THE BOYS Casts Laz Alonso as Mother's Milk

We have the first member of The Boys.

Deadline has word that the upcoming Amazon series The Boys, based on the Dynamite Entertainment comic series by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, has cast Laz Alonso as Mother's Milk.

According to the article, Mother's Milk (real name unknown) is described as "Second in command of The Boys, he’s a great detective, highly intelligent and observant and an intuitive investigator."

In a world where superheroes embrace the darker side of their massive celebrity and fame, The Boys revolves around a group of vigilantes known informally as 'the Boys,' who set out to take down corrupt superheroes with no more than blue-collar grit and a willingness to fight dirty.

Alonso, 43, is probably best known as Billy Soto on the NBC series The Mysteries of Laura, and as Fenix Caulderon in the movie Fast & Furious 6.  He's appeared in the movies Detroit, Avatar and Constantine, and on episodes of Deception, Breakout Kings, Southland, Bones, Entourage, NCIS and CSI: Miami.

Created in 2006 by Ennis and Robertson, Mother's Milk first appeared in The Boys #2.  Born to a poor family in Harlem, Mother's Milk is the only member of The Boys to be born with Compound V in his blood.  His mother was employed as a worker at a factory owned by Vought-American, which had previously been used as a laboratory experimenting on Compound V.  Most of the women who worked there subsequently died or suffered from severe medical conditions.  Mother's Milk's brother was born mentally disabled, and later died due to complications related to Compound V.  His father spent years trying to fight Vought- American in the courts and, despite winning one case, he ultimately died while working on a follow-up case.

It was eventually revealed that Mother's Milk's name was related to the fact that due to the Compound V in his body, he had to continue nursing from his mother at an advanced age to survive.  When he was a child, his mother tried to wean him multiple times but he got progressively sicker and weaker each time, until his heart stopped the last time she tried.

To support his mother and his new wife, Mother's Milk decided to join the Army and became a member of the Army boxing team.  During the Army heavyweight championship, his Compound V derived powers suddenly activated and he accidentally punched off his opponent's head.  While being held as a prisoner by the military, he was approached by Billy Butcher and Greg Mallory with an offer to join the Boys and accepted.  Mother's Milk served as Butcher's second-in-command in the Boys and his calm logic was often an anchor within the team.  Butcher mentioned him as the glue holding the team together.

After Mother's Milk had been with The Boys for a year, Butcher accompanied him to rescue Mother's Milk's infant daughter Janine, whose mother, a drug addict, was incapable of raising her properly.  The pair rescued Janine from her mother's then-residence, a crack house whose addicts smoked crack cut with Compound V.  Mother's Milk. was later present at the destruction of the Brooklyn Bridge, where he attempted to help a woman from a falling car.  Although he maintained his hold on her, she could not get free of her seat belt and was torn in half, dying in his arms.  The experience would haunt Mother's Milk, and serve as additional motivation for continuing the fight against Vought-American.

Later, Mother's Milk discovered that his ex-wife and daughter were in a pornographic movie together.  He was understandably furious at this revelation, and left to deal with the family issue.  Mother's Milk soon received a call from his daughter, telling him that she wasn't in her right mind, and has run away from her mother.  Mother's Milk attempted to get her location, but she stated that she wanted to be left alone, and when she was well, she would call him back to let him know.  He did, however, track her down, during which it was revealed that Butcher murdered the producers and cast of the adult film, including brutally murdering Janine's mother in front of her.  His final words, meant both as a warning and as a threat, were for Janine to leave Mother's Milk alone.

After he had a meeting with The Boys about stopping Butcher from using a weaponized version of the Compound V on the rest of the superhumans, Butcher questioned why he wasn't trying to fix his issues with his daughter, thinking that would get him out of the picture for good.  Mother's Milk questioned if Butcher was really going through with the plan and Butcher offered him a chance to walk away, but to no avail.  They started fighting one another, where Butcher revealed to him that he thought of killing his mother as well.  Before Mother's Milk could land a decisive blow, Butcher pulled out a grenade and stuffed it into Mother's Milk's mouth as it exploded.  Mother's Milk was left in critical condition, and Butcher later stopped Mother's Milk from breathing and killed him, while stating that he had no mates.

The Boys is expected to debut on Amazon sometime in 2019.

Posted on March 6, 2018 .