Poll: Favorite Scene from Grimm - 2.13 - Face Off

Woo hoo! After an interminable hellatus, Grimm is back. While much of this episode was fast forward worthy, it was definitely a game changer and we can see the end of the hideous Juliette/Renard subplot. Here's to the potion giving us all amnesia about it. Plus Renard being a royal and knowing about Nick's role as the Grimm is finally out too. Now we can concentrate on what's happening with the royals and why the key is so important. I cannot wait until next Friday to find some answers.

While Grimm was on hiatus, SpoilerTV started posting favorite scene polls for certain shows. 24-48 hours after each new Grimm episode, I will put the poll up. Hope you join me in discussing your favorite scenes. I try to limit the poll to 10-12 choices so if your favorite is not included, please leave a comment. Also if there are polls, contests, articles, or discussion points you would like brought up please let me know. I would love to do more with Grimm here on SpoilerTV now and through the summer hellatus. Thanks in advance for your great ideas.

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Posted on March 9, 2013 .