Supernatural - 8.09 - Citizen Fang - Podcast

Since this podcast was so long, it's split into 2 parts. Also the mailbox part was held for our second listener feedback episode which will come during the hiatus. If you would like to add your comments to that episode please contact us by December 13. We will be posting special episodes each week of the hiatus including ones on meta, alternative universe, and time travel episodes. By the way, we recorded these before season 8 began so some things have obviously changed. Also it was the first time I had ever podcasted so you don't want to miss that, right? :-P

Disclaimer - As always the opinions on this podcast are merely Lilith and/or Dahne's opinions. They do not reflect the fandom as a whole or SpoilerTV.

Podcast Part 1 Break-Down (All times are estimated):

Dahne's First Impressions - 1:00
Lilith's First Impressions - 12:30
First Impressions Wrap-Up - 23:00
Trivia - 33:35
Hopes and Wishes - 42:30
Contact Us- 54:00

Podcast Part 2 Break-Down (All times are estimated):

Intro & Small Talk
News (Ratings, Fan Reaction, Critic Reaction) - 8:00
Discussion Points - 15:25
Nitpicks - 20:05
WTH - 25:00
Favorite Things - 29:25
Least Favorite - 38:20
Grade and Review - 52:25
Listener Feedback, Around the Fandom, Contact Info - 62:15
Spoilers, Misc. Points, and Wrap-Up - 76:25

Podcast Links:

Voice mail - 502-233-1351

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Posted on December 9, 2012 .