THE FANDOM ZONE 150: "A New Beginning" is Up!

"We're not just fighting to survive anymore.  We're making a new beginning."
-- Rick Grimes, The Walking Dead: "A New Beginning" 

Believe it or not, Karen and I are FINALLY back with our 150th episode of The Fandom Zone Podcast!  This week's reviews of comics on television include:

The Walking Dead 9x01: "A New Beginning"  (Season Premiere)
The Gifted 2x03: "CoMplications"
The Flash 5x01: "Nora"  (Season Premiere)
Black Lightning 2x01: "The Book of Consequences: Chapter One: Rise of the Green Light Babies"  (Season Premiere)

In this 150th episode, Karen and I talk about things like why it took two months to record this episode, why you should listen to Next Stop Everywhere: The Doctor Who Podcast, Karen trying to become an extra on The Walking Dead, me being an extra in an episode of The Adventures of Superboy, Anne/Jadis talking like a human being instead of a Vulcan, the passing of Scott "Herschel" Wilson, the tension-filled covered wagon heist, Ezekiel getting sweet lovin' down by the fire, Daryl being asexual, Rick not caring about a horse's life, Brett Butler as an emasculating wife, Gregory trying to turn the Hilltop against Maggie because Gregory, wondering if Maggie is turning into the Governor, that awkward moment when Reed's powers flare up and he disintegrates his steering wheel while driving, Reed needing to be REALLY careful during his "personal time", Eclipse being kidnapped to heal his ailing baby daughter Dawn, Andy embracing the dark side, wondering why Blink doesn't just tell Thunderbird that Erg wants her to spy for the Morlocks, Nora West-Allen being a hybrid of DC Comics characters XS and Tornado Twin Dawn Allen, XS having her own Flashpoint moment, Barry finally getting a Flash costume ring, wondering if Ralph and Caitlin will hook up, Cicada killing Gridlock, Jefferson admitting to Detective Henderson that he's Black Lightning, Kara Fowdy's garage fight with Syonide, Jennifer not having control over her new powers, Lynn's flip-flopping about being okay with everyone having superpowers, some new feedback from Justina, saying goodbye to those crazy kids on the Google Plus, and more!

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Be sure to come back next week, as Karen and I review the season premieres of The CW's Supergirl and Arrow, and Netflix's Daredevil, along with a new episode of The CW's Black Lightningright here on The Fandom Zone Podcast!