Supernatural - Favorite Season 8 Episode - Round 1 - Poll

Welcome! The SpoilerTV Annual Supernatural Summer Hiatus Breaker starts now. As always, we start with the hunt to crown the best season episode. Things will be a bit different this year because SpoilerTV is undergoing a slight philosophical/focus change to incorporate more spoilers, videos, and articles and to reduce the number of polls on the site. Therefore instead of having daily polls, we are going to have new material 3-4 times a week throughout the hiatus. Sometimes these will be articles, but mostly they will still be polls. Polls will still only be open until 7 pm the following day, CST time, though. No extra day to vote. The general thought is to do miscellaneous polls and articles until all nominations for the huge quotes contest we are doing this summer are done. Then we will go directly into that contest, taking a break as always during the Best Show contest Adam runs.

The biggest difference you should see, besides of course there not being a poll every day, is that each post will be longer. So don't forget to scroll to get all components in. Also in lieu of doing nominating polls for this contest, I took the episode rankings based off the index SpoilerTV posts from the "What Did You Think of..." polls. Since 23 is an odd number, one poll only has 2 episodes instead of 3. Brackets were made using a modified version of the NCAA basketball tournament. Articles/polls will come first with quote nominations directly after them. In order to get the quote nominations sorted and ranked, I will be closing them a week after they are posted so don't forget to make your nominations early. We will also be doing multiple episodes per post so that we can get the quotes contest running mid-June hopefully. Thank you in advance for your participation and cooperation in making this hiatus fabulous. It is my last hurrah in the Supernatural fandom and I am looking forward to many great discussions with you as you count down the days until season 9. Until next time, comments are the perfect brother moments of the internet. Happy voting!

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Posted on May 26, 2013 .