forget to let me know in the comments how your hiatus TV viewing is going.  Hopefully you've gotten more off your to-watch list than I have.

Dahne's Top 10 TV Moments of 2014:

SpoilerTV is doing an article on the top moments in TV this year, so of course I had to participate but it was much harder than I expected. I went through all my Last Week in TV articles and compiled a list that was 4 pages with over 30 shows represented. Of course it didn't include those few weeks in the summer when I didn't do Last Week in TV due to vacation or our big Character Cup contest. Therefore I'm sure there are even more great moments I forgot. Below you will find the top 10 I submitted for SpoilerTV.

PS - I only allowed myself one per show or else half would be from Teen Wolf season 3B.  It was that good.
PPS - Below the regular column are other moments/scenes that almost made the top 10 list.

1. Teen Wolf - 3.18 - Riddled - Stiles goes in for an MRI to see if he's dying and Scott tells him that they will figure it out together.
~In all honesty, I could have filled 5 out of the 10 from season 3 B in Teen Wolf alone. The season was that engrossing. Still I promised to share the spotlight, so I chose this hearfelt moment. It is the 2nd best scene in Teen Wolf history and one of the best of all TV I have seen. I love this scene because it emphasizes the brother bond between Scott and Stiles. The acting is superb as Stiles is clearly terrified of what the test results might be and Scott is trying so hard to stay strong for his best friend. When they hug and the camera turns to their parents watching the whole thing, it gets me straight in the heart. Best Scene of the entire year.

2. Sleepy Hollow - 1.13 - Bad Blood - Henry reveals that he is actually Jeremy Crane and the Horseman of War
~Nothing was more shocking all year than Henry telling Ichabod and Katrina that he is their son. Then to top it off, he is working with their biggest nemesis. The whole reveal blew my mind and is one of the best twists in TV.

3. The 100 - 1.05 - Twilight's Last Gleaming - 320 Ark residents choose to die so that their loved ones might live
~The 100 has had many fantastic moments but this one sticks out to me because of the complete selflessness of these 320 people. It proved the best in human nature and had me tearing up. When that dad says goodbye to his daughter but can't tell her that he is about to die, it broke my heart.

4. Community - 5.05 - Geothermal Escapism - Abed creates a campus-wide Hot Lava game to say goodbye to Troy
~It is rare that a comedy have the best drama scene in a TV week, but this was a masterful way to say goodbye to a fan favorite character and it was done in true Community style. I loved when Abed admitted that he couldn't let Troy go, so they both become clones in Abed's mind to make the transition a little easier. This episode not only allowed Abed to say goodbye, but it allowed the audience to do so as well.

5. Helix - 1.12 - The Reaping - Daniel chooses to die in order to spare his father from having to make a decision
~One of the best character interactions of the season was the tense relationship between Hatake and his adopted son, Daniel. A once ultraloyal and obedient son, things got rocky when he learned Hatake kidnapped him from a loving family. Just when they were reaching a turning point, a psycho kidnapped both of Hatake's kids and gave him time to only save one of them. It was Sophie's Choice and Hatake was clearly distressed. Daniel took the choice out of Hatake's hands, said his goodbyes, and then triggered the bomb around his neck.

6. Enlisted - 1.04 - Homecoming - the Hill Brothers watch their dad's solider homecoming video and then help Derrick create one for his girlfriend's ex
~Enlisted was the best comedy no one watched last year. As such it was really hard to narrow this down to one moment. I strongly suggest everyone watch it. In this episode, the Hill brothers watch a video of their own dad coming home together and then plan a special homecoming for Derrick's girlfrind's ex-husband as a special gift for her son. It's one of the few comedies that had me laughing until I cried and touched my heart as well.

7. Scorpion - 1.12 - Dominoes - The team works together to save a child from a sinkhole
~The most recently aired of all my nominations, the entire episode more than deserves to be in this list. In fact, I can't choose just one scene since each team member got a chance to shine. There's something about the clock ticking down on a child's life that adds extra tension and the pacing of this episode was superb. If you haven't tried Scorpion yet, check out this episode.

8. How to Get Away with Murder - 1.04 - Let's Get to Snooping - Keating removes her wig and makeup, breaks down, and confronts her husband
~This one makes the list on sheer scting talent alone. First it is rather shocking to see someone become so real on screen both physically and emotionally. Keating let herself be completely raw and vulnerable and we saw this strong woman break with every step of her nightly routine. Then the sheer anguish and rage that poured from her made this the most powerful performance of the year.

9. The Goldbergs - 2.03 - The Facts of Bleeping Life - Murray throws Beverly a spontaneous vow renewal ceremony
~The Goldbergs is my favorite comedy for 2 years running because it does such a great job of combining laughs and heart. While there were times more heartfelt than this one, I chose it because it was the big gesture. Murray is not one to stand on ceremony so when Beverly tells him she wants to renew their vows while the whole world celebrates Princess Diana's wedding, he is not into it. However after watching his wedding video with Barry, he explains how much Beverly means to him and rallies the entire family to create a thoroughly Goldberg cermeony and it's beautifully funny.

10. Graceland - 2.02 - Connects - Jakes demolishes the room he made for his son.

~Jakes, a normally dour man, thinks that he may be a part of his son's life so with unusual joy and care, he moves into an apartment and creates the perfect room for his son. However when he goes to meet with his ex about it, she has him arrested for violating the restraining order. A devastated Jakes comes home and takes a baseball bat to the room he spent so much time and money creating, utterly desolate. It a powerful, physical scene that takes no words.

Nominated Show:

The Walking Dead - 5.01 - No Sanctuary

Again I have zero idea what in the world is going on, but man is it disgusting. They have human slaughter down to a science on this show and in this so-called sanctuary. I originally dropped The Walking Dead after season 1 because I found it came in 2 flavors, gross and boring. Nothing here changes my mind about that and this episode felt 6 hours long. I did like seeing the flashbacks, allowing viewers to see how the butchers became like they were. If I hadn't just sit through an hour of nasty, I might have even felt a bit sorry for them. They did start as peacemakers until rapists and murders twisted them into the same people they originally fought off. It's rare to see a show devote much back story to the villains, so that last 45 second scene was even more powerful. I also liked that they have some strong females in this show. Maggie is a cool character and not just because she is played by Lauren Cohen. Michonne has the best weapon in a dystopian show ever. The dichotomy between Carol and Tyreese was refreshing, although I hate that Tyreese had to become a killer. It was nice to hope for a moment, in between all the guts. Still I generally find The Walking Dead boring with a plot that creeps around when they aren't trying to gross everyone out. I need more action and less gore.

Grade: C-
Ranking: 1
Audience - those who find artistry in gore and have a high tolerance for watching people walk

Happiest Moment - Carol meets up with Rick's party and I guess they thought she was dead because everyone is amazed / I guess the baby is Rick's because he's also very happy to see her.
Best Character - Carol, that's one grandma who knows what it takes to survive
Most Clever - all the people locked in the train making weapons out of their clothing
Best Switch - the grandma looking woman has to kill the zombie because the football player looking guy can't do it
Best Reveal - Dr. Eugene thinks he has a way to kill the zombies
Biggest Question - How are there still so many bullets around? Haven't they been in this zombie apocalypse for years now? With the amount of shooting done in one episode, I'm surprised they got through half a year with any ammunition left.
Most Kick Butt - that double-sided sword thing Michonne uses
The "Welcome Back" Award - Lauren Cohan, aka the totally awesome Bela from Supernatural
The "Wow, It's Been Awhile" Award - I would never have recognized Denise Crosby in this if it weren't for her face begging me to look her up in IMDb. She was Tasha Yar from ST:NG. I never would have guessed.
Best Visual Effects - the makeup people doing the zombie effects should really get a pay raise
Coldest Move - Carol lets the zombies have Mary
Biggest Huh? - Zombies can't climb fences? Who knew?
The "I Don't Get It" Award - Why are all these people yelling when the noise attracts the zombies. Should they take a page from Bugs Bunny cartoons and be "vewy, vewy qwiet"?
Most Disgusting - Considering there was a trough to contain people's gushing blood in an assembly line of death, it takes something special to win this award. I thought the close-up of the zombie eating the guy's face off was taking it, but I'm pretty sure these people were cannibals and that's so much worse.
Most Evil - Alex makes Tyreese go outside with the zombies and now I need him to die. Now.
The "Payback Sucks" Award - pardon me while I don't mourn Rick killing the two death squad members
Best Plan - Not listening to Rick. Forget about those people and just leave.
Best Visual - Rick changes the sign to warn others that there is no sanctuary there
Best Quotes -
1. Glenn: "We've got to let those people out. That's still who we are. It's got to be."
2. Tyreese: "Nobody's got to die today." Alex: "Man, if you believe that then it's definitely going to be you and the kid, even if that place is burned to the ground."
3. Dr. Eugene: "I'm keenly aware of all the details behind failsafe delivery systems to kill every living person on this planet. I believe with a little tweaking on the terminals in DC, we can flip the script. Take out every last dead one of them. Fire with fire. All things being equal, it does sound pretty bada**."
4. Alex: "You're a good guy. That's why you're going to die today. That's why the baby's going to die. Or you can get in that car, get out of here, keep on being lucky." Tyreese: "You think you're going to kill me?" Alex: "Why haven't you killed me? How…how does having me alive help you? Why the hell you even talking to me? Take her, take the car, and go. I don't want to do this today."
5. Carol: "What happened?" Tyreese: "There were a bunch of walkers out here and he got his hands around Judith's neck. No, he's dead. I..I had to so I did. I could."

Weekly Shows:

The Librarians - 1.04 - And Santa's Midnight Run

The Librarians gave its viewers an early present over the weekend, their own piece of holiday fluff designed to make them cheer. This was a fun, sweet episode that managed to incorporate its own take on the Santa legend, making it original and compelling. Simply put, Santa is an “avatar of goodwill” that comes in many different incarnations throughout the world. It was an effective way to make the episode a bit more multicultural and a whole lot more fun. Getting Bruce Campbell to play Santa was a genius stroke as well. While speaking in third person and Cassandra’s high-pitched squeal did drive me nuts, I found my Christmas cheer returned and ample goodwill to the show.

Grade: B

Best Reason to Watch – great twist on the Santa myth and his various incarnations
Best Hint – Jenkins knows a lot more about Dulaque than we do. There’s history there.
Best Scene / Best Plan – Jake starts throwing around priceless art to distract the bad guys so Ezekiel and Cassandra can go down the chimney to save Santa
Best Moment – Fake Santa just keeps on eating chili while real Santa talks the guy down / Jake refocuses Cassandra / Jake and Santa fist bump after the bar brawl
Most Far-Fetched – In a show starring Santa, the biggest implausibility is every single thing that happens on the plane. Every single person would have been sucked right out and that’s only the first problem.
Most Annoying – Cassandra’s high pitched happy voice / overuse of third person / Baird’s constant negativity
Best Honorary Blind Person (according to the movie Sneakers) - Cassandra
Best Silent Conversation – Cassandra tells Jake that her parents told her about Santa at 3 years old / Jake pulls out his knife and twirls it while Ezekiel picks up the presents he’s wrapping
Most Fun – Ezekiel in the Santa hat plays with kids on the steps / Ezekiel in the apron bringing in hot chocolate
Sweetest Gesture – the LiT’s throw Baird a surprise birthday party
Best Reveal – Jake speaks multiple languages, including Cockney slang
Best Reaction – Jake is proud when Lamia calls him special, which causes Baird to hit him
Best Santa Power – Super speed. I could use that in traffic.
Best Save – Apparently Google can tell you how to land a damaged plane. Good to know.
Best Quotes –
1. Baird: “And you’re going to talk in the third person all day. Awesome.”
2. Jake: “He’s Odin, the Viking god of battle and death.” Baird: “What? The hell kind of Santa is that?”
3. Cassandra: “Mrs. Claus is real.” Jenkins: “Oh shiny balls, yes.”
4. Baird: “Great. Road trip with a psychotic, shape-shifting avatar of goodwill.”
5. Ezekiel: “So that’s why everyone’s always cranky around the holidays. Because we’re running low on goodwill.”
6. Santa: “Somebody jacked Santa’s ride.”
7. Baird: “You suck at being subtle. Work with that.”
8. Jenkins: “The being often called Santa…” Baird: “Not calling him Santa.” Jenkins: “…is an immortal avatar of goodwill. All year long he travels around the world, witnessing, participating in acts of kindness, humanity…absorbing all of that good spirit. On Christmas Eve, he rises into the atmosphere, releases all of that goodwill back into the human race, recharging our karmic battery as it were.”

State of Affairs - 1.06 – Masquerade

State of Affairs is getting more interesting every week. Now that we know what really happened the day Aaron died and all the information on Fatah is out to us at least, it should pick up the pace even more. While the stuff with Charlie and PotUS is fascinating, I am actually more interested in New Hacker. She’s playing with Kurt, likely to get him busted as the mole to cover up the real mole. Since Kurt is one of my favorite characters on this show, I hope he turns the money in and informs Charlie about his concern about Hacker’s info. Since they used it to corroborate that Kamal’s info was false, it seems like it was given to them just to debunk his info, which was probably true. I think Hacker works for the same group that kidnapped Nick, who gets his own bonus points for not revealing anything about Charlie’s involvement with Fatah.

Grade: B+

Best Reason to Watch – Charlie gets demoted so she has Maureen drug her to find out the truth about the night Aaron died and we finally see the truth of what happened
Most Interesting Subplot – Melissa
Best Scene – Kurt confronts Lucas about trying to sober up in a crisis
Most Annoying – the voice changer of the guy who is torturing Nick
The “Are You Kidding Me?” Award – Kurt blackmails Lucas to stay away from Maureen. Are you kidding me? What is this? A soap opera?
Best New Addition – the computer hacker
Smartest Guy in the Room – Kurt, who realizes Bullwinkle had surgery, Lucas is off the wagon, and that the hacker’s timing is suspicious
Most Intense – Nick’s torture scene
Best Awww Moment – Charlie offers Kamal asylum in Canada
Biggest Reveal – Fatah is still an asset
Best Quotes –
1. David: “It’s never a sunny day with you, is it Charlie? Huh? It’s never simple. You never make anybody’s job any easier. You’re just lucky that you were right this time.”
2. PotUS: “She’s hiding something, David. I get the feeling that she is buying time.” David: “Well then stop selling it. Why do you trust her so much anyway? Because she was going to marry Eric?” PotUS: “Because she’s family. She’s almost family.”
3. Kurt: “You’re sweating, you’re glassy eyed, and your hands are shaking. I don’t know how many nights you’re into this bender, but trying to sober up now is slowing us down.”
4. Nick: “What is my relationship with Omar Fatah? Oh it was just a one-time thing.
5. Dash: “That boy’s got it so bad for Maureen I can’t even enjoy mocking him anymore.”
6. David: “So you want to smuggle the most wanted man in Qatar out of the most watched location in Qatar and bring him to the most popular shopping center in the country.” Charlie: “That about sums it up, yeah. Would you like to know more?” David: “No, sounds great.”
7. David: “You’ve thought this through.” PotUS: “I’m not just a pretty face, David.”
8. Maureen: “Okay Charlie, if you absolutely need to remember this, there is a way to do it. It’s painful, it’s dangerous, and it’s totally illegal.” Charlie: “How are you going to get it?”
9. Lucas: “What’s that going to give us?” Kurt: “What’s that going to give…It’s going to give us his known associates, his current location, a cure to cancer. Who knows?”
10. PotUS: “And you trust Kamal?” Charlie: “I’m inclined to.” PotUS: “Based on what?” Charlie: “Training, instinct, faith.” PotUS: “So once again, I should just take your word.”

Benched - 1.10 - Solitary Refinement

Benched continues to impress based on the interactions of the characters. Still this was not as funny as last week. They had 2 topnotch guest stars and yet they seemed to be wasted in their parts. Last week we had a less known comic with an outstanding part. I'm also not a fan of turning this into the Phil and Nina relationship show, so I'd rather they back off this typical and fast forward the funny. There was nothing funny about the double date from hell or Harold, who comes across as a much bigger douche than Trent ever did. I do like Francine though and I hope we see more of her. She keeps Nina from verbal vomit and seems like a lot of fun.

Grade: B

Best Reason to Watch - Nina gets out of her funk for a little while / Nina and Phil do NOT hook up
Biggest Douche - Harold, who is a complete jerk to Nina and it's completely uncalled for. Worst date ever!
Best Moment - Nina's client pushes her rolling chair back to Micah and represents himself
Worst Moment - Harold actually puts his hand out to keep Nina from talking / Phil takes a selfie of himself and boxed wine
Best Sob Story - Judge and all her dead husband stories
Biggest Mess - Nina, who is even crying at car commercials
The "Yeah, You Know You're in Trouble" Award - …when you use The Bachelor being on the night before as your final argument
MVP - Francine, who gets Nina out of her slump…kind of, stops Nina ranting for my sanity, and in effect keeps Nina and Phil apart after her shindig with Harold fell apart
Least Used - Who gets Molly Shannon on their show and then uses her for less than 5 minutes?
Most Confusing Gestures - I don't blame Nina for not getting "fancy" out of Phil's charades
Least Knowledgeable about Liquor - I didn't know what a Malbec was or how to spell it until I Googled it. In my defense, neither did my spell check.
The "Way to Go" Award - Boring Larry maces the sexual harassment judge twice
Sweetest Gesture - while inviting Nina to go to the restaurant she's always wanted to go to is sweet, I still think Phil offering to help clean up from the date was even better
Best Meltdown - Morris when he finds out the judge has been sexually harassing him more than Carlos
Coolest Spot - hey, a speakeasy Laundromat sounds pretty cool to me too
The "Welcome Back" Award - Nat Faxon, who played Ben in Ben & Kate and Sad Steve in Trophy Wife. Both were vastly superior to this schmuck.
Most Clueless - Carlos
The “Welcome Back” Award – Molly Shannon, best known from SNL, and Jim Rash from Community
Best Quotes –
1. Phil: Did you really cry in a car commercial?" Nina: You know what? Everyone hugged, even the Wheaton terrier." Phil: "Well that is a very lovable breed."
2. Nina: "She's a divorcée with no standards. I told her that you were like the hit it and quit it, one and done, woof it and hoof it, love 'em and leave 'em, lick it, stick it, leave before you get a ticket, kind of guy. She was all about it."
3. Judge: "It's an emotional rollercoaster huh? It's like a season pass to Tragic Mountain."
4. Carlos: “No one’s going to laugh, Phil. Did they laugh at Susan B. Anthony? Did they laugh at Rosa Parks?” Phil: “In what universe is this the same as either of those?” Carlos: “Did they laugh at the ladies from 9 to 5?” Phil: “Yes, it was a very popular comedy film.”
5. Micah: “Wild weekend?” Nina: “What? No, no, I stayed in. I stayed in and I uh, watched some TV. Got caught up on my old DVR. I cyberstalked a few people from high school so they’re doing well.” Micah: “I was being sarcastic.”
6. Nina: "What did you think of Francine?" Phil: "What, like a number?" Nina: "Yeah or words like an adult."
7. Harold: “You’re a person, you know, and then you’re just so many objects on the sidewalk.”
8. Phil: “Uh, do you need any help?” Nina: “Oh no, no, no. I mean there’s probably still time. You can go find a rando. You guys could find some secret tequila bar inside of a post office or whatever cool guy thing you do on a Saturday night.” Phil: “Well you know it’s not going to be cool if dorks like you know about it.”
9. Carlos: "Micah, what does she mean overruled?" Micah: "I think she's means, didn't I get you a sex tie."
10. Nina: "Wow, I don't know what's more surprising, the fact you didn't strip her or that you know what Malbec is."
11. Phil: “So it seems that the key to this case is just don’t be you.”

Other Great TV Moments from 2014:

24:LAD - 9.04 - (2-3 pm) - Momma Terrorist has her own daughter's finger chopped off to get her husband to start the terrorist attack

The 100 - 1.04 - Murphy's Law - Murphy demands that Charlotte be hung for killing Wells

The 100 - 1.09 - Unity Day - introduction of the Grounder Queen

The 100 - 1.13 - We are Grounders 2 - Abby describes earth to Jaha, who opens a scotch

The 100 - 2.02 - Inclement Weather - Clarke learns the Mountain Men are draining grounders of their blood

The 100 - 2.08 - Spacewalker - Clarke kills Finn to keep him from being tortured to death

Benched - 1.01 - Pilot - Nina's first day as a defense lawyer

TBBT - 7.15 - The Locomotion Manipulation - Sheldon and Amy kiss

TBBT - 8.08 - The Prom Equivalency - Sheldon tells Amy that he loves her.

Black-ish - 1.02 - The Talk - Dre is uncomfortable with his son sharing his sex thoughts with him

The Blacklist - 1.19 - The Pavlovich Brothers - Elizabeth interrogates Tom

Community - 5.13 - Basic Sandwich - At the very end, they run a fake commercial for new NBC shows with the tagline, "Depends on What Fails"

The Crazy Ones - 1.13 - Outbreak - Andrew risks contagion to get Sydney her phone

The Crazy Ones - 1.15 - Dead and Improved - Simon has to give the eulogy for a man universally hated and he ends up making it a tribute to the father-daughter bond with much pomp and circumstance.

Dominion - 1.02 - Godspeed - Arika kills everyone in her party

Elementary - 2.13 - All in the Family - Bell and Sherlock air their grievances

Elementary -2.20 - No Lack Of Void - Sherlock grieves the loss of a friend who OD's after years of sobriety

Elementary - 2.22 - Paint It Black - The Holmes brothers work together to find a kidnapped Joan

Enlisted - 1.03 - Airstream - Randy, with help from Cody, realizes Pete needs time alone so he organizes a quiet housewarming party

Enlisted - 1.08 - Vets - The Hill brothers have to show a trio of vets around and learn more about themselves in the process.

Enlisted - 1.13 - Alive Day - everyone joins Pete on the beach / the company creates a ball in Cody's honor

The Flash -1.08 - Flash vs. Arrow - the actual fight between them

The Flash - 1.09 - The Man in the Yellow Suit - Joe tells Barry not to lose the light within him

The Goldbergs - 1.18 - For Your Own Good - Murray waxes poetic about his old chair to the tune of Glory of Love

The Goldbergs - 1.21 - The Age of Darkness - Murray tells Erica that time will heal her broken heart

The Goldbergs 2.09 - The Most Handsome Boy on the Planet - Murray reassures Adam that he will always be there, even if his own father was not there for him

Grimm - 3.12 - Wild Hunt - The episode ends on a cliffhanger so the end card says To Be Continued. Then another end card pops up with cursing symbology. / Monroe proposes via cuckoo clock

Grimm - 3.17 - Synchronicity - Mama Grimm returns and brings Adalind and the baby with her

Grimm - 3.19 - Nobody Knows the Trubel I've Seen - introduction of Trubel to Grimm

Grimm - 3.22 - Blond Ambition - Rosalee and Monroe get married only to cause a Grimm panic and find Nick has lost his powers / DeEtta ruins Rosalee's horrid wedding dress

Grimm - 4.02 - Octopus Head - introduction of Hexen Mom

Grimm - 4.07 - The Grimm who Stole Christmas - Rosalee and Juliet save the train

Growing Up Fisher - 1.13 - Growing Up Fairbanks - Joyce and Mel team up to ream the hotel manager only to have it backfire when Elvis gets into breakfast

Helix - 1.01 - Pilot - Rat frenching = one of the most disgusting things I've seen this year

H2GAwM - 2.09 - Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me - it's revealed that Keating knows Wes killed her husband and is helping him get away with murder

Jane the Virgin - 1.04 - Chapter 4 - Xiomara tells Alba that she's afraid of losing Jane if she tells the truth

The Last Ship - 1.02 - Welcome to Gitmo - warehouse standoff with terrorists and introduction on Tex

The Musketeers - 1.01 - Pilot - Swordfight when D'Artagnan challenges Athos...and every other sword fight in the series that follows.  I love the action in this series.

Red Band Society - 1.07 - Know Thyself - Nurse Jackson gets suspended and the teens, led by Dash, protest

Resurrection - 1.05 - Insomnia - Henry breaks down over Jacob's photo album

Resurrection - 2.03 - Multiple - Deputy shoots his horror of a returned brother and then eats his dinner

Resurrection - 2.04 - Old Scars - Lu breaks down in front of Margaret on the anniversary of Jacob's death

Resurrection - 2.05 - Will - Margaret convinces Barbara to literally disappear

Rizzoli &Isles - 5.02 - Goodbye - Jane gives the eulogy for Frost

Scorpion - 1.06 - True Colors - Sylvester little kids out over his favorite comic, Super Fun Guy

SHIELD - 1.11 - The Magical Place - Coulson's brain surgery reveal

SHIELD - 1.17 - Turn, Turn. Turn - SHIELD falls apart and Garrett reveals himself to be Hydra

SHIELD - 1.21 - Ward ejects Fitz and Simmons from the plane to their death

SHIELD - 1.22 - Beginning of the End - May vs. Ward fight

SHIELD - 2.04 - Face My Enemy - May vs. May fight

Sleepy Hollow - 2.06 - And the Abyss gazes Back - Irving confronts the man who crippled his daughter

Sleepy Hollow - 2.09 - Mama - The ghost of Mama Mills says goodbye to Abbie and Jenny

Sleepy Hollow - 2.10 - Magnus Opus - Ichabod vs. Abraham sword fighting

Stalker - 1.08 - Skin - the team protects a former skin head from a stalker

Stalker - 1.10 - A Cry for Help - Perry confronts Beth and Beth finally reveals what is going on to Janice

Star-Crossed - 1.12 - This Trick May Chance to Scathe You - Teri takes out Castor

State of Affairs - 1.02 - Secrets & Lives - a former spy for the US tells Charlie his last words for his daughter

Supernatural - 10.01 - Black - Demon Dean has a great time complete with karaoke

Surviving Jack - 1.01 - Pilot - Jack teaches Frankie to drive through extreme pressure

Teen Wolf - 3.13 - Anchors - Mama McCall's "Be Your Own Anchor" Speech and Sheriff Dad holds Stiles as he screams in terror from a nightmare

Teen Wolf - 3.14 - Scott talks Stiles down from a panic attack / Lydia pep talks Stiles into releasing her foot from the trap

Teen Wolf - 3.17 - Silverfinger - Mama McCall helps a terrified Stiles fall asleep and he calls her, "Mom" in his delirium.

Teen Wolf - 3.20 - Eichen House - Sheriff Dad flips out over forgetting to bring Stiles' pillow but he's really upset about leaving his son in a mental hospital even for a short period.

Teen Wolf - 3.24 - The Divine Move - Dark Stiles stalks Lydia and Real Stiles down the hallway saying that they can't kill him / Danny reveals he knew about werewolves all along / Bad Moon Rising hospital slaughter

Teen Wolf - 4.01 - The Dark Moon - Malia tells Stiles she would never leave him but she'd leave the others in a heartbeat

Teen Wolf - 4.02 - Sheriff dad asks if time travel is real

Trophy Wife - 1.12 - The Punisher - Diane and Kate mock fight for the kids' benefit

TURN - 1.07 - Mercy Moment Murder Measure - Abraham explains that he is responsible for the death of his brother

TURN - 1.10 - The Battle of Setauket - Mary confronts Abraham about being a spy

Warehouse 13 - 5.06 - Endless - everyone tap dances to 42nd Street

White Collar - 5.10 - the depths of Rebecca's con are revealed

White Collar - 5.13 - Diamond Exchange - Neal tells Peter that Mozzie comes before anything, even the most important diamond in the world

White Collar - 6.03 - Uncontrolled Variables - end scene where Keller tells Neal the Panthers won't stop coming after them

White Collar - 6.06 - Au Revoir - episode wrapup:  baby Neal Burke, Peter and Mozzie talk in teh park, Diana promotion, Neal fakes his death and moves to Paris

Z Nation - 1.02- zombie baby attack

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