Supernatural - 8.03 - Heartache - Podcast

Hey guys, we are back with an all new podcast on Supernatural's 8.03 episode, Heartache. In exciting news, we have decided to hold a contest in our attempt to find Castiel fans to guest on episodes with Cas in them. So e-mail your 3 minute video and/or audio files to and Lilith will post them on our YouTube channel. Then people can vote on which they like best. We'd like to get 3-6 people who rotate in, who will sometimes do a new segment called Cas Corner (suggestions for a better name welcome) and other times sit in on the full podcast, depending on the amount Cas is in the episode. We also need 2 Cas fans for the Castiel-centric podcast that will be recorded the first Thursday of winter hiatus.

Speaking of the Cas-centric podcast, we are also looking for fans to contribute to our character specific podcasts, including Bobby, Cas, and Crowley so far. Please send us a short video or audio snippet of why you love the character or your favorite lines/scenes/episodes with that character at We will include these during that character's podcast.

But enough about future podcasts. In this one, Lilith and I disagree more than in the first two. I tended to like it better because the brothers get a definite win in this one and I felt it was sorely needed. Lilith found it boring in the middle. Both of us agreed there was much anvil dropping and that the brother rift is getting old already. What did you think?

PS - There is a glitch in the podcast from 56:55 - 66:30. The guest stars/least favorite/music/trivia part is in it twice, so just skip that section. Sorry!

Podcast Breakdown:

News (Ratings, Fan Reaction, Critic Reaction) - 5:40
First Impressions - 16:10
Discussion Points - 25:35
Nitpicks - 30:35
WTH - 36:05
Favorite Things - 39:35
Guest Stars - 45:00
Least Favorite Things - 49:25
Music - 51:55
Trivia - 52:25
****Glitch - repeating the part we just did (56:55-66:30)******
Grade and Review - 66:35
Listener Feedback, Around the Fandom, Contact Info - 70:00
Spoilers, Misc. Points, and Wrap-Up - 85:00

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Posted on October 21, 2012 .