Supernatural - Song-to-Scene Ranking A - Poll

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you are having a safe and fun holiday. Thanks so much for making this past year of Supernatural polls and articles a lot of fun. I treasure SpoilerTV for the insightful, respectful community and that means you! You make being a SPN fan even more fun. Best wishes for continued fun in the new year and now back to the contests.

The favorite song contest has concluded and the winner is.....Carry on Wayward Son! Anyone shocked? I didn't think so. Not surprising that the #1 fan favorite song ever played on Supernatural is its de facto theme song. For most people this was by far the easiest contest we have done as far as choosing a winner goes. Somehow I doubt song-to-scene is going to be as easy, especially since people seem to be judging with different criteria.

So to recap, the song-to-scene is NOT your favorite song. We just finished that one. It is NOT your favorite scene. We will do that contest in another hiatus. It is NOT the song you remember most. It is NOT the song that you had a gut reaction to the first time you saw the scene. In fact, the best song-to-scene may even be a song you hate in a scene you dislike. It is simply the song that best fits the particular scene it is in - lyrics and mood. If the song could be switched out for half a dozen other songs and still have had the same impact, it is NOT a good choice either. Hopefully that helps clarify what we are looking for here.

You can choose up to 5 scenes. This poll and the next one will determine which episodes will enter the contest and what their ranking will be from #17-32. The first 16 were already determined in the preliminary nomination round. So once again, happy voting and merry Christmas.

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Posted on December 24, 2012 .