White Collar - 4.16 - In the Wind - Quotes

Hey Collars, I decided to try something different this time and make the quotes article more in line with what I do with Supernatural. Sound off in the comments below about how you would like to see the quotes go next season. Of course, also sound off about your favorite quotes too. White Collar has a lot of delicious dialogue so it makes discussion fun. Plus stay tuned this week for the beginning of our favorite season 4 episode contest. We will start by ranking the episodes and then do a head-to-head competition until we get to a final winner.

Funny/Snarky quotes:

8. Moz: "The 103rd? The Empire State doesn't let just anyone up there." Neal: "Celebrities mostly." James: "Too late to become a sports star?"
7. Neal "Don't worry. We specialize in crazy."
6. James: "I'm Neal's dad. You must be Kate." Sarah: "Oh uh…Neal." Neal: "I haven't told him yet." James: "Oh sorry. Alex." Neal: "Dad." Sarah: "It's Sarah." James: "The insurance adjuster." Sarah: "He shoots. He scores."
5. Neal: "Mozzie you may be on to something." Moz: "Of course I am. What exactly am I on to?"
4. Moz: "Well it's no 18th century music box but really, what is?"
3. James: "Easy. You're pouring acid not gin." Moz: "Oh perhaps you'd rather punch the tile into submission."
2. Peter: "Oh good. You're all here. Who called Sarah?" Neal: "Okay how is it possible that 3 grown men don't understand what's going on here?"
1. Moz: "Drink more champagne. It improves cognition. That's a proven fact."

Emotional quotes:

10. Peter: "James, don't do this. I'll testify for you. Drop the gun." James: "Can't do it Peter."
9. Sarah: "Ah. Oh Neal, I'm going to miss this. I did like your speech." Neal: "I had something else prepared but uh, I meant that one." Sarah: "Another time, another place right?"
8. Pratt: "I'm going to be feeling much safer soon." Peter: "I'm not so sure that's the case." Pratt: "Why would you say that?" Peter: "Because any second now my people are going to find the evidence box that you're so eagerly searching for on the 50th floor, right below us, and then I can arrest you personally."
7. Sarah: "You b** that was a little too real and it was damn good." Neal: "Well make it look good. That's my job."
6. James: "Last time I saw you, you were disgracing a police captain's uniform." Pratt: "Now I'm wearing $3,000 suits. Go figure. Time has been good to one of us." James: "Well nothing can change the fact that you're still a piece of garbage."
5. Neal: "What else did I get from my old man?" James: "Well you got my height, my extraordinary good looks…everybody said you got my eyes." Neal: "When I was 5 mom told me that you were the blue in my eyes and I'd run upstairs and crawl right up next to the bathroom mirror and look so hard for you."
4. Neal: "The first time we had dinner you asked me what I wanted from you. And the first time we kissed, I realizes that I didn't want anything." Crowd: "Ah sweet." (Neal pulls out June's ring.) Neal: "Except you. Now I'm asking if you'll go on one more adventure with me. Sarah Ellis, will you marry me?"
3. James: "Hey I just realized why you want that box so bad." Neal: "Oh yeah Detective Bennett. Why is that?" James: "You think that what's in there will tell you who I am." Neal: "And if it does?" James: "Then you will finally know who you are….You know you're not me Neal."
2. James: "They'll cuff me Neal. Once they get me, I'll never get away." Neal: "You're going to testify and you're going to clear Peter's name. You show me you're better than this. You show me you're a decent man." James: "The things I've done…" Neal: "Are in the past." James: "I'm sorry." Neal: "Dad, please do this for me."
1. Peter: "Oh look, it's about justice. It always has been, from Kate to the evidence box. I'd do it all again in a heartbeat. Plus he's your family." Neal: "Family doesn't show up on your doorstep after 30 years. They're the ones who've been there when you need them."

Other Notable Quotes:

12. Peter: "Pratt's claiming you and your father assaulted him." Neal: "Well we had to improvise."
11. Peter: "If this works, I can answer for all of it, but if not…we need it to work." Neal: "Yeah." Peter: "Plus I promised El I would take her to dinner tonight." Neal: "Then I better hurry."
10. Neal: "Yeah, yeah. The first time we met you were chasing me. The first time we spoke you called me a sociopath." Sarah: "Well it was at your trial and I'm not entirely sure I was wrong."
9. Amanda: "So, everyone with a life has gone home." Peter: "Everyone with a wife should have."
8. Moz: "It gets worse. Someone rented the 51st floor this morning." Neal: "Well go talk to them. Try to cut a deal." Moz: "I don't think he'll go for it." Neal: "Why not?" Moz: "Because I think we're the reason Senator Pratt is moving in."
7. Reese: "How bad do you want him?" Peter: "He tried to kill me Reese." Reese: "Well then do it the way you've been doing things for the past few years. Use Caffrey. Do whatever you have to do." Peter: "I can't go outside the law." Reese: "You are the law Peter. Pratt and Calloway are standing in the way of justice. Fight back."
6. Peter: "Oh Elizabeth Burke, have I told you lately that I'm the luckiest man on earth?" El: "Mmmm I know. I should get a crown."
5. Diana: "Neal, Peter's gun killed Pratt. There's gunshot residue on Peter's hands. It doesn't look good. Find James."
4. Neal: "What?" Peter: "Nothing - this, us. Corrupt senators. FBI moles." Neal: "Well no U-boats this time." Peter: "I don't know. The Empire State Building has a big boiler room."
3. James: "You think this is assault?" (James throat punches the bodyguard.) James: "That was assault."
2. Sarah: "Stay out of trouble Caffrey." Neal: "I will." Sarah: "No you won't. That's what I like about you."
1. Moz: "I pulled a swap. I don't have time to explain now." Neal: "You don't trust him." Moz: "If I'm wrong, mea culpa. Just go."

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